“Masa Sekarang Menunggu Mu” – Part 3 (Tourism Malaysia – Overseas Postings)

Datuk Seri Mirza Mohamad Taiyap, the Director General of Tourism Malaysia. H

Overseas Posting of TM Officers

The usual practice for overseas posting for all government servants is for a maximum period of 3 – 4 years at most. Wisma Putra practices this too. However, this practice is not applicable to the little napoleons in Tourism Malaysia (TM).

To digress a little, TM is a fiefdom to the  little napoleons. They are the laws to themselves.   For the past few years until now TM has been operating in deficit with impunity.  This in unheard of. It is business as usual for them. They are the laws to themselves.

These  little napoleons are so good with creative accounting that even the Auditor-General Department had been fooled time and time again.  As far as they are concerned Rules or Regulations are for decoration purposes only. As we can see the little napoleons wearing BN uniforms and openly campaigning for BN during the last GE when they knew or ought to have known that they are prohibited from taking part in political activities, HERE.

There was a case where one of the little napoleon had signed a contract with a non-existent “company” with impunity and yet he was subsequently rewarded with promotion to JUSA C.  Soon after he was promoted to be a Deputy Director General!  This matter will be discussed (if necessary yours truly will name him) with other questionable transactions in the next posting (Part – 3).

If the overseas directors (OD) are cronies of the Director General,  Yg Bhg Datuk Seri Mirza Mohamad Taiyap or one of the little napoleon or with very “SPECIAL ASSIGNMENTS” the 3-4 years limitation will not be applicable.

The Costs For Maintaining The Overseas Directors Are  Very High

Huge sum of Rakyat money has been used for posting of OD.  Currently there are two ODs for every overseas stations of TM.  The Rakyat has to pay for all costs of educations for all their children in the international schools, which TM should do. The cost of education for the children alone will be a few hundred thousands Ringgit a year for each child without taking into account the cost of accommodation and other allowances, which would be another few hundred thousands Ringgit a year for each director yearly.  The total cost for this expenses will be very huge.

There is no need for two ODs in each station. We only need one director for each station because there  are more than enough local full time members of staff to do the work in. On top of that these little napoleons have devised a scheme to employ PR agencies to do their so-called PR works.

In one case in Shanghai station, Tuan Effendy Mat Yaman, the then OD and current director for South East Promotion Division, had signed a contract to pay a company known as Dragon Trail RM150,000.00 a year just  to update the ShanghaI station’s website, which could easily be done by one of its local staff.  Yours truly believes that the then OD was instructed by the little napoleons to sign the contract because ODs have no authority to commit TM for such a big amount.  Luckily upon discovery of this matter,  the current OD refused to renew it a year or so ago otherwise a few more hundred of thousands of Ringgit will be down the drain again.

We need only one director to supervise the activities of each and every overseas stations and attend all functions.

This limitation of a duration of 3-4 years for overseas posting is to ensure that all qualified officers in the government department be given the golden opportunity to learn new things and experience life overseas. In TM most of the overseas postings, are to reward the cronies of the little napoleons. Hence, it was administered arbitrarily and more importantly UNFAIRLY. Therefore, PH Government must closely examine this.

Irregular Overseas Posting & Cross Posting of TM Officers

Many favored OD or cronies remained in their overseas stations for more than 5 years and thereafter be rewarded with cross postings.  One of them had remained in the station for 14 years!  Below are a few glaring examples:

Paris station

Tuan Abdul Rahim bin Haron, OD in Paris station.


Tuan Abdul Rahim bin Haron has been stationed in Paris for more than 5 years until now.  Is he being kept there for” special assignment” by a powerful personality to “babysit” …?  Yours truly has been told that this “special assignment” was already over a year ago.  Unless there is another “babysitting” assignment, which we don’t know, he should be recalled back to TM HQ forthwith.



Moscow Station

Puan Norzulia bt  Mohammadat OD in Moscow Station


Puan Norzulia bt Mohammad, who was Grade 48, when she was posted to Moscow station. Moscow station has been classified for Grade 48 officer.  It is a practice of TM that OD upon attainment of a higher Grade will be transferred back to HQ.  She was promoted with lightning speed to Grade 54 based on her performance or “special relationship” with …? God knows which is which!  She has been in Moscow for the past 4 years until now.

Amsterdam Station

Puan Zuraini bre Abdul Ghani, OD in Amsterdam station.

Puan Zuraini bt Abdul Ghani has been the OD in Amsterdam Station for more than 5 years and still there until today. She must be either a “protected specie” or the crony of one of the little napoleons on special “babysitting” assignment.



Mumbai, India

Left: The powerful Datuk SERI Khani Daud & Tuan Manoharan a/l Periasamy

Tuan Manoharan a/l Periasamy was the previous OD in Mumbai. He  was able to remain there for more than 14 years!  Another officer had been given a letter of offer to go to Mumbai on several occasions and the said offers were cancelled without valid reason. Of course, he was finally transferred back to HQ about 2 years ago. Now he is the Director of Package Development.

Bangkok Station

Puan Mazreena bt Mohd Yusof, Deputy OD in Bangkok station.

