Auditor-General & MACC: Why TM Loves Direct-Nego Contracts?

Extreme Right: Yg Bhg Datuk Seri Tam Yun Tong is said to be an ‘expert’ in advertising especially for taxi wrapping and billboard advertising in Japan and sometime in China! He is the right man to be associated with Global Renown Ltd. Global Renown Ltd had been awarded with many direct-nego contracts in Japan and China worth more than RM90 million.  He is the CEO of Eithoshin Shoji Co Ltd and this company had been awarded with advertising contracts by TM.  Picture taken during the last Chinese New Year in Padang Regas with the ex-Minister of Tourism and Culture, YB Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz.


Updates @ 4:30 pm on 18-7-2018:  Yous truly has been informed that KSU of MOTAC Datuk Rashidi bin Hasbullah, who had been actively campaigning for BN during the 14 GE together with Datuk Seri Khani Daud, Datuk Razip Hassan, Datuk Ammar Gapur and Datuk Musa all from TM, will be transferred to JPA pool in the very near future to accompany Tan Sri Erwan Seregar.  Please read HERE.

Updates @9:30 pm on 15-7-2018:  In an unprecedented move, Yg Bhg Tan Sri Dr Ali bin Hamsa, KSN, visited the Minister of Tourism and Cultures this afternoon.  It would appear that the said visit was about the KSU of the ministry, Datuk Rashidi bin Hasbullah, and the top management of TM were actively involved in 14th GE in the Padang Regas Constituency, HERE.

Updates @ 9:15 pm on 12-7-2018:  Yours truly has been informed that the little Napoleons in TM are going berserk on a witch hunting exercise. Instead of putting right what were wrong, the little napoleons are more interested in wanting know from whom yours truly got the information from. In another word they are more interested to intimidate the junior members of staff of TM to cover up for them. The little napoleons should realise that it is a waste of time for them to embark on such a stupid exercise.  It is better for them to discard their innate appetite for direct nego contracts like the “SPEEDY GONZALES” and those given to Global Renown Ltd than to go on a witch hunt.  It will be better for them to go to Bangkok for a lovely holiday!

Updates @ 10:30 pm on 11-7-2018:  Datuk Seri Tam Yun Tong, the CEO of Eithoshin Shoji Co Ltd and the man behind Global Renown Ltd, is also the key officer in MCA, Japan, HEREHe is a man of multi-talents!

The top management in Tourism Malaysia (“TM”) not only has a special appetite but loves for direct-nego contracts.  They normally conclude direct-nego with lightning speed and if possible with a go between party, which has now been called a ‘special purpose vehicle’ by Dato’ DR Siew Ka Wei, the Chairman of TM. The most glaring example is the ‘Speedy Gonzales’ RM99.693 million Scandalous Deal.  The other direct-nego contracts involved Global Renown Ltd.  Why these little napoleons have such appetite for direct-nego contracts?   Yours truly believes that for the little napoleons in TM, open tender contract takes too long to seal, too troublesome and presumably time is of the essence especially before the 14th General Elections!  

Hence, TM took one day to evaluate, negotiate and sealed the said digital marketing ‘Speedy Gonzales’ scandalous direct-ego contract with a 5 month old company, Geeko Tech Sdn Bhd (“Geeko”). TM sealed the said direct-nego contract on 4-4-2018 at which time Geeko had not been registered with Ministry of Finance. According to the Procurement Regulations of MOF, the registration is a mandatory requirement for a company dealing with government agencies.

Geeko was only registered with MOF on 6-4-2018.  The ‘Speedy Gonzales’ scandalolus deal was sealed on 4-4-2018, 2 days before its registration with MOF.  TM has no power to waive the Procurement Rules set by MOF.  But the little napoleons in TM are the Authorities. That was why its DG, Datuk Seri Mirza Mohamad Taiyap, was soaring to sign the ‘Speedy Gonzales’ Agreement on 4-4-2018.   For background stories read HERE, HERE, HERE. 

At the material time, Dato DR Siew Ka Wei is the chairman of TM and also executive chairman of Ancom Bhd and MD of Redberry Media Group. Ms Elizabeth Ken is  the Media Specialist of Redberry Media Group. She is also the CEO of Geeko.  Geeko is special purpose vehicle in the ‘Speedy Gonzales’ scandalous deal.

Were The Direct-Nego Contracts Budgeted For in TM?

Most probably the Direct-Nego contracts were never been budgeted for in TM. Therefore, the deals have to be sealed quickly because of emergencies and without which tourists will stop visiting Malaysia!  The question is why the direct-ego were restricted to a handful of companies like Geeko, Global Renown Ltd and one or two others.

Did The Internal Auditor of TM Alerted The Auditor-General Department About Direct-Nego Contract?

