Dato’ Siew Ka Wei: “Speedy Gonzales” Deal Tainted With Clear Conflict of Interest! Part – 1

Left: Yg Bhg Datuk Seri Mirza Mohammad Taiyap, DG of TM & Yg Bhg Dato’ Siew Ka Wei, Chairman of TM.

Yg Bhg Dato’ Siew Ka Wei  (“Dato’ Siew”) is the super powerful executive chairman of Ancom Bhd (Ancom), HERE.  We know Ancom is one of the most profitable public listed companies in Malaysia! Under Ancom there are several whole-owned subsidiaries namely Redberry Sdn Bhd (Redberry is a media & Communication Group), Meru Utama Sdn Bhd,  Focus Media Network Sdn Bhd (Focus Meida) and etc. Malay Mail is one of Redberry’s outfits.  Dato” Siew was flying very high in the corporate world as well as in BN until the General Elections of 9 May!

Dato’ Siew’s 1 June Press Release Had Raised More Questions

In the posting HERE, yours truly had shown how the “Speedy Gonzales” Geeko Tech Sdn Bhd (“GEEKO”) was sealed in one day on 4 April 2018.  It is safe to say that a deal of RM99.693 million could never be evaluated, negotiated and sealed in one day whether in the private or public sector.  It is normal for a company to take weeks just to carry out due diligent before formal negotiations could be put in motion and thereafter agreements to be exchanged between lawyers from both sides. The preparations and exchange of contracts itself will normally take a few days if not  weeks for a contract of this size to be concluded.

For contracts involving the government agencies like TM, more time will be taken because of the stringent Regulations and Rules will have to be followed before exchange of contract.  It is unheard of a contract worth RM99.693 million in value was evaluated, negotiated, signed and sealed within one day.  Surely, it will be extremely hard if not impossible to have the due diligent done within a day. The preparation of contract itself will take days unless both are of one mid set from the start!

Let me remind Dato’ Siew again that up to this date yours truly had NOT touched on Tencent Holdings’ so-called agreement yet.  Please don’t distract yourself with the frivolous Tencent Holdings agreement in an attempt to paint a false picture of the GEEKO “Speedy Gonzales” Contract so as to confuse members of the public .  Please be assured that your press release will be dealt with in details in a separate posting.

Thank You Dato’ Siew For Responding

However, yours truly would like to thank Dato’ Siew, the chairman of TM, for his press release on 1 June 2018 in an attempt to debunk what yours truly had published HERE & HERE HERE. It would appear that the said press release instead of answering the allegations it raises more questions.  It seems that Dato’ Siew was in great pain to avoid the addressing the real hard issues in the said “Speedy Gonzales” Deal.

Please be assured that yours truly shall deal with the said press release in details in the next posting.

Dato’ Siew, Datuk Mirza and his little napoleons in TM To Declare Their Stand 

Yours truly takes it as a kind gesture from Datuk Siew and TM that they were serious in upholding their integrity by responding to the allegations in the said postings.  In the premises, may yours truly invite Dato’ Siew, Datuk Seri Mirza and the management team of TM to formally declare to the rakyat that:

they had exercised full due diligent before signing the said “Speedy Gonzales” Contract and none of them (Datuk Siew, Datuk Mirza, Datuk Khani Daud, Datuk Razip Hassan, Datuk Musa Hj Yusop, Datuk Ammar A Ghapar, Puan Azizah Azizhave personal gains or interests directly or indirectly in the said  “Speedy Gonzales” Deal.  

Good Governance

As the executive Chairman of Ancom, Dato’ Siew should be very familiar with good governance whereby Ancom will not entertain deals that does not conform with Government Regulations or its own policies and rules and/or tainted with direct or indirect conflict of interest of its management staff.  As the Chairman of Tourism Malaysia (TM), Datuk Siew,  knew or ought to have known that the above principles applied more stringently, in TM because Rakyat money is involved.

MOF Registration Certificate 

Sijil Akuan Pendaftaran Syarikat – Ministry of Finance

It is usually the first step for officers in government department t or agencies when appointing companies for certain project or negotiating with companies with the view to enter into a contract will ask for the company concerned to produced its MOF Registration Certificate from as a first step low its due diligent exercise.

Therefore, based on the above normal procedure,  Dato’ Siew knew or ought to have known that on or before 6 April 2018 GEEKO was not registered with Ministry of Finance (“MOF”).

