Congratulation Datuk Seri Ismail Bin Bakar – Pls Investigate Activities of High Ranking Officers

Yg Bhg Datuk Seri Ismail Bakar, the newly appointed Secretary General to the Government.


Updates on 25-10-2018 @ 9 pm:  YAB Tun said in Bangkok that the PH government will get rid of those officers campaigning for BN in the 14th GE. The little napoleons in MOTAC/TM don’t have to be arrogant – you are not untouchable!.  Just wait for your turn.  Please read HERE.

The nation welcomes the appointment of Yg Bhg Datuk Seri Ismail Bakar as the new Chief Secretary to the Government / Ketua Setiausaha Negara (KSN).  His last position was the Secretary General Ministry of Finance (MOF). He has a chequered career in the civil service. In January 1986 he joined the Administrative and Diplomatic Service.  He had served as the secretary-general of the Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Ministry and the Transport Ministry; budget director at the National Budget Office of the Finance Ministry and senior advisor at the World Bank headquarters in Washington DC, United States. For more details please read HERE.

The newly appointed KSN, Datuk Seri Ismail Bakar, should launch an immediate investigation into the flagrant violations of the General Orders by high ranking officers in the civil service.  Prior to 14th General Elections (GE), they were the law to themselves. They were the diehard supporters of BN.  The clean up in the top management of the ministries is very necessary to ensure the smooth implementations of all the policies of PH. It has to be done by the new KSN.

Government General Orders – Badan-Badan Berkanun (Tattertib & Surcaj)

Section 20 (1) provides:  “Seseorang pegawai dalam Kumpulan Pengurusan Tertinggi atau Kumpulan Pengurusan dan Professional tidak boleh mengambil bahagian aktif dalam activiti politik atau memakai apa-apa lambang sesuatu parti politik, dan …” 

PH Government had announced that actions will be taken against those civil servants who have actively campaigned for the BN during the 14th GE.  So far Tan Sri Irwan Serigar (Irwan), the former Secretary General of MOF, was actively campaigning for BN. He was relief of his post and transferred to the pool in JPA.  Irwan was not the only guilty one. There were many more high ranking officers who were as guilty as Irwan. They have been spared by the outgoing KSN as they were all in the same boat.

During the 14th GE, these high ranking officers headed by KSUs were very daring. They knowingly ignored and defied the above General Order. They were very bold and proud to post their photographs wearing BN uniforms campaigning in the the GE in the social media like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and others. When they discovered that BN was trounced in the 14th GE, they were very fast to delete all their handsome photographs from the social media in order to wipe out the evidence and started to change their true colour.

These recalcitrant civil servants should also be sent to the JPA’s pool pending disciplinary actions.  They should not be allowed to helm their current positions.  PH Government must have a spring cleaning of the top management of all the Ministries. Many of the KSUs and heads of government agencies are still loyal to the BN.

Now these BN diehard supporters are still holding on their high positions in the ministries and government agencies but they have pretended to support PH.  After 14th GE (May 9), some of them have immediately deleted their old Facebooks and Instagrams and started their new Facebooks and Instagrams with postings of photographs taken with the current PH leaders.  This is their way of exhibiting their so-called loyalty to PH government.

The High Ranking Officers in Ministry of Tourism & Cultures and Tourism Malaysia

Some of those high ranking officers in the Ministry of Tourism and Cultures (MOTAC) and Tourism Malaysia (TM) were not fast enough to wipe out the evidence of their active participation in the campaign for BN in the 14th GE, HERE.

The Evidence of Post GE 14th

Datuk Rashidi Hasbullah posing his handsome self with YAB Datuk Wan Azizah, Deputy PM, and YB Lim Guan Eng, Minister of Finance.


Left: the little napoleons in TM, Datuk Khani bin Daud, Deputy DG TM & acting GM. Centre: YB Datuk Azmin Ali, Minister of Economy Extreme Right: Datuk Razip Hassan, Deputy DG TM.

From the pictures above, little napoleons in MOTAC and TM have totally changed their “loyalties” overnight.  For the whole month in May and June 2018, the top ranking officers in MOTAC and TM were busy running around having their handsome faces in photos taken with Ministers and Mentri Besar, HERE.

They hope to fool PH Ministers with such photographs. What a cheapo stunt!

Upon hearing rumour that the new MOTAC Minister is from Warisan Party, some of the little napoleons in TM took the trouble to fly to Sabah to attend the Warisan Raya Open House.  This is one of the SOP of the little napoleons in MOTAC and TM.  Showing superficial loyalties is their of life and to get their promotions to Jusa B, Jusa C and etc.


The Pictorial Evidence of Serious Violation of The Above General Order During GE 

The KSU of MOTAC, Datuk Rashidi Hasbullah, DG of TM, Datuk Mirza Mohamed Taiyap, and Datuk Khani Daud, Deputy DG and now acting DG, were the leaders of the pack.

