“Speedy Gonzales” Deal Exposed – Siew Ka Wei & Elizabeth


Yg Bhg Dato’ DR Siew Ka Wei: Is she the “sweetie” Redberry Media Specialist (picture taken from Ms Elizabeth Ken’s facebook) ? NO??

Updates on 12-06-2018 @ 12:oo pm:  The Star online as well as in print have carried the story, HERE.. 

Updates on 11-06-2108 @ 3:30 pmFMT had reported about this posting and Dato’ Siew Ka Wei refusal to comment about it, HERE.

Ms Elizabeth Ken Tzu Ying (“Ms Elizabeth Ken”) is an extremely capable businesswoman in Geeko Tech Sdn Bhd (“GEEKO”).  She officially holds only 1 share in GEEKO. She is not even a director of GEEKO but she signed all documents including the “Speedy Gonzales” RM99,693 million contract on behalf of GEEKO. This contract was evaluated, negotiated and signed within one day,  HERE & HERE.  


Yg Bhg Dato’ DR Siew: How about this picture? (picture taken from Ms Elizabeth Ken’s facebook)

Yg Bhg Dato’ Siew:  You may not recognise Ms Elizabeth Ken in the top pictures. Can you recognise her in this picture? (Picture taken from Ms Elizabeth Ken’s facebook)

It seems that Ms Elizabeth Ken has “special media skills” within the Redberry Media Group that caught the upmost special attention of Dato’ Siew Ka Wei!  NO?

Dato’ DR Siew:  If you are still unable to recall anything about  Ms Elizabeth Ken, please read on and you will definitely be reminded of her “special media skills” within your Ancom Bhd’s group of companies.


Background of Dato’ Dr Siew & his powerful Business partner Tan Sri Aamin

Left: Tan Sri Mohamad Al-Amin Rightt: Siew Ka Wei. Both of them are business partners in Redberry Media Group.

Dato’ DR Siew Ka Wei (“Dato’ DR Siew”) is the executive Chairman of Ancom Bhd.  He is also the Managing Director of Redberry Media Group.   Yg Bhg Tan Sri Mohammed Al-Amin Abdul Majid  (“Tan Sri Alamin”) (left in the picture) is the business partner of Dato’ DR Siew.  Two of them were extremely powerful and politically well connected to the BN.  Datuk DR Siew and Tan Sri Alamin:

Is it true that both of you are two of the top players/advisors in the BN’s “Hebatkan Negaraku” Campagn team headed by Yg Bhg Datuk Shazali Ramly, CCEO of Telekom Malaysia? HERE.  

Both of their outfits have been awarded with long term lucrative contracts.  Titanium Compass Sdn Bhd (“Titanium”), which is related to Dato’ DR Siew, had been awarded with an exclusive contract for 10 years for advertising in the MRT trains and stations.  Both of them also control the Malay Mail,  which is headed by Datuk Wong Sai Wan, who is also the director of a few companies related to Dato’ DR Siew.  Please read HERE.

Dato’ DR Siew KA Wei, Chairman of Tourism Malaysia 

Dato’ DR Siew Ka Wei is the chairman of Tourism Malaysia.

Dato’ DR Siew is not only the Managing Director of  Redberry Media Group, he is also the very capable and influential Chairman of Tourism Malaysia (“TM”). He had brought TM to a majestic height.  Recently TM was embroiled in a scandal, the “Speedy Gonzales” RM99,693 million contract between Geeko Tech Sdn Bhd (“GEEKO”) and TM.  Of course, he had claimed in his two press releases that it was a very clean deal!  Are you sure of RM99.693 million could be concluded in ONE day?  Perhaps all big deals in Ancom Bhd were concluded ink one day but definitely not for other public listed companies!


The Glaring Common Features of this “Speedy Gonzales Deal

Two of Dato’ DR Siew‘s related companies namely, Titanium Compass Sdn Bhd and Puncak Berlian Sdn Bhd share the same registered office and company secretary with GEEKO and En Vogue Media Sdn Bhd (“En Vogue”).  En Vogue Media is a wholly owned company of  Ms Elizabeth and her sister, Ms Jessie Ken Tzu Hsein. For the supporting documentary evidence, HERE.


GEEKO’s CEO  Ms Elizabeth Ken Is Also The “Media Specialist For Redberry Media Group, of which Dato Dr Siew Is The MD


Elizabeth Ken’s profile in the website of Likendin.

