MACC Investigates UKSB. What About “Speedy Gonzales” Deal?

Section 30 (1) (b) MACC Act 2009 provides an MACC officer has the power to order any person to produce before him any book, document, records, accounts or computerised data.

Yours truly had written about Ultra Kirana Sdn Bhd (UKSB), the visa processing companies several times, HERE, HERE & HERE and the scandalous “Speedy Gonzales” deal worth RM99 mil between Geeko Tech Sdn Bhd (Geeko) and Tourism Malaysia (TM).  Many of the readers have been complaining that reports have been lodged with MACC and why no actions have been taken.

By the way UKSB’s daily collections could be as high as  RM500,000.00 and the main contributors are the Chinese tourists. The Chinese tourists were unhappy with the way the processing fees were charged with other fees. It is a lucrative business with negligible operating cost.  Yours truly believes that no listed companies can match the daily income of UKSB.

Yours truly has been reliably informed of a piece of good news that MACC officers have been stationed in the Immigration Department Malaysia to investigate on the scandalous visa processing business involving UKSB.


Tuan Mohd Fardhi bin Ahmad (the “HEBAT ONE”), the Pengarah of Bahagian Visa, Pass & Permit of Immigration Department Malaysia.

Tuan Mohd Fardhi Bin Ahmad (the “Hebat One”), Pengarah Bahagian Visa, Pass dan Permit, Jabatan Imigressen Malaysia.
Tuan Mohd Fardhi Bin Ahmad (picture taken in a helicopter). Another ‘Hebat” government servant.

The Immigration officer that could assist MACC is none other than the Pengarah Visa, Pass and Permit Department,Tuan Mohd Fardhi bin Ahmad.  He is the “Hebat One” and a very knowledgeable government servant. He should give full cooperation and tell ALL about what he knows about the visa processing companies like UKSB,  S5 Systems Sdn Bhd, Bestinet Sdn Bhd and others to the MACC officers.  Since he heads this particular department he should have all information on UKSB at his finger tips. Furthermore, he had been seen travelling together with Tuan Wan Quoris Shah Bin Wan Abdul Ghani (a.k.a Wan Badak in the political circle in UMNO), who is one of the key players in visa processing “business”.

This is the posting by the “Hebat One” Tuan Mohd Fardhi Bin Ahmad, the head of Visa, Pass & Permit Department.

This “Hebat One” is very brave and appeared to be a protected specie. UKSB was on the limelight for some months after GE14.  On 29 August 2018 this “Hebat One” saw it fit to announce in his Facebook/Instagram about a soft launch of the eVisa “Category Perubatan”.  Apparently this is also part of the “service” provided by UKSB for a fees.  Can anyone help how much does UKSB charged eVisa for this category of visitors and how many tourists have applied for the said eVisa?

Tuan Wan Quorsi Shah bin Wan Abdul Ghani (a.k.a Wan Badak in the political circle).

Wan Quoris Shah Bin Wan Abdul Ghani aka Wan Badak, the key player in UKSB & visa processing business.


Tuan Wan Badak (centre in white shirt) was briefing or “advising” Datuk Mustafa Bin Ali, DG of Immigration Department Malaysia (2nd left) and Tuan Mohd Fardhi Bin Ahmad, Pengarah of Visa, Pass & Permit Department of Immigration Department Malaysia (3rd left). Picture taken in one of the UKSB offices.

Wan Quoris Shah bin Wan Abdul Ghani Wan Badak  is the key player in UKSB. Initially, he was just a director in UKSB with Harry Lee Vui Khiun and En Fardzil Bin Ahmad.  Wan Badak did not own a single share in UKSB then. Suddenly in 2018,  SSM records shows that Wan Badak owned 200,000 shares in UKSB.  Of course, he is a very rich man with a fleet of continental cars like Porsche, Ferrari and the like. It is an open secret that Wan Badak is a lieutenant to an ex-UMNO Minister.

The UKSB group pictures taken with top officials of Immigration Department Malaysia when in China 

UKSB officers including Wan Badak (back roll 2nd from left), Datuk Mustafa bin Ali  (5th from left) and Tuan Mohd Fardhi bin Ahmad (4th from left).


Group picture taken with the UKSB’s publicity material.  (4th from left) the “Hebat One” Tuan Mohd Fardhi Bin Ahmad, (5th from left) Datuk Mustafa bin Ali & (6th from left) Wan Badak.