Yours truly believes that the internal auditors of TM never reported the questionable direct-ego contracts in its yearly reports.  If they have done so, such practice would not have been the norm. The TM’s Internal Auditors is just a show piece to satisfy the procedures.

The Council of Eminent People Instructed TM to Terminate The ‘Speedy Gonzales’ Scandalous Contract – Was it Not Terminated?

In mid June 2018 Datuk Mirza Mohamad Taiyap, the DG of TM, was called up by the Council of Eminent Person (‘CEP’). He was questioned by CEP about the ‘Speedy Gonzales’ scandalous contract and he told CEP that there was an exit clause in the said ‘Speedy Gonzales’ scandalous RM99.693 millions contract. Datuk Mirza was instructed by the CEP to terminate the said contract.  Yours truly has read the said contract and there is an exit clause that states it could only be terminated after two years.  The said contract is for two years period.  Yours truly believes that until this date, the said ‘Speedy Gonzales’ contract has yet to be terminated. The little napoleons in TM are so powerful that they dare to defy the CEP.

Auditor General Department Is now Auditing TM’s Accounts & MACC Is Investigating The ‘Speedy Gonzales” Scandalous Deal

A team of officers from Auditor-General Department has been in TM for more than a week now to audit its accounts. Surely, the Geeko’s “Speedy Gonzales” deal will be top of the list.

The other more glaring direct-nego contracts involved Global Renown Ltd (a Hong Kong company), Eithoshin Shoji Co Ltd (a Japanese Company) and a few other companies must also be investigated.

Global Renown Ltd, A Company based in Hong Kong

The Auditor-General Department should be auditing the numerous taxi wrapping, outdoor advertisements (in Japan and China) direct-nego contracts that have been awarded to Global Renown Ltd, a Hong Kong based company.

TM’s Advertising Campaign Report For 2017/2018

Laporan Kempen Pengiklanan Tahun 2017/2018 Bahagian Pengiklanan Digital Muka Surat 1


Laporan Kempen Pengiklannan 2017/20128 Muka Surat 2

Out of the total advertising expenditures for 2017/2018 of RM160, 702, 958.58, only RM10, 515, 648.76 was spent on the existing contracts that was budgeted for, the remaining RM150, 187, 309.00 was for the un-bedgeted direct-nego contracts.

Of course, the so-called digital marketing contract undertaken by Kraken Interactive Sdn Bhd (‘Kraken’) for RM40 million in 2017 was also questionable because up to this date TM has no digital marketing website. The transactions under this contract must also be investigated to determine whether the actual sum of RM40 million was spent for digital marketing or something else. If the RM40 millions was spent for something else then the top management of TM must be surcharged for it because it was spent for others purposes outside the contract.  The Auditor-General Department must not let the little napoleons to escape from their responsibilities as the custodians of public fund.


It must be noted that the executive director of Kraken is, of course, Raja Mohd Firdaus Raja Zainal, who was a former employee of TM. His name does not appear as a director in the record of SSM.  He is a very close friend of the little napoleons. He is often seen going on holiday with the little napoleons in TM.

From the above TM’s Report on Advertising Campaign for 2017/2018, there are many questionable direct-nego contracts.  The most glaring ones are the those that have been awarded to Global Renown Ltd. The total sum TM had committed for 2017/2018 for its’ advertising campaign was RM 160, 702, 958.58, of which a total of RM 91,693,282.90 was awarded to Global Renown Ltd.  It was equivalent to more than half of the total advertising expenditure for 2017/2018.

Can an expenditure of such magnitude of RM92, 693,282.90 justify the number of tourists coming from Japan?

Why is Global Renown Ltd is so special?  The little napoleons will have to explain. 

Who Is this Datuk Seri Tam Yun Tong?


2nd left: Datuk Tam acted a professional translator for the then Minister of Tourism and Cultures, YB Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz.

Rumour has it that Datuk Seri Tam Yung Tong‘s (“Datuk Seri Tam”) bother or relative is a representative of another advertising company that has been awarded with advertising contract. His name did not appear in the company record with SSM.

As in 2016 Datuk Seri Tam is a CEO director of a company in Japan known as Eitoshin Shojii Co Ltd  (‘Etoshin”).  His wife, Datuk Seri Ang Hui Chin is a director of Eitoshin.  It was one of the advertising agencies that TM had engaged before Global Renown Ltd.

It is an open secret in TM that Datuk Seri Tam is the man behind Global Renown Ltd.  He is based in Japan.  He is not only an expert in all forms of advertising in Japan and China but also a professional translator from Mandarin to English/Bahasa Malaysia.  He was often used as a professional translator by the then Minister of Tourism and Cultures, YB Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz, when he met with Chinese officials in China.  What a talented man!