Dato’ DR Siew, by now yours truly is sure that with the help of the above, you could easily recall that Ms Elizabeth Ken, the CEO of GEEKO, is the “Media Specialist” for Redberry Media Group of which you are the MD.  Just in case you have forgotten,  Redberry Media Group is a wholly owned company of Ancom Bhd, of which you are the executive chairman.


Ms Elizabeth Ken Has No Credential In the Digital Advertising Industry

Although Ms Elizabeth Ken had held herself out to be a “media specialist” in her Linkedin posting, she is completely unknown in the media or advertising and/or digital advertising industry, has no track record past accomplishment, yet GEEKO headed by her was awarded the contract for RM99.693 million through “DIRECT NEGOTIATION”


Under the circumstances, as the executive Chairman of a public listed Ancom Bhd with vast experience in good governance and more importantly holding public office as Chairman of TM entrusted with 100 of millions Ringgit of public fund, Dato’ Dr Siew ought to have instructed TM to reject the questionable proposals from GEEKO through Ms Elizabeth Ken from day one.  But he was on a spell of wilful blindness!  WHY ?????


The Poor Attempt By Datuk DR Siew On Damage Control

On 1-6-2018 Datro’ DR Siew had issued a press release where he had made the statement on behalf of TM that :

Geekoo Technology was the local partner chosen by Tencent … . The choice of Geeko as a Special Purpose Vehicle for the project was made by Tencent,”.

On 8-6-2018 he issued another press release purportedly to reply to yours truly article HERE where he had totally changed the earlier stand of TM that :

Geeko Tech is NOT a special purpose vehicle chosen by Tencent, 

Is GEEKO the “Special Purpose Vehicle” for Tencent or …?

From the Linkedin screenshot of Ms Elizabeth Ken and the glaring fact that Dato’ DR Siew is the MD of Redberry Media Group , alarm bell will no doubt  ring in the mind of all reasonable persons that :

  1.  GEEKO is a “Special Purpose Vehicle” for Dato’ Dr Siew and others; or

  2.  GEEKO is a “Special Purpose Vehicle” for Redberry Media Group and others.  

The statements by Dato’ DR Siew that whether GEEKO is or is not the “Special Purpose Vehicle” for Tencent was a mere red herring with the predominant purpose to confuse the rakyat!

Yours truly cannot believe that a big company like Tencent Holdings would dissent to such level to use a 5 months old company like GEEKO as a “Special Purpose Vehicle” for its business dealings.

Dato’ DR Siew Ka Wei, please stop your lies and deceptions and come clean to tell the rakyat who is or are the persons behind the “Speedy Gonzales” GEEKO Deal.

Yours truly’s advice to Dato’ DR Siew is one will end up telling more lies to cover a lie.  It is now the time to come clean. It is better late than never.

Let us now examine the business premises of GEEKO.

The Business Premises of GEEKO


Left: No: 95 Jalan SS2/97, 47300 Petaling Jaya is Ms Elizabeth Ken’s residence.

Right: No. 97 Jalan SS2/95 is the office premises of  Geeko Tech Sdn Bhd..

The compound of the residential house. It doesn’t look like an office.


GEEKO’s so-called office premise is at 97, SS2/95, 47300 Petaling Jaya.  It is a residential house in SS2 in PJ.  There is no signboard of GEEKO outside the said house.  The said residential house semblance an empty house.  It definitely has no character of a business premises of a company that is capable of doing digital marketing related work worth RM99.693 million!.

Yours truly would leave it to the readers including the officers of the Auditor-General Department and/or MACC to judge based on the FIVE months old GEEKO with no track record and the state of its business premises whether if they were Dato’ DR Siew (Chairman of TM) or Datuk Seri Mirza Mohamad Taiyap (DG) or Datuk Rashidi Hasbullah (Secretary General of Ministry of Tourism and Cultures) would still appoint GEEKO to carry out a contract worth RM99.693 million for TM under such circumstances.

Yours truly believes that we are all on the same page unless we have other agendas.


1st left: Datuk SERI Khani Daud, 2nd: Datuk Rashidi Hasbullah, Ketua Pengarah Kementerian Pelancongan & Kebudayaan. 1st left: Datuk SERI Khani Daud, 2nd: Datuk Rashidi Hasbullah, Ketua Pengarah Kementerian Pelancongan & Kebudayaan. Both were caught in camera actively campaigning for BN’s ex-Minister of Tourism & Culture, YB Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz during 14th GE.

