Summary of Tourism Msia’s RM99.693 million “Speedy Gonzales” GEEKO Deal!

KUALA LUMPUR 5/4/18, Left, Minister of Tourism and Culture Malaysia Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz and Chairman of the Malaysian Tourism & Redberry Media Group, Dato’ DR Siew Ka Wei launching Malaysia Smart Tourism 4.0 at Hotel Istana.  Siew is also the Chairman of Ancom Bhd/

This article has been updated with all the important documents to support what have been stated in this blog.

The article “Masa Sekarang Menunggu Mu” – Part 5 was to put on record the details of the “Speedy Gonzales”  RM99.693 millions Deal.  In this article yours truly has summarised all the salient facts  for ease of reference.  From the Chronology of Events below you will understand why your truly called this the “Speedy Gonzales Deal“.

It is an open secret that Malay Mail is one of the outfits of the famous Dato’  Siew Ka Wei, who is the Chairman of Tourism Malaysia (TM) and also the Chairman of the public listed company, Ancom Bhd (“Ancom”).  The famous Redberry Media Group is part of Ancom too.  He is a very powerful personality in the corporate world and politically well connected to Najib’s regime.


Chronology of Events of the Speedy Gonzales Contract with GEEKO TECH SDN BHD


SSM Report on GEEKO on 23-5-2018


6-11-2017        The incorporation date of  Geeko Tech Sdn Bhd  (GEEKO”) (Co No: 1254344).

April 2018       RM1.3 million paid GEEKO –for “kajian untuk service on demand, data collection from hotels in Malaysia” . There was another “Kajian” to be done by Delloitte for the sum of RM2.5 million but could not be proceeded with because of procedural issues and that BN lost in the 14 GE.   TM was spared of RM2.5 million!

3-4-2018          Jawatankuasa Penilaian & Rundingan Harga (JKPTRH) met to evaluate the proposal by Geeko Tech Sdn Bhd with regards to the promotion of Malaysia through internet in China via Tencent’s platform for a total cost of RM99,693,000.00.  As expected this evaluation was just to follow through with the procedures or going through the motion.  JKPTRH did not reject the said sum and send it to Lembaga Perolehan “A” for its approval.

4-4-2018          YB Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz, the ex-Minister of Tourism and Culture and Datuk Siew Ka Wei, Chairman of Tourism Malaysia launched this “Speedy Gonzales” project in the afternoon at Istana Hotel.  See the Malay Mail report on top of this page, HERE.


Letter of Intent From TM To Geeko – Signed Datuk Mirza Mohamad Taiyap, DG of TM


4-4-2018 Letter of Intent from Datuk Mirza Mohammad Taiyap, DG of TM


4-4-2018          This Letter of Intent for the proposal of Digital Marketing for 2 years for RM99,693 millions from TM to GEEKO was signed by Datuk  Mirza Mohammad Taiyap (DG of TM) given to GEEKO. The third paragraph of the letter reads: “The relevant officers of Tourism Malaysia will be discussing with you on other specific terms and condition of the proposed advertising campaign.”  The time at which this letter was prepared and sent to Ms Elizabeth Ken was not stated.  This paragraph suggested it was still in the discussion stage and that no documentation had been prepared.


Letter of Acceptance from Geeko


4-4-2018 Letter of Acceptance from Geeko signed by Ms Elizabeth Ken


On the same day 4-4-2018 , GEEKO replied “We are delighted to accept the offer and agree to the content of the letter of intent.”  It was signed by one Ms Elizabeth Ken Tzu Ying.  Yours truly has been informed that in the month of April 2018 she had been quite a regular visitor in TM’s office and Datuk Siew’s office on 16 Floor.  She was able to roam around in TM freely.

Ms Elizabeth Ken’s shareholding in GEEKO


SSM Report shows Ms Elizabeth Zen Tzu Ying holds 1 share in Geeko

Who is this Ms Elizabeth Ken Tzu Ying?  Although she holds 1 share in GEEKO, she seems to be very powerful in Geeko.  She signed all official documents.  Is she closely associated with any of the little napoleons?  No speculation please.