Left: H.E. Mr. Mahamud Ahmad (Ambassador of Brunei to Japan), Mr. Noor Azlan Abu Bakar, who is now an ‘expert’ in taxi wrapping and billboard advertising (Director of Tourism Malaysia, Japan), H.E. Dato’ Ahmad Izlan Idris (Ambassador of Malaysia to Japan), Datuk Seri Tam Yun Tong (CEO of Eitoshin Shoji Co. Ltd) and Datin Seri Ang Hui Chin (Director of Eitoshin Shoji So. Ltd.) Edleen Othman Photo. Picture was taken in 2016.

Datuk Tam must have given crash courses in taxi wrapping and billboard advertising in Japan to the TM’s directors in Tokyo and Osaka, Tuan Noor Azlan.bin Abu Bakar (Tokyo) and Tuan Sollehuddin bin Ahmad (Osaka), who are now experts in this field of advertising.

It is a normal procedures in TM that all contracts connected to the respective countries have to be evaluated and recommended by the respective overseas directors. Since there are so many direct-ego contracts have been awarded to Global Renown Ltd in Japan it will not be wrong to assume that both of these ‘experts’ (Azlan & Sollehuddin) must have evaluated them thoroughly and with thump up all the time.

Tuan Noor Azlan has been in TM office Tokyo since 2009 (for more than 8 years) and Tuan Sollehuddin bin Ahmad in Tokyo and Osaka (for more than 6 years). Both are still in Japan until this day.  Tuan Noor Azlan Abu Bakar was supposed to be backed to TM HQ on 1.7.2018 and Tuan Sollehuddin Ahmad was supposed to be transferred to TM Tokyo on 2.7.2018 but the status remains until now. With their taxi wrapping and billboard advertising expertise that they have acquired from Datuk Tam, yours truly will not be surprised if both will be kept there for another 10 years!  Please read HERE.

The Auditor-General Department and MACC must do an in-dept investigations why Global Renown Ltd, Eithoshin Shoji Co Ltd (prior to 2017), a foreign company, had been awarded with numerous direct-ego contracts worth RM 91,693,282.90, more than half of TM’s advertising budget for 2017/2018.

Stay Tuned



  1. At last the famous name of Datuk Tam and Global Renown are now out in the open. This direct nego was the most juluk mata contract and many of us in TM were unhappy but we have to do it because of the instructions from top management of TM. We knew that they were for the benefits of a few persons but we cannot object. If we were to object then we will be victimized – demoted may be. This is the culture instilled into the junior staffs in TM. Now we will tell all if Auditor General or MACC officers were to interview us. The top management must learn to take responsibilities for a change. What is the point of getting Datukship with no responsibilities. When things had gone bad, the junior staffs will get the blames but not those useless Datuk and the Datuk Seri – the good for nothing lots.

  2. The little napoleons love $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ and nothing else. Thats why TM is in such a horrible state. It has to operate in deficit.

  3. Datuk Seri Tam is a crony of the former Ministers Ng Yen Yen, Nazri Aziz and some of the little napoleons. MACC must get this Datuk seri Tam and the shit will be out. He has been getting advertising contracts after contracts. Not limited to Japan. Although China has contracted with another advertising firm but this shorty and fat fella seemed to get away with many things. Auditor-General Dept must comb through all the contracts with Eithoshin Shoji and Global Renown, and check through all the billings against the advertisements. Soon shit will hit the fan.

  4. Yes it is a known fact that he is the head of MCA Japan. Now he will suck up to PH to do his monkey business! When Tun was in Japan he was there trying to suck up to Tun. It is very good of YB to expose this short ass. He is very close to Mirza. Remember this Geeko man, was an overseas director in Japan at one time. Now his macai Azlan and Sallehuddin are there to take care of all the nonsense there. Auditor Heneral should investigate into the short ass fat fella, his Ethoahin Shoji and his new vehicle Global Renown. TM must be rid of such person like this short ass and the little napoleons otherwise TM will be the same for the next 50 years!!! Get rid of the few little napoleons. Datuk Kong Kali Kong Bangkok babysitter, the shorty Datuk A, Datuk M and Datuk Ra…

    • Saya bersetuju 100%. Jika sampáh (gelaran Datuk dan Datuk Seri) di TM tidak di buang dalam long kang, TM tak akan berubah. Mereka terlalu mabok dengan kontrak direct nego. Tau sama tau! Saya berharap nanti satu hari Datuk-datuk ni akan digari keluar dari TM ke Mahkamah. The sampah have set up the system in TM to intimidate junior staff and to make sure they carry out their orders even though they are not in the interest of TM. When all the sampan have gone to the drain, that will be the liberation day for TM and only then TM has the chance to improve.

