“Speedy Gonzales” Deal Exposed – Siew Ka Wei & Elizabeth

Picture of Elizabeth Ken taken from her Facebook.  Is she the media specialist at Redberry Media Group?

The above picture of Ms Elizabeth Ken Tzu Ying (“Elizabeth Ken”) was taken from the profile of her Facebook. She is a shareholder and the CEO of Geeko Tech Sdn Bhd (“GEEKO”).  GEEKO was embroiled in the “Speedy Gonzales” contract worth RM99.693 million, which was awarded by Tourism Malaysia (“TM”).  The said deal was evaluated, negotiated and the contract was exchanged and sealed in ONE day, on 4 April 2018!  By the way, at the material time GEEKO was only a 5 months old company. It was incorporated on 6 November 2017.  It is believe that GEEKO is an expert in “Digital Marketing”.  

Yours truly isn’t sure whether Dato’ Dr Siew Ka Wei (“Dato’ Dr Siew”) could recognise Elizabeth Ken in the above picture.  Most probably not!

Background Of Dato’ DR Siew Ka Wei (“Dato’ DR Siew”)

Left: Tan Sri Mohamad Al-Amin  Right:  Dato DR Siew Ka Wei. Both of them are business partners in Redberry Media Group.

Dato’ DR Siew is the current Chairman of Tourism Malaysia (“TM”).  He is also a very capable and famous corporate man in Malaysia.  He is also Chairman of Ancom Bhd and Managing Director of Redberry Media Group, which is part of Ancom Bhd.  He was an extremely powerful figure and politically connected to BN until the 14th GE on 9 May 2018.

His business partner is none other than Tan Sri Mohamad Al-Amin Abdul Majid, who is known to be also closed to the power that be.

For the background of the said “Speedy Gonzales” RM99.693 million, please read HERE, HERE, HERE, & HERE.

Elizabeth Ken’s Pictures Taken From Her Facebook

Dato’ Dr Siew,  may not be able to recognise Elizabeth Ken in the top picture.  Can he recognise her now? Picture taken from her Facebook.
Dato’ Dr Siew: How about this picture, which was taken from Elizaabeth Ken’s Facebook?

Dato’ DR Siew: Can you now recognise Elizabeth Ken in the above pictures taken from her postings in her Facebook? Still No?  Lets see whether the next screenshot below could refresh his very short memory.

Elizabeth Ken’s Profile Taken From Website of Linkedin

Elizabeth Ken’s profile in the website of Likendin.

In the above profile picture of Elizabeth Ken, she has described herself as the “Media Specialist at Redberry Media Group” and her experience is “The founder of Geeko Tech since 2018 until present”.

With this glaring information, Dato’ DR Siew’s memory should be instantly refreshed.  He should now be easily recollect Elizabeth Ken, who is the CEO of GEEKO, is also a member of one of his outfits, the famous Redberry Media Group, which is also part of Ancom Bhd.

Dato’ DR Siew’s poor memory could be also easily strengthen by the common features in his outfits in Titanium Compass Sdn Bhd (“Titanium”) and Puncak Berlian Sdn Bhd (“Puncak”) with GEEKO and Elizabeth Ken’s outfit, EN Vogue Media Sdn Bhd.  Titanium, Puncak, GEEKO and En Vogue Media Sdn Bhd share the same registered business premises and company secretary.

Dato’ DR Siew:  Please don’t tell us that you are not aware of above and/or they are coincidental!

GEEKO’s Business Premise – A Residential House

Company Search on GEEKO obtained from SSM.

From the above SSM search, the business address of GEEKO is:

97 Jalan SS2 / 95, 47300 Petaling Jaya.

It is the address of a residential house.

Image of GEEKO’s business premises corner house (in red circle ) from Google Map. No 97 Jalan SS2/95, PJ.
Left: No: 95 Jalan SS2/97, 47300 Petaling Jaya is Ms Elizabeth Ken’s residence.         Right: No. 97 Jalan SS2/95 is the Geeko Tech Sdn Bhd‘s office premises.
The compound of GEEKO’s office address.  It looks more like an empty house!