Below are the pictures of these culprits:

The leader of the pack, Datuk Rashidi bin Hasbullah, the KSU of MOTAC

He is one of the smooth operators in MOTAC.  He has extremely good public relations. Yours truly believes that the Minister of MOTAC will be terribly impressed by him.

Left: Datuk Rashidi Hasbullah, Ketua Pengarah Kementerian Pelancongan


Datuk Seri Mirza bin Mohammad Taiyab, the Director General of TM.

He was charged for corruption and suspended from duties for a few years, was subsequently acquitted by the High Court but there was no appeal by AG Chambers, which is an extremely unusual practice. It is the policy of AG Chambers that it will appeal against all acquittals. He will be retiring in December 2018. But he was very actively lobbying for extension until 9 May 2018. He is now on leave prior to retirement.

extremely left: Datuk Seri Mirza Mohamad Taiyap, DG of TM.  He is now on leave prior to retirement.


The “famous” and super powerful Datuk Seri Khani Daud, the Deputy DG & Acting DG of TM.

He is now the acting DG of TM.  He is actively lobbying to be confirmed as the DG of TM.  Yours truly hopes that the new KSN will look at the record of this DATUK SERI in TM and with other authorities before confirmation.  This Datuk Seri is extremely “famous” and powerful.

There were serious complaints about him by member of the public to the KSU but no actions were taken. It was only until the said complaint had reached the Biro Pengaguan Awam that minor action was taken to merely transfer a staff in TM Hq to overseas office without a proper investigation.  KSN and the MOTAC Minister should do a check and the records will speak for itself. Yours truly hopes that a separate posting on the complaint is not necessary.

1st left in red circle Datuk Seri Khani Daud, now acting DG of TM, & 2nd left in red circle, Datuk Rashidi bin Hasbullah, the KSU of MOTAC.
3rd left: Datuk SERI Khani Daud, the acting DG of TM, who is lobbying to be appointed DG soon. 2nd left: En Ahmad Johanif (Grade 52), the Deputy Director of AERO (America, Europe and Oceana).


Datuk Razip bin Hassan, the Deputy Director General TM

1st left in red circle: Datuk Razip Hassan, promoted to Jusa C in lightning speed – Deputy DG. 2nd left in red circle is the super powerful Datuk Seri Khani, the now acting DG for TM and 3rd left in red circle is the leader of the pack, the KSU of MOTAC, Datuk Rashidi Hasbullah.


Datuk Dr Ammar Gapur, Pengarah Kanan Bahagian Domestik & Acara (Grade Jusa C),  & Tuan Zulkafli Yahya, Pengarah Kanan AERO (America, Europe & Oceana) (GraceJusa C)

Datuk Ammar Gapur is one of the little napoleons / smooth operators in TM. He is also the deputy president of KOPEMA (Koperasi Kakitangan Kementerian Pelancongan & Kebudayaaan Malaysia Bhd), the cooperative of MOTAC.  Datuk Musa is the president.

KOPEMA is also one of the shareholders of Geeko Tech Sdn Bhd, which is involved in the “speedy Gonzales” direct-nego contract worth RM99.693 million, HERE & HERE.  MACC had raided the TM office to seize documents and the result of the investigations are still pending.

The Council of Eminent Persons (CEP) had instructed Datuk Mirza to terminate this scandalous “Speedy Gonzales” RM99.693 mil deal.  Yours truly believes that this scandalous deal has not been officially terminated by TM.  Just see how powerful these little napoleons in MOTAC and TM.

1st left: Datuk Ammar Gapur & 4th left: Tuan Zulkafli Yahya

KSN and/or the Minister of Tourism & Cultures should look into the activities and accounts of KOPEMA to see its activities conform with its goals and also to protect the interests of its members.

On a separate matter, KSN and the MOTAC Minister should read about the investigations by MACC in 2016 with regards to a Datuk Seri in TM, HERE.

In the interim, those little napoleons in the pictures above should be sent to the pool in JPA or suspended pending investigations but they are still running loose in MOTAC and TM.

Stay Tuned.

22 thoughts on “Congratulation Datuk Seri Ismail Bin Bakar – Pls Investigate Activities of High Ranking Officers

  1. TM Whistleblower

    Cantik YB. Mana mau lari lagi. Semua gambar sudah ada. Ali Hamsa sudah out – tak boleh jaga little napoleons lagi. Tak lama lagi mesti bungkus. Rashidi dan gang Kong Kali Kong sudah kena kong kali ni.

  2. Datuk Seri Kong in Bangkok

    All the little napoleons from Rashidi, Datuk Seri Kong Kali Kong downwards are still loyal to BN up to now. They are still in contact with the previous Minister. They are all involved with the scandalous Speedy Gonzales RM99 mil Geeko Tech deal. The previous chairman Siew Ka Wei said it was a good deal. Elizabeth Ken is the CEO of Geeko Tech. Who is Elizabeth Ken? She is the media person for Redberry Media Group. Who is behind Redberry Media Group. Siew Ka Wei. What a bloody scam! No wonder it is a good deal and supported by Datuk seri Kong kali Kong.