When YAB Tun Mahathir, PM, visited The People Republic of China (PRC) around 20 August 2018, a whole gang of UKSB officer also went to China too. You must be wondering why they were visiting the PRC at the same time as YAB Tun M.  The DG of Immigration, Datuk Mustafa Ali and the “Hebat One” Tuan Mohd Fardhi Bin Ahmad, have been seen in the UKSB group picture with Wan Badak and gang.  Of course, they couldn’t organise a meeting with YAB Tun M  or invite Tun to visit UKSB’s office in Beijing.

The “Scandalous Speedy Gonzales” RM99 mil deal involving the “Special Piurpose Vehicle”  Geeko with TM

Ms Elizabeth Ken is the CEO of Geeko Tech Sdn Bhd. She is also the media specialist of Redberry Media Group.

Many readers are complaining why no actions by MACC pertaining to the scandalous “Speedy Gonzales” RM99 mil  deal involving Geeko Tech Sdn Bhd(Geeko) and Tourism Malaysia (TM).  Just a little bit of background for new readers.

Geeko is just a few months old company and the little napoleons in TM saw it fit to appoint it under direct nego to do digital platform using Tencent Holding. This scandalous deal was evaluated, negotiated and sealed in ONE day, at which time Geeko was not even registered with Ministry of Finance.

NST KUALA LUMPUR 05 APRIL 2018. Menteri Pelancongan dan Kebudayaan, Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz (tengah) ketika sidang media, ditemani Pengerusi Tourism Malaysia, Dato’ DR Siew Ka Wei (kiri) dan Ketua Pengarah Lembaga Penggalakan Pelancongan Malaysia, Datuk Seri Mirza Mohammad Taiyab pada majlis pelancaran Malaysia Smart Tourism 4.0 di Hotel Istana.   The Speedy Gonzales deal was evaluated, negotiated and sealed on 4-4-2018. The so-called Smart Tourism 4.0 was launched on the next day.  

When this scandalous deal was exposed in this blog, the then Chairman Chairman of TM, who is none other than Dato’ Dr Siew Ka Wei, who has been hailed to be a corporate genius when Najib was in power and had defended this scandalous deal all the way. Dato Dr Siew Ka Wei had also said in his press statement dated 1 June 2018 as follows:

“Geeko Technology was the local partner chosen by Tencent to implement the project here. The principal officers are known to Tencent Group. The choice of Geeko as a Special Purpose Vehicle for the said project was made by Tencent.” Please read HERE.

This was what we had suspected that Geeko is a “Special Purpose Vehicle” but unsure whether it was for Tencent Holding or someone else.  A week later on 8 June 2018, Dato’ Dr Siew Ka Wei taken a totally different stand from 1 June with another statement stating that “Geeko is not a special vehicle vehicle chosen by Tencent, but collaboration partner of Tencent ..”.  Was this statement an afterthought or made after being reprimanded by Tencent Holding or …?  Only MACC could ascertain this glaring fact?

Another glaring fact is Ms Elizabeth Ken is, of course, the CEO of Geeko. She is also the media specialist in Redberry Media Group (Redberry). Redberry, Genovasi University, Malay Mail and others are related companies of of Ancom Bhd.  The Executive Chairman of Ancom Bhd is Dato DR Siew Ka Wei.     For the summary of the Speedy Gonzales scandalous deal please read HERE.

In June 2018 MACC had raided TM HQ and taken documents from it.  The little napoleons in TM are still operating on a “business as usual” mode and it seems that this scandalous deal has not  been terminated.  In fact, there are many direct-nego contracts in the pipeline involving Global Renown Ltd, a company related to Datuk Tam Yun Tong, HERE.

The readers and yours truly hope that MACC will also take all the necessary actions against those involved in the said scandalous Speedy Gonzales deal, which involved RM99 mill of public fund, and other direct-nego contracts.  It would appear that the little napoleons in TM are pushing ahead with the scandalous “Speedy Gonzales” deal even though the CEP under Tun Daim had given specific instructions to terminate it.  Of course, the little napoleons in TM are the law to themselves, HERE.

12 thoughts on “MACC Investigates UKSB. What About “Speedy Gonzales” Deal?

  1. Saifuddin

    Bravo MACC has gone into Immigration Department which is a can of worms. UKSB is a visa processing company that earn but a money. Minimal cost and huge profit. The service charges vary. If SPRM cannot tank action on this, then I don’t know what to say. If MACC really want to investigate, I believe it could do so easily. Now it had gone into Immigration Dept, we should give MACC sometime to work on the case agains the crooks inside the Immigration dept and the UKSB.