Puan Mazreena bt Mohd Yusof is the deputy OD in Bangkok. She is the one to watch – it is about her career and nothing else.  Please don’t speculate lah!  She is the rising “star” in TM.  She was posted to Singapore station for a few years. She returned to HQ for a very short period and was posted to Bangkok.  She is in Bangkok for the last 3 years.  Rummour has it that certain moves have been made by one of the little napoleons to recall Tuan Abdul Haris Hadi, this rising star’s superior to HQ.  Thereafter,  she will be promoted to be the head of Bangkok station.  Now that BN had lost in the 14 GE, this manoeuvre may have to be shelved temporarily.  It seems that her role is the reverse to the ODs in Paris.  She is being babysit“!  How lucky!


Puan Nurushama bt Abdul Hanan, OD in Delhi station. She is the niece of Yg Bhg Datuk Seri Mirza, the DG of TM.

Puan Nurushama bt Abdul Hanan is the niece of Yg Bhg Datuk Seri Mirza Mohamad Taiyap. DG of TM. She is very junior in her department in TM and yet she was specially selected to be the deputy OD in Delhi.

Tuan Mirza Mohd Ghalib Beg bin Mirza Mohd Tahir Beg is the nephew of Yg Bhg, Datuk Mirza Mohamad Taiyap, the DG of TM.

Tuan Mirza Mohd Ghalib Beg bin Mirza Mohd Tahir Beg is the nephew of Yg Bhg Datuk Mirza Seri Mohamad Taiyap, the DG of TM. He has been given the letter of offer to be posted to the Frankfurt station in June/July 2018.

Cross Posting

Cross posting has been discouraged in all ministries but not in TM. The same principle as normal overseas posting applied i.e. not to deprive other officers the opportunity of going overseas for their career enhancement.

Tuan Suleiman bin Suib  was the OD in the Bangkok office for more than 2 years.  In 2016 he was promoted to Grade 52 and subsequently cross posted to Delhi until now. He has been in Delhi for about 2 years plus until now. A total posting period of more than 4 years.

Tuan Mat Esa was in Jakarta station for 2 years plus. Suddenly TM received special instructions from the “sky” to transfer Tuan Roslan Othman just because he wanted to be stationed in Jakarta office.  Since the instructions was from the “sky” so Tuan Roslan Othman was transferred to Jakarta until now.  Tuan Mat Esa was cross posted to Sydney. He remains in Sydney until now. By the way this super Tuan Roslan Othman was previously posted to Jakarta. This is his second posting to Jakarta. Most probably he loves the “Nasi Padang” , which is very tasty! He is still in Jakarta enjoying his “Nasi Padang” until today.

The Glaring Cross Posting

Tuan Sollehuddin bin Ahmad, OD in Osaka station. Given anther cross posting to Tokyo.

Tuan Sollehuddin bin Ahmad is one of the glaring example. When he was in the TM HQ, he was stationed in the Admin Department and part of his duties was to handle posting of overseas director. He has no marketing experience.  He was a deputy OD in Tokyo station from July 2011. In February 2017 he was cross posted to Osaka as the OD until now. On 20  February 2018, out of a sudden Yg Bhg Datuk Seri Mirza Mohammad Taiyap, the DG of TM, awarded him with a cross posting back Tokyo with effect from 2 July 2018.  He is a “super hero” in TM!

Rummor has it that this Tuan Sallehuddin bin Ahmad is an “expert” in taxi wrapping advertising and other forms of advertising in Japan.

Until July 2018 Tuan Sollehuddin has been in Japan for 6 years.  God knows for how many more years he will remain there for “Special Assignments”? If the little Napoleon has his way, he will be kept there forever to look after …   This is an unfair as it will deprive other qualified officers of the opportunities.

Tuan Noor Azlan bin Abu Bakar, OD for Tokyo station.

Tuan Noor Azlan Abu Bakar is the OD for Tokyo station since 2009 (more than 8 years).  Rumours has it that of late he has acquired special expertise in taxi wrapping and other forms of advertising in Japan.

Due to both Tuan Sollehuddin bin Ahmad and his expertise in taxi wrapping and other forms of advertising in Japan, the Japanese tourists to Malaysia have increased by more than 10 folds!  Of course, this cannot be verified lah.

The list of irregular posting and cross posting is endless. The majority of cases are based on cronyism or nepotism or special “babysitting” assignments and/or political connections.


TM has a workforce of about 700 in the HQ. To say that none of the 700 are qualified to fill those outstation posts stated above will make TM a laughing stock.  The above clearly show the systemic abuse of power, nepotism and cronyism at its worst.

This unfair practices cannot be allowed to go on any longer. PH Government must investigate into these practices as they are unfair to other qualified officers and more importantly such practices will be no good for the morale of the workforce in TM.  As for now, PH Government should freeze all decisions made, including payments to be made,  after the 14th GE until a new Minister is appointed. Thereafter, actions must be taken against the little napoleon for their misconducts.

Next Change / Akan Datang – Part 3  Tourism Malaysia & PR1MA.

Stay Tuned.