But in this case,  TM saw it fits to ignore the said Procurement Regulation of MOF, which is a condition precedent in such a transaction.  TM under the leadership of Dato’ Siew and Datuk Seri Mirza had rushed through the “Speedy Gonzales” GEEKO deal in one day on 4 April 2018.  Please see the Certificate of Registration dated 6 April 2018 above, which was two days after the GEEKO’s deal was sealed.

On 4 April 2018 Dato’ Siew and/or Datuk Seri Mirza knew or ought to have known that GEEKO was not registered with MOF and under such circumstances both of them should have rejected the “Speedy Gonzales” GEEKO’s deal outright but both of them seemed to have condoned it. WHY?

Procurement Regulation PK 7.15 of Ministry of Finance
PK 7.15 Item 2.1.2)  MOF’s Procurement Regulations

Therefore, all acts done by TM prior to 6 April 2018, were in breach of the Procurement Regulation PK 7.15.  Therefore, it follows suit that the payment of RM11,693,160.00 and RM1.3 million that was approved and paid out using the rakyat money in total disregards of the said Regulation was most improper. After the investigations by the authorities, the little napoleons responsible for this “Speedy Gonzales” Geeko Deal should be surcharged under the General Orders and pay for the damage suffered by TM.

Under the circumstances, both Datuk Siew and Datuk Seri Mirza are duty bound to explain to the rakyat whether TM will now officially lodge a report with the Ministry of Tourism and Culture, MOF, Auditor-General and MACC with regards to TM’s willful blindness in violating the said Procurement Regulation PK 7.15 (2.1.2).  If not, why not?


Koperasi Kakitangan Kementerian Pelancongan dan Kebudayaan Malaysia Bhd (“KOPEMA”)

The SSM Report of the list of Geeko’s shareholders.
Group picture of Kopema office bearers and its management team.  2nd left: Puan Azizah Aziz, 5th left: Datuk Musa Yusof (President), 7th left: Datuk Ammar A GhaPar.

From the above company search obtained from SSM shows that KOPEMA holds 10,000 shares in GEEKO. 

Previously the names of office bearers are listed in KOPEMA’s website but after the last posting, HERE, the list has been removed.  However, yours truly has been reliably informed that KOPEMA’s President is none other than Yg Bhg Datuk Musa Yusof, Senior Director, International Promotion Division (Asia/Africa), Deputy President is Yg. Bhg Dato’ Dr Ammar A Ghapar, Senior Director Domestic & Events and Puan Azizah Aziz, Senior Director of Management, is one of its office bearers.

The three of the abovenamed are also in the management team of TM, HERE.  Is this not a of glaring conflict of interest whereby TM’s management team is part of the GEEKO’s outfit???

Just to digress a little.

Yours truly has been informed that Datuk Musa bin Yusop works very closely with Dato’ Siew.  So is his deputy En Hairi Mohd Yakzan.   Rumour has it that soon Datuk Musa Yusop will be promoted to Jusa C and B at par with the other little napoleons.

Yours truly has been reliably informed that Up this date KOPEMA is still owing the Ministry of Tourism and Culture a sum of RM20,000.OO for rental of cafeteria and kindergarten. This debt has been outstanding for years.  It seems that the Ministry is not taking serious actions about this outstanding debt.  It is strange that the Ministry has been allowing this debt to accumulate for years. This is another case of “Harapkan pagar, pagar makan paid“!  This may appear to be a small sum but it may lead MACC and/or Auditor-General to find bigger things. Yours truly calls upon the Auditor-General and MACC to look into all the matters stated above.

NEXT CHANGE – COMING SOON – AKAN DATANG – Part -2  Still on Tourism Malaysia & PR1MA 


21 thoughts on “Dato’ Siew Ka Wei: “Speedy Gonzales” Deal Tainted With Clear Conflict of Interest! Part – 1

  1. Penyaggak

    A clear case of conflict of interest. The koperasi was put in as a shareholder was to cover all the nonsense and fast track approval. Siew Ka Wei dan Mirza nak lari mana lagi. Tunggu masa dipanggil minum kopi dengan MACC.Tak malukah Siew Ka Wei? Masih tak mau letak jawatan kah? Nak cari perlaang buat business skim cepat kaya?

  2. The Cheat

    The Koperasi is like a bank for the little napoleons. They gave loans to their cronies and I am not too sure whether how many loans have not been settled. How could Koperasi owed the Ministry money for so many year? Must get the auditor general to investigate the koperasi too. How could Geeko invite the Koperasi as a shareholder? This is a clear case of conflict ofd interest because Datuk Musa and Datuk Ammar are part of the top management. no wonder everything went on so smoothly on 4 April 2018. Siew Ka Wei stop bullshitting we know your nonsense. I am sure YB will have more things on you. Your good friend Irwan Serigar and others have resign and you are trying to be like Apandi. Everyone know that you are Najib’s crony.

  3. Wheeler & Dealer

    Dato Siew

    please tell us how many more dirty deals that you have done in TM. Did you help your good friend and also a director of TM Daljit singh to get a place to do busihess in Saloma? you can tell us and we will not tell MACC. We know you are very powerful in MACC. Your business partner some people in MACC. We will see.

  4. Corporate Crook

    We have been observing Datuk Siew for the past one week. He has been working unusually hard in TM office daily until late. You will guarantee get another speedy gonzales contract because you are working so hard. We know what you are doing with your cronies in your office. There is nothing you can do. A few of us have copies of all the important documents for this bullshit deal and other deals. We know Geeko is a bullshit deal. In late March you were pushing every department heads to move fast on this Speedy Gongzales” file. We already knew then this is a fishy deal. We were waiting for the right time to expose you. You thought that Najib will always be there to protect you kan. Now you, DG Mirza and a few others will have to face the music soon. TM staffs are waiting to see you and a few others to be escorted to the court soon. You can do what you want with the documents. Just try. We are watching you and your little napoleons macai.

  5. Babi itu Haram...Wang rembat rakyat itu halal

    What utter nonsense…these are all fake news!!!…I am sure truth will prevail..These people that have been accused should report in for their own defense…They should not wait too many Tuesdays to act since they are very smart, efficient, highly paid and honest public servants…you guys should start a tabung for yourselves too since these allegations must be baseless right….right?!

    This exposé may not be the last but should start to uncover more mismangement, ill advised deals and the billions of rakyat money gained by proxys to be channeled to a certain someone carried out in TM and Motac…not to mention the ‘blue shirts events’ reported weekly even….these guys planned a rendang event long before it got screwed not being crispy….

    The Saloma Bistro contract…the Matic Durian…and even the cool 2 year RM4.3mil ‘maintenance contract’…I’m dead sure the Ministry have and had taken proper procurement procedures and they did not have to needlessly require to position selected ‘loyal’ personnel to guard it after the ‘Merdeka’ 10 Mei…even the Auditor General Team got ‘special’ treatment when they went flipping the books that their own brethren colluded to cover up…the Ministry is rotten to the core with spineless heads similar to the zombies they are…get on with Raya and get good with God while you still can especially since the satans are still chained up coz the days of reckoning will sure to come hard and swift…

  6. Kadir TM

    I agree with Babi Its Haram. They will soon be hauled up by the authorities. Every they have done in TM cannot see the light of the day.I cannot wait for MACC to call Siew up for questioning. Like what YB had said in his blog: Siew was flying too high when Najib was in power. He practically threaten everybody everywhere. Dropping Najib’s name like dropping shit.He got contracts for his Redberry Media Group from MRT, airports, highway and you name it he got it. Redberry was in the red suddenly flying high. Now that Najib is finished lets see whether he can still fly high.

    Siew looks worried in the picture. So is Mirza. They must be on the radar of the PH Government and MACC. Padan muka. JANGUT the pretender. Have you been to see your Dr Gigi recently. I heard that Sungei Buluh Resort have already reserved 2 single rooms for both of you.

  7. Con Man

    Why is Siew Ka Wei and his accomplices not issuing details with the support of documentation? When is Siew Ka Wei and his accomplices going to declare that they have no interest in this ROTTEN Geeko deal? So far no declaration. Until they declare they have no interest, we will assume that they all have interest in the rotten deal. Thats why it was fast track within a day. We all know Siew Ka Wei that he is just a wheeler and dealer. Now got caught. Get ready for a holiday soon in Sungei Buluh or Kajang.

  8. Superman

    MACC will never investigate Siew. Why? Because the new MACC boss is Siew’s partner’s partner. So chances are quite big Siew will get away with it. It’s good to be the King! In the meanwhile, the key person involved in this scam (outside of Siew), is this Elizabeth Ken character of Geeko. She is a Redberry Media Specialist. What is Redberry? Ancom’s sister company. What is Ancom? Siew’s company. So maybe, just maybe MACC could talk to Elizabeth too? She’s also pregnant …. Ask anyone at Ancom: they know!

  9. Corporate Crook

    Ha Ha Ha! A shameless corporate figure. Now is Rosmah? When is your turn Siew ka Wei? Your turn will come so is your business partner Tan Sri M Mohamed Alamin. You have to wait a little bit because of the queue. First come first serve ok. Due to your corporate status a special room in River Bamboo Resort has been reserved for you.

  10. Corporate Con Man

    Wow! Chairman Siew Ka Wei is coming in to TM office everyday. Today he is already in TM from morning until now. Before hardly seen him here until the Geeko speedy gonzales deal. Chairman working hard to do what. Two versions of stories will put you and the other officers in deep trouble. You know what is paper trail. You are already caught without walking naked now. Don’t waste your time. If I were you I will be better of resigning like Zulkifli from MACC otherwise you will be sacked like Apandi. Knowing you and your background your skin is as thick as elephant so it is ok. I agree other readers that a room has been reserved for you in Sungei Buluh.

  11. Superman

    ……………………………….. Deleted for reason stated below.


    I am sorry that I cannot publish the facts that you have stated above. I have taken note of it. We cannot reveal too much to the little napoleons otherwise they will doctor the documents which I am told they are doing now. Thank you for your info. They are very helpful to me, MACCC and Auditor General.

  12. Tak Malu Con Man

    Siew Ka Wei, how thick is your skin???? Bank Negara governor had offered his resignation. With the scandal you still hope to hold on to your post to do more scandalous Geeko’s deal? Your bosses/good friends Najib and Nazri are no longer around to cover your ass ok. They are having their own problems. So have some maruah and resign now.

    1. The Con Man Pregnant Girlfriend

      It is getting more interesting. Sia Ka Wei’s shit is hitting the fan. As have been said his skin is as think as the elephant skin! OMG! He has been working hard in TM to cover his track. What a change. But it will help la. The paper trail will show MACC all his BS. This is only Part 1 of the conflict of interest. How about Part 2 When????

  13. Wahid TM

    Not surprised if En Vogue is owned by Elizabeth & sister. Geeko Deal is a scam. Why is MACC is still waiting. The documents produced are very shocking. The star malu person is still going to office. the staffs are laughing at him and the other little napoleons who are now trying to cover up their backside. Tak boleh la!

  14. Anonymous

    Siew Ka Wei is waiting to be sacked. So PH Govt sack the f… r. Don’t tolerate this one of the top Najib’s crony. Siew’s business in Redberry Sdn Bhd Tan Sri Mo=ohamad Alamin is another one. Both must face the music.
    This scandalous deal cannot go through if the ex-minister did not Ok it.

  15. Anonymous TM

    A middle rank officer in TM has confided in me that he has been asked by the chief little napoleon to doctor certain documents/events. This officer told me that he had kept the real copy of the event in a safe place. If MACC were to investigate he will reveal the truth. The majority of the staffs in TM are fed up. The little napoleons are the ones who get everything plus the “Ang Pow” from the suppliers including Geeko but they are the ones having to work like dogs. This must end now.

    PH government must freeze all decisions for promotion, direct negotiation contracts like Geeko deal, postings of officers to overseas like in Paris, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Japan and others.

  16. Rashid TM

    The picture in the article tells a thousand words. Siew Ka Wei looks very worried. Mirza looks like a fool. Both are in the shit now. One did the planning behind the scene and the other execute the Geeko’s deal. Can’t wait for MACC to start its investigation. What a way for Mirza to end his career. The No: 1 perompak is no longer in he Ministry to protect them. Feel so sorry for them>

  17. Anom

    Without being told to resign, MACC chief, Bank Negara and a few other heads of govt link organisation have resigned on their own. But for this thick skin crony of Najib, he is still holding on thinking that he could do more Geeeko deals from TM. Other than the few little napoleons no one in TM respect Siew Ka Wei. Better hide your face in the toilet bowl ok.

  18. Shamless Siew

    Dato Siew Ka Wei tak malukah? Your good friend and “Hebatkan Negaruku Campaign” Datuk Shazali Ramly already resigned and still holding on to get your salary. You are still waiting to cover up the nonsense that you have done like Geeko. Then deserve to kicked out and then having coffee with MACC. of course having coffee with your gang in TM, Datuk Musa and the other little napoleons.

    1. Corporate Con Man

      Siew Ka Wei has no respect. He knows MACC and auditor general will be coming to investigate TM any time from now. He is a wheeler and dealer. Now no more chance becos BN dah koyak. Now kena tutup lubang. TM staff must keep all copies of documents to cover ourselves against the little napoleons. The little napoleons including Siew Ka Wei will only use us to protect themselves and when need be they will protect us. This is my advice to people in he Finance Department. Staff must not be fooled by the little napoleons.

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