The “Hebat One” Commented!

Wan Badak (extreme right) was briefing Yg Bhg Datuk Mustafa Bin Ali, DG of Jabatam Imigresen Malaysia) and Tuan Mohd Fardhi Ahmad (a.k.a “The Hebat One”) (3rd left), the head of Jabatan Visa in JIM, in the UKSB office in People Republic of China.


Updates on 17-10-2018 @ 8:30 pm:  MACC confirmed that former minister of education, Datuk Mahdzir Khalid, had been called for investigation yesterday.  The investigation is about the RM1.25 billion solar panels project for 369 schools in Sarawak, HERE.  This solar panels scandal took place when Datuk Seri Alias bin Ahmad, was the then KSU of the Ministry of Education.  Datuk Seri Alias bin Ahmad was also the former DG of Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia (JIM) when UKSB started to do the visa processing business in JIM. 


On 6 October 2018, yours truly posted an article about MACC ordering Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia (JIM) to produce data/satistics in connection with visa processing for China, other parts of the world and data/ statistics involving UKSB since 2018 – 2018, HERE.  For background stories please red HERE & HERE.

Tuan Mohd Fardhi Ahmad (aka “)The Hebat One”

Tuan Mohd Fardhi Ahmad (a.k.a “The Hebat One”), the head of Bahagian Visa, Pas & Permit responded with a comment, which deserves a new posting by itself. He can be seen in the picture above being briefed by none other than Wan Quorshi Shah bin Wan Abdul Ghani (a.k.a Wan Badak) one of the key players in Ultra Kirana Sdn Bhd (UKSB), the famous visa processing company.  The comment by “The Hebat One” is reproduced in verbatim below for the benefit of the readers:


Group picture of UKSB officers including Wan Badak (back roll 2nd left), Datuk Mustafa bin Ali (5th left) and “The Hebat One” (4th left). Picture taken at the entrance of The Great Wall in China).


The group picture of UKSB officials with “The Hebat One” (4th left) visiting UKSB in Beijing recently.



OCTOBER 10, 2018 AT 12:06 PM

Dear Mr. Wee Choo Keong,

Frankly speaking, I do not know you and I believed you don’t know me either. But after reading your article, it clear you tried to create negative perception and smear my reputation as a public servant by dragging me into your self-created UKSB saga.

Please make no mistake Mr. Wee. I know well what I am doing. If u wanna find the truth, pls come and see me directly. I can give u a special briefing as I always do. But shud u wanna continue saying nasty things towards me, pls say straight to my face. As Kelantan folk always say “kalu tok tahu palo ekor ceghito, jange dok nyalok kokse kokde.”

And please bear in mind whatever u said here has a serious legal implication. I know u are a lawyer, but being lawyer is not a ticket to write nasty things about others. Thank you.

Yours Truly,


Note: In case u wanna pen more article on me next time, pls use nickname the “Ho1”. Sound better I guess hehe……


Left: Tan Sri Mohamed Al Amin of S5 System Sdn Bhd). Right: Dato Siew Ka Wei is his business partner in Ancom Bhd & Redberry Media Group, which is the parent company of Malay Mail. These are the two powerful corporate players during Najib’s administration. Just in case, “The Hebat One” could not recognise Tan Sri Al Amin.


Yours truly’s reply:


OCTOBER 10, 2018 AT 4:16 PM

Dear Tuan Mohd Fardhi

Thank you for spending your valuable office hour to write your comments. It is most appreciated.

I definitely do not know you. Beside being the Pengarah Bahagian Visa officer in Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia (JIM), I have no knowledge that you are a Kelantanese. I now know that you have been in JIM for about 2-3 years only. I don’t know which government agency you were in before joining JIM.

Please be assured that there was no intention to create whatever negative perception about you in my article or in whatever way you might want to think. Of course, I cannot stop you from thinking otherwise. I am certain that you are well verse, if not an expert, in matters concerning Visa Processing otherwise you cannot be the boss in Bahagian Visa.

Perhaps you may want to write a comment piece to refute what I have written in the article and that the contents were absolutely not true. I can give you an undertaking that I will publish it provided it is not defamatory.