1st left: Yg Bhd Datuk Mirza Mohammad Taiyab, DG of TM with YB Datuk Seri Nazri and YB Datuk Zahid Hamidi during the 14th GE..

This “Speedy Gonzales” GEEKO Deal stinks like a rotten fish because it was concluded in one day on 4-4-2018 and GEEKO was registered on 6-4-2018 with Ministry of Finance (MOF).  It must be noted that no government department will deal with a company if at the material time it has not Certificate of Registration from MOF.


The Short Summary Of How The Contract Was Executed 

The evaluation, negotiation and signing of the agreement for the ‘Digital marketing” project was concluded in one day on 4-4-2018. Please look at the events on 4 -4-2018, which have been marked in red for easy reference.

6-11-2017        The incorporation date of  Geeko Tech Sdn Bhd  (“GEEKO”)Ms Elizabeth Ken is a shareholder &  CEO of GEEKO.  Koperasi Kakitangan Kementerian Pelancongan dan Kebudaya Makaysia Bhd (KOPEMA) is also a shareholder of GEEKO.

March/April 2018   TM appointed GEEKO to do a study on “Digital Marketing”. GEEKO submitted a report with a recommendation to appoint GEEKO in collaboration with TENCENT HOLDINGS.  GEEKO was paid RM1.3 million for it.

3-4-2018          Jawatankuasa Penilaian & Rundingan Harga (JKPTRH) met to evaluate the proposal by GEEKO to promote Malaysia through internet in China via Tencent’s platform for a total cost of RM99,693,000.00.  JKPTRH did not reject the said sum and send it to Lembaga Perolehan “A” for its approval.

4-4-2018          YB Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz, the ex-Minister of Tourism and Culture and Dato’ DR SIEW launched the said project in the afternoon at Istana Hotel. 

4-4-2018          Datuk Seri Mirza Mohammed Taiyap (“Datuk Seri Mirza”) (DG of TM) issued a Letter of Intent to Ms Elizabeth Ken of GEEKO regarding the said project  for 2 years for RM99,693 millions.

4-4-2018          At 11:45 am Lembaga Perolehan “A”  (Tempahan Terus Media) met. It was chaired by Yg Bhg Datuk Rashidi bin Hasbullah, KSU of Kementerian Pelancongan & Kebudayaan Malaysia and attended by Datuk Seri Mirza.  GEEKO’s said proposal was approved with no amendment. The meeting ended at 1:15 pm.

4-4-2018          Bahagian Pentadbiran TM sent a memo to Bahagian Pengiklanan & Digital to inform that Lembaga Perolehan “A” has approved the said proposal by GEEKO for the total cost of RM99,693.000.00 for two years. 

4-4-2018          The contract was drawn up and signed by Datuk Mirza for TM and Ms Elizabeth Ken for the total contract sum of RM99.693 million for the said project over two years. It was provided under clause 4 of the contract that it cannot be terminated before the two years period. 

6-4-2019         The Ministry of Finance (“MOF”) issued the “Sijil Akuan Pendaftaran Sayarikat” for GEEKO on 6-4-2018.   All  the processes of approving the GEEKO’s proposals and signing of the agreement have been done on 4-4-2018. This was clear violation of the Procurement Pegulations PK 7.15 of MOF.

6-4-2018          The then PM YAB Datuk Najib made an announcement to dissolve Parliament

7-4-2017          Parliament was dissolved

10-4-2018       Datuk Seri Mirza issuedLetter of Appointment  to CEO of GEEKO, Ms Elizabeth Ken.

10-4-2018        Ms Elizabeth Ken of GEEKO issued a letter of Acceptance. 

25-4-2018        Ms Elizabeth Ken sent the “Work Completion Certificate” to Datuk Khani Daud, Deputy DG of TM, to claim for payment.

27-4-2018        Datuk Seri Khani Daud issued the “Certificate of Work Completion” recommending payment of RM11,963,160.00 to GEEKO..

6-5- 2018         A few days before 14 General Elections (9 May), TM made a payment of RM11, 963, 160.00 to Geeko. It was taken from the sum that was  reserved for Visit Malaysia 2018 – 2020 Campaign.

9-5-2018          14th GE Polling Day

For details and supporting documents for the above important events is HERE.

