Dato’ Siew Ka Wei: “Speedy Gonzales” RM99.693 Mil Deal Tainted With Conflicts of Interest! Part – 2

Dato’ Siew Ka Wei and his many outfits. He is an extremely capable and talented man.

Updates @ 10:30 pm on 7-4-2018:  The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) has visited the Tourism and Culture Ministry over what is believed to be a contract signed between the ministry’s promotional agency Tourism Malaysia and a company.  Tourism Malaysia director-general Mirza Mohammad Taiyab said several MACC officers had gone to the ministry’s headquarters in Putrajaya to “inquire” yesterday following some media reports.”   FMT‘s full report HERE.

Yours truly is extremely impressed by the swift reply of Yg Bhg  Datuk Seri Mirza Mohammad Taiyap, who signed the “Speedy Gonzales” Geeko contract, and hopes he and his little napoleons could sleep soundly tonight and for many more months to come after having responded and answered the short “inquiries” from MACC to such perfection.  This is the correct attitude of “business as usual” – to do more Speedy Gonzales” or direct negotiation contracts.   

Two days have elapsed since this article had been published, yours truly is still waiting for the famous corporate genius, Yg Bhg Dato Siew Ka Wei, to refute the allegations made in it or make satisfactory declarations as requested.  If Yg Bhg Dato Siew Ka Wei and/or Datuk Seri Mohammad Taiyap choose not to respond by 5 pm on 8 June, 2018,  yours truly will publish a new posting to show how rotten this “Speedy Gonzales” deal is. Therefore, silence is not an option for both Yg Bhg Datuk Siew Ka Wei and/or Datuk Mirza Mohammad Taiyap and their little napoleons.   

We have to read the Malay Mail and The Edge reports below to understand the modus operandi of Dato’ Siew Ka Wei (“Dato’ Siew”).  He is the Chairman of Tourism Malaysia(“TM”),  executive Chairman of Ancom Bhd and Managing Director of Redberry Media Group (“Redberry”) .  The “highly talented” Dato’ Siew is also the common directors for Ancom, RedberryTitanium Compass Sdn Bhd (“TITANIUM”) and Puncak Berlian Sdn Bhd (“PUNCAK“).

Both TITANIUM and PUNCAK have glaring common registered address and company secretary as Geeko Sdn Bhd (“GEEKO”).  The common features could be seen below.  Yours truly believes that a corporate figure of very good repute like Dato ‘ Siew will not use the excuse they are “coincidental“. 

GEEKO was a party to the “Speedy Gonzales” RM99.693 million contract with TM. Read HERE.

Left: Tan Sri Mohamad Al-Amin Abdul Majid  Right: Dato’Siew Ka Wei.  Both of them are business partners in Redberry Media Group.

The Business Partners of Dato’ Siew Ka Wei

Tan Sri Mohamed Mohamed Al-Amin Abdul Majid is politically very well connected to BN and extremely capable until May 9 (14th GE).  Of course, Dato’ Siew is of equal status to his famous business partner.  Redberry wholly-owned Malay Mail, one of the most credible tabloid with the highest circulation in Malaysia!

Yg Bhg Datuk Wong Sai Wan, the very capable editor-in-chief of Malay Mail and director of Dato’ Siew Ka Wei‘s outfits (TITANIUM & PUNCAK).

The Malay Mail editor is none other than Yg Bhg Datuk Wong Sai Wan, a very capable journalist who left the Star for greener pasture, the Malay Mail. Yours truly has been told that Star was almost crippled without Datuk Wong’s very capable hands.

When one Googles for Dato’ Siew or Tan Sri Al-Amin and/or BN one will no doubt observe that positive news on both of them or BN will be prominently featured in Malay Mail.  It is so refreshing know that Malay Mail has became very pro PH government.

Datuk Wong is not only a very capable and highly respected editor-in-chief in Asia,  he is also a very capable business man. He also featured as director in Dato’ Siew’s outfits (TITANIUM & PUNCAK).  He is a man of many talents too!

