Siew Ka Wei: Who Doctored The Evidence?? (“Speedy Gonzales” Deal)

Ms Elizabeth Ken’s profile on the website of Likendin captured on 31-5-2018.

Updates as on 13-06-2018 @ 12 noon:  It is so refreshing to note the culprits are behaving themselves a little bit.  There is no change to the professional profile of Ms Elizabeth Ken on LinkedIn Website as of 12 June 2018 (i.e. Elizabeth Ken the “Media Specialist Dallas Media Group” with the same interest in Redberry Media Group). Yours truly hopes that the culprits will not mess around with the documents connected to the scandalous GEEKO’s transaction like what they have done to the said Elizabeth Ken’s profile on Linkedin.


Yesterday, we shared the above image to provide an interesting insights into the relationship between Yg Bhg Dato’ DR Siew Ka Wei (“Dato’ Dr Siew”) and Ms Elizabeth Ken through Redberry Media Group and Geeko Tech Sdn Bhd (“GEEKO Tech“), in HERE.

To digress a little, yours truly believe that we are all very impressed with Dato’ Siew Ka Wei’s great achievement for the doctorate degree!.  It is believed that his thesis for the doctorate has to be on “Corporate Governance” and Harvard that awarded it to him.  Congratulation Dato’ DR Siew! 

No wonder he was so good and transparent in business dealings that could be easily seen in  the “Speedy Gonzales” Deal that was concluded in one day (4 April 2018), HERE.

For the background of the “Speedy Gonzales” RM99.693 million Deal,  please read HERE, HERE, HERE & HERE.


Dato’ Dr Siew Is Connected to Redberry Media Group & Tourism Malaysia (“TM”)


Left: Tan Sri Mohamad Al-Amin    Rigtht: Yg Bhg Dato’ Dr Siew Ka Wei.  Both of them are business partners in Redberry Media Group.

Dato’ DR Siew is the Chairman of Tourism Malaysia (“TM”), executive Chairman of Ancom Bhd, Redberry Media Group, director of Titanium Compass Sdn Bhd (“Titanium”) and Puncak Berlian Sdn Bhd (“Puncak”), both of which share common registered office and company secretary with Geeko Tech Sdn Bhd (“GEEKO”), HERE. 

Titanium had been awarded with an exclusive 10 years contract for advertising in the MRT and stations, HERE.   See how “Hebat” is Titanium!

Screenshot Of The Image Of Elizabeth Ken’s Professional Profile On Captured On 31 May 2018


This screenshot of Ms Elizabeth Ken’s professional profile on Likendin captured on 31-05-2018.


One glaring revelation from the above screenshot was that Elizabeth Ken’s professional profile on showed her to be both a founder of GEEKO Tech and also, concurrently, Media Specialist at Redberry Media Group.


After yours truly published these insights into her deeper relationship with the Redberry Media Group in the morning of 11 June 2018, in  HERE, another search for “Elizabeth Ken” today (12 June) revealed a different result.  The profile for the Redberry Media Specialist and Founder of Geeko Tech” cannot be found.


The closest match we can see is this profile for Elizabeth Ken which can be seen in the image below:


New profile information of Ms Elizabeth Ken with Caucasian lady who also has an interest in Redberry Media Group  This screenshot image was captured this aftrernoon (12 June 2018).


At first glance, it would appear that this profile belongs to a young Caucasian lady who is a Media Specialist at Dallas Online Media Group in the United States, and not the Malaysian founder of Geeko Tech. This has shown Ms Elizabeth Ken’s a very capable business woman and creative.


However, the first thing that seems curious is that this lady is ALSO “interested” in the Redberry Media Group.  While it is highly unlikely that someone from the US is also following the same company, it’s possible … but it would be a huge co-incidence.  It’s also a co-incidence that these two women, half a world apart, share the same name, are in the same business and have exactly the same number of Linkedin connections!


Side by side pictures of mobile screenshot


The most interesting thing to note about this Linkedin profile, is that the profile URL (or web address) – is exactly the same as the one for the now missing Founder of Geeko Tech as can be seen from the above picture with the image of a Caucasian girl.


Left:  The 31st May 2018 Elizabeth Ken’s Linkedin profiles (in mobile format)   &  Right:  The 12th June 2018 image of Elizabeth Ken  – note the identical profile website addressThis is the side by side image of mobile screenshot. 


It must be noted that the profile of the website address (URL) of both images are the same.


Clearly, someone, in an effort to cover their tracks, has hurriedly amended Ms Elizabeth Ken’s profile to show that they work for a different company, in a different country, uploaded with a random photo of a Caucasian and more importantly, removed all mention of their involvement with Geeko Tech and Redberry Media Group.  WHY was it done? To cover up the connections?


The Footprints Were Left To Stare At Us


Well done, yours truly  say, but unfortunately for them, they forgot to delete their Interest in Redberry Media Group, and more critically, overlooked the fact that each and every Linkedin profile has an unique website address (URL) which cannot be changed by the user – regardless of what you do to your profile page, that URL remains the same.