The Minutes of Lembaga Perolehan “A”


4-4-2018 Lembaga Perolehan “A” of Ministry of Tourism meeting


Item 1.3 of the Minute of Lembaga Perolehan “A”


Item 1.3 of the Lembaga Perolehan “A” Minutes


The signing page of the minutes of the meeting of Lembaga Preolhean “A” on 4-4-2018 which ended at 1:15 pm.


Under item 1:3 of the minutes of  Lembaga Perolehan “A”  states “…setiap perolehan yang akan dibincangkan di dalam LPA ini mesti mempunyai peruntukan yang mencukupi. Sekiranya tiada peruntukan, mesyuarat ini tidak boleh diadakan, sebagaimana dinyatakan dalam SOP Tempahan Terus Media LLPM 2018”. 

Your truly has been reliably informed that at that material time TM has no budget  or ready fund for this project costing of RM99,693,000.00 In fact, as it were TM has been operating with a few hundred millions RM deficit for the past few years!

4-4-2018          At 11:45 am Lembaga Perolehan “A”  (Tempahan Terus Media) met as can be seen from the minutes above.  It was chaired by Yg Bhg Datuk Rashidi bin Hasbullah, KSU of Kementerian Pelancongan & Kebudayaan Malaysia.  It was attended by Datuk Seri Mirza Mohammad Taiyap (DG of TM) and Tuan Syed Nasir Syed Ahmad (Rep from MOF). The meeting ended at 1:15 pm.

Memo From Bahagian Pentadbiran TM


4-4-2018 Memo from Bahagian Pentadbiran of TM


4-4-2018          It had to be well after 1:15 pm (Lembaga Perolehan A ended its meeting – see: minutes above) of 4-4-2018 that Bahagian Pentadbiran TM sent a memo to Bahagian Pengiklanan & Digital to inform that Lembaga Perolehan “A” has approved the “Proposal Papers for Internet advertising in China using Tencent Platform for 2018 – 2020” with the total cost of RM99,693.000.00 for two years.


4-4-2018          Pengarah Bahagian Pengiklanan minuted on a memo:   “Untuk tindakan segera bagi penyedian kontrak”.  This instruction had to be made well after 1:15 pm when the Lembaga Perolehan ‘A” had ended its meeting.


The GEEKO Agreement

Puan Nor Razifah Siarap (the sister of Datuk Kamarudin Siaraf, the former DG of TM) the TM’s Senior Legal Officer was very efficient and brilliant that within a few hours she got the 14 page Agreement done the earliest had to be well after 1:15 pm of 4-4-2018 (the time the Lembaga Perolehan “A” ended its meeting).   Of course, it was a very simple agreement with no termination clause in place. This is very unusual for government contracts.  Presumably, Ms Elizabeth Ken was equally efficient and had read through it without any amendment and executed it.  From hereon, everybody must be very happy for a job well done!

The “Speedy Gonzales” Contract






First page of the “Speedy Gonzales” GEEKO’s Agreement.


Clause 4: The speedy deal cannot be terminated, which was unusual in government contract.


4-4-2018          The “Speedy Gonzales” Agreement between TM and GEEKO was signed by Yg Bhg Datuk Mirza Mohammad Taiyap (DG of TM) and Ms Elizabeth Ken (for Geeko Tech Sdn Bhd). She holds only 1 share in Geeko and was not even a director of Geeko.  Clause 4 at page 3 of the agreement provides no termination right for TM (see picture above.  It is not the standard form of agreement for government agencies.  It is a condition precedent that all agreements involving all contracts for government agencies must have a termination clause. But in TM the little napoleons can do anything as they like even in violation of the MOF Procurement Regulations.


MOF Certificate of Registration of GEEKO


MOF’s Certificate of Registration of GEEKO


4-4-2018      Two days before registration with MOF, the Lembaga Perolehan “A” had already approved the GEEKO’s proposals and the “Speedy Gonzales” Agreement was already executed by Datuk Mirza on behalf of TM.  It is extremely unusual for the government agencies to consider any proposal from any company, let alone signed an agreement,  if the company was not registered with MOF.  This is against item 7.15.2 (2.1.2)  Tata Peroalehan Perkhidmatan Penyiaran Pengiklanan Melalui Media Cetak (Slot Iklan – Advertisement Space) dan Media Elektronik.  This GEEKO deal must be a very “extraordinary” deal that the Ministry of Tourism and Culture and TM could ignore the said MOF’s Procurement Regulations and other rules.   Is this a “special Purpose Vehicle” contract?  