The house on the right is GEEKO’s office. It has no signboard.

Yet TM under the Chairmanship of Dato’ Dr Siew Ka Wei saw it fit to award the “Speedy Gozales” RM99.693 million contract to GEEKO, a 5 month old company.  GEKO’s CEO is, of course, Elizabeth!  Elizabeth is the Media Specialist at Redberry Media Group, whose Managing director is Dato’ DR Siew Ka Wei.  Now link  between Dato’ DR Siew and Elizabeth gets very clear now.  Bu Dato’ DR Siew will still be  in denial syndrome to tell tell the world he does not know who is Elizabeth!!!

Yours truly hopes that MACC and Auditor-General will take the above facts into account during its investigations into the “Speedy Gonzales” RM99.693 million contract.

32 thoughts on ““Speedy Gonzales” Deal Exposed – Siew Ka Wei & Elizabeth

  1. The corporate crook

    Kantoi! Siew Ka is exposed big time. I also heard that Elizabeth Ken is Siew Ka Wei’s a long time girl friend in Redberry Media Grojup. She is now pregnant. Siew Ka Weki will be running with his tail between his legs. Padan muka to Najib’s top[ crony.

  2. Wong Sai Wan knows it all

    Great saga! Now Siew-er Ka Wei’s wife needs to know. Only she can get Siew-er to step down from TM, then divorce the pig!
    Poor Eli Ken! She’ll have to return the Chanel and Lexus… and the baby will be better off without Siewer around anyways.
    As for the taxpayers, well, money is gone, ain’t it?
    And MACC is not going to make any move? Why? Because MACC is in Siew-er Ka Wei’s pocket…

  3. Just A Corporate Con Man

    The house looks like no one is staying in it. Today Siew..age Ka Wei will issue press release to say that GEEKO is the special purpose vehicle to Nazri Aziz? I thought Siew …age loves press conference and to show of. Then his Macai Wong Sai Wan will play up the story in Malay Mail. Now he is in the same shit as his political boss Najib.

    With such scandal out in the open, Ancom Bhd share price will be affected. He better run away from TM because he had brought TM into disrepute. Ancom already in the red of more than RM1 billion. He had also brought shame to his family. It is an open secret in Ancom that Elizabeth is his kept playmate. Ha Ha Ha

  4. anonymous

    The stench of this deal is intolerable. The is not a simple deal. It definitely involved from top to bottom. To say that Nazri Aziz didn’t know anything is a joke. The way the deal was sealed was lost blatant. It is similar to what Najib did in 1MDB. Datuk Siew Ka Wai learnt from his boss how to do it. Now both got caught with their pants down. This thick skin Siew must be sent to Sungei Buluh Resort as soon as possible or together with his boss Najib so that he can do more deals inside. No wonder the country has no money.

  5. Anonymous

    The corrupted Jangut told the newspaper that last week SPRM came to make an “inquiry” only. Today he told the start that SPRM came to seize documents. Another liar like the Chairman Siew Ka Wei. Both should be sack for lying. Then to be prosecuted later the Geeko deal which stink like shit.



    This corrupted Jangut is a born liar.

  6. Small Fly in Redberry

    Datuk Siew, are you sure that you don’t know about Elizabeth Ken? are you sure that she is Redberry Media Specialist and not specialist to special night work for you? We know she is your concubine and … specialist! How is your baby getting along? I mean you know la ….

  7. Anon

    Datuk Siew Ka Wei is Elizabeth your media specialist in Redberry for day or night shift? i would think that she must be working at night on special job function. With everything opening up showing your nonsense and your footprints all over this Geeko deal, still so thick skin don’t want to resign. You are really shameless. Datuk Mirza and the little napoleon like Datuk Musa and Datuk Ammar of course want you to be Chairman to cover their backside as they are now on fire. Relax Datuk SIew, get Elizabeth to do the special media treatment tonight but make sure that your wife didn’t know otherwise you will b f… by her. Take care more shit to come your way I think.

  8. Anoynymous

    Siew Ka Wei, Mirza, Ammar & Musa were cheating the people with this Geeko deal. They ought to be shot. Such a clear case of planning to cheat siphon public fund the moment the deal was done. One of the shareholders is KOPEMA.Can’t wait to see them in orange uniform for the whole world to see. Locked them up!

  9. Haagen Das

    Message to MACC? Raiding Siew-er Ka Wei’s office at TM is good. How about raiding his Ancom office? Redberry City. No need to call him beforehand, guys, ok?

  10. Wong Sai Wan knows it all

    @ Wee Choo Keong: blogger “Just A Corporate Con Man” has a good point on Ancom. Have you notified the Stock Exchange Authority yet? Ancom Bhd is a public listed company where Siew-er Ka Wei is not only a major shareholder and…. the Chairman in there! If MACC looks in details, they might find the links between TM and Ancom.

  11. Superman

    Very funny! Elizabeth Ken Tzu Ying profiles on FB and LinkedIn have been deleted lately. Covering her tracks already. Hope you made good copy.

  12. Just A Corporate Con Man

    Dato Siew Ka Wei, why suddenly you are so quite like a tikus? Normally you are like a hero and so loud. Why are you not coming out with another Press Release to deny everything that you have nothing to do with dear Elizabeth. it would be better to say that it was by chance that she is a media specialist in Redberry and you didn’t know her.Of course we know that you only remember her in the night. Kantoi !

    Reply to “Wong Sai Wan knows all”

    Of course the hot air Skies did not inform Stock Exchange’s about this dirty deal using “Special Purpose Vehicle”. Why worries because Ajib Kor is there to protect his crony. Now Ajib kena kicked out on May 9 so no protector already. Suddenly became a mouse. Cannot hold cigar becos hand shaking too much. Now he was stopped naked. All pecah lubang already. So pitiful.

    His running boy Datuk Mirza met up with Tun Daim yesterday morning. Wonder what had happened. Hear one of his balls got lost already. Can anyone help about he meeting?

    Reply to ‘Superman’

    If there is “Nothing To Hide” why deleted her FB & Linkedin. Deleted becos too much shit. No need to delete la. People will know how to keep a record of it. Elizabeth should be proud of herself becos how many woman like her can secure a RM100 mil deal. May be none. Of course la, we will not tell how she got it. tUnderstood through sugar daddy. Anyway how is your baby Elizabeth?

    Now the issue ks very clear from the postings by YB Wee. It all point to the relationship between Siew Ka Wei and her. She is the CEO of Geeko. Geeko got the RM100 mil contract. She is from Redberry Group. Siew Ka Wei is the Managing Director of Redberry. 1 + 1 = 2.

    Elephant skin Siew, you better resign because you have kayak-ed the image of TM. You better resign before it is too late. or may be Skiew ks waiting for the return of Ajib For and then he could do more of such Geeko deals. It will be not too long that you will be kicked out in shame.

  13. Little Bird TM

    This Geeko is not as simple as what we thought. I think this deal had been planned since November 2018 when Geeko was set up. We in TM know that it was planned out between Siew Ka Wei & Daljit Singh with the blessing of Nazri Aziz exminister.

  14. Cigar Man's Pussy

    Yes the bitch’s Facebook has been deleted/hidden. Guilty! right? Now suddenly she doesn’t want to be in the limelight. If she doesn’t want to be in the limelight then stop whacking the rakyat money. If you want to rob the rakyat be prepared to face the music otherwise return the RM1.3 million & RM12 million that you and your boyfriend have robbed from TM.

    1. Anonymous

      Yes, she’s such a real bitch & cheap pro… . She & her old ugly boyfriend must be paraded with their hand cuffed along KL street to shame them.

  15. Johari TM

    The Geeko deal is a scam! MACC must get the bastards who are cheating the people. PH govt must instruct Auditor general go on a forensic audit for all the direct nego contracts in TM and Ministry of Tourism. TM has been treated as their ATM.

  16. Hagan Das

    @ WCK: you’ve done good so far. Now time to move on Ministry of Education LENOVO computers involving Utusan and Ancom. 30,000 of them are at Ancom warehouse. MoE was supposed to buy at inflated price from Utusan and money to be split with S… & …? MACC anywhere??

  17. Jimmy Arokia

    This is as good as you can get. Get your mistress paid with the rakyat money pretending it is for a contract for advertising Malaysia as a tourist destination. This guy has no morals and even glide the lilly by stating he is a PhD holder when he is not. Such an ugly character with acne scars and I feel sorry for her as I do not see what she saw in him to get herself preg…t.
    This is as the theme for Tourism Malaysia, “Malaysia not truly Asia but truly “f**ked over.” Bring him to justice and ensure the keys are thrown away when he is in Bamboo River resort.

  18. Jimmy Arokia

    MACC is also a corrupt body who murder the people they bring in for an “interview.” Remember Teoh Beng Hock and his alleged suicide by jumping from the window of the interview room. These amateur officers must also be brought to account and apply the capital punishment to them so they will know the consequences of their actions. We need a root and branch cleanout of these corrupt bodies. What about PDRM? The people who took Pastor Koh must also be tried and given the capital punishment and once that is done, abolish capital punishment.

  19. Anonmymous

    Datuk Siew Ka Wei and your playmate Eli: How is the baby coming along? Don’t worry. It is already an open secret that both of you having good fun out there. After giving birth to the baby, Eli could start to front many more deals like Geeko. Lets hope MACC will call both lof your for coffee over Geeko. The end is near.

  20. The Corporate Conman

    What had happened to Siew Ka Wei? No more in the news? Malay Mail is not giving him publicities. What a shame! May be with Najib out of office, Sewerage Siew’s companies are having problems. I heard that his University Genovasi is in the shit and other con;anies are no better. Now in Tourism Malaysia, the staffs are avoiding him like he is a leper. It seems that Sewerage Siew is swimming in the shits now. He was so arrogant when Najib was in power. Soon he will be on the street begging the authorities for not investigating how his companies obtained the contracts and cancelling them. The moral of the story is: What comes around, goes around! Padan muka to sewerage Siew.

  21. Ng

    Dato’ Siew you are really a speedy gonzales. How is the baby getting along? Your old wife must be adoring the new baby! Most of the cronies have resigned from their posts. Why are you still hanging on? Hoping to get more Geeko special purpose vehicle projects? You better start a new office in Sungei Buluh!

  22. Corporate Con Man

    Oya! I thought Eli is his kept playmate now turned against him. We are waiting for MACC to bring charges against those involved in the Speedy Gonzales deal. How is the baby getting along? The baby might not be able to see the father for a long time though. So sad.

  23. Crony Deserves Death

    Finally today they are detained for questioning, bloody fuc…s think they can siphon the people’s money!? We the people should have our own independent bodies to make sure that these cronies (and their whores) who hold some position in the governmental sector will never be able to take advantage of the people in the country!

    1. Anonymous

      Yes, these 2 thieves must face justice for stealing the rakyat’s money. That bitch is such a real pro…, willing to have se. inter… with that old ugly Dat…all because of money.

    1. Poor Carol

      I bet you after being promoted to wear orange jersey with handcuffs in Putrajaya Court I don’t think he will dare to appear in public. Now he can no longer lily. Now no more munching cigar but humble pie waiting to go for a long holiday in Sungei Buluh Resort.

  24. Anonymous

    Dato Siew & Elizabeth Ken are big time thiev.., stealing public funds for their own personal gain. They must be paraded in their orange MACC lock up attire along the streets in KL to shame them. Everyone knows Elizabeth is greedy & she’s willingly to have se. inter… with that old & ugly Dato Siew’s multiple times…all because of … . She’s such a cheap pro… !

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