55 thoughts on ““Masa Sekarang Menunggu Mu” – Part 3 (Tourism Malaysia – Overseas Postings)

  1. A Civil Servant

    it is unfair to keep those officers in one station for so many years. There must be equal opportunities for all. It would appear that the whole Tourism Malaysia needed a total revamp otherwise the same problems will recur. The Government will have to take serious actions against those responsible and if necessary to surcharge them if they have done wrong. It is provided for in the General Order.


      Like any other countries around the world.. They DO NOT HAVE TOURISM OFFICE in any other country to promote Tourism industries in thier country. This task should be handled by A Tourism & Cultural Attache. They will be located with other personnels under other portfolios sharing the same office with The Embassy. it is crutial so they will work closely tackaling issues and not taking task redundantly. TM OD are most of the times living luxurious in style with all branded items. if they have family. They so ised to live like KING and travel so much.. the kids still go to INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL when they posted back to Malaysia.


  2. Lokman Rabaai

    This practise should put to stop immediately , those OD should be pulled back home, their function can be temporarily taken by trade atachee at the respective Malaysian Embassy.Lots of taxpayers money has been used to put those Unproductive OD there, overseas posting should there is a requirement should not be more than 2 years for each OD and it should be rotated amongst the eligible candidates.PH good governance should terminate the old OD, and replace with the new ones whilst to ensure nepotism, cronyism and abuse of power doesn’t not happen in near future.

  3. Anonymous

    The little napoleons are very loaded. they travelled First or Business Class with owner of advertising agency. R.F is one of them advertising agency. Mirza, Khani, Razip and Amar are very close to R.F. A thorough investigation into the direct media bookings and other advertising expenses. TM is rotten. SPRM should move in and all the shits will hit the fan. The DG Mirza had been charged for corruption before. Got off because of technical issue.

    1. Concerned Citizen

      Weren’t Khani, Razip and a few others on buddy-buddy terms with Azalina Othman during her tenure as Minister of Tourism at one time. I heard they got fast-tracked in terms of promotion, and that created a lot of resentment among the staff. I also heard that … was under investigation when he was head of Advertising? By-the-way, isn’t that guy Raja Firdaus formerly from Tourism Malaysia?

      1. SayNo2Corruption

        MACC should immediately investigate N…. , the kurang ajar in the Ministry of Tourism. He is the kepala who siphoned the advertising allocation into his pockets. the little napoleans got big pieces of the cake by kao tawing closely to N… . Aircon is not cooling enuff, must kipas lah kan.

        Oh, they cld even transfer someone from admin division to take charge of the tourism malaysia library just bcos she follows by the book. Easy to maneuver once she was out of the way. How ironic that JPA could just close one eye about this.

        Ladies n gentlemen, nazri, rashidi n the little napoleans are the lowlives n the scumbags of tourism malaysia. Hand down.

        PH, pls do the right thing.

  4. TM staff

    These little napoleons must now face the music. They have been doing injustice to the staff in TM for too many years. Now is their turn. Thank you YB for highlighting the injustice for us.
    P/a Apa khabar Datuk Seri – masih buat kerja baby di Bangkok lagi?

    1. Concerned Rakyat

      1) At the same time please investigate the travels of Nazri’s wife to almost all of Tourism Malaysia’s overseas promotions. Who bears the costs of her travels, accommodation, transport, food etc etc. Why is she even present at these promotions in the first place.
      2) Nepotism, cronyism and all the isms are widely practiced by the Mirza, Khani and all those top management level. Postings of same officers over and over again without giving any chance to the other qualified and experienced senior offices.
      3) Promotions given to junior officers are based on favouritism and who bodek the most. Utara office “Marina” is one example. DS (Kong Kali Kong) and Marina is having an affair and this has been going on for years. His travels if possible will include a transit in Utara ..look into this YB.
      4) TM Guangzhou Overseas Director Sharon is also in the good books of N and Mirza. Got posting to London then got promoted and called back to Hq. Time served in Hq was short and then posted to Guangzhou and also got another promotion. She was seen campaigning for Nazri in Padang Regas. Who pays for her travel expenses, accommodation etc. Is there no chance at all for other seniors and qualified officers for promotions?


      Sorry that your comments have to edited slightly for obvious reason.

    2. Concerned Rakyat

      DS “Kong kali kong” ada scandal dgn bini orang..saya pernah dimaklumkan oleh seseorang mengenai perkara ini tapi saya tidak percaya..so now memang betul la dia babys… bini orang tu yg bertugas di “utara” yang bernama “M-s Malaysia” tu kan. Harus lah dia akan dapat pangkat, postings dan lain2 selagi memberi servis baik kepada DS “Kong Kali Kong”.

      Saya memohon maaf kerana edit komen sedikit kerana untuk mengelakkan masalah tertentu. Saya percaya bahawa dalam TM skandal ini adalah an “open secret” – diketahui umum! The name cannot be reveled for now. Please stay tuned for the next posting.

  5. Concerned Citizen

    I have often heard of the sh*t that’s been going on at Tourism Malaysia – the practice of favouritism, corrupt wheelings and dealings, unfair and biased promotions and postings, adulterous affairs, etc. It seems to have gone on for too many years. Heads must roll and action must be taken immediately to put an end to this culture of impunity. The Pakatan Harapan government is duty-bound to act firmly and resolutely in dealing with such blatant abuses and disregard for the rule of law within the civil service.