Based on the above facts, Dato’ DR Siew’s position as Chairman of TM is untenable. If he has some little bit of honour left , he should tender his resignation forthwith.

Yours truly calls upon the Auditor-General and MACC to investigate and revamp TM and Ministry of Tourism and Cultures once and for all.

Stay Tuned For The Next Posting –   When TM’s matters are completed then PR1MA. 


20 thoughts on ““Speedy Gonzales” Deal Exposed – Siew Ka Wei & Elizabeth

  1. The corporate crook

    Kantoi! Siew Ka is exposed big time. I also heard that Elizabeth Ken is Siew Ka Wei’s a long time girl friend in Redberry Media Grojup. She is now pregnant. Siew Ka Weki will be running with his tail between his legs. Padan muka to Najib’s top[ crony.

  2. Wong Sai Wan knows it all

    Great saga! Now Siew-er Ka Wei’s wife needs to know. Only she can get Siew-er to step down from TM, then divorce the pig!
    Poor Eli Ken! She’ll have to return the Chanel and Lexus… and the baby will be better off without Siewer around anyways.
    As for the taxpayers, well, money is gone, ain’t it?
    And MACC is not going to make any move? Why? Because MACC is in Siew-er Ka Wei’s pocket…

  3. Just A Corporate Con Man

    The house looks like no one is staying in it. Today Siew..age Ka Wei will issue press release to say that GEEKO is the special purpose vehicle to Nazri Aziz? I thought Siew …age loves press conference and to show of. Then his Macai Wong Sai Wan will play up the story in Malay Mail. Now he is in the same shit as his political boss Najib.

    With such scandal out in the open, Ancom Bhd share price will be affected. He better run away from TM because he had brought TM into disrepute. Ancom already in the red of more than RM1 billion. He had also brought shame to his family. It is an open secret in Ancom that Elizabeth is his kept playmate. Ha Ha Ha

  4. anonymous

    The stench of this deal is intolerable. The is not a simple deal. It definitely involved from top to bottom. To say that Nazri Aziz didn’t know anything is a joke. The way the deal was sealed was lost blatant. It is similar to what Najib did in 1MDB. Datuk Siew Ka Wai learnt from his boss how to do it. Now both got caught with their pants down. This thick skin Siew must be sent to Sungei Buluh Resort as soon as possible or together with his boss Najib so that he can do more deals inside. No wonder the country has no money.

  5. Anonymous

    The corrupted Jangut told the newspaper that last week SPRM came to make an “inquiry” only. Today he told the start that SPRM came to seize documents. Another liar like the Chairman Siew Ka Wei. Both should be sack for lying. Then to be prosecuted later the Geeko deal which stink like shit.



    This corrupted Jangut is a born liar.

  6. Small Fly in Redberry

    Datuk Siew, are you sure that you don’t know about Elizabeth Ken? are you sure that she is Redberry Media Specialist and not specialist to special night work for you? We know she is your concubine and … specialist! How is your baby getting along? I mean you know la ….

  7. Anon

    Datuk Siew Ka Wei is Elizabeth your media specialist in Redberry for day or night shift? i would think that she must be working at night on special job function. With everything opening up showing your nonsense and your footprints all over this Geeko deal, still so thick skin don’t want to resign. You are really shameless. Datuk Mirza and the little napoleon like Datuk Musa and Datuk Ammar of course want you to be Chairman to cover their backside as they are now on fire. Relax Datuk SIew, get Elizabeth to do the special media treatment tonight but make sure that your wife didn’t know otherwise you will b f… by her. Take care more shit to come your way I think.

  8. Anoynymous

    Siew Ka Wei, Mirza, Ammar & Musa were cheating the people with this Geeko deal. They ought to be shot. Such a clear case of planning to cheat siphon public fund the moment the deal was done. One of the shareholders is KOPEMA.Can’t wait to see them in orange uniform for the whole world to see. Locked them up!

  9. Haagen Das

    Message to MACC? Raiding Siew-er Ka Wei’s office at TM is good. How about raiding his Ancom office? Redberry City. No need to call him beforehand, guys, ok?

  10. Wong Sai Wan knows it all

    @ Wee Choo Keong: blogger “Just A Corporate Con Man” has a good point on Ancom. Have you notified the Stock Exchange Authority yet? Ancom Bhd is a public listed company where Siew-er Ka Wei is not only a major shareholder and…. the Chairman in there! If MACC looks in details, they might find the links between TM and Ancom.