    1. Je’taime

      The former minister of tourism aka chief and his young wife and son are in paris holidaying. Mr rahim of tm paris office is one of chief’s beloved officer..has been there for more than 5 yrs. due to come back to hq but no sign of him yet. mr rahim owes a lot to wonders if mr rahim is using tm paris allocation or staffs to attend to chief’s well being in paris..probably so…can someone check on this? If so then mr rahim shd be investigated for misusing govt’s money to “entertain” chief the former minister of tourism who is now the opposition. KSN, MACC pls look into this.


    Well you missed out the newly titled Dato’ TKSU Pelancongan in one of the pictures…. she’s a sly fox and very much the same ‘pr’ pro as his ‘boss’…

  4. Anonymous MOTAC

    You mean Haslina bt Abdul Hamid? if you have evidence please send it to YB’s for publication. These BN culprits must face action. The best is to send them to the pool in JPA if no disciplinary actions.

  5. Datuk Seri Kong Banyak Kali Kong


    The end is very near for the little napoleons (Rashidi, Musa, Razip & Khani). They will soon be famous and wearing orang uniform. Datuk Seri Kong Kali Kong: are you still baby sitting people wife?

  6. Anonymous

    Why the big mouth Siew Ka Wei is so quiet? Is something brewing? He should be part of the little Napoleon gang. Can’t wait to see him being handcuffed and charged!

    1. The Crook In TM

      Datuk Seri Kong Kali Kong is good for doing direct nego deals. MACC already investigated about his family travel agency getting bookings from TM. He was lucky because his political master saved him. Now his political master is no longer the minister no one is protecting him unless he got the new Minister in his pocket.

      Datuk Seri Kong Kali Kong should be the DG for River Bamboo Resort. This is the right place for him so that he could do more direct nego deals (Geeko, Global Renown & others). The end is very near for this shameless guy.

      1. TM Observer

        Setuju! He has been a Kong Kali Kong for too long. He is very smooth. The Minister will be easily fooled by him.

      2. Shun

        Kong kali kong sudah pegang menteri ketapi…tolong check siapa dapat job untuk jata, wtm dan pata? Kalau ada kene mengena dgn menteri ketapi, harap kerajaan ph dan tun m siasat dan ambil tindakan sewajarnya…kerajaan ph mesti bersih…jgn jadi mcm kerajaan bn yg teramat korup. Jgn punahkan harapan rakyat yg telah memilih ph utk memtadbir negara dan utk mengharumkan semula nama malaysia di mata dunia.

  7. Anonymous

    TM is a can of worms – infested by little napoleons. The new KSN has to take serious action against those little napoleons (Datuk Seri Khani, Datuk Razip, Datuk Ammar, Zulkafli Yahya, Datuk Musa and a few more in TM for taking part in political activities. THey proudly wearing BN uniform when it is prohibited. They openly breach the General Orders. They work for the government but they don’t care about General Orders. They have been protected by Tan Sri Ali Hamsa for too long. I believe actions will be taken by the new KSN. It is now a lull before the storm. Little napoleons, please get ready for the day.

  8. Ph came to power nothing happen…sprm investigate 10cent nothing happen….mamak ksn came to motac nothing happen.. ph 100 days nothing happen…New ksn nothing happen also la… or not ksu n kong kali kong would have taken earlier retirement

  9. Little Bird in TM

    Well, Mior the SUSK of the minister was not approved by KSN. He was out of the Kementerian. We have keep on exposing the little napoleons of their nonsense. Mior is the classic case. Now at least the little napoleons chief, Datuk Seri Kong Kali Kong has one less supporter in the Minister’s office.

    We heard that of late the Datuk Seri Kong Kali Kong in TM has not being going to Bangkok for baby sitting job. Poor OD no kong kali kong.

    We call upon to KSN to take action against the Datuk Seri Kong Kali Kong, Ammar, Razip Hasan, Musa, Zulkapli Yahya, Azizah and etc for gross violations of the General Order by campaigning for BN during the 14 GE.

    Why is the scandalous speedy Gonzales Geeko deal is still not terminated??

  10. TM's Observer

    The SUSK of the Minister (Meor) has been removed without notice. Presumably it must be for some wrong doings. How about the little napoleons in TM – Datuk Khani, Datuk Razip, Datuk Ammar, Datuk Musa & Zulkafli. Mirza will be gone in December for good. He can join Siew Ka Wei because he did all the right things when Siew was the Chairman. We would like to see what actions KSN is going to take against the little Napoleon for openly violated the General Orders. MACC should clarify what is happening to the bullshit Geeko deal posting TM RM100 mil!

  11. Junior in TM

    It is sad that with the new KSN in place, no disciplinary actions taken against the BN staunch supporters in govt department. Despite being exposed, the little napoleons are still bragging that they are protected. The new KSN is a disappointment. The little Napoleon like Datuk Seri Khani, Razip, Musa, Azizah & Mirza are enjoying their positions of power. PH govt shouldn’t disappoint its supporters.

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