  6. From TM

    JPA / KSN Tan Sri Ali Hamsa should issue a show cause letters to the little napoleons for wearing BN shirts and actively campaigning during the GE. They should also investigate into the overseas postings. The injustice caused to the TM’s staff must be stopped. Disciplinary actions should be taken against the culprist for depriving other staffs from going overseas and putting their cronies and relatives there.

  7. Anonymous

    Dear Sir, the current government must strongly consider investigating the spending spree and looting that happened at Brandworth …, a supposedly special purpose vehicle of the Nation Branding Division of the the booted-out govt. The top management there have been spending tax money like water, enriching themselves, buying luxury vehicles, paying cash to acquire bungalows and organising programmes that went to waste. And that ran into hundreds of millions over the years. A number of dedicated and conscientious staff resigned because they could not take the nonsense that was going on there.


    The comments have to be edited slightly for obvious reason.

  8. Abdul Rahim

    Not only that. Even someone supposed to be in station for 4 years has been called back due to DSM instruction to replace with his good friend.

    1. Abdul Rahim

      The company given the contract by Tourism Malaysia are very closed to DPM. He always sponsored DPM for last 10 days of Umrah trip every year.

  9. TM Insider

    It is getting more and more interesting. The juicy parts are coming out slowly. Who is DS (Kong Kali Kong)? Who is he? Is he the little napoleon with the nick name “Darling Sucker King”?

  10. Seeker of Truth & Justice

    With all the hank-panky that’s been going on in Tourism Malaysia for so many years, it comes as no surprise why some of the more capable, dedicated and hardworking but under-appreciated officers have resigned or opted for early retirement out of frustration over discrimination, victimization, etc. And I personally happen to know some of them. If nothing is done to address this situation now, it will only get worse, severely dampening the morale of the rest of the staff and affecting the overall performance and productivity of the whole organization. I truly hope that the authorities under the new government will carry out a thorough investigation into the matters raised by the author of this blog as well as the complaints and cry for help expressed by some in the comments section.

  11. Responsible Citizen

    Cronyism, nepotism and favoritism are common things in Tourism Malaysia since the top leaders are corrupted and and have a back up from the higher authority from the beginning. They made it a precedent from generation to generation and being adapted by the junior Napoleons. Until the outsiders (who close with TM top leaders) has a guts to threaten the weakest officers whose do not have a ‘back up’ from the higher ranks to ‘seal’ their lips and agree to their advertising proposals without prejudice.
    Hopefully the Government of the Day can look into these matters and ban all corrupted officers in TM in order to make TM as what its has to be.

    1. The Buaya

      I agree with Responsible Citizen. These little napoleons bullied junior officers all the times. Junior officers like me had to close my eyes and ears. Since these two articles on the little napoleons were published they are on a witch hunting exercise. They instilled fear into us. Now all important documents concerning all the black contracts have been put into the RED FILE. They have followed Min of Finance under TS Irwan. we really hope that the new government will send in the auditor general and MACC together to go through the rubbish contracts that screwed TM hundreds of millions. Please help us, TM and the country.

  12. Hitachi-Naka

    Kalau tak silap masa hari penamaan calon di Padang Rengas itu Pengarah ASEAN aka SYSO pun turun…faham2 je La…untung sabut Jusa C maaa…siap bawa Pegawai khas lagi tu si Kpop….appa jahnam style…

  13. Anon

    Junior staffs no need be afraid of the useless Datuks & Dentist Datuk. These Dates also import their relatives into TM. They treat TM as their own company. I hope they will soon be investigated not only for the job postings for their cronies & girl friends and also all the rubbish advertising contracts. When MACC come into TM the junior officers will tell everything. The Finance Director Azleen look after all the documents properly or you will be in trouble also. How is Datuk Seri Kong Kali Kong – peminat of One Night In Bangkok?

  14. Shapeshifter

    List of favourite species in TM overseas stations
    1) TM Tokyo OD and Deputy – DG and Minister
    *present OD cross posting from Taipei to Tokyo (more than 5 yrs in Taipei)
    *present Deputy is nephew to DG
    2) TM Osaka OD and Deputy – DG and Minister
    *present OD cross posting from Tokyo (over 4-5 yrs in Tokyo)
    3) TM Paris OD and Deputy – DG and Minister
    4) TM Frankfurt OD – DG
    *new Deputy eta in June/July is nephew to DG
    5) TM London OD and Deputy – DG
    6) TM Amsterdam OD – Minister
    7) TM Guangzhou OD – DG and Minister
    8) TM Delhi OD and Deputy – DG
    *present Deputy is DG’s niece
    9)TM Sydney OD – Minister
    *OD cross post from Jakarta. On medical leave for one month due to haemmorhoids but went to London and stayed there for a month
    TM Sydney Deputy – DDG Khani
    10) TM Beijing OD – DDG Khani
    11) TM Bangkok Deputy – DDG Khani
    12) TM Jakarta OD – Political influence (Minister)
    13) TM Los Angeles OD (extended term) – Minister
    TM Los Angeles Deputy (cross posting from New York) – DG
    *Deputy’s father was former Immigration Director who has close contacts with DG and top management TM
    14) TM Dubai OD- DG
    15) TM Moscow OD – DG
    16) TM Taipei OD and Deputy – DG
    *OD cross posting from Perth
    *Deputy’s father was attached with Badan Kebudayaan
    17) TM Seoul Deputy – DG
    *Deputy’s mother was SUS to former TPM when he was then the Deputy Minister of Tourism
    18) TM Singapore OD – DG
    *OD promoted to 54 and posted to Singapore
    19) TM Jeddah OD – DG
    20) TM Medan OD – DG

    These are the favourites, might have missed out some but these will do at the moment. These officers should be called back immediately and replaced by other officers more senior, experienced and most importantly officers with complete integrity.
    Say no to cronyism, nepotism and favouritism.