The Malay Mail’s report of 17 November, 2017

The Malay Mail’s report bellow was about the launching of TITANIUM and its achievements of being awarded with the contract monopolising the advertising in trains and MRT stations stretching from Sungei Buluh – Kajang Line for 10 years! Now we know how capable and talented is Dato’ Siew.

The Malay Mail report of 17-11-2017

Malay Mail Report: The then Minister of Tourism & Culture Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz to launch Dato’s Siew Ka Wei‘s outfits Titanium Compass Sdn Bhd
The same Malay Mail Report

The Edge report of 24-7-2017

The Edge Report of Titanium Compass Sdn Bhd, a Redburry, a outfit.

For the full report of The Edge, read HERE.

The Edge reported “As at the end of May 2017 Redberry had negatives reserves of RM47.09 million.”  By 2018 with so many projects in hand, Redberry will no doubt be churning in huge profits. This is good for the shareholders.

One will have to read the above two news articles carefully to understand Dato’ Siew’s capability and talents.

YB Datuk Nazri Aziz, the ex-Minister of Tourism & Cultures, who had called Mr Robert Kuok  “tiada telor” & a “Pondan”.

As usual the ex-Minister of Tourism and Cultures (YB Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz) is very supportive of Dato’ Siew’s capabilities and talents.  It is only reasonable to conclude that  the “Speedy Gonzales” RM99.693 million Geeko deal got the blessing from the ex-Minister of Tourism and Cultures.

The Shocking Details in SSM Reports of GEEKO, TITANIUM, PUNCAK & EN VOGUE (owned by Elizabeth & her sister)

For background of the story on the “Speedy Gonzales” RM99.693 million GEEKO Contracts,  please read HERE.


Company Search obtained from SSM.

The registered address of GEEKO is at:

Unit 508, Block C, Kelana Square, Jalan SS7/26, Petaling Jaya

This is one of the common feature with “TITANIUM” and PUNCAK” , which are connected to Dato’ Siew Ka Wei. 

SSM record on Geeko Tech Sdn Bhd list of director & company secretary.

The other common feature is Mr STEPHEN GEH SIM WHYE, who is the company secretary of GEEKO and TITANIUM and PUNCAK.

SSM record on Geeko Tech Sdn Bhd.

Ms Elizabeth Ken Tzu Ying and EN  Vogue Media Sdn Bhd (EN Vogue) are two of the seven shareholders of GEEKO. Ms Elizabeth Ken and her sister are the only two shareholders in En Vogue.

From the SSM’s report of EN Vouge below, it also show the common registered office address and company secretary as GEEKO and the other two companies (Titanium & Puncak ) of which Dato Siew Ka Wei is the common director.  Most probably Dato’ Siew will say it is by just co-incidental!!  Please see below.

Koperasi Kakitangan Kementerian Pelancongan dan Kebudayaan Malaysia Bhd (KOPEMA). The President is Datuk Musa Yusop and Deputy President Datuk Amar A Ghapar.  Both of whom are from Tourism Malaysia top management.  This is a clear conflict of interest. For background story on KOPEMA read HERE.


This is the SSM record of Titanium Compass Sdn Bhd. It shows the registered address is the same as GEEKO.

Please see the common registered address (the same as GEEKO):

Unit C508, Block C, Kelana Square, Jalan SS7/26, Kelana Jaya, Petaling Jaya. 

List of Directors for Titanium

The SSM record on Titanium Compass Sdn Bhd’s List of Directors

Dato’ Siew Ka Wei is a director of TITANIUM.   PUNCAK is the shareholder in TITANIUM.  Redbery and Ancom Bhd are the shareholders in PUNCAK. Datuk Siew is the MD of Redberry and Executive Chairman for Ancom Bhd.

Please see the SSM Reports below.

Datuk Wong Sai Wan is a director of TITANIUM and PUNCAK.  Don’t you agree he is a very talented businessman?

SSM record of the list of director and company secretary of Titanium Compass Sdn Bhd: : Dato’ Siew Ka Wei & Datuk Wong Sai Wan are two of its eight directors. Mr Stephen Geh Sim Why is the common company secretary with GEEKO, Titanium, Puncak & En Vogue.