  5. This Datuk Seri Tam has made a lot of money from TM when he was behind Eithoshin Shoji when Ng Yen Yen was the minister. After Ng Yen Yen he uses another vehicle Global Renown. Why? why? Something for auditor general and MACC to find out.

  6. Whoa whoa whoa!
    Mind your language and be careful with your words. Be sure to taste your words before you spit them out. Once they are said, they can be only forgiven but not forgotten. “ Adab kat mana bro”

  7. Datuk Mirza (DG of TM) is a very powerful man. He dares to defy Council of Eminent Persons’ director to cancel the ‘Speedy Gonzales” contract. Up to now, the little napoleons in TM are still hoping that this direct nego contract will go. I am curious why? Is there any special interest he is trying to protect? Of course, Datuk Mirza was the one who signed the contract against the MOF Procurement Regulations. If TM sustained losses at the end of the day, the auditor General should recommend a surcharge under the General Order against Datuk M]irza and the other little napoleons, who were responsible in facilitating this nonsensical deal.

  8. Datuk Seri Tam is a MCA rep in Japan. No wonder he got many direct nego contracts. He also took care of the Ministers very very well. I rest my case. It is for the Auditor General and MACC to find out more details.

  9. Witch hunting is the specialty of the little napoleons. We will still do a tell all to the auditor general and SPRM. Soon the Kong Kali Kong will be the acting DG. What a joke! A person that has been investigated by SPRM is heading TM! It is dark days for TM.

  10. The top management of TM should ask themselves what they have been doling all these years instead of wasting govt time in witch hunting. The whole purpose of their witch hunting was to protect themselves from being exposed of their activities which were not in the best interest of TM.

    How could one company (Global Renown Ltd, a foreign company) be awarded with so many direct nego advertising contracts for taxi wrapping and billboard totalling almost RM100 mil. Mirza, Khani, Ammar, Musa and Razip don’t you know that taxi wrapping and billboard are outdated forms of advertisement. Stop wasting public fund to help one single foreign company or a few persons. We in TM know who they are. So stop pretending that all is well in TM.

    It is strange that Azlan Abu Bakar the Tokyo director who was supposed to be transferred back to Malaysia on 1-7-2018 and he is still in. Tokyo. Auditor General Department and SPRM must instruct the top management of TM to recall the two overseas directors, Sollehuddin (in Osaka) and Alan Abu Bakar (Tokyo) back for questioning on the direct nego contracts involving Eithoshin Shoji and Global Renown Ltd. These two directors are very very familiar with these 2 companies and Datuk Tam.

    My advice to the top management is to stop wasting time in witch hunting and reflect on what you all have been doing in TM on the direct nego contracts. Remember the company, Global Tree for billboard advertising in Malaysia. Is this company connected to Raja Firdaus too?

    Datuk Seri Kong Kali Kong, please stop playing with other people wife in Bangkok – stop destroying other people family! Please concentrate in your travel agent business which SPRM had previously investigated. We know your nonsense.

  11. One of the Ghosts in Tm, I agree with you 200%

    Little napoleons, your witch hunting is not going to intimidate us anymore. We are now living in a new Malaysia. Your BN bosses being kicked out. You all can also see all the Facebooks of Rashidi and other little napoleons have been changed. No more pictures of your God, Nazri Aziz, Zahid Hamidi and the like. Now in Rashidi Facebook you can see only pictures taken with PH leaders. Yes, SPRM and auditor general must interview Azlan oversea director in Tokyo and Sollehuddin Osaka. These two are players in the direct nego contracts involving Global Renown. No wonder Azlan Abu Bakar was not transferred back to Putrajaya eventhough official letter had been issued. the authorities must get these two back to interview if they want to get to the bottom of this direct nego matters in Japan.

    We have nothing to fear in exposing what you all have done or have been doing for years in TM.You all can do the witch hunting as much as you want. Now you have to answer to God, Auditor General and SPRM. Now TM staffs are eating pop corns watching the movies where all the main actors are going to wear orange uniforms.We are waiting to see you all walking out from HQ accompanied by bodyguards from SPRM.

  12. DS Kong Kali Kong no need for witch hunt. stop your direct nego nonsense. Don’t bleed TM then nothing to be exposed. Look after your travel agent business well. No need to witch hunt. SPRM will belanja you kopi kaw kaw very soon. How is your pusy cat in Bangkok?

  13. Instead of the little napoleons looking at themselves in the mirror, they are trying to victimise the junior staff. We didn’t sign the direct nego contracts with Geeko, Eithoshin, Global Renown and many more others. Why going after us when the dirty deals are exposed? The top management should go after the person who handled and signed these direct nego contracts. This is the right thing to do. Stop the witch hunting. I hope that the MACC and auditor general will read this and warn the little napoleons to stop interfering with the investigations. We hope that MACC and auditor general will act fast against them.

  14. DS Kong Kali Kong, how is your son’s travel agency business lately? You should start to instruct TM to do all the travel arrangements for the staff through your son’s company. It is ok. The last time MACC cannot touch yum because of your big cable. Now MACC cannot get you also because you are a Divisional Leader of UMNO in Perak. Don’t worry MACC cannot find anything in TM because of the high Standard of creative accounting practiced in TM. The junior staffs are so intimidated by the victimisation in TM that they dare not report. Datuk Seri Kong Kali Kong, happy babysitting in Bangkok!

    • DS Kong Kali Kong belum kena kong dari SPRM kah? The top management is very daring to defy the Council of Eminent Persons’ instruction to terminate the Geeko contract. Until now TM is still proceeding with the Geeko’s direct nego contract. We hope that SPRM and Auditor General will take actions against the DS Kong Kali Kong and his group. The Geeko deal cannot be allowed to go through because it is against the interest of TM and the rakyat. If TM really wants the digital marketing, go direct to Tencent Holding. No need to go through the special purpose vehicle of some one in TM and someone outside TM now. There is no need for digital marketing as there is insufficient Chinese tourists to justify the RM99 mil expenditure. This Geeko deal was to enrich someone in TM and a few others outside.

  15. Aww … how nice of the staff of Tourism Malaysia to go out of their way to help arrange special complimentary stays at the “Bamboo River Resort” for their “hardworking” bosses to get a well-deserved rest and enjoy the company of the others already having a ball of a time there.

    If only more government department and agencies could emulate the excellent example set by the staff of Tourism Malaysia.

  16. No worries the Kong Kali Kong and his little napoleons gang are immuned to investigation by auditor general or MACC. They are not only good in creative accounting (know how to hide things, they also have big cable to cover for them. In 2016 Kong Kali Kong was under investigation by MACC for using his son or relative’s travel agent company to book flight tickets for TM but the investigation was closed because of the powerful cable. So they are very powerful. Lets see how powerful are these little napoleons and cables are this time around. The Kong Kali Kong has been facilitating many direct nego contracts in TM for years. Geeko Tech RM100 mil, Global Renown almost RM100 mil and many others involving companies connected to Raja Firdaus.

  17. Datuk Seri Kong Kali Kong is very close to Raja Firdaus and Datuk Seri Tam. He is and the other top management in TM (Datuk Mirza, Datuk Musa – Kopema, Datuk Ammar- Kopema, Razip dan Khani) are fully aware of the speedy Gonzales RM100 mil deal. These are the operators. They must not be spared by MACC. Thats why until now they are not lifting a finger to terminate the Speedy Gonzales contract even though kit is not in the best interest of TM and also TM has no money to pay for such a contract.

    Geeko is a 6 months old company. Is it really capable doing digital marketing business? For heaven sake, if you love TM terminate the agreement and tell Elizabeth Ken of Redberry Media Group and her darling to get lost.

    MACC must ask for the “Red Files”. The little napoleons are following their big brother Tan Sri Erwan Segar to keep “sensitive” documents in a Red File – Red file because it can be exposed to daylight!

  18. I hope that Rashidi the KSU and the little napoleons are disciplined and sacked for campaigning for BN during the 14 GE. They have violated the Standing Order of the govt. Sack them!

    • if your prediction comes true then MOTAC and TM are back to old days direct nego contracts and cronyism. The KSU is a staunch crony of the ex-Minister. He is still consulting the ex-minister. With the weak leadership of the KSU MOTAC and TM will be finished. OuR hope is that MACC will get KSU for the Speedy Gonzales Geeko deal. KSU chaired the Perolehan A meeting with Mirza on 3-4-2018, Mirza for signing the contract, DS Khani for approving RM13 million payment before the 14 GE. Ammar & Musa the leaders of Kopema & Kopema is the shareholder of Geekp Tech Sdn Bhd. Razip is also part of the top management facilitating the deal.

      Why they should be charged under the MACC law? It was because they knowingly allowed the Geeko deal to go through when Geeko was not registered with MOF. This was against he Procurement Regulations. The government should cancel the scandalous deal. whatever losses sustained by TM, the government must surcharge those named above. They must not be allowed to run away without taking the responsibilities.

      The DS Kong Kali Kong should not be allowed to have a free hand in TM. He should be posted to do the special task of babysitting in Bangkok. So that he could Kong Kali Kong there. He is a disgrace to TM. Dia Tiada akhlak lagnsung – main isteri orang!

      I hope that MACC & Auditor general will do justice for the rakyat – fixed those little napoleons once and for all. When that happened it will be part of the New Malaysia!

  19. If status quo remains in MOTAC & TM then its the beginning of the end. The new Minister must not be fooled by the KSU and the Topless management of TM. The new minister must take disciplinary actions against Rashidi, Mirza, Khani, Razip, Zulkapli and Musa for actively campaigning against PH.Get rid of them and there are many more good officers in MOTAC and TM replace them at any time. The new minister must replace the parasites in MOTAC and TM if he wants to see progress.

  20. Minister also part of the circus la former bn mah tat y he so treasure ksu paying for his meals n stay. Same old same old. Tat mamak ksn also no different.

  21. To Whom It May Concern,
    “Talking badly about someone else while they are not there to defend themselves says more about you that the person you are talking about. Only cowards hide behind scene.

    To Bosses,
    It’s not your job to stop them from talking behind you but it’s your job not to let it affect you. Stay strong and command. They” will automatically stop when they get tired.

    • Stay strong and go on a witch hunt to intimidate junior staff. Stay strong to get junior to help to do covering up job for them. Stay strong and babysit staff who is married. Stay strong to break up family. Say strong to bleed TM with direct nego contracts like Geeko, Global Renown, Global Tree.

      Junior staff must stay strong to get rid of the crooks in TM and defend Tm for the sake of Malaysia. We don’t need a strong or weak crook to lead TM. We need one with Akhlak – not one that playing with people wife in Bangkok.

  22. That Datuk Seri Kong Kali Kong must be thoroughly investigated by MACC. He is very rich. So are the other little napoleons. They all travelled business class even they are not on duty. MACC must not let them go this time. The two little napoleons running Kopema is also loaded. Both treating Kopema as their own company. TM must be rid of such high ranking officers who are good for nothing except playing politics to be promoted.

  23. Padan muka Datuk Seri Kong Kali Kong. Jangan bimbang, tak lama lagi dapat perluang minum Kopi O kaw2 di SPRM. Untuk sekarang lebih baik pergi babysitting di Bangkok. Kalau nak flight ticket suruh syarikat anak keluarkan dulu. Ada sahabat karib dengan gelaran Raja F… takut apa. dia pasti boleh kaotim. Memalukan dan mencemarkan gelaran Datuk Seri.

  24. What a refreshing news that KSU Rashidi will join Tan Sri Erwan in the JPA pool. Unfortunately, the little napoleons in TM are not PTD officers. They are law to themselves, They can have their holidays in Sungei Buluh Resort, which is the best place for them so that they could plan all the direct nego contracts..

  25. Ka ka ka! cantiklah, Berita terbaik! Apa guna mengambil gambar dengan Tim PM Wan Azizah, YB Lim Guan Eng dan lain lain. Akhirnya kena menemani Erwan Serigar. Rashiki tak guna kabel mantan Menteri uituk menutip kes kah? Baguslah boleh menari bersama Erwan. Kotrak direct nego tiada lah.

  26. Masuk pool pun bagus. Ada banyak masa untuk rmemain politik bodek. Rashidi ada perluang membodek Tan Sri Erwan. Kami pegawai bawahan amat gembira dengan berita yang terbaik ini. Datuk Seri Kong kali Kong dia tak mau pergi pool. Dia lebih seronok jika dipindah ke Bangkok surpaya data Bernama dengan bini orang. Ptui!

  27. When they decided to play politics then they opened up themselves to the consequences. Rashidi must accept it. There is a price to me. If his political master were to win then he will be flying very high now. Rashidi must now learn to swim in the pool in JPA. No more power and no more facilitating direct nego contracts with hundred of millions at the expense of the rakyat. He deserve it. I have no sympathy for him.

  28. Don’t be too happy yet. The little napoleons in MOTAC and TM have big cables to overcome the transfer to the JPA pool. TM staffs are not PTD. They could only be transferred internally.

    Datuk Seri Kong Kali Kong is a powerful man. He could even get MACC to “tutup yes” on the investigation on him in 2016. He is an UMNO Divisional Leader too. He is well protected. He got fast track promotion. That was the time BN was in power. Of late, he had taken pictures with PH politicians. Lets watch the show from now on.

  29. Yes, Kong Kali Kong had been investigated by MACC. He managed to get his BN protector to close the case. At that time he was talking about retiring. When the case was close, he was back in actions. Now Geeko Tech, Global Renown and other are just a few examples. He is good in sealing direct negotiation contracts like Geeko, & Global Renown, billboard advertising in Malaysia worth hundred of millions of public fund. He is good in playing politics and playing with people wife (who is a staff of TM). TM will lingkup under Kong Kali Kong.

    The new Minister must keep a watchful eyes on Kong Kali Kong, who is a staunch supporter of BN and crony of the ex-minister.

  30. Pandan muka Datuk Rashidi. Nak main politik ni lah akibatnya. Geng Kong Kali Kong / Kuman / Penyangak di TM pun tidak boleh dibiarkan. MACC perlu mengambil tindakan dengan cepat supaya mereka ni tidak boleh memain politik dan meluluskan kontrak direct nego untuk kepentingan mereka.

  31. If MACC wants to know more about Global Renown & Datuk Tam, the two overseas directors Azlan and Sollehuddin (according to YB, both are the experts for taxi wrapping and may be direct nego in Japan) must be called back immediately to help with the investigations. They have been there for more than 8 years. Get them back and question them properly – everything will come out. These Azlan and Sollehuddin are the keys to Golobal Renown and Datuk Tam. Once these two are grilled the shit will hit the fan in TM. Then it will point to the little napoleons in TM and then the ex-Minister.

    So now you all shown know why Azlan Bakar and Sollehuddin are still there. Azlan was supposed to be backed in KL on 1st July and yet he is still hiding in Tokyo. If MACC is serious to get to the bottom of Global Renown, it must record statement from Azlan and Sollehuddin. Then the little napoleons will start to shit bricks!

  32. Brothers, everything in life is easier when you don’t concern yourself with what everybody else is doing. Stop bothering them. Mind your own business. Don’t get to other people’s personal life. You seriously have no idea what people are dealing with in their personal life. Yes it’s no secrect but it’s just not your business. So just be nice, it’s that simple. After all, judging a person does not define who they are. It defines who you are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Datuk Tam had been extremely powerful prior to GE14. His two disciple (Azlan and Sollehuddin) are also very powerful. Both are taxi wrapping advertising experts are able to stay in Japan for more than 6 years when the policy of TM is for the maximum period of 4 years. I agree that they must be brought back for questioning on the Global Renown direct nego contracts which they must have been supported for years. This is my humble opinion for MACC.

  34. KSU

    The little napoleons are very good in setting the trap for the new Minister to follow their ways of doing things in the Kementerian and TM. We can only hope that the Minister will be extremely careful with the BN strong supporters Rashidi (KSU), Khani Daud (acting DG of TM), Razip (deputy DG), Ammar and Musa (both are directors).

  35. Now that MOTAC has a new Minister and TM has a new Chairman. It is now the time for both the Minister to take disciplinary actions against the KSU Rashidi for the violation of the General Order for actively taking part in the 14 GE. The chairman of TM must get the Board to take disciplinary against Datuk Khani Daud, Datuk Razip, Datuk Ammar and Datuk Musa for the same violations. In fact all the gaji buta Datuks must face the music. They have been the law to themselves for far too long. These so called Datuks have been treating TM as their little kingdom. That’s why TM is facing financial problems or scandals all the times. PH govt must clean up MOTAC and TM otherwise PH will be a laughing stock.

    The Geeko or speedy gonzales contract must be terminated as instructed by Council of Eminent Persons. Upon termination and if TM suffered losses, the chairman and minister must ensure that these Datuk Seri Mirza, Khani, Razip, Ammar and Musa be held personally liable and be surcharged for the losses under the General Order of the government. TM should not be made to bear a single Sen because these brainless Datuks were responsible to seal the scandalous deal. They should not be dealing with Geeko at all because Geeko was not registered with MOF. But these brainless Datuks chose to ignore the Procurement Regulations of MOF. Make them pay for the RM14 million that TM had paid to Geeko tech.

  36. I support the idea that these BS Datuks be surcharged for what they have caused TM to lose money. TM is the innocent party. The best description for these pariahs: Hargakan Paggar, Pagar makan Padi! We also hope that MACC will also get them. They may think that they are well protected. Lets wait and see. MACC is still investigation. We will get them this time around.

  37. Datuk Seri Kong Kali Kong

    You must be very busy babysitting the overseas director in Bangkok.

    Datuk Mirza had informed the Council of Eminent Persons about a month ago that there was an exit clause in the Geeko Tech RM100 mil contract. Datuk Mirza had given undertaking to CEP that TM will terminate the agreement. Until now TM refused to terminate it. Let us see for how long TM intend to defy the instructions from CEP.

    Is TM trying to protect someone interest in the Geeko deal? I hope that the new Minister and Chairman will not be fooled by the Rashidi, Khani, Mirza, Ammar and Musa. These little napoleons must be avoided at all costs!

    • Trust KSU Rashidi thats why he approved the Geeko scandalous deal when he knew that Geeko was not registered with MOF. After the discovery of him actively supporting the BN and approving the scandalous Geeko other direct contract deals, MOTAC cannot keep him as KSU without disciplinary actions. Except for being a smooth operator taking selfie with Ministers and approving scandalous deal like Geeko, he is good for nothing and a recipe for disaster for MOTAC. So is the Datuk Seri Kong Kali Kong inTM, who is good for doing the same things. But Kong Kali Kong is one up, he does extra duty to babysit people wife in Bangkok! May be this is the special quality that he has been chosen for.

      When these officers playing with rakyat money and office time, it is our business to expose them. If they don’t stop with their nonsense in TM and MOTAC , we will send them to YB’s blog.

  38. Kong Kali Kong is very hebat. Don’t worry it will be wrong he and the other little napoleons will be having their long holiday in Sungei Buluh Resort. If the Minister and Chairman want to have problems in MOTAC and TM then trust KSU Rashidi, Khani, Razip, Ammar and Musa. These are the persons that facilitated or closing their eyes over the direct nego contracts,

  39. The difference between greed and ambition is a greedy person desires things he isn’t prepared to work for. Greed is permanently slavery. Greed is not a financial issue. It’s a heart issue.

  40. Gang Kong Kali Kong tak lama lagi akan bersara di Sungai Buluh. Kalau Menteri sayang kepada kong kali kong nanti menteri pun ada masalah. Kalau aku menteri aku akan menjauahi gang kali kong yang korup ini. mereka akan mencemarkan nama meteri.

  41. Datuk Seri Kong Kali Kong dah disiasat oleh SPRM pada 2016. Siasatan diberhentikan Kerana dia ada God Father. Sekrang God Fathernya pun kena tendang keluar MOTAC. Tak lama lagi kita boleh lihat show. Dia dan gangnya pasti memakai uniform orange tak lama lagi. Kita beli popcorn untuk show time. Cuma kasian babynya di Bangkok tiada orang jaga. He He He

  42. Kalau gitu kena meminta nasihat daripada Datuk Seri Kong Kali Kong, yang telah disiasat oleh MACC pada 2016. Siasatan di hentikan Kerna Datuk Seri Kong Kali Kong ada kabel besar Menteri. Dia lah seorang pakar menguruskan direct contract nego seperti Geeko dan Global Renown – Ratusan Juta RM. Selamatlah Datuk Seri Kong Kali Kong TM. Rashidi pun pakar juga.

  43. MACC is now investigating the RM100 million contract that involved TM officers ( Datuk Seri Mirza – on garden leave, Datuk Seri Khani Daud, Datuk Razip, Datuk Ammar & Datuk Musa) should also be suspended pending investigations. In the mean time all works and dealings in connection with Geeko should also be suspended because Elizabeth Ken is the CEO and shareholder of Geeko. Elizabeth Ken is a media specialist of Redberry Media Group whose MD is Siew Ka Wei, the chairman of TM. Siew Ka Wei resigned in disgrace last month. If these Datuk are not suspended pending MACC investigations then there will be risk of interference.

    If the new Minister and Chairman of TM want to see an improved TM then the above actions have to be taken now. These so-called Datuks are good for nothing except carrying balls and playing politics. More importantly they are good in taking selfies with politicians from the ruling parties and ministers. Then they will send the pictures their group to impress and intimidate the juniors in TM. TM needs a good work force. All parasites must be rid off asap for the sake of TM!

  44. DS Kong Kali Kong should be the KSU for Kementerian Pembangunan Wanita because he like to play with woman especially people wife. He is a menace in TM. Od course, he is also good for direct nego contracts.

  45. PM had said that actions to be taken against civil servant for taking part in elections campaign. Why KSN is not taking actions against Rashidi, Khani,Musa, Ammar, Zulkafli and Azizah of TM. There are more than enough pictorial evidence showing they wore BN uniforms campaigning in Padang Regas. Don’t tell me that these little napoleons are so powerful that they are immuned to disciplinary actions?

  46. Wan S

    Nothing personal. Their photographs were in their own social media to show to the world that they were loyal BN supporters so that they will be promoted. Of course, when BN kayak they immediately padam their social media in the hope that TM staffs and others have forgotten or have no evidence. But somehow all the pictures were published. So what so personal? Unless you can say that those pictures published are not them – only looked like them. Why so pro them? Are you also one of the little napoleons that got kickback from the Geeko or Global Renown deals? They have been testing TM as their own company for far too long. They promote their crony with no merit. Kept their cronies in overseas stations for years – they deprived other staff from the opportunity. Just look at Azlan Bakar and Sollehuddin in Japan for more than 6 years. Why are they so special? Are they looking after certain interests? There is no good reason to support for them to be in Japan for more than 6 years. TM must be cleanse of the parasites once and for all.

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