    1. The Gatal Datuk Seri K....ong Kali Kong

      Everybody in TM know about the scandalous extra-marital affairs of the Datuk Seri Kong Kali Kong with a certain OD in B… except their respective spouses. This Datuk Seri was also investigated by MACC in September 2016. He managed to get the power that be to close the case. He is very powerful. I wonder after the change of govt he could still be that powerful. It seems that he is one of the top management Datuks have been previously investigated by MACC. Majority of the TM officers are looking forward for a major MACC sweep into TM and clear the on going cancer once and for all.

  15. Straight-Talker

    Just a little bit of history/background to give some perspective to what’s going on. AbdKhni, RzipH, ZulYhya, AmarGpr and SYhyaSO who currently hold top positions are from a batch of officers that include ZamZ (Beijing), whose careers began in the Enforcement Division in the mid 1980s. These officers and a few who joined later, like SulmanSuip, MusaYsp and MPsamy – very ambitious individuals – resorted to whatever means necessary to get ahead of the pack and into the good books of the top guns. Needless to say, they got promoted and took up overseas postings (some even multiple or extended postings) much faster than many of their seniors and more capable officers. Some of them aren’t even capable of proper discourse in English, but then, that wasn’t a problem as once they got promoted, they simply got their more capable subordinates to do their work for them. The top gun himself, had a history of indiscipline during the early days of his career, habitually clocking-in late for work or missing in action (e.g. World Tourism Expo, Brisbane). Being highly ambitious, he too, got promoted, was sent overseas (Japan, London, if I’m not mistaken) and eventually bypassed more capable senior officers to get to the very top position that he now holds. The older generation of officers, if they are still around, will remember this.

    It appears that these few individuals may be running the organization like they own it, almost in the manner a mafia-style syndicate runs its operations. Some of them even have their own mistresses posted at strategic stations (they know who they are) and indulging in extramarital affairs.

    I do sympathize with the genuinely dedicated officers who aren’t getting appreciated for their hard work, and those who are being discriminated, or are missing out on a chance to be posted overseas.

  16. Justice

    TM staff…this is the time to unite. Expose all the wrongdoings, misconduct and abuse of power of your corrupt top guns here or to MACC. Only you can put a stop to this nonsense and end years of sufferings having been deprived of long due promotions and postings overseas by them.

    MACC and Auditor General etc should look into TM asap and investigate the following:
    1) RM250 million deficit
    2) awards of advertising contracts
    3) promotion of staffs
    4) overseas postings rotation
    5) official travel overseas (expenses)
    – accompanied by wives
    – extended leave joined by famiy to continue holiday
    6) the practice of nepotism, cronyism, favouritism
    – appointment
    – promotions
    – overseas postings
    7) Irregular payments to agencies

    As for the top guns and some officers campaigning for BN in BN tshirts, they clearly have violated section 20 (1) Badan-Badan Berkanun (Tatatertib dan Surcaj). They can be identified from pictures which have gone viral. This matter should be taken up by KSN, the relevant authorities and appropriate actions be taken against them.

    Also the scandal of DS Kong Kali Kong and somebody’s wife who is based at TM overseas office North of Malaysia,

    TM staff, when you stay together you will be strong you will
    be one. Fight for justice, give your fullest cooperation to the relevant aurhorities when approached. Do not let these corrupt bosses get away. End their rule now!

    No to cronyism, nepotism and favouritsm!

  17. Lim

    Oh what a terrible organization and I thought where I work is bad enough. I understand TM staffs must be frustrated with these characters. Well guys if you want change you have to stay together and report them to the relevant authorities with documented evidence. Do not be afraid of any repercussions as they are no longer covered by the powers of the Minister since BN is no longer the Government. The new Government under Pakatan Harapan will definitely investigate their wrongdoings and abuse of power and will take necessary actions to remove these scumbags and vermin. All the best and may God ease your path in fighting evil. Stay as a team if you want to win.

    By the way where is your Minister aka Chief? His self proclaimed “Parisian” wife playing the good humble wife in Padang Rengas..what a joke!

    P/S YB Well done on the expose. These little napoleons must be shitting in their pants now.

  18. I am "DSK" aka as "Kong Kali Kong"

    Wow! The ugly parts of the little napoleons in TM are coming out in the open for us to see. TM is full of shits. Instead of promoting Malaysia the little napoleons are protecting themselves by promoting their cronies and saudara mara. Now we are behind Thailand and Indonesia in the numbers of tourists. When the dust of 1MDB has settled we hope the PH government will instruct the auditor general to do a thorough audit and MACC to investigate into the rampant corrupt practices in TM.

