The Smooth “Operators” In Tourism Malaysia

Left: Datuk Khani bin Daud, Deputy DG TM. Center: YB Datuk Azmin Ali, Minister of Economy extreme Right: Datuk Razip Hassan, Deputy DG TM. Left and right are the known “smooth operators” in TM.

Updates 7-3-2018 4:10 pm:  The officers from the Auditor-General Department are now in Tourism Malaysia carrying out audits.  Yours truly hopes that the officers will comb through all the appointments, contracts and payments on the scandalous “Speedy Gonzales” Geeko RM99 millions and other questionable direct nego contracts especially those contracts connected with Datuk TamGlobal Renown Ltd  (Hong Kong) and others connected with Raja Firdaus.

Updates on 26-6-2018 @ 1:10 am:  Yours truly has been reliably informed that Dato’ DR Siew Ka Wei has tendered his resignation as the Chairman of Tourism Malaysia effective today. 

Updates on 24-6-2018 at 8:20 pm :  Yours truly has been reliably informed that  Datuk Seri Mirza Mohammad Taiyap, the DG of Tourism Malaysia had informed the Council of Eminent Persons (“CEP”) headed by Yg Bhg Tun Daim Zainuddin that there is an exit clause in the scandalous “Speedy Gonzales” Geeko RM99.693 million contract that was sealed in one day (4 April 2018).  The CEP had instructed Datuk Seri Mirza to terminate the said scandalous contract. Up till this date, there was no news whether the said scandalous contract has been terminated .  Can anyone in TM share some information about the status of this scandalous contract?

Dato’ Sri Khani Daud, Datuk Razip Hassan and, of course, Datuk Rashidi Hasbullah, the Secretary General of the Ministry of Tourism and Cultures, are known smooth “operators” in the Ministry. The cannot wait to post their handsome pictures taken with PH’s Ministers and Chief Ministers in their social media. They cannot wait to exhibit their skills and achievements in playing the “little Napoleon” politics in the social media amongst the ministry staffs.  Readers please be impressed by the skills of these “smooth operators”!

Yours truly believes that the PH leaders could see through the little napoleons, who are mere “kaki bodek”. They thought that they could fool leaders of the PH government like they had done to those in BN.

Left: Dato’ Sri Khani bin Daud, Deputy DG of Tourism Malaysia. Right: YAB Tuan Amirudin bin Shari, the Chief Minister of Selangor.
Group picture taken with YB Elizabeth. Left 1st circle: Datuk Razip Hassan, 2nd circle:  Dato’  Sri Khani Daud & 3rd circle: Datuk Rashidi Hasbullah, the Secretary of Ministry of Tourism and Cultures.

They are real fast operators and chameleons of the highest order.  During the last 14th GE they were out in full force in BN uniforms to campaign for BN’s victory.

Left: Datuk Rashidi Hasbullah, Ketua Pengarah Kementerian Pelancongan
Dato’ Sri Khani Daud, Deputy DG of TM.
1st left: Dato’ SriI Khani Daud, 2nd: Datuk Rashidi Hasbullah, Ketua Pengarah Kementerian Pelancongan & Kebudayaan.
The two little napoleons Datuk Ammar Gapar &  Tuan Zulkafli Yahya
Datuk Rashidi Hasbullah posing his handsome self with YAB Datuk Wan Azizah, Deputy PM, and YB Lim Guan Eng, Minister of Finance. This was posted n his social media.

Now theses little napoleons in the pictures above will swear their permanent allegiance to PH Government from hereon and that they were forced to support BN then. They have learnt from Tan Sri Tony Fernandes when he was caught backing the wrong horse for the last GE.

Under the General Order, government officers are prohibited from taking part in political activities, HERE.  It is hoped that serious disciplinary actions will be taken against these little napoleons so that others will not dare to play politics like what the little napoleons did.

These little napoleons are very good in practising the “Kaki BodeK” cultures in the Ministries and government departments with the hope to get undeserved promotions and things done for their personal benefits at the expense of the organisation they work for.

Overseas Posting of Their Cronies and Direct Negotiation Contracts

Two glaring examples are the overseas posting of officers and the Direct Negotiation Contracts.