Dato’ Siew is the director of TITANIUM and he is also the Chairman of TM and Ancom Bhd, and Managing Director of Redberry.

Datuk Wong Sai Wan is also the director of TITANIUM and editor in chief of Malay Mail. Of course, he is well known to be a very professional journalist in Asia.

Mr Stephen Geh Sin Whye (I/c No:  551008-04-5459) is the common company secretary to GEEKO. This is a glaring fact.

SSM record on Titanium Compass Sdn Bhd’s  list of shareholders.

PUNCAK holds 510,000 shares in TITANIUM.


SSM record of Puncak Berlian Sdn Bhd 

SSM Report – List of Directors of PUNCAK

SSM record of Puncak Berlian Sdn Bhd’s list of directors &amp company secretary.

Dato’ Siew Ka Wei and Datuk Wong Sai Wan are the directors of PUNCAK. They are also the directors of TITANIUM.

The common registered office address and company secretary,  Mr Stephen Geh Sim Whye, for GEEKO, TITANIUM, PUNCAK and EN Vogue (Ms Elizabeth Ken Tzu Ying’s outfit – see below).


EN Vogue also share the same registered address with GEEKO, TITANIUM and PUNCAK.

SSM Report – Company Profile’s List of Directors for En Vogue

En Vogue Media Sdn Bhd’s List of director and company secretary

The common features of En Vogue Media Sdn Bhd are:

It shares the same registered address and company secretary as  GEEKO and Dato’ Siew‘s outfits, TITANIUM and PUNCAK.

SSM record of En Vogue Sdn Bhd shareholders list.

The main shareholders are:  Ms Elizabeth Ken Tzu Ying and Ms Jessie Ken Tzu Hsein. Elizabeth Ken Tzu Ying is also a shareholder and CEO of GEEKO, who dealt with TM and signed the “Speedy Ganzales” RM99.693 million contract.

The 2017 Annual Accounts of EN Vogue

SSM record of En Vogue Media Sdn Bh’s annual accounts

Ms Elizabeth Ken Tzu Ying and her siter, Jessie Ken Tzu Hsein are also very talented and capable businesswomen.  With a RM2 paid up capital, they could generate a revenue of RM4, 563, 484.00 in 2017!

Ms Elizabeth Ken is the CEO of GEEKO.  She managed to seal the “Speedy Gonzales” RM99.693 million contract with TM in one day (on 4 April 2018)!. We must agree that she is extremely talented as a persoan and businesswoman.










P/S Dato’ Siew:  Do you know about “Teachers have been given computer tablets to boost enhance learning”?  If you don’t know it is ok and you will soon know about it in my postings in due course.

Stay Tuned For Part 3 – Tourism Malaysia

29 thoughts on “Dato’ Siew Ka Wei: “Speedy Gonzales” RM99.693 Mil Deal Tainted With Conflicts of Interest! Part – 2

  1. Hantu siang

    Gradually the skeletons emerged from the grave! Welldone wck. Soon the missing links will appear. We hope those involvescan hav coffee soon with em a see see.

  2. Conrporate Con

    The shows have just started.. Mana mau lari sekarang. Si jangut mus be pissing in his pants. I want to see them coming out to declare whether Siew Ka Wei and the litle napoleons have interest in the Geeko scandalous deal. Soon they all will have to pakai baju oren.

  3. Con Artist

    Dato Siew Ka Wei and Mirza, when are both of you to call a press conference to deny what YB Wee had published in his blog. I know both of you will say that all eh documents are fake because TM has another set of SSM record which show something else. Anyway soon both will you will enjoy a long holiday in Sungei Buluh Resort. Sorak!!!!

  4. Sack The Con Man

    Very thick skin corporate BS. Bank Negara Governor, Tan Sri Sidek, Omar Ong of Petronas, TS zulkifli of MACC and Shazali of Telekom have resigned. Now you thick skin pariah still holding on .Are you waiting to be sacked? We have no respect for you in TM. you and your little napoleons look like shit in TM. Soon you all will enjoy your coffee in MACC and big dinner in Sungei Buluh 6 stars hotel. I hope the Auditor general will surcharge the little napoleons for their willful blindness in this stinking contract where TM had already paid out to geeko RM13 mil plus. I hope you all will be sacked and surcharged.

  5. The Shameless

    AY! Corporate shit. Your shit has hit the fan in your ancom, malay mail and TM! You are still holding on thinking that you are still able to drop name to move things. You must be dreaming. The whole of TM already knew your bullshit and Geeko shit. Tak malu lagi. Apandi Ali resigned from Tabung Haji this evening. You thick skin Siew still holding on. Are you desperate or you still need time to fix things. The MACC has already came to TM today and taken documents. Datuk Mirza has been call to meet the Eminent Elders Council this coming Monday. Corporate shit, you are finished by next week if you are lucky. Then you will have to wear the orange uniform very soon. This Geeklo deal just stink.

  6. Anonyous

    Siew Ka Wei, Alamin and wong sai wan are he three musketeers. YB has asked you about the Huawei tablets deal for the teachers. Are you scarce to answer? Ha Ha Ha

  7. TM Anonymous

    MACC went to TM “TO INQUIRE”. This Mirza should have told the news portal that MACC visited him today to ask him how is the condition of his teeth as he loves to visit dental clinic. He had been charged by MACC twice and got away die to technicality. He thought all is going to be well for him. It is going to be a third time lucky. He should be reminded that he was the one who signed letter of intent & offer. He attended the meeting olf Lembaga Perolehan “A” and approved the scandalous Geeko deal blindly and signed the agreement on 4-4-2018 (one day). Remember Jangut when signed the agreement and paid the RM1.3 million to Geeko, Geeko was not registered with MOF. Mana lag mau lar1!

    He is always very hebat when come to direct nego contracts connected with Raja Firdaus or Kraken. We know him too well in TM. We are waiting to see him, Siew Ka Wei & other little napoleons wearing orange uniforms.

  8. Also look at his University College Genovasi – a shop lot outfit in Brickfields with no full time faculties, two new yet to be fully accredited programmes, just sprang up from nowhere, launched by Najib – how was this approved by previous Minister of Higher Education and who own the shares?

  9. Superman

    All this agitation for nothing! Mainstream media and justice not interested in millions when billions have been stolen (Jho Low, etc.,,,). Even if investigated, has Siew-er committed a crime? Is conflict of interests illegal and a criminal offense? Siew-et has only helped his pregnant GF using public money, the worse that could happen to him is his wife divorcing him.
    In the meanwhile, keep blogging: it is entertaining!
    But don’t expect Siew-er to face the music anytime soon! He has protections from MACC new boss, who is a partner to one of his Titanium company Director!

  10. Wong Sai Wan knows it all

    Questions for Siew Ka Wei… and his partner Azar Bin Ismail, Director of Titanium SB…

    Who is Azar Bin Ismail listed as one of the Titanium Director?
    How many companies is Azar a director of?
    Who is MACC new boss (his name)?
    Is or was Macc new boss related to any of Azar’s business?

  11. Zawawi TM

    Bila Datuk Siew Ka Wei, Mirza, Razip, Amar dan Musa (kesemua) nak pergi minum kopi kat MACC? Saya dapat maklumat MACC telah siap dengan pakaian warna oren untuk mereka.

  12. Anonymous

    Datuk Wong Sai Wan is a journalist? It is a joke. He is a mercenary. There are many mercenaries in Malay Mail. I heard that its print division is going to be bungkus soon. Malay Mail is literally like a campaign machinery for BN before GE. Now Wong Saik Wan is a businessman too. Wow! More deals to be exposed then.

  13. Sharil TM

    The thick skin Siew Ka Wei is doing an Apandi! Despite having been exposed of the dirty business dealing, he is holding on as the Chairman of TM. Dia ni tak malu masih nak jemput pegawai untuk buka puasa di Meridean Hotel. Of course la TM yang bayar. Nak action lagi. Manusia yang tiada Maruah.

  14. Chin

    I have observed from the documents uploaded by YB Wee. I can only come to one conclusion that this deal is a scam. I am happy that MACC has started to investigate this scam. Lock up the crooks.

  15. The Corporate Con

    Datuk Siew you are a transformed man now. You are in TM office everyday since the Geeko scandal broke out. Even today you are in office since morning. We know that there is nothing for you to do in TM now. You are waiting to be sacked in disgrace. If you think that you could change the narrative of the Geeko, don’t waste your time because copies of the originals are kept every where by TM officers before your kuncu (the jangut) put them in the “RED FILE”. Don’t fool yourself. Nothing can be changed now. PAPER TRAIL!! You are screwed. Jut wait for your queue to wear the orange uniform. The documents are too clear that the Geeko deal is a BS deal. Someone somewhere are taking TM for a good ride. You should have done such deal in Ancom or Redberry then no one will know. TM is using public money and public has the right to know.

  16. Mirza the MACC Taiko

    The little bike din TM has “pecah rahsia'” that on this Monday Mirza has a special tea session with Tun Daim and his team. Mirza is so lucky for being able to rub shoulder with Tun Daim. This is only Act 1 Scene 1 only. TM staffs must be proud of our DG. He had experienced MACC. He took on MACC and won twice. I am sure that he will put Daim in his pocket. Sorak! Sorak! Sorak! Lets see what happens on Monday.

  17. Anonymous

    Datuk Mirza is a magician. Even with all the documents in side Yb blog, he will be able to take MACC for a ride and win again. With his partner Siew Ka Wei all will be well. Siew Ka Wei can get Najib or nazr to help. What is the problem. Case close.

  18. TM Crook

    I can not wait for the next posting la. :Promise to be more juicy than this one? Please make sure it is with the bang otherwise Siew Ka Wei and his little napoleons will be laughing to the bank. YB pls give some hint. Can?

  19. TM Barua

    Enjoy la Datuk Mirza dapat perluang minum teh dengan Tun Daim. Nanti ada perluang pakai baju oren. Pandan muka. He He He

  20. JS

    Brothers, the DG went to court twice and he won both cases. So what does that mean? For all you know, he did nothing wrong. if he is charged again this time, he has nothing to worry about because he has a great team of lawyers and the support of his loyal staff. “Someone is innocent until proven guilty. Stop being so judgemental, it didn’t work!”

  21. The TM Crooks

    Tak boleh lari lagi. Datuk Seri Mirza dan Datuk Siew dah masuk kandang. little napoleons yang lain seperti Datuk Musa dan Datuk Ammar dan pemimpin lain dari Kopema pun dah masuk kandang juga. Menunggu masa memakai uniform oren. Datuk Siew Ka Wei. The poor corporate guy ended up having to make press release under his own name because he is the man behind the dirty deal. of course, he used the little napoleons to help get kit through. The litgtle napoleons are damn worried now because SPRM has started the probe.

    The little napoleons have to make the decision whether to come clean or covering up the Geeko’s shit for Siew, N & Mirza. Mirza is the facilitator. He was the key to move the TM machinery to rush the Geeko’s agreement through.

    SPRM must not miss the KOPEMA leaders like Datuk Musa, the Siew Ka Wei’s real boy in TM. Musa is willing to do anythjing for Siew. Of course la not for nothing.

    The fact that KOPEMA is the shareholder of Geeko in November 2017 (date of setting up) that means that Musa and Ammar knew the game plan as early as November then.This deal were already prepared since November. Don’t tell me that ex-Minister Nazri Aziz knew everything. Nazri was also pushing for it.

    Puan Arlene Finance Director must be grilled by SPRM properly because she is an expert in creative accounting. TM operating under deficit of RM250 mil under Nazri and yet she could fool the Auditor General that it was less than that. WikthNajib as PM ok la. Now withthe PH government i would like to see whether Arlene will carry on with her creative accounting.

    There are one of two idiots still think that Mirza is God and TM staff will back him up all he way. How to back him up when this Geeko’s was done in the dark and no one knows. Now that he is in deep shit, he expect us to cover for him. We will help to go down the shit hole faster.
    We have suffered enough under him. He only looks after his few cronies and relatives.

    On paper he is a dead man. He signed the agreement. Junior staffs ae all waiting for them to be paraded in orange uniforms. For Mirza is ok, he is so used to it. THis will be his third time lucky with SPRM. We hope that Geeko will bring him luck before he retires in December.

  22. JS

    Don’t underestimate the DG. When people make the mistake of underestimating him, that’s when they are really in for their biggest surprise!!!

    1. The Rasuah Jangut

      You can carry putting him on the pedestal. We are all waiting to see him in the orange jerseys together with Siew Ka Wei, Musa and Ammar as they have been chosen to play for Netherland in the coming World Cup in Russia. Of course, Mirza is the captain of he team. Sorak! Sorak! Sorak!

      We are so proud of Mirza who will be representing TM to have tea with Tun Daim on Monday. All the department heads have been told to prepare data to present and impress Tun Daim. What a dreamer. He will be better of preparing himself with all the datas on the direct nego contracts with Global Tree, Keraken, contracts involving Raja Firdaus and Geeko Technology Sdn Bhjd.

      He should also be prepared to answer his active participation in the last GE. If he is trying to bullshit his way around with the Council of Eminent Elders then he will be in the deep shit.

  23. Ancom Shareholder

    Siew Ka Wei, are you not ashamed of yourself involving in this shady deal? As a chairman of Ancom and Redberry where is your good governance. Two of the companies related to you share the common registered office and company secretary with Geeko Tech whose speedy gonzales contract was sealed in 1 day. As a chairman of Ancom, with the SSM report produced in the public domain will you still defend the ganzales deal like what you are doing as Chairman of TM? All the facts speak for themselves, you are better of resign honorably than to be kicked out like a pariah dog. Market talks are that you want the limelight and you thought that your ‘bro” Najib and Nazri will remain kin power forever. If my reading of the situation correctly you will be sacked next week and full scale SPRM will commence. Good luck to your wheeling and dealing.

    1. Hope that macc look into motac dealing too. Not that far off from TM when conducting shady deals e.g. nbos program, weekend padang rengas activity, matic maintenace work contract , land sales of kraftangan n matic. Matic going to have a new head to look after former minister interest. Guess former minister is still holding the bosses balls

  24. Hafiz

    JS, well I hope he will be the 3rd time lucky. I know he is very powerful. I know the ex-Minister can still help him to Kow time whatever case in the MACC. That is the reason why mIrza was so daring to negotiate and seal the Speedy Gonzales agreement in one day. No DG of other ministries dare to do what Mirza did. Lets see whether he could kow tim the case this time. We will help with the MACC and tell them what to look for.

  25. Kp janggut

    mirza aka janggut is a very cunning person. his ability to goreng and auta will get him through his encounters with macc and tun daim.. dont get fooled by him. he has done many wrong doings in tm and maybe too long being at the top has turned him into an arrogant power crazy kp. macc dont only just interview him on the advertising contracts…macc should also investigate his abuse of power in awarding promotions and overseas postings to his cronies and relatives. macc should also investigate his europe holiday with wife and daughter in dec 2017. if the expenses are all paid by him with supporting documents then he has nothing to worry about but if otherwise and the overseas stations did some hocus pocus to absorb these costs then the ods involved should be answerable too and face the consequences. ph government must be clean and do away with corruption in government agencies whose top management are pro bn. these people are good for nothing leaders. they must be stopped, sack or retired.

  26. JS

    DG is very simple humble person. He speaks about facts and figures. He knows his limit of authority. I’m sure he’s not worried by all allegations made by many “sick” people. MACC came to him many times, he got charged twice and won all even at the appeal stage. “Berani kerana Benar”.

  27. Kow Sai

    Unless we have capital punishment for corruption, it will be an uphill battle. Just put a bullet through and ask their family to pay for it.

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