    YB, please post the promised scandalous transactions in TM and exposed these “harapkan pagar pagar makan padi. Enough of these little napoleons in TM. I am for all staffs to be united to tell all to MACC or Auditor General of their nonsense. They must pay for having caused the agonies to the staff for so long or resign.

  19. Biased

    With what has been exposed, the DG is still going on with his plans in sending his favourites for overseas postings. Latest is he’s sending Ms B aka Ms Perasan Cantik and Pandai who just completed her first term of overseas duty in the independent territory of China hardly 5 years. Wah this time to the fashion city in Europe. We heard that the KSU Dato R picked her for this posting.
    Dato R you are just butting your nose into TM affairs..you
    should be neutral and look into the affairs and wellbeing of all your staff not meddle with the selection for overseas posts. You are adding salt to the wound. There are many other staffs who are qualified and experienced. Some have never been on overseas posting and some have come back from their first posting more than 8 years! Compare this with Ms B aka Ms Perasan Cantik and Pandai! This decision of sending Ms B aka Ms Perasan Cantik and Pandai is most biased. It is abuse of power by you KSU Dato R and DG. Fairness should be instilled in this organization asap. Do the correct thing for once KSU Dato R.

    1. The Little Bird in TM

      Ms B tu sapa? Bazuri kah? Ada jalan dengen Rashidi? Rashidi should be neutral to java Nazri’s interests la. Kenapa nak kacau urusan di TM. kalau tak cukup makan lagi di Kementerian, suruh geng little napoleon datuk buat sirap mata. Nak hantar Baizuri ke Europe terlalu jauh la. Hantar ke Bangkok aja then senang uituk datuk babysit dia dan boleh join DS Kong Kali Kong juga. Bangkok adalah sarang untuk babysitting!

      TM is a can of worms! I support all the suggestions for Auditor General and SPRM to move in to do a thorough investigations against the little napoleons.

  20. Warga TM

    Proses memanggil balik ke hq pegawai di stesen luar negara sedang di buat secara berperingkat oleh DG TM. Katanya tindakan ini diambil dengan segera memandangkan terlalu banyak postings di blog YB. Tetapi kami warga TM tidak akan tertipu dan terpedaya dengan tindakan sertamerta DG kami kerana dia mempunyai agenda tersendiri. Kami sudah masak dengan perangai DG kami yang memang akan melakukan segalanya untuk kroni dan anak-anak buah dia sahaja.. Dengan pemanggilan balik ke hq pegawai-pegawai di luar negara ini terutama sekali stesen-stesen yang disebut YB iaitu Paris, Osaka, Tokyo, Amsterdam dan Moscow, ianya akan digunakan oleh DG kami untuk menghantar kroni-kroni beliau. Desas desus yang kami dengar ada beberapa nama telah disebut-sebut untuk ke stesen Tokyo (Rosman), Osaka (Sani) Paris (Baizuri) dan Amsterdam (Rosbi). Walaupun Rosbi salah seorang favourite mantan Menteri telah mendapat greenlight dari beliau untuk ke Osaka tetapi oleh sebab DG hendakkan kroninya ke sana DG telah menukar stesen Rosbi. Rosbi juga adalah isteri kepada Zul Yahya yang pernah posting Ke Tokyo dan Beijing. Ini satu kes di mana Rosbi telah hilang senioritinya selama lebih kurang 7-8 tahun atau lebih kerana mengikuti suami bertugas di luar negara. Satu lagi kes ketidak adilan di sini kerana ada yang lebih senior yang masih belum ke luar negara. Bagi mempastikan kesemua kroni ini dapat secure posting ke stesen-stesen luar negara, DG akan keluarkan surat arahan pertukaran ke luar negara dengan kadar segera. Memang sah la DG TM ini telah selama ini salah menggunakan kuasa beliau sebagai Ketua Jabatan untuk mengatur dan memberi segala perks kepada kroni dan anak2 buah beliau. Kami berharap agar penyalahan guna kuasa oleh DG kami ini dapat disiasat oleh pihak yang berkuasa dan dikenakan tindakan yang sewajarnya. Kami warga TM sudah hilang kepercayaan terhadap DG kami.

    1. Corrupted Jangut in TM

      Hu! Hu! Hu! The corrupted jangut is still at it. Let the little napoleons do as they want for now. Let them do as they please. We carry on to expose the moves of all these little napoleons like Ammar, Zul Yahya, DS Kong Kali Kong and the corrupted jangut. They will have to pay for what they have done. Remember there is such a thing as SURCHARGE in the General Order? Let us see how long more they want to treat TM as their personal company or bank!

      Despite them having gone all out to campaign for that big mouth Nazri/BN, BN koyak and they have no one to protect them. That big mouth and his son will definitely be under investigation. I think he is also on the travel ban list. Our job as junior staffs are to expose every moves of the crooks. Don’t be scared of the little napoleons including the corrupted jangut & that Rashidi. they cannot do anything to us anymore. Bongkarkan skandal-skandal mereka termasuk si Nazri. Masuk komen dalam blog YB.