You may want to consider the few points below for your coming comment piece:

  1. MACC did not issue the Order for JIM to produce the data or statistics on the “Hasil Kutipan Visa” from China from 2012 to 2018; or order JIM to produce data/statistics on “Hasil Kutipan visa” for other countries from 2012 – 2018; and/or order JIM to produce Data/statistics for “Permohonan Bayaran Visa” nfrom UKSB from 2012 -2018.
  2. No MACC officer or officers were presence in JIM last week to interview officers including your good self and/or ask for any matters concerning data on processing of Visa.
  3. That the several group pictures taken in PR China produced in the article in question with image which look like you but it was not you.
  4. That you have never been on any trip with Wan Badak to PR China or other parts of the world and that recently you did not go to PRC China when PM YAB Tun Mahathir visited PR China on or about 20 August 2018.
  5. That you do not have a clue who are Tuan Wan Quoris Shah (aka Wan Badak), Mr Harry Lee Vui Khiun, and Tuan Fadzil Bin Ahmad, who are directors of UKSB), Yg Bhg Tan Sri Al Amin of S5 Systems Sdn Bhd and you have never seen or met anyone of them since you are working in JIM until NOW.
  6. That it was not true that UKSB, S5 Systems Sdn Bhd and other companies are involved in Visa Processing Business or have any direct or indirect dealings with JIM.
  7. That JIM logo had never been used in any form in the website connected to UKSB or any other processing companies.
  8. That the website in JIM did not provide any link to any website connected to UKSB.
  9. That it was not true that UKSB, S5 Systems and other companies are involved in Visa Processing Business or Permit in PR China and other countries like Dubai, Thailand, Philippine, Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and etc.

The above are just a few points that you might want to explore to defend your good self. Just a suggestion. Please feel free to elaborate. Please let me have your comment piece to challenge the article in question based on the above examples or other facts that you may have that we, the public, are no aware of.

Thank you for taking your precious time to react with your very valuable inputs. I await an article from you to make your stand clearer. I am sorry to learn that you are very upset by the article in question which was not intended that way.

Do have a pleasant day.

Thank you


Wee Choo Keong

Yours truly is looking forward for the master piece (comment) from the “Hebat One” to challenge the article in question HERE.


Datuk Seri Alias Bin Ahmad was the DG of JIM in 2012. He has just retired as the KSU of Ministry of Education.


The plague in the UKSB’s office in Beijing on the left showed Datuk Seri Alias Ahamad the then DG of JIM officiated the UKSB’s office in Beijing.


Beside Tuan “The Hebat One”, En Wan Badak, Mr Harry Lee Vui Khiun, En Fadhil Bin Ahmad, MACC may want to get help from Datuk Seri Alias bin Ahmad, who was the then DG of JIM at that material time when the Visa processing company, UKSB, made its way into JIM.  As the DG of JIM, he officiated the UKSB’s office in Beijing on 12-8-2012.

Datuk Alias Ahmad was the KSU of Ministry of Education. He retired on 22 May 2018, HERE.  According to an article in the Sarawak Report, MACC had started an investigation in April 2018 into the RM1.25 billion project, which was awarded to a car rental company in Bintulu, purporting to install solar energy supplies for 369 schools in the interior in Sarawak, HERE.

MACC should also investigate into the recently launched E-Visa for Medical. If not properly controlled it is opened to abuse. Normally visa is given for a specific period whereas E-Visa can be for a few months more than the period limited period for the respective country of the applicants depending on the so-called duration of medical treatment of the patients concerned.

To get to the bottom of how the visa processing business started in JIM, MACC will have to start to interview the high ranking officers in Kementerian Dalam Negeri from 2011.


Stay Tuned



2 thoughts on “The “Hebat One” Commented!

  1. Ridzuan

    After the former deputy minister being charged for corruption for payments received from Profound Radiance Sdn Bhd, the Hebat One must be pissing in his pants. May be the Hebat One will say JIM is not scared of MACC and he was not aware of the existence of UKSB, Profound Radiance Sdn Bhd and S5 Systems Sdn Bhd.

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