    As far as this Speedy Gonzales scandal is concerned, the little napoleons that were involved are laughing because MACC dares not take action against them. They have become Maharajalela. This is a very simple case. The MACC officers could get the answers easily if and only if they are serious wanting to take actions to defend public interests. I hope that they will take real actions against the little napoleons who have spoilt the image of TM and/or MOTAC.

  2. Jalani TM

    We are all running out of patient to see the little napoleons are in handcuffs and orang uniforms. They have been messing around with public funds for too long. The Datuk Seri Kong Kali Kong had already being investigated once and due to interference he was spared. MACC had gone into TM many times. The DG Mirza was charged twice and escaped on technicality.

    Let hope that MACC will act this time on the Geeko deal because the evidence is overwhelming.

    – the Geeko project was negotiated, evaluated and agreement was signed in one day by Mirza.

    – 1st payment claimed of RM12 mil plus was sent it to Khani and he approved it within a few days which was unusual in TM;

    – payment of RM12 mil plus was paid out just a few days below May 9 (GE).

    – Geeko Tech’s CEO is Elizasbath Ken. Who is she? She is a media specialist of Redberry Media, which is connected to Siew Ka Wei, the former Chairman of TM.

    – Geeko was set up in November 2017, KOPEMA (Koperasi of MOTAC) was one of the shareholders. Geeko was appointed to do a study of this matter. Few million RM was paid to Geeko in February or March 2018. Of course, no one in TM knew about the structure of Geeko.

    – Who are the office bearers of KOPENMA? Datuk Musa (President) Datuk Ammar Deputy President.

    Don’t tell me Musa and Ammar was not aware about this Geeko deal and Geeko was commission to do a study on this project. Both Musa, Amar, Khani & Mirza are part of the top management of TM.

    The Geeko case is too clear. I rest my case. Let see what MACC is going to do. May be the little napoleons could pull some strings like what they have done to tutup the case.

    1. Anonymous

      apa nak jawab lagi? Little napoleons menunggu masa aja! Siap pergí holiday ke River Bamboo Resort. Tempat yang best untuk mereka.

  3. Immigration Watch

    Memang this Fardhi guy is very HEBAT in the immigration. He is also a good friend of Wan Badak. Get him and he will sing like a canary. The previous DG Datuk Alias is also very familiar with UKSB. He had been very supportive of UKSB. Beside Wan Badak, the puppet masters are Harry Lee Vui Khin and his brother, Anthony Lee. MACC need to interview FARDHI, Datuk Alias, Anthony Lee and more importantly Harry Lee Vui Khin. These are the important players that MACC should look upon to help in the investigations.

  4. An Observer

    Tan Sri Alamin is also involved in S5 Systems Sdn Bhd, which is also involved in visa processing business. He is a business partner of Siew Ka Wei.

    This Siew fella is also a director in Titanium Compass Sdn Bhd, which was just incorporated in 2016. It has been awarded with exclusive advertising space contracts for MRT stations. He is also the director of Utama Meru Sdn Bhd, which also got exclusive advertising space contracts in airports and highway.

    PH government should also look into hoe exclusive contracts were given to these companies plus other companies. Was it based on cronyism or meritocracy.

    The Geeko tech Sdn Bhd deal involving RM99 million with Tourism Malaysia is a clear case for MACC. One needs not go very far. Just look at the relationship between Siew Ka Wei & Elizabeth Ken (the so-called CEO of Geeko). Elizabeth is a media specialist of Redberry Media Group, which is connected to Siew. When this nonsense deal was struck Siew was the Chairman of Tourism Malaysia. Need I go further?? Can’t be more glaring than this? Even an idiot or primary school student could come to the obvious conclusion. Why is MACC dragging its feet not his matter? This matter involved RM99 mil of Rakyat money. PH government should look into this.

    1. Wong Sai Wan knows it all

      Why is MACC dragging its feet?
      Because Sewer Kawei’s partner in crime, Titanium KompAss Director, is Azar Bin Ismail, whose associate is an Macc big shot. Hiding in plain sight is a good strategy since forever

  5. Anonymous TM

    CORRECT! CORRECT! CORRECT! What is MACC doing about the Geeko/TM financial scandal RM99 mil. This is public fund. The little Napoleons in TM are on business as usual mode – proceeding with the deal when the whole world know that Geeko is a special vehicle for someone. MACC needs to only ask Elizabeth Ken and she will tell all. The Jangut and Kong Kali Kong are very much involved. SPRM: Bila nak mengambil tindakan terhapap mereka yang terlibat? Atau siasatan “TELAH DITUTUP” sekali lagi.

