YB Anthony Loke: Ministry of Transport Should Stop Defying The Law

Federal Government Gazette dated 28-12-2017

Updates on 26-05-2018:  “The Malaysian Aviation Commission (Mavcom) is needed as an independent body to protect consumers and passengers when their rights are violated”, says Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail. Only one airline with unethical business model and debts does not not like MAVCOM and MAHB.

On 28 December 2017 the Federal Government had gazetted the Malaysian Aviation Commission (MAVCOM) (Aviation Service Charges) (Amendment) Regulations 2017 P.U (A) 427.  It was to regulate for equalisation of  Passenger Service Charge (PSC)  for all airports including KLIA-2.   In fact,  the PSC for all the 4 Terminals (including a Low Cost Terminal) in Singapore , 5 Terminals in Heathrow London and other major airports are at the same rate except for Malaysia.

The above legislation had been passed and it was to take effect on 1 January 2018.  It was postponed to 1 March 2018 because MAHB need a bit of time to implement the new rates.  The equalisation of PSC for all airports in Malaysia was supposed to take effect on 1 March 2018 except KLIA-2.  Why is KLIA-2 so special?

Despite the said Regulation to  equalise PSC, which was fixed at RM73 by MAVCOM,  for international passengers (other ASEAN destinations) travelling from KLIA-2 still remain at RM50 until now. Why must international passengers flying out from KLIA-1 have to pay RM73 for PSC.  Why the inequality?

2nd left:  Datuk Nazir Razak, the Chairman of CIMB, 3rd left: the deposed Minister of Transport, Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai, 4th left Tan Sri Tony Fernades of AirAsia.  This picture was taken during the 14th General Elections. campaign.

Rumour has it that the previous spineless Minister of Transport, Datuk Liow Tiong Lai, did not implement the above Regulations to equalise all PSC in all our airports.  It boggles the mind how could the Ministry of Transport be so daring to defy the law.  The Attorney General should prosecute the culprits who are cooperating with certain “powerful” outsider.

By not implementing the said Regulation, the Government will have to pay for the shortfall of RM23.00 (RM73 – RM50.00) to MAHB as provided for in the Operating Agreement between MAHB and the Government.  Therefore, public fund has been used to subsidise mostly foreigners travelling from KLIA-2.  This cannot be allowed.  If the Government wants the Rakyat to follow the law then the Ministry of Transport must set good example (“Kepimpinan Melalui Teladan” the familiar slogan during YAB Tun Dr Mahathir ‘s administration some 25 years ago) by following the said Regulation (P.U (A) 427).  It is not fair for the Rakyat to subsidise passengers travelling from KLIA-2.

The Chairman of MAHB had said “The government will be forced to fork out RM60 million in subsidies if the passenger service charges (PSC) for long-haul international flights between KLIA and Klia-2 are not equalised.“, HERE.

Why is it that only a certain airline is having problems with PSC and paying up PSC and other debts owed to MAHB.  Yet, the Ministry of Transport is not seen to be taking serious actions to stop such behaviour.  It seems that airport authority in other countries have no problems with the said issues but only MAHB is facing with such issues year in year out.

It is an open secret that a certain airline does not want the said Regulation to equalise the PSC at KLIA-2 with KLIA-1 to be implemented.  PSC is not paid in advance by passengers.  Airlines are mere collecting agents to collect PSC for MAHB.   Under, such circumstances, there is no reason for any airline to owe PSC to MAHB.

It is nonsensical for certain airline to argue that an increase in PSC will deter people from travelling.  PSC in Heathrow Airport in London has PSC rates at GBP75 (equivalent to RM400)  for long haul economy and GBP150 (equivalent to RM750) for premium cabin and yet travelers have not been deterred to go U.K., HERE

The PSC set by MAVCOM can be said to be the lowest in the world.   Prior to the existence of MAVCOM in the website of the certain airline, the unsuspecting consumers will have only to choice to OPT OUT from the hidden charges like insurance, extra baggage allowance and etc. Now with rules set up by MAVCOM all airlines in particular that certain airline could no longer cheat the consumers with the said “hidden charges”.  Now in all airline’s websites they have to provide an OPT IN system for all the services provided by them. This had prevented that certain airline from making easy money from unsuspecting consumers.

“THANK YOU” MAVCOM for protecting the travelling public from being exploited by all airlines in particular that no class airline with their dirty and unethical business model of making extra profits from hidden charges.

It was due to the passing of this MAVCOM Amendment Bill in October 2017 that had made that certain no class airline upset with MAVCOM.


YB Tuan Anthony Loke Siew Fook, the good Minister of Transport

Yours truly calls upon the new Minister of Transport, YB Anthony Loke Siew Fook, to ensure that his Ministry follows the said Regulation and equalise all PSC at all airports with immediate effect and stop subsidising travellers for KLIA-2 only. The Ministry of Transport should follow the law and be fair to all passengers.




7 thoughts on “YB Anthony Loke: Ministry of Transport Should Stop Defying The Law

  1. goblog2

    Well said Sir Wee. This nonsense has exceeded its limit and must stop now. The Boss, Rakyat are not pleased at all.

  2. George

    The Minister must now act. The officer delaying in the implementation the regulations must be brought to book and sack if necessary. No one can defy the law up to this level. If this is allow to go, then there is no law. I agree that the Rakyat can now defy the law by following MOT’s example.

  3. Pariah

    YB Loke please show us you mean business by taking actions against the culprits for not implementing the Regulation to equalise all PSC in all our airports. Why must MOT kow tow to the Pariah? May be the MOT officers are having good dedak from him since Chan kong Choy days where he could walk in and out of MOT like his second home.

  4. Cheong

    this is a clear case of : No need for the government follow the laws. But we the Rakyat have to follow the laws. Based on leadership by example principle as what YB put it, Rakyat can break the laws too. Bloody nonsense. It is not YB Loke’s faults but that idiot Liow liau (habit). Implement the law now no exemption for any airport. The law did not give MOT the right to exempt certain favoured airport to implement the new pic rate.

    1. The Pariah

      MOT under that stupid Liow was to help the pariah – his close friend. Fam Lee Lee is a director of AirAsia and he is one of the MCA youth leader. No wonder the pariah supported Sharizat in 2007 GE, Raja Nong Chik 2013 and 2018 came out with a video and changed the livery of AA aircraft to support BN. Then trying to deny when BN lost. Now trying to give problems to MQVCOM becos MAVCOM stop all kind of its hidden charges and other unethical business practices against public interest.

  5. TravelConsultant

    Hi YB. Under para 8, I think it should be PSC are paid in advance by passengers. We do pay in advance when we issue our tickets. Unless I understand it wrongly. Hence no reason for an airline not to pay as they have collected it in advance. 👍

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