MOF Procurement Regulations


6-4-2019          As we can see from above that Kementerian Kewangan (MOF) had only  issued the “Sijil Akuan Pendaftaran Sayarikat” to GEEKO on 6-4-2018.   All  the processes of approving the GEEKO’s proposals and signing of the agreement were already completed on 4-4-2018 (2 days before registration).  The above events prior the said registration were in clear violation of the Procurement Pegulations PK 7.15 of MOF that is applicable to all government department and agencies.  Please see below.



Rules PK 7/15 of Ministry of Finance



PK 7.15  ( MOF Procurement Rules


6-4-2018          The then PM YAB Datuk Najib made an announcement to dissolve Parliament

7-4-2017          Parliament was dissolved

Letter of Appointment


Letter of Appointment darted 10-4-2018 for GEEKO by Datuk Mirza Mohammad Taiyap, the DG of TM.


10-4-2018       Letter of Appointment from TM signed by Yg Bhg Datuk Seri Mirza Mohammad Taiyap.  This was done 6 days after the execution of  the said “Speedy Gonzales” contract. It was a case of putting the cart before the horse! This also showed TM was in the rush to get this “Speedy Gonzales” Deal through at all costs. They have lost their sense of directions.


10-4-2018        Acceptance of TM’s letter of Appointment by GEEKO on the same day.


25-4-2018        GEEKO sent “Work Completion Certificate” signed by Ms Elizabeth Ken Tzu Ying. Your truly is not sure whether at this material time all the conditions under the said contract have been fulfilled.

Certificate of Work Completion


27-4-2018 Yg Datuk Seri Khani Daud, Deputy DG, issued a Certificate for payment of RM11 mil plus


27-4-2018        TM issued “Certificate of Work Completion” for GEERKO’s  Invoice NO: 002/2018.  It wassigned by Datuk Sri Khani Abdul Khani Daud (Deputy DG of TM), who had also recommended payment of RM11, 963,160.00 for “production scrip, scripting, shooting location identification channel booking and initial mobilization for the said Production Work”.  Datuk Seri Khani Daud was also very efficient!  The payment was processed with lightning speed!


On or about 6-5- 2018         A few days before 14 General Elections TM made a payment of RM11, 963, 160.00 to Geeko presumably based on Datuk Seri Khani’s recommendation of 27-4-2018.     Reliable sources have confirmed that at that material time TM has no budget or ready fund to pay this RM11,693,000.00 at that time.  It was due to the little napoleons’ intelligence and expertise on “creative accounting” process that they managed to make the payment.  It was taken from the sum that was  reserved for Visit Malaysia 2018 – 2020 Campaign. So “BUNGKUSlah” the Visit Malaysia Yea for 2018 – 2020.  No worries we have “Cuti-Cuti Malaysia“.

9-5-2018          14th GE Polling Day

The above events and documents clearly shown this “Speedy Gonzales” Deal smells a rat!


The few pertinent questions are:

  1. Does TM need a small private limited company of 5 months old with a very small capital of RM100,000.00 and no past record to connect it with Tencent  Holding?

  2. Why TM has the habit of going through a third party to do media buy and etc?

  3. Why TM prefer Direct Contracts than Open Tender?

  4. Is this GEEKO a “special purpose vehicle” for someone in TM and/or  Ministry?

  5. Why this Geeko “Speedy Gonzales” deal cost only RM99.963 million and not RM100 mil?   Was the contract price fixed at RM99.963 million to avoid the mechanism of open tender?


Your truly has been informed that this matter has already been reported to MACC HQ.


Now it is for Yg Tan Sri Ali Hamsa, KSN, to instruct the Auditor General to move into TM and Ministry of Tourism and Cultures to investigate this matter and take the necessary actions against the officers, who were involved in this deal, and if necessary to surcharge them for any damage suffered by TM as provided for under the General Orders.  As high the ranking officers, they had knowingly violated the Procurement Rules and other rules.  It goes without saying that this deal must be terminated as it was sealed not above board and more so our country cannot afford this luxury at this time.

39 thoughts on “Summary of Tourism Msia’s RM99.693 million “Speedy Gonzales” GEEKO Deal!

  1. Burung TM

    Cantik lah! Little napoleons, Siew Ka Wei dan lain: Mana mau lari lagi? Mau doctor dokumen – tak bolehlah. udah keluar in blog utk orna aawan baca dan SPRM pun udah ada.

  2. Anon

    Wow! All the documents are out in he open now. TM officers were fast workers when Geeko is in the picture. Evaluation of the contract of RM99.6 mil, preparation of agreement and signed all done in one day. It should be in the Guinness Book of Records Payment approved within 2 days and money paid within a week. Should also be Guiness Book of Recored. Unfortunately TM efficiencies do not apply to other providers or suppliers. Some of the suppliers have to wait for months after sending in the invoices and still not received payment. This time the little napoleons and Siew Ka Wei are caught with their pants down! What is MACC waiting for?

  3. Choong

    The picture is so clear now. Bunch of crooks. They are bleeding the country. Simple – Why can’t TM deal direct with Tencent? Geeko is just a middleman. 5 months old Geeko can handle a RM99 mil digital marketing. What a bloody joke! Sad case! I hope that MACC is keeping an eye on them.

  4. DS Kong Kali Kong

    The documents clearly shown the Geeko deal is a CON-tract. Siew Ka Wei: tell us who is this Elizabeth Ken??? Your reputation as Ancom Bhd chairman is well known. You know what you have been doing in TM. What were you and your macai Mirza working so very hard in TM HQ last night until very late? Don’t try to mess around with the documents. They were already out in the open. Copies given SPRM already.

  5. Con Men in TM

    Con men at work in TM and Ministry of Tourism and Cultures. It is now the right time for SPRM to move into TM. SPRM have enough dental records on Mirza due to his problematic teeth, his deputy like to use travel agent to buy ticket go overseas especially to Bangkok for baby shitting and other little napoleons. Now we have name dropping Siew Ka Wei messing around in TM. No wonder TM is in such shit. They think that they can do wonder in TM because they have the Finance Director Arleen in their pocket. Wait till SPRM come into TM then we all will see the fun!

  6. Kong Kali Kong

    SPRM must look into the direct contracts or projects with companies related to Raja Firdaus, Datuk Tham in Japan, Salleh Gemok, Daljit, Datuk Faisal (director in TM) and a few others. This stinking Geeko deal is pointing to Chairman Siew Ka Wei, Mirza and Rashidi. I do agree that Siew using his position in TM to do business. With the shit already hit the fan I can’t wait for SPRM to call upon Siew, Mirza, Khani,, Razip and Arleen for coffee. Someone come where must know who is this powerful sweet little thing Elizabeth Zen. Nama pun Satu madam. Nows it is the time to expose the crooks in TM.

    1. Anonymous

      Raja firdaus is the cable and vehicle for this boss Mr N… to get paid. Raja will bill gecko for “consultancy fees”.

  7. Anonymous



  8. Speedy Gonzales

    Well everyday a new untold story coming out .why wait throw all the crooks in jail and give them 10 stripke of Rotan in public

  9. Hari prasad

    Time to clean up n do away with these unhealthy practices.
    If there are things done sideways, those found complicit should face d consequences..Enforcement n execution is key. Enough us enough.

  10. Huhh.. these are the crooks coming to meet us in Sabah with a ‘cigar came off from his mouth’ during meeting and we were told they are meeting other state tourism too including Sarawak to ‘campaign’ this suspicious Tencent projects with China. These people will join in the 1MDB rogues gallery from now on and actually many more similar scandals likely hidden in secret files in state tourism too if MACC are not aware off !!.

  11. Hamid in Ancom

    Siew Ka Wei you and your little napoleons in TM are caught with your underwear down. Stop trying to bullshit. The documents clearly shown the handy pinky. Mirza is no angel. He was instrumental in getting this hanky lanky deal through. So was Rashidi. Mirza never learnt that he had been hauled up by MACC twice. He hopes to be third time lucky! Siew Ka Wei should tell us who is this Elizabeth and what is her connection with him?
    Datuk Musa is no angel too. He is a close little Napoleon to Siew Ka Wei. The Koperasi Kakitangan Kementerian Pelancongan also hold 10,000 this not conflict of interesT? TM is a big can of worms. Now the little Napoleon are Working hard too destroy or doctor documents. There must be a total revamp.All the little napoleons must be sent to Sungei Buluh Resort as soon as possible. MACC please take note.

    1. Jamal al

      The Koperasi Kakitangan Kementerian Pelancongan also hold 10,000 shares?? What’s wrong if Koppema having shares in Geeko?? Good what to generate more income to the coop. Members also will get better dividends. Money matters !!!

  12. Con Man

    The corporate crook at work! The Crook loves to drop Najib’s name every where to get approvals and fast track. He was stationed in Langkawi for the last few days of the GE 14 campaign to ensure that Tun M is defeated. Now he is trying to be nice by using Malay Mail to publish positive story about Tun’s administration. Heard Malay Mail is in deep financial problems because of no readership.

  13. Anuar Murad

    I pray to God Almighty that those culprits will be brought to justice, those in the Ministry of Tourism, TM, MoF even and other players involved. Their evil senses have to be punished. The civil servants have betrayed the trust placed upon them. All done with disgusting greed and bodek.

  14. makan all the way deal

    Datuk Siew Ka Wei, who its also the executive chairman of Ancom Bhd. Redberry Media Group owns Malay Mail is also part of Ancom. In my opinion you shouldn’t have accepted to be the chairman of TM because of potential conflict of interest. TM deals a lot with advertising. Let me tell Malaysians that a RM99.6 millions just to buy a space in the Tencent Holdings platform is very very high to say the least. Then the deal was evaluate, going through the Procurement “A” meeting , preparation of contract and signing in one bloody day. You all got to be GOD. If our government departments are slo efficient, our nation would have been like Japan many years ago. It is impossible that the ex-Minister and TM,s Board didn’t know about this bullshit deal. THIS GEEKO DEAL STINKS LIKE ROTTEN FISH!!!! This is a clear case for MACC.

  15. Razak TM

    Reply to Jamal Al

    Your statement sounded great. Unfortunately no dividend has been paid to the members until now. You should know that the Ministry did help with RM5 million grant. What had happened to this grant? Up to now the Koperasi is still owing he Ministry RM20,000 on rental for the cafe and kindergarten. Just check with the ministry officials and Datuk Musa and Ammar who are involved in the Kopersi. Both of them are also in the management of TM. It is a known fact that Datuk Musa is also very close to Datuk Siew Ka Wei. Is this not a conflict of interest. Ha ha ha

  16. Sweetie Elizabeth Zen

    Datuk Siew ka wei, your are wearing too many hats (Ancom, Redberry, Meru Utama and many more) until you got too confuse. Too Greedy eh? You also think that you were so powerful and nobody can do anything to you. Now your boss Jibby is in very deep shit. How to help you? I don’t know Nazri can help you? You are left with Mirza, whom MACC loves to interview him.

    By right you should have resigned from your Ancom if you want to do public service as the chairman of TM. In this matter you got your under pant being pulled down for the corporate world too see. We know you are one of the top cronies of Najib together with your business partner Mohamad Alamin. Ancom media group got many contracts from Najib. Right? we also know that you and TS Irwan Serigar were busy campaigning in Langkawi until 9 May 2018 where both of you organised the concert where Irwan was seen dancing away. No need to pretend. You are totally exposed now. Your Malay Mail could not safe you. It is also struggling to survive with its very circulation and support from companies. The documents produced in YB’s bloody speak for itself. Love you Datuk

  17. Juicy Elizabeth

    I love Elizabeth Zen,s come ts. Datuk Siew, who is Elizabeth Ken. We heard from the little bird in Ancom that both of you are very closed. By issuing the Press Release with nothing substantial to refute what have been exposed by YB, you have made yourself more famous over night. It is now the talk of the down that a RM99 mil finalised in one day. As a corporate man, you know that it is impossible to do it in one day except in TM under you and the little Napoleon headed by Datuk Mirza.

  18. KSN JPA BOD for your attention..MACC too if there is a case

    Di sini saya ingin menyentuh bab posting pegawai yang kawin sesama pegawai di TM. Kalau nak dikira ramai juga yang kawin sesama staff. Ini soal jodoh tiada siapa yang boleh halang. Bagaimana pun saya nak suarakan bahawa terdapat kepincangan dalam sistem pentadbiran TM berhubung perkara ini.
    Contoh yang terbaik ialah Zulkafli Yahya yang berkawin dengan Rosbi Mamat. Mereka punyai 4 orang anak yang masih bersekolah. Zul Yahya selama perkhidmatannya telah 2 kali bertugas ke luar negara (Tokyo dan Beijing) ditemani isteri dan anak2. Rosbi mengambil cuti tanpa gaji mengikuti suami bermakna beliau kehilangan senioriti. Tidak berapa lama kembali ke hq dari Beijing Zul Yahya beroleh pangkat Jusa C. Zul Yahya ini merupakan orang Mirza dan telah didapati juga berkempen untuk parti BN baru-baru ini. Zul Yahya akan bersara tahun hadapan. Bagaimana pun dengan membodek Mirza dan Nazri, Rosbi berjaya mendapat posting ke luar negara dahulunya dijanjikan Osaka tapi ditukarkan ke Amsterdam atas sebab Mirza hendak hantar kroni dia seorang lagi.
    1) Persoalan saya di sini, bagaimana boleh Rosbi di hantar ke luar negara sedangkan beliau kehilangan senioriti. Ramai lagi pegawai yang lebih senior dari dia tidak lansung dipertimbangkan.
    2) Zul Yahya akan bersara tahun 2019 (tahun ini 2018 masih dalam perkhidmatan) dan Rosbi pula akan bertugas di Amsterdam berkuatkuasa mungkin Julai-Ogos 2018. Bermakna pada 2018 Zul Yahya terima gaji Jusa C, Rosbi pula menerima gaji jawatan hakiki di Malaysia dan menerima elaun luar negara dan segala kemudahan2 di luar negara. Manakala anak2 akan bersekolah di sekolah antarabangsa memandangkan Amsterdam adalah non English speaking country. Betapa banyak wang rakyat yang digunakan untuk kroni Mirza Zul Yahya, Rosbi dan anak2 dengan posting ke luar negara ini.
    Pada 2019, Zul Yahya Jusa C akan bersara dan menerima beberapa faedah pencen seperti ganjaran perkhidmatan (dibayar sekaligus), pencen perkhidmatan (Jusa C bulanan) dan award wang tunai sebagai gantian cuti rehat. Rosbi masih akan bertugas di luar negara dengan menerima gaji Malaysia dan elaun luar negara dsb. Untung jadi Zul Yahya lepas pencen sambung duduk luar negara boleh enjoy life sebab segalanya dibayar TM/Kerajaan dengan duit rakyat. Zul Yahya dan Rosbi hanya belanja elaun luar negara sahaja untuk kehidupan mereka di Amsterdam.
    Mengapa perlu saya highlightkan kes Zul Yahya dan Rosbi? Ini adalah kerana
    1) keputusan menghantar Rosbi ke luar negara adalah tidak adil
    2) kos menghantar Rosbi ke luar negara adalah tinggi dengan yuran persekolahan anak2 di sekolah antarabangsa, sewa rumah, medical dan claims

    Perkara ini terjadi disebabkan tiada syarat atau sop atau garis panduan bagi pegawai yg berkawin sesama pegawai di TM. Sepatutnya disyaratkan hanya SEORANG sahaja yang dibolehkan bertugas ke luar negara dalam tempoh perkhidmatan suami/isteri. Bila suami/isteri bersara syaratnya ialah supaya satu tempoh 3-5 tahun selepas bersara barulah dibenarkan pasangan yg masih berkhidmat untuk dipertimbangkan bertugas ke luar negara. Ini baru boleh dilihat sebagai adil dan saksama bagi semua pegawai di TM. Ada BOD pun tak guna, semua hanya pentingkan diri sendiri dan bagaimana nak merompak TM sahaja. Hal ehwal perkhidmatan dan kebajikan kakitangan, kenaikan pangkat, posting dsb tidak diendahkan lansung tetapi untuk segelintir pegawai yang kroni seperti Zul Yahya dan Rosbi dan beberapa pegawai lain amat dititikberatkan.

    Saya amat kecewa dgn keputusan menhantar Rosbi ke luar negara. Saya dan ramai rakan2 di TM belum sekali pun dipertimbangkan ke luar negara. Kami juga ingin merasa bertugas di luar negara, kami juga ingin kukuhkan status kewangan kami kerana selain gaji kami boleh memdapat elaun luar negara, kami juga inginkan anak2 kami menerima pendidikan di luar negara di sekolah2 antarabangsa, kami juga ingin melihat negara luar bukan hanya diperapkan di TM hq dan cawangan sahaja. Kalau bab kerja memang pass pada kami tapi bab naik oangkat, posting diberikan kepada kroni!

    Disini disarankan KSN, JPA dan BOD study kes ini yang amat banyak ruginya kepada Kerajaan. Duit yang digunakan untuk menyenangkan mereka adalah duit saya duit rakyat juga dan saya tidak mengizinkan ianya di gunakan dgn cara ini. KSN JPA BOD jangan anggap ini perkara remeh..ini sesuatu yang serius dan membazir. Buatlah sesuatu. Sekiranya penghantaran Rosbi ke luar negara diteruskan juga ianya akan menjadi precedent kepada pegawai lain yang berkawin sesama pegawai di TM di masa2 akan datang.

    Hapuskan kronisme, korupsi, opressi dan ketidakadilan di TM sekarang!

    1. Anak Sungai Besar

      Kenapa iri hati, dengki, sakit hati sangat dengan rezeki Tuan Zulkafli Yahya dan Puan Rosbi Mamat. Kalau tak puas hati, esok pergilah hantar surat bantahan pada HR. Kalau tak berani, hantar melalui Union atau Kumpulan P&P. Posting dan kenaikan pangkat adalah prerogatives PPSM. Guna lah saluran yang betul dan rasmi. Saya percaya Pengurusan Tertinggi TM mengamalkan polisi pintu terbuka.

    2. Mata2 Putih


  19. Shameless Ancom Siew

    Siew was caught without wearing his under pant. Apa mau cakap lagi? The documents are in the blog for everyone to see. YB has been talking about the Geeko and the Najib crony Siew was talking about the agreement with Tencent. Why Siew didn’t deny the existent of the speedy gonzales contract with Geeko? Please respect therakyat la. We arrow not as stupid as what you think! We hope that you will lie through your teeth when you are called up for questioning by MACC. Ancom Chairman tak malu kah? Tak boleh letak jawatan kerana pembayaran penuh belum diselesaikan kan kan? Nanti menteri baru masuk pun kena bungkus la!

  20. The Shameless

    I was working in theMalay Mail until the end of the GE. Malay Mail was busy printing and preparing GE materials for BN. Dato Siew Ka Wei was very busy going instructions as to what to do. Now he is trying to be an angel so is the Malay Mail. Dato Siew we all know about your nonsense in the corporate world too. Your Malay Mail is also going down the drain. Many reporters have left. Leaving just a few reporters to do the online stuffs.It is just a matter of time that Malay Mail will be closed.


    The Harapan Government should just shut down the bloody TM and even the Ministry too. What a disgrace!!

    TM is just a vehicle to outsource promotion work then why bother having an agency that only know how to spend spend spend.

    The Ministry which was supposed to administer the tourism industry for businesses to flourish and keeping consumers/tourists are protected is also guilty and have been a joke of late. I feel Rashidi is confused what he is doing and jurisdictions he posses by law that he time and again trespasses other peoples turf. He always claims and reminisce his older days “when I was bla bla bla”. Flush yourself out arse wipe.

  22. moshimoshi

    SPRM cuba korek kes KEDAI KARYANEKA milik MOTAC di KLIA…. di sailang oleh NAZRI untuk bagi bini dia buka kedai jual CHOKLAT

  23. Rajee

    Mr Choo Keong.
    You did a great job. We need to find out who is behind this. Get to the roots. Get the bald headed guy with the purple uniform.
    The prison authoritise should start tailor made their size ready. In event we run out of uniform.

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