  6. Syed

    MACC please investigate into all the direct-nego contracts in TM and MOTAC. Global Renown Ltd involving Datuk Tam and so many other direct nego contracts involving “Kamal Kayu” connected to ex-Minister Nazri Aziz.


    Dear Mr. Wee Choo Keong,

    Frankly speaking, I do not know you and I believed you don’t know me either. But after reading your article, it clear you tried to create negative perception and smear my reputation as a public servant by dragging me into your self-created UKSB saga.

    Please make no mistake Mr. Wee. I know well what I am doing. If u wanna find the truth, pls come and see me directly. I can give u a special briefing as I always do. But shud u wanna continue saying nasty things towards me, pls say straight to my face. As Kelantan folk always say “kalu tok tahu palo ekor ceghito, jange dok nyalok kokse kokde.”

    And please bear in mind whatever u said here has a serious legal implication. I know u are a lawyer, but being lawyer is not a ticket to write nasty things about others. Thank you.

    Yours Truly,

    MOHD FARDHI AHMAD aka “TheHebatOne”

    Note: In case u wanna pen more article on me next time, pls use nickname the “Ho1”. Sound better I guess hehe……

    1. weechookeong

      Dear Tuan Mohd Fardhi

      Thank you for spending your valuable office hour to write your comments. It is most appreciated.

      I definitely do not know you. Beside being the Pengarah Bahagian Visa officer in Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia (JIM), I have no knowledge that you are a Kelantanese. I now know that you have been in JIM for about 2-3 years only. I don’t know which government agency you were in before joining JIM.

      Please be assured that there was no intention to create whatever negative perception about you in my article or in whatever way you might want to think. Of course, I cannot stop you from thinking otherwise. I am certain that you are well verse, if not an expert, in matters concerning Visa Processing otherwise you cannot be the boss in Bahagian Visa.

      Perhaps you may want to write a comment piece to refute what I have written in the article and that the contents were absolutely not true. I can now give you an undertaking that I will publish it provided it is not defamatory.

      You may want to consider the few points below for your comment piece:

      1. MACC did not issue the Order for JIM to produce the data or statistics on the “Hasil Kutipan Visa” from China from 2012 to 2018; or order JIM to produce data/statistics on “Hasil Kutipan visa” for other countries from 2012 – 2018; and/or order JIM to produce Data/statistics for “Permohonan Bayaran Visa”from UKSB from 2012 -2018.

      2. No MACC officer or officers were presence in JIM last week to interview officers including your goodself and/or ask for any matters concerning data on processing of Visa.

      3. That the several group pictures taken in PR China produced in the article in question with image which look like you but it was not you.

      4. That you have never been on any trip with Wan Badak to PR China or other parts of the world and that recently you did not go to PRC China when PM YAB Tun Mahathir visited PR China on or about 20 August 2018.

      5. That you do not have a clue who are Wan Quoris aka Wan Badak, Harry Lee Vui Khiun, Fadzil Bin Ahmad directors of UKSB), Tan Sri Al Amin of S5 Systems Sdn Bhd and you have never seen or met anyone of them since you are working in JIM until NOW.

      6. That it was not true that UKSB, S5 Systems Sdn Bhd and other companies are involved in Visa Processing Business or have any direct or indirect dealings with JIM.

      7. That JIM logo had never been used in any form in the website connected to UKSB or any other processing companies.

      8. That the website in JIM did not provide any link to any website connected to UKSB.

      9. That it was not true that UKSB, S5 Systems and other companies are involved in Visa Processing Business or Permit in PR China and other countries like Dubai, Thailand, Philippine, Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and etc.

      The above are just a few points that you might want to explore to defend your good self. Just a suggestion. Please feel free to elaborate. Please let me have your comment piece to challenge the article in question based on the above examples or other facts that you may have that we, the public, are no aware of.

      Thank you for taking your precious time to react with your very valuable inputs. I await an article from you to make your stand clearer. I am sorry to learn that you are very upset by the article in question which was not intended that way.

      Do have a pleasant day.

      Thank you


      Wee Choo Keong


    Dear Mr. Wee Choo Keong,

    I am not afraid of you at all. MACC never visit us.

    MOHD FARDHI AHMAD aka “TheHebatOne”

  9. Anonymous

    It is a sad case that the mentality of this civil servant is like this. May be this ‘shook sendiri” idiot does not understand English or he thinks that with his power he could do anything he likes.


    We know MACC officers are in the office to check. Don’t lie.


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