  11. Superman

    Very funny! Elizabeth Ken Tzu Ying profiles on FB and LinkedIn have been deleted lately. Covering her tracks already. Hope you made good copy.

  12. Just A Corporate Con Man

    Dato Siew Ka Wei, why suddenly you are so quite like a tikus? Normally you are like a hero and so loud. Why are you not coming out with another Press Release to deny everything that you have nothing to do with dear Elizabeth. it would be better to say that it was by chance that she is a media specialist in Redberry and you didn’t know her.Of course we know that you only remember her in the night. Kantoi !

    Reply to “Wong Sai Wan knows all”

    Of course the hot air Skies did not inform Stock Exchange’s about this dirty deal using “Special Purpose Vehicle”. Why worries because Ajib Kor is there to protect his crony. Now Ajib kena kicked out on May 9 so no protector already. Suddenly became a mouse. Cannot hold cigar becos hand shaking too much. Now he was stopped naked. All pecah lubang already. So pitiful.

    His running boy Datuk Mirza met up with Tun Daim yesterday morning. Wonder what had happened. Hear one of his balls got lost already. Can anyone help about he meeting?

    Reply to ‘Superman’

    If there is “Nothing To Hide” why deleted her FB & Linkedin. Deleted becos too much shit. No need to delete la. People will know how to keep a record of it. Elizabeth should be proud of herself becos how many woman like her can secure a RM100 mil deal. May be none. Of course la, we will not tell how she got it. tUnderstood through sugar daddy. Anyway how is your baby Elizabeth?

    Now the issue ks very clear from the postings by YB Wee. It all point to the relationship between Siew Ka Wei and her. She is the CEO of Geeko. Geeko got the RM100 mil contract. She is from Redberry Group. Siew Ka Wei is the Managing Director of Redberry. 1 + 1 = 2.

    Elephant skin Siew, you better resign because you have kayak-ed the image of TM. You better resign before it is too late. or may be Skiew ks waiting for the return of Ajib For and then he could do more of such Geeko deals. It will be not too long that you will be kicked out in shame.

  13. Little Bird TM

    This Geeko is not as simple as what we thought. I think this deal had been planned since November 2018 when Geeko was set up. We in TM know that it was planned out between Siew Ka Wei & Daljit Singh with the blessing of Nazri Aziz exminister.

  14. Cigar Man's Pussy

    Yes the bitch’s Facebook has been deleted/hidden. Guilty! right? Now suddenly she doesn’t want to be in the limelight. If she doesn’t want to be in the limelight then stop whacking the rakyat money. If you want to rob the rakyat be prepared to face the music otherwise return the RM1.3 million & RM12 million that you and your boyfriend have robbed from TM.

  15. Anon

    Both the kept woman and the cigar man are taking TM and the nation for a ride. MACC pls take immediate actions.

  16. Johari TM

    The Geeko deal is a scam! MACC must get the bastards who are cheating the people. PH govt must instruct Auditor general go on a forensic audit for all the direct nego contracts in TM and Ministry of Tourism. TM has been treated as their ATM.

  17. Hagan Das

    @ WCK: you’ve done good so far. Now time to move on Ministry of Education LENOVO computers involving Utusan and Ancom. 30,000 of them are at Ancom warehouse. MoE was supposed to buy at inflated price from Utusan and money to be split with S… & …? MACC anywhere??

  18. Jimmy Arokia

    This is as good as you can get. Get your mistress paid with the rakyat money pretending it is for a contract for advertising Malaysia as a tourist destination. This guy has no morals and even glide the lilly by stating he is a PhD holder when he is not. Such an ugly character with acne scars and I feel sorry for her as I do not see what she saw in him to get herself preg…t.
    This is as the theme for Tourism Malaysia, “Malaysia not truly Asia but truly “f**ked over.” Bring him to justice and ensure the keys are thrown away when he is in Bamboo River resort.

  19. Jimmy Arokia

    MACC is also a corrupt body who murder the people they bring in for an “interview.” Remember Teoh Beng Hock and his alleged suicide by jumping from the window of the interview room. These amateur officers must also be brought to account and apply the capital punishment to them so they will know the consequences of their actions. We need a root and branch cleanout of these corrupt bodies. What about PDRM? The people who took Pastor Koh must also be tried and given the capital punishment and once that is done, abolish capital punishment.


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