Dato’ Sri Khani Daud, the Deputy DG of Tourism Malaysia (TM) is one of the key players in the Speedy Gonzales RM99.693 million Geeko deal.  This scandalous deal was evaluated, negotiated and sealed within one day (4 April 20118).  Datuk Seri Khani Daud was instrumental in approving and recommending the first payment of RM11,963,160.00 to Geeko Tech Sdn Bhd.  Please see the Certificate signed by Datuk SERI Khani.

27-4-2018 Yg Datuk Seri Khani Daud, Deputy DG, issued a Certificate for payment of RM11 mil plus

This payment was approved and recommended for payment in lightning speed 2 days after Ms Elizabeth Ken’s submitted the Geeko’s invoice to TM.  Payment to Geeko Tech Sdn Bhd took priority over a long list of providers and suppliers of TM whose payments were due and remained outstanding for at least more than 6 moths.  Many of them are facing extreme financial hardship because they have made advance payments on behalf of TM and TM is not paying them.  However, on 6 May 2018 (in less than 10 days from the date of Geeko’s invoice) TM scrapped the barrel and paid RM11,963,160.00 and all parties are vey happy!

For background stories of the scandalous “Speedy Gonzales” Geek RM99.693 million direct negotiation contract, please read HERE, HERE, HERE,HERE & HERE.

A ‘DATUK SERI’ Under Probed by MACC

In September MACC raided Tourism Malaysia HQ. MACC officers was there For 4 days

MACC had visited TM and obtained many documents pertaining to the scandalous “Speedy Gonzales” RM99.693 million.  In September 2016 MACC had raided TM for a few days inits investigation on a famous “DATUK SERI” in TM but no follow up actions for reason best known to that special Datuk Seri.  It seems that  MACC had closes the file. Hopefully whilst MACC is probing the scandalous “Speedy Gonzales” deal, it will reopen the probe on that powerful  “DATUK SERI”.

Stay tuned. 

61 thoughts on “The Smooth “Operators” In Tourism Malaysia

  1. Kamal

    Hebatnya Datuk Seri Kong Kali Kong! Gambar pun amat handsome dan macho! Razip dan Rashidi pun handsome juga.

    Hari Raya tak pergi babysitting di Bang-kok kah? Dah recommend payment R12 juta kepada Geeko semua ok la – Hari Raya pun lagi gembira. Selamat berjumpa dan minum teh dengan SPRM tak lama lagi.

  2. Apatengok2

    I hope the PH govt esp the top guns r made aware of these kaki bodeks’ games. Tun M n his cabinet shd read YB’s blog n act on it. JPA shd be proactive to take actions against these scums coz clearly, they have violated the general order regardless of the reasons behind it.

  3. Harry Kane

    Slogan “Saya Yang Menurut Perintah”… ketaatan kepada pemimpin atau govt in power. So they did nothing wrong lorrrr

  4. Anonymous

    “Saya yang menurut perintah” tidak bermakna tidak tak payah menurut undang-undang yang sedia ada. “Saya yang menurut perintah” bukan menutup mata walaupun saya tau transaksi seperti Geeko ini tidak boleh diteruskan kerana ia bercangah dengan kepentingan TM, awam dan undang. Saya yang menurut perintah seperti Datuk Musa sebagai President KOPEMA. Sedangkan KOPEMA adalah pemegang saham dalam Geeko Tech Sdn Bhd. TM, menilai and membuat rundigan dan menanadatangani kontrak bernilai RM99 juta ringgit dalam satu hari. Geeko baru ditubuh pada November 2017. Inilah contoh little napolleon di TM “saya yang menurut perintah” untuk kepentingan mereka sendiri. Ptui! Ptui! Ptui! Little napoleon. Amat memalukan dan orang yang tiada maruah! Holiday di Sungei buluh tak lama lagi!

    1. Harry Kane

      Do not over confident bro. Above-mentioned Datuk is very learned one. Decision made for the interest of the coop. I don’t think anyone will end up in SB Inn. Just you wait.