      1. Anonymous

        Setuju! Terlanjangkan si napoleon kesemua. Nampak Datuk Musa senyap aja. Dia amat rapat dengan Siew Ka Wai. Kini Siew tiap hari masuk pejabat buat apa??? Kita kena keep an eye juga.

  21. Concerned Citizen

    It’s good to see more staff finding the courage to speak out about the abuses and corruption in Tourism Malaysia. Since the circumstances have changed and the current government is serious about “cleaning up the country,” it’s the right time for all like-minded staff to join forces on the side of justice and fair play and rid yourselves of these scoundrels once and for all. Seek out those who might be able to help gather as much information as possible. Report to the MACC, the Public Complaints Bureau and the Auditor General’s Office. In addition, write in to and share information on as many news sites, blogs and other social media platforms as you can (Malaysiakini, Malaysian Chronicle, Free Malaysia Today, for instance). This will help create a groundswell of awareness, attention and support for your cause. Good luck and Godspeed!

  22. Bangkit Semua

    Buat warga TM semua. Jangan simpan apa yang membuku di hati selama ini. Lagi lama dipendam akan menjadi barah yang menular ke seluruh badan. Kamu yang tiada cable, bukan kroni dan bukan favourites akan terus ditindas tanpa belas. Yang ada cable, kroni, punya tali persaudaraan dan favourites akan terus meraih semua kemudahan dan akan mencorakkan laluan karier mereka dengan warna warna keriangan. Kamu semua pula akan merana dan memendamkan perasan. Jangan gentar dengan mereka ini. Hapuskan yang bathil dan kembalikan yang haq. Mereka-mereka yang menyokong DG DDG hanya ada kepentingan diri. Isu dalaman seperti kenaikan pangkat dan pusingan tugasan di luar negara harus dikaji semula dan mengikut SOP yang ditetapkan. Sekiranya tidak dilakukan maka DG DDG akan sesuka hati menamakan kroni-kroni mereka untuk kenaikan pangkat manakala pusingan tugasan ke luar negara akan tertumpu kepada kroni-kroni yang akan berulang-ulang ke luar negara. Padahal mereka ini bukan pun bagus sangat kerja tapi sebab pandai membodek maka nama yang sama akan naik setiap kali ada pusingan tugasan ke luar negara. Jangan biarkan ini berpanjangan. Sekiranya perlu laporkan terus ke KSN, MACC dan Auditor General akan semua salah laku DG DDG dan napoleons yang lain. Bangkit wahai warga TM..viralkan di soc med agar semua tahu betapa korupnya orang atasan TM. Bersatulah dalam memperjuangkan haq kamu.

    1. Big Napoleon

      Setuju! No need to be afraid of the little napoleons anymore because Nazri & his barua Siew Ka Wei are powerless now. Both are waiting to be called by MACC to have coffee. they have tortured & deprived the hard working TM staff for too long. Thew little napoleons play politics & doing deals, all the hard works done by juniors. they got all the praises. They amass the wealth at our expense. No more chance for them. The little napoleons pretend to be angels.

      We must be brave and lodge reports to Auditor-General and SPRM. No need to worry about the the3m because you are protected by the Whistle Blowers Act. The little napoleons days are very numbered. The Nazri’s crony KSU Rashidi also can no longer help them (except Baizuri) because Rashidi himself is in deep shit himself he has to answer to a lot of the dirty deals in the Ministry as well as TM.

      Pls look at the Management’s WhatsApp Group. Prior to the Liberation Day of May 9, the arrogant chairman Siew Ka Wei had been sending BN propaganda messages to all the management staff daily. After May 9, Siew’s fingers became retarded he could no longer send out a single message. No more bullshit from Siew. From this you can see that he suddenly transformed into a humble soul and waiting for his time to have coffee with MACC. More importantly he now realised that nobody will now listen to him. You don’t have to believe me, if you are in that Group Chat please have a look. For the record management staffs never bother to read Siew’s shits. This also apply to the little napoleons.

      By reporting about the dirty deals with the advertising companies and their corrupt practices we are helping the new government to put right the wrongs and Malaysia will be a better place for us. Lets do it and get rid of the little napoleons once and for all.

      For a start MACC should look at all the activities of the little napoleons (including TM Chairman Siew Ka Wei) from March to May 9 (polling day). Of course, I am not saying that before March the transactions were above board. They are definitely not. TM staff must check on the projects that were approved via FAST LANE and PAYMENTS were made via EXPRESS LANE.

      The little napoleons have now classifying all documents relating to the dirty transactions in the RED FILE or classified them under RAHSIA. The corrupted jangut like to use RAHSIA to cover his dirty dealings. No worries guys new PH Government or MACC or Auditor General can alway open up the little napoleons Red File. Let us end the little napoleons reign of terror like how you and the many millions Malaysians put an end to the bosses of the little Napoleons/BN on May 9. Merdeka to TM junior staff. Stand Up to fight these crooks!

      Lastly my advice to the Kopi ‘O’ Jangut, Datuk Seri Kong Kali Kong, Datuk Ammar & their kuncu & kuncu so stop wasting TM’s time in witch hunting. You all better spend more time in looking at the mirror and reflect what you all have been doing in TM for all these years. You all think we are that stupid like you little napoleons.