They would have been better off just deleting the profile completely, rather than trying to be too clever and ultimately showing the world that they really aren’t very clever at all; definitely not the kind of cock-up you would expect from a digital media and marketing consultant entrusted with the management of the RM99.693 million with Tourism Malaysia account.

Whoever trying to doctor the evidence, please try harder next time!

The above is for the benefits of the readers of of this blog and for MACC and the Auditor-General to take note when they go deeply into the Speedy Gonzales Deal costing the rakyat RM99,693 million.


Stay Tuned

25 thoughts on “Siew Ka Wei: Who Doctored The Evidence?? (“Speedy Gonzales” Deal)

  1. Anonymous

    A crook is alway a crook. What an idiot! Now getting himself in deeper shit. Thank you YB for sharing with us and for saving the rakyat of RM99.6 million. The country is already in bad shape because of 1MDB. We don’t need this mini 1MDB. MACC, the evidence in this blog already made my eyes sore and heartache. Please act fast to bring the culprits to book. After all he is a staunch crony of MO1. Let them stay in the special resort in Sungei Buluh. I agree after that throw the key.

  2. The Con Dr

    OMG! so amateurish. Want to deceive the rakyat and got caught red handed. A media specialist for Redberry Media Group and yet don’t understand basic knowledge of URL.such simple matter they tried to cheat.Can you imagine what they couldn’t do!

    Don’t laugh at them. Geeko Tech under Elizabeth had been awarded RM99 million contract for digital marketing from TM. The Chairman is Dato’ Dr Siew Ka Wei. He is the MD of Redberry and Elizabeth is the media Specialist of Redberry. She regularly serviced him. She must be dammn good. Joke aside. MACC had already seized documents from TM pertain to this scandalous contract. The rakyat want actions against those who are connected with this scandal. We demand for actions.

  3. High class Pros

    Several readers wrote about someone kena pregnant,. Who is pregnant and by whom? Who is that poor girl? Why worry got paid big money to spread the wings? Shameless lots – cheating the people money. The PH government must cancel this bullshit contract immediately. If TM suffered damage then make sure that those who are responsible must be made to pay for their corruptive practices frothier own money. TM should not be made to pay for the RM1.3 million and RM12 million that TM paid to Geeko Tech. those involved must be made responsible for this scandalous deal.

  4. Junior in TM

    If they could make an attempt to alter such simple information, don’t put pass them to alter or falsify documents in TM to save themselves. They have no self respect. Don’t trust them. The little napoleons have been known to do anything to save themselves or get themselves promoted.

    This a case of someone using Geeko as a “Special Purpose Vehicle”. There is no doubt about it. Simply put, this deal full of holes could not have been approved within a day if there were no interested parties in the top management. TM could have approached Tencent Holding directly. This way then no extra income for the little Napoleons & others. No deal in the history of Ministry of Tourism that got approved and signing of agreement within a day. The little napoleons and the KSU of the Ministry (Datuk Rashidi) was also involved. Remember he chaired the meeting of Lembaba Perolehan that went on very smoothly. Elizabeth was fronting for someone high up in TM. Do ask the staffs in TM, many are able to tell you that Elizabeth was often seen in Dato’ Siew’s room in March and April. Only God, what she was a doing in there? May be doing special “media consulting” work.

  5. Corporate Bastard

    Why no more press release from chairman of TM & Ancom Bhd and MD of Redberry Dato Siew Ka Wei? He cannot lie anymore. He got caught at every turns. If he could do the Geeko scam in TM, he could do the same thing in Ancom, Redberry and other companies that he is in control. YB ask MACC to probe other contracts between TM & Redberry and his other companies too. This bast…d is taking the rakyat for a ride.

  6. John

    A crook is always a crook. Even when they are caught, they would still try to cheat their way out. This is classic. I am sure that this crook and others crooks would have falsify documents in TM. If they do, they will be caught then they will be charged with more offences. MACC please get the crooks including the little napoleons. Don’t forget about Nazri Aziz the ex minister. Without his green light this scam cannot go through.

  7. Redberry Conman

    This was the work of the con man. Decent people will not do such thing. Throw the culprits including Elizabeth and the father of the coming child into jail. When you robbed the rakyat, you must pay a high price for it.

  8. Corporate Pariah

    I agree that this is the work of a con man. He thought he had cover his backside. Thats why con man will be caught eventually because they leave the trail behind them. Here this con man is very amateurish. Disgusting character. He has been cheating tax payers money. now kena expose big time. Now girl friend/mistress also being exposed. But dia tak malu. masih ingat dia boleh kekal jadi pengurusi TM supaya boleh buat direct contract deal lagi. Manusia yg tak malu dan tiada maruah.

  9. Superman CEO

    If the pregnant girlfriend is able to forge her own identity on LinkedIn and FB, imagine was the impregnator Her Excellency Siew-er Ka Wei can do with TM!
    Imagine what he can do as Chaiman of Ancom, a public listed company! Where is the Stock Exchange Commission?

    It is unfortunately likely Siew-er will get away on this Geeko scam. But can he get away from the Ministry of Education scam and the 30,000 Lenovo computers sitting at Ancom office?

  10. Hanif TM

    Of course both of them can do anything. In the Geeko scandal, Malaysians are being crewed. I think there are more of such direct contract deals. I hope MACC will dig up all the shady deals inTm as well as in the ministry. I want to see them with handcuffed to the court.

  11. Razak TM

    With all the evidence to be seen by public still tak malu. Hat off to the tak malu Siew Ka Wei. So many Najib’s crony sor appointees have resigned voluntarily except you. Are you hoping to finalise your outstanding deal or hoping to do more direct renegotiation contract? Ptui! Tak malu. Ptui! Ptui! Ptui! Ptui! Ptui!

  12. Datuk Kong Kali Kong from Bangkok

    I am sorry for not participated in the comments.I was busy babysitting my girl in Bangkok. Please understand.

    Congratulation the father to be! We wish your official wife will be happy to take care of your new sibling. Have you cut anymore deals in the market lately. Now it is very susah for you to cut ay deal because your big brother Najib can no longer help you plus your Geeko shit has hit the fan. The whole corporate wolf knew about it.You are screwed. Nazri Aziz want to help you but no more power. He will say I don’t anything about this deal. It is your problems. Wow heard that the little napoleons are going to help themselves too. Each for themselves. If MACC interview me or my friends we will tell them everything we knew. We are not going to cover for you or your friend the hangout crook who signed the agreement. Both of you, Khani, Musa and Ammar. Actually it is a good idea when all of you go to sung Buluh together, you all can still do deal in there. Siew Ka Wei is a wheeler and dealer, he can organise deal in there.

  13. Yours Elizabeth

    Datuk Siew Ka Wei, how are the 30,000 computers in your Ancom office? Obviously Najib is no longer in power, your deal is kayak la. May be you could get Mirza to sign an agreement to buy them at an inflated price to be given to the tourists as an incentive for them to visit Malaysia.Good idea right? ha ha ha

    Is it true that we heard that you have Kow Tim this Geeko’s scandal with SPRM? You are great. Don’t worry you will be cleared because you didn’t know that your lover/mistress is part of the Geeko’s deal. Are there many of such Geeko deal in Ancom Bhd? You are never aware becos you r too busy screwing TM, TM is your easy meat. ha ha ha

  14. Con Man Joe

    Sewerage Siew How is your business partner TS Alamin getting along? Is he in the same shit as you are now? Not really you are better of because you are going to be a father soon. Not bad to have a baby at 63 yrs old. Then you have to be Chairman of TM & Ancom for a long time so you can do more of the Geeko deals. Easy money ma. We wish you more luck after Raya.

  15. Anonymous

    Alamin is involved in many questionable deals too. I will send to YB email in the blog. Siew Ka Wei was a hero and very powerful before GE. Now no more press release to cover his backside. Now like a tikus hiding and licking his wound. Now his dream of making million from his BN connections has gone into drain. So sad for him. Never mind just enjoy the company of his Elizabeth. Next time don’t try to cheat on amending info in Facebook or Linkedin. Be brave otherwise you will be exposed of the pariah’s way of cheating. Very malu!! But Siew’s skin is like elephant skin. He will hold on his Chairman post of TM until he is kicked out. Siew Ka Wei, it is already Kantoi for you. You better think hard about your computer projects and other projects instead of holding on the post. Kantoi!!!

  16. GW

    Did a quick search on linkedin with “Geeko Tech” and it’s under Apparel & Fashion. Take a closer look to “See all 6 employees on linkedin”, I saw Elizabeth Ken the Media specialist at Dallas Online Media Group from US. So prettyyyyy!! Wanted to know more about her and then i found her picture on pinterest ( So… She is also doing modeling?? Oh my…

  17. Penipu & Penyagak Besar TM

    OMG! how a person trying to cheat we Malaysians to such an extend? After cheating us with RM99.6 million speedy gonzales contract, now cheating with such small matter just to hide the link between the lover girl Elizabeth and Redberry Media Group which Siew Ka Wei is the MD. Siew is also one of the top crony of BN/Najib. MACC please act fast. We are waiting to see how he is going to lie his way out of this gonzales deal.

  18. Heng

    The more we dig into this Geeko deal, we will know more and more shits about the two lovers. So disgusting. Still desperately holding on to his position when all his shits are out for poeple to see. He has no maruah. Money is God to him.

  19. James

    Why they have to deceive us with the photograph of a model when we all knew that it was not her? They think that we are idiots like them and got caught in this Geeko deal. Evidence is so clear that Geeko is a special purpose vehicle to take Malaysia for a ride! You all will have to pay for it in Sungei Buluh.

  20. Eli Is Good For ...

    The chairman of TM and Ancom is connected to such a character who will do anything to cover up her track. Can wait for the D day soon!

  21. ANonymous

    Geeko deals is too clear. We can only come to one conclusion that it was a quickies deal for the little napoleons and the big bosses.

  22. Corporate Con

    Folks, let check on the status of Genovasi University? How such a university be approved in the small compound of Ancom? Can anyone help? PH government must check whether this slo-called university met all the criteria set out? or the approval was given like a the speedy Gonzales deal? The government must protect the students and the parents.

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