  5. Anwar

    Datuk Sri Kong Kali Kong; Selepas recommend bayaran RM11 juta. Enjoy la! Saya pun nak menurut perintah seperti Datuk Sri Kong Kali Kong.

  6. Yahya TM

    The Geeko Tech contract is the classic case of how TM had been bled by the crooks. I support a full scale investigation by the Auditor General and MACC into TM once and for all. TM is a big can of worms controlled by a few crooks all with title of Datuk or Datuk Seri. Their life style will tell you everything. How could a government agency operates on a deficit of RM300 million. This is enough for auditor general and SPRM to come in full force to investigate. Enough is enough. The rakyat cannot be made to sponsor the parasites in TM.

    Saya yang menurut perintah to makan duit di TM!

  7. Datuk Seri Kong Kali Kong

    Alhamdulilah! Great news that the parasite is gone. Good riddance to bad rubbish. This thick skin crook was trying to hang on as long as possible in the hope that he and his little napoleons can close more deals. Now the little napoleons have to fan for themselves. The Auditor General are coming in to audit the TM’s account with RM300 mil deficit. Lets see whether Arlene can get away with her creative accounting this time around.

    I am going to Bangkok to babysit my sweet little. My business flight tickets are sponsored by advertising agents & RAJA … . MACC cannot get me because I am protected by politicians.

    1. Chan Ho Nam

      Stop making noise. Let’s see the authorities do their job. I believe they got nothing to be afraid of. “Berani Kerana Benar”. Don’t waste your time on revenge. Those that hurt you will eventually face their own karma.

  8. Zul

    Walaupun Siew Ka Wei telah letak jawatannya tetapi little napoleons dalam TM masih nak sembunyikan berita ini. Masih tak mau mengumunkan berita ini. Nak mempertahankan ketua pengkianak lagi? Tak faham. Saya amat setuju dengan “Saya menurut perintah untuk makan duit di TM”. Sya berharap Ketua Audit dan SPRM akan korek sampai lubang cacin untuk meneliti skandal Geeko dan direct nego kontrak yang lain – Global Reknown (Datuk Tam), Global Tree, kontrak-kontrak terlibat dengan Raja Firdaus dan lain-lain.

  9. Triple J

    Reply to Chan Ho Nam;
    This is not about vengeance. This is about action that should be taken on offenses committed by civil servants. They have to pay the price of all wrongdoings done. Same goes apply in all religions if someone commits a sin as well. Orang tua2 cakap itu berani buat berani tanggung.

  10. Jamil

    I agree with Triple J. This about time that these little napoleons have to face the music. The rakyat cannot be made to suffer for the losses caused by their negligence or for closing their eyes to achieve their agenda. You know what I mean by this. they have been treating TM like their kingdom and do as they please at our expense. They must now pay for what they have done. This is not about vengeance but accountability! It is also about public fund.

  11. Yahya TM

    Datuk Seri Kong Kali Kong – how are your babysitting activities getting along in Bangkok? Recommend la payment lagi untuk Geeko dan boleh enjoy di Bangkok baby-sitting.

    Despite instructions from the Council of Elders to terminate the Geeko’s agreement, the little napoleons are still defying it. Since they have said that there is an exit clause, terminate it la. Tak mau terminate sebab dah telan banyak dedak kah?

  12. Ahmad Hassan

    SYMP bolih di tafsir kan begini:
    1. Saya Yang Merembat Perempuan (Isteri Orang)
    2. Saya Yang McGyver Pekeliling/Peraturan
    3. Saya Yang Mengampu/Membodek

  13. Hantu siang

    Their days are numbered! Surely, it will soon be big news in mainstream media and blogs of their illdoings. Who are they? Skw,ksu,kp,dsk,dsr,dmy all gone. Sayonara…

  14. Ahmad

    Saya tak tau Datuk Seri Kong Kali Kong berminat dengan babysitting dan main-main di Bangkok. Pejabat TM ada baikkah? Tim Director ok? Datuk Seri ni pun amat rapat dengan Raja Firdaus dari Kraken yang TM awad kontrak digital marketing RM40 juta. Mana ada digital marketing? kong kali kong adalah. Yang ada ialah Raja Firdaus selalu pergi holiday dengan Datuk Seri Kong Kali Kong, Mirza dan Ammar. Naik business class kan? Enjoy ya. Datuk Seri dah minum teh di pejabat SPRM??

  15. Mr. Said & Asscociates

    Integrity is not something you show others. It is how you behave behind their back. One of the truest tests of integrity is its blunt refusal to be compromised. So be careful with your SYMP.

  16. Nazim

    Saya yang menurut perintah untuk makan duit rakyat. SYMP pergi ke Bangkok untuk babaysitting di TM Bangkok. SYMP hidup dalam keadaan mewah. Ini lah Datuk Seri Kong Kali Kong. Saya berharap Datuk Sri dan Datuk Seri Doctor Gigi Jangut kena kali kong dengan SPRM tak lama lagi.

  17. Good Governance and Integrity

    Jelas Dato Seri D adalah tidak bermoral kerana melakukan salah laku dan salah guna kuasa dalam menjalin hubungan sulit dengan isteri orang di BNangkok. Skandal ini wajib disiasat oleh pihak berkuasa seperti SPRM, KSN dll. TM perlu membuang orang semacam ini..homewrecker!!!

  18. Robin


  19. Vsupport dskxk

    Tak guna ada unit integriti tapi takde taring. Setakat jaga telo boss shj. Hantar email kata ini dan itu adalah salah guna kuasa, rasuah dan menyalahi akta perlhidmatan awam tapi bila bos2 terang2 salah senysp je. Ini diaorang pakai baju bn ikut kempen guna duit kementerian) tourism utk buat program dekat2 pilihanraya lagi berkampong sampai seminggu sblum ge. Ikut bontot2 menteri. Apa cerita? Now, cuba pulak bodek2 ph. Apacerita? Orang2 macam ni elok di beri surat teguran tapi bukan dari kp atau ksu atau tkp. Diaorangpun semangkok. Surat terus dari ksn atau jpa. Moga2 menteri pelancongan baru baca komen ini dan kaji betul2 laporan blog ini.

  20. Geng Level 4

    Don’t question the integrity of the Unit. Mr. Sharuddin the Unit Head is a very nice and reliable officer. keep it up good work and don’t give up and Stay cool bro!

  21. Datuk Seri Kong Kali Kong

    What Integrity? If there is any integrity left, TM’s little napoleons will not dare to enter into the Speedy Gonzales contract. Secondly, the Datuk Seri Kh..i would not have dared to go to Bangkok for Kong Kali Kong with people wife. Don’t be a blind supporter. Nobody give a damn about the integrity unit kerana tiada kredibility! Saya Yand Menurut Perintah Makan Duit Rakyat!

  22. One night in Bangkok

    DSK, nanti satu hari orang akan main bini kamu! Dah out of shape, Tapi takda orang mau kot. Gi mana sahabat karib – Raja Firdaus? menunggu SPRM kah?

  23. Tolak Fitnah

    Ada bukti ke tuduh2 fitnah orang tu ada hubungan dgn isteri orang? Jgn main sedap mulut je cakap boleh jatuh fitnah berdosa besar masuk neraka nanti. Orang tu ada maruah dan nama baik. Bakal KP korang jgk. Ada family dan staf bawahan. Hentikan fitnah hasutan semua ini. Ni satu lagi khas utk warga tm, apa korang dapat dgn hentam hina kutuk tempat korang cari makan? Does it make ur office better??? Think abt it*%#

  24. Unit Tak Berintegeriti

    Kita di TM tau DSK telah disiasat oleh SPRM. Ttpi dia hebat – dia balaci menteri, menteri Kow tim SPRM. Skrg akut mau lihat dia boleh kow tim SPRM lagi tak? Ada Unit Integriti buat apa – tak mengambil tindakan terhadap DSK main dengan bini orang. DSK Ketua berkempen untuk BN PRU14. Pakai uniform BN. Apakah tindaken diambil? Pemgrah Unit Tak Berintegriti – gaji buta aja.

  25. Fikri TM

    Tindakan disiplin yang serius harus diambil terhadap Mirza, Khani, Razip, Amamar, Azizah dan Zulkapli. Bukti adalah gambar mereka. Dah tak boleh lari. Managment pun perlu mengambil tindakan terhadap pegawai tinggi TM “main” dengan bini orang. Nak bukti. Ini adalah rasiah terbuka dalam TM dan saya percaya suami perempuan pernah lapor perkara ini kpd management dan kementerian tetatpi tiada tindakan, sebaliknya cover up. Little napoleons memang pakar dalam kerja-kerja creative accounting dan cover up. Saya berharap SPRM dan Pejabat Ketua Audit akan mengambil tindakan terhadap little napoleons.

  26. Zulkifli TM

    There must be a total clean up in TM otherwise it will be ineffective. Actions must be taken against the top management for the Speedy Gonzales Geeko scandal. We must support CEP’s call for the contract to be terminated. I believe that Datuk Mirza is dragging his foot over this. Until now there is no sign of the contract has been terminated. Why is the delay? any personal interest involved?

    We must be fair with DSK over his babysitting activities in Bangkok, this is a personal matter. Unless the babysitting was performed during office hours. However, DSK should stop messing around with people wife!

    When MACC and Auditor General Department come in we in TM must do a tell all to them especially on the direct negotiation advertising contracts awarded to cronies.

  27. TM Sabah

    No wonder Khani was all leave today. He is leading a “delegation” of little napoleons (Ammar, Manoharan, Razip and a few more) to bodek (polish the balls) the Minister of Tourism designate. This is the type of “work” these little napoleons are good at. That’s why TM is in the deep shit all these years. Hopefully the Auditor General and SPRM could get them for their creative accounting and direct negotiation contracts like Geeko Tech Sdn Bhd. PH government will not tolerate their modus operandi. Lock them up!

  28. Justice for all

    There’s been rumours that the husband of Pn Mazreena of TM Bangkok had filed a report to Jabatan Agama Islam to charge Datuk Sri K..i under syariah law for 3rd party involvement in their marriage. With proof and evidence it’s matter of time Datuk Sri K..i will be prosecuted

  29. Amar Makruf

    Whoever listens to slander is himself a slanderer. Slander is a revenge of a coward and dissimulation of his defense. Slander Cannot Destroy an Honest Man.

  30. Little Union Member

    Like UMNO presidential debate, why don’t TM organize same format of debate for DG candidacy in view of DSMMT soon to be retired. Let’s call upon DSK, DR, DDA, DMY, DZW for the session. We can witness how capable and qualified are they to fill the hottest seat in TM without using “back door” channel which very much immorality. Experience, knowledge, paper qualification, english proficiency, integrity, skeletons, leadership and etc will be judged.

  31. Kamarul TM

    Apparently the smooth operators (DSK, Ammar, Manoharan, Razip and gang) came back with zero result. No chance to take picture with the new Tourism Minister. So kahsian la! Now the smooth operators cannot post their handsome pictures to show the world how powerful they are. Not too long they will join Siew KA Wei and his budak suruhan Mirza having teh tarik session with MACC.

  32. Zenedine Wahabi

    Organisasi ini memerlukan pembersihan secara total. Kalau JPA boleh masuk buat pemeriksaan proses kenaikan pangkat terutamanya pihak Pengurusan Tertinggi dan pemilihan penempatan di luar Negeri, sudah pasti akan jumpa kepincangan dan rahsia yang selama ini menjurus kepada ketidakadilan. Aturan apa yang digunapakai kalau pegawai junior boleh pancung pegawai senior dengan menggunakan kabel. Tolong siasat dan kaji balik proses kenaikan pangkat yang lepas. Kalau terbukti ada salah kuasa manipulasi, batalkan keputusan dan buat semula terutama jawatan Jusa B dan Jusa C dan E54. Kalau dapat betulkan yang atas ni sudah tentu gred-gred bawahan lain akan betul.

    1. Khairul TM

      Saya setuju 100%. Saya boleh jamin little Napoleons termasuk DSK (babysitter di Bangkok), Ammar dan Razip akan turun pangkat dengan serta merta. Mereka ni kaki bodek dan kaki mengambil leave aja bukan kerja.S emasa kämpen pilihanraya, mereka berkerja kuat untuk BN. Sekrang mereka berkerja kuat berbodek pemimpin PH. Kalau buat penilaian kontrakt direct nego, Merdeka kerja lagi kuat. Kontrak Geeko mereka kao tim dalam satu hari! Hebat tak???? Itu jangut yang bermasalah gigi (suka ke dentist) pun sama juga. Dia yang facilitate keluaran surat kepada Geeko and menyusunkan mesyuarat dan menandatanggani kontrak utk Geeko. Lebih baik SPRM mengambil tindakan keras terhadap mereka aja. Si jangut bersara di Sungei Buluh aja.

      Dapat berita, itu Daljit Singh dan Datuk Faisal telah meletak jawatan sebagai Ahli Lembaga TM. Satu lagi Datuk Zainol Abidin pun sama ja – ;political appointee juga. Itu tak mau meletak jawatan lagi. Nak kena buang dari TM.

      Kesemua ni yang menurut perintah cari kontrak direct nego.

  33. Candidates for Sungei Buluh

    For Bodeking and play internal and external politics DSK, the baby sitter, and Datuk Ammar. Dua-dua ni pun very good in awarding direct nego contract to Raja Firdaus’s companies. Kesemua little napoleons tak boleh pakai. We have to get PTD officer. Can no longer let the little Napoleon have a closed service structure for them to play their monkey business. We should let the present DG to retire in Sungei Buluh for the Geeko deal. DSK, the baby sitter, should join him there too. But you must put them in different wing so that they will not kill each other.

  34. Jamil

    What a joke! The kaki bodek cum little napoleons DSK, Ammar and Manoharan came back empty handed. They went all the way to Sabah but no opportunity to meet up with the mMinister of Tourism designate. Tak payah nak bodek. Kerja baik-baik and you will be rewarded. Unfortunately the little napoleons are more interested in licking balls. It was because of bodeking all the way, they got promoted. Of course, by facilitating direct nego contracts for the power that be and themselves.

    Datuk Seri Kong Kali Kong shouldn’t have wasted his time to go to Sabah. It will be more enjoyable for him to babysit the pussy cat in Bangkok. This is what he is good for – playing with people wife.

  35. TM Insider

    Now the little napoleons will be waiting at the front door of building daily to which the Minister with the hope that they can carry on with their direct nego contracts and their control. The Minister must be aware of them – Mirza, Khani, Razip, Ammar, Azizah, Manoharan and Musa. These are the smooth operators that the Minister must be extremely cautious with. They were also overactive in campaigning for BN during there General Elections. The best is to avoid them.

  36. Azman

    The little napoleons may not have the time to lick the boots of the minister because the officers of the Auditor General Department are auditing the creative accounting of Puan Arleen in TM. The little napoleons will be busy doing the covering up now. DSK pun tiada masa nak buat kerja babysitting kat Bangkok. But he can import the baby back to KL to do his babysitting. Manusia yang tak malu.

  37. Anonymous TM

    Alhamdulilah Ketua Audit Negara telah masuk di TM. Korek gång little napoleons sampai lubang cacin. Harap SPRM akan masuk dalam masa terdekat. Berita terbaik.

  38. A little bird in TM

    The best I have heard so far for TM. Justice to the junior staffs who have been bullied by the little napoleons. Lock them up will be the best.

  39. The smooth operator aka smooth criminal are at it again showing the ropes, teaching trick of trade to the new minister. Guess no different from the previous gomen. Motac paying for expenses in shangrila.

    1. Ahmad TM

      God forbids! I believe that the new Minister will not be fooled by the smooth operators. They went to Sabah to kiss his feet but the Minister didn’t bother about them. Of course, they being smooth operators will find ways and means to polish the balls but the Minister already knew about their nonsense. Now the smooth operators/little napoleons are facing the Auditors generals about the speedy gonzales deals of RM99 mil and other direct-nego contracts worth another RM100 mils. This is the time to get rid of DSK kong kali kong, Mirza (retiring in December 2018), Ammar, Razip, Azizah, Musa. These little napdoleons must be sent to Sungai Buluh for holidays. When that is done then TM can start afresh otherwise forget about it.

  40. Syed TM

    MACC must thoroughly investigate all the direct nego contracts. These are the problematic contracts. From the direct nego contracts in TM and Ministry MACC will see a pattern of a few people or companies were awarded.

    In TM, there were many of these hanky panky contracts. The smooth operators are involved. Datuk Mirza will be the facilitator to organise for approval and signing of the contract. Khani will be approving them for payments. The others will do the cover up. Auditor General and MACC must comb through direct nego contracts. It will of course lead to the ex Minister too. TM is a can of worms.As long as the worms are not killed TM will carry on to do the same things year in year out.

    For now the smooth operators will lay low until they could get around the new Minister, then they will start their nonsense again. The Auditor General Department and MACC are the best agencies to stop their activities once and for all. Auditor General Department should recommend the surcharging of the little napoleons and the MACC to charge them for corruption or corrupt practices.

  41. Omar

    DSK Kong Kali Kong, dah dipanggil untuk minum teh dengan SPRM – kes 2016 travel agent, Geeko dan direct contract yang lain dengan Raja Firdaus. Bulan ni dah pergi kong kali kong di Bangkok? Tak lama lagi ada kes di Mahkamah Syariah

  42. Fauzi TM

    The officers from auditor general department must ask Mirza and the little napoleons in TM including Siew Ka Wei how could TM dealt with and made payments of RM1.3 million and RM12 mil to Geeko Tech when it was not registered with MOF at that particular time. This was a clear violation of procurement regulations of MOF. Mirza and his little napoleons must be made to pay for losses sustained by TM. Surcharge all the crooks so that in future the little napoleons will not dare to paly around with public fund. .

  43. Zarul TM

    SPRM must reopen the old file of Datuk Seri Kong Kali Kong about TM was instructed to appoint the travel agent connected to his own family. This Kong Kali Kong Datuk Seri owned many cars including Vellfire. So jangan main main dengan dia. Dia pun seorang peminpim UMNO di Perak. The Integrity Unit must look at his babysitting activities in Bangkok. But then the Integrity Unit had also change its name to No Integrity Unit. So it is a waste of time. We can only hope that SPRM and Auditor General Department will uncover the little napoleons famous trick of covering up and creative accounting. Let see how they are going to do the cover up for Geeko Tech direct nego RM99 mil contract and other similar contracts and the deficit of RM300 millions.

  44. TM Anonymous

    TM and auditor general have to clean up TM once and for all. The parasites must be removed otherwise the same Geeko contracts Weill emerge again in the future. The little napoleons must not be given any chances. Messi heret mereka dengan gari ke Mahkamah. Those responsible for facilitating the Geeko direct nego and made TM suffer losses should be surcharged. They have got away scot free for too long. Datuk Rashidi (KSU of Kementerian) and Datuk Mirza are the main players in this deal. Then Datuk Seri Khani acted unusually fast to approve the payment of RM11 million plus. Datuk Ammar and Datuk Musa knew about this Geeko’s deal as early as in November 20127 when Geeko was incorporated because Kopema is one of the shareholders. Both of them are President and Deputy of Kopema. Auditor General should also audit the accounts of Kopema – filled with creative accountings like in TM.

  45. Rashid

    How come the smooth operators are not posting their pictures taken with the new minister? Datuk Seri Banyak Kong Kali Kong tak kerja part time babysitting di Bangkok kah? Terlalu sibuk dengan kes travel agent & Geeko kah?? Nak buat perkara yang yang zalim kepada TM, kena berani terima keadaan sekaranglah. Termasuk puak gelaran Datuk!

  46. TM's Little Bird

    We hope that the new Minister and Chairman will look at these ball lickers’ pictures showing them campaigning in BN uniforms during GE14. The new Minister and Chairman must beware of these little napoleons. They are real smooth operators. People like Datuk Khani, Razip, Ammar and Musa must be avoided at all costs. These are the main players in the direct nego contract of Geeko and the Global Renown.

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