      1. Hanif TM

        The jangut can classify any document as Rahsia as he like but it is only rahsia to himself and his cronies. He is so scared of his own shadow. In fact all the little Napoleon are scared of their own shadows. I wonder why? Makan too much already? Only the Cabinet can classify documents as Rahsia under Official Secret Act – Akta Rahsia Rasmi.

        Sudah sampai masa kesemua pekerja TM buat a “Tell All” sesi kepada MACC demi kepentingan TM dan negara.

      2. Anonymously TM

        I agree that all non management staffs have to stand up to fight for our basic right to be treated fairly. Our promotions should be based on our service to TM and not based on how subservient we are to little “Kong Kali Kong”gang. Enough is enough. Let us fight back. TM’s fund comes from the Rakyat. It must be used for the benefits of Malaysia. For too many years TM has been treated as their personal bank. No need to witch hunt as a threat to us. We no longer afraid of them. Watch out little napoleons it will not be long that you will have to pay a big price for the nonsense that you have done to us and TM. We will make sure that whatever you have makan to be omitted out for all Malaysians to see. ly

  23. Justice must not only be done, it must also be seen to be done !!

    Integrity Unit of TM, please take action and discharge your duties without fear of favour.

    1. Anon

      If there is Integrity Unit in TM, today there will be no such scandals of what have been revealed so far by YB and staffs from TM. I believe there will be more to come. By the way the Integrity Unit had been changed long time ago under the little napoleons headed by the Jangut. Now it is known as ‘NO INTEGRITY UNIT’ OR “GAJI BUTA UNIT”. TM is a big can of worms. Then corrupted jangut and his little Napoleon must be thrown out of TM in disgrace.

  24. Keadilan4us

    SPRM Auditor General KSN kami minta disiasat MENTERI TIMB MENTERI KSU DG DDG kerana korup dan salah guna kuasa. KSN, kami juga mohon agar disiasat KSU DG DDG Ammar Azizah Sharon Johanif Syed Yahya Zul Yahya dan lain2 pegawai yang berkempen untuk Menteri dan BN..siasat juga skandal DSK dgn pegawai TM di TM north of Malaysia serta DA dengan pegawai TM di ibu pejabat..
    Mereka-mereka ini yang memegang tampuk pengurusan telah lama menganiaya dan menindas kami. Mereka perlakukan TM seperti syarikat mereka sendiri dan dengan arahan Menteri serta keuntungan buat diri mereka juga, mereka mengeluarkan arahan dan meluluskan projek ratusan ribu malah ratusan juta ringgit kadang kala melanggari prosidur kewangan. Mereka juga telah mengabaikan nasihat Akauntan yang mengakibatkan TM menanggung defisit sebanyak RM250 juta. .
    Kerakusan Menteri dan KSU DG DDG yang kaki bodek tidak dapat dibendung semasa zaman pemerintahan BN. Mereka menaikkan pangkat kroni walaupun masih junior serta sesuka hati menghantar kroni mereka posting overseas tanpa mengikut pusingan kerja sehingga ada pegawai senior yang nama tidak pernah dipertimbangkan. Perbelanjaan menghadiiri acara rasmi TM luar negara juga perlu disiasat kerana ada banyak acara yang dihadiri Menteri dtemani isteri muda beliau. Ada juga yang mengambil kesempatan dari bertugas rasmi menyambung cuti ditemani isteri dan anak-anak holiday di sekitar kawasan acara…selalunya di Eropah. Perbelanjaan membawa anak isteri holiday ini adakah atas diri sendiri atau dibiayai sepenuhnya oleh TM?
    Kami telah lama memendam perasaan sehingga menyebabkan kami hilang semangat kerja berpasukan. Kami warga TM memohon kerajaan PH menyiasat mereka yang dimaksudkan dan bersihkan TM dari gejala yang tidak sihat untuk kebaikan pekerja dan juga Malaysia.

    1. Kong Kali Kong Jr.

      jangan dilupakan ya timbalan pengarah kanan bhg aero, Tuan Ahmad Johanif dan pegawai khas TKP, Tuan Mokhtaruddin Dahiri turut berkempen memakai vest dan cap BN untuk calon P061 Padang Rengas. Bukti bergambar ada jadi mana boleh sorok lagi. Yang lain-lain pergi sana tu jangan korang ingat selamat walaupun tak pakai logo BN, gambar korang pun dah viral.

  25. SayNo2Cronies

    To cut costs and safe the nation and the taxpayers’ money, immediate freeze of new posting orders overseas should be
    carried out asap. TM is wasting a lot of money in paying for the officers allowances, house rents, utilities, medical bills as well as children’s education in international schools where stations are at non English speaking countries. On top of that there is the office rental and all of its operating costs and wages for locally recruited staffs to be paid every month. All in all the expenses to run the overseas stations are enormous. These costs could be used in the promotion of Malaysia on a larger scale and more effective way.

    The TM overseas offices should also be reviewed asap
    1) No need for 2 officers to be at one station – 1 wii do
    2) too many locally recruited staffs – clerk, typist, accounts clerk, driver
    3) marketing officers – marketing manager and marketing executive in stations
    4) Appointment of PR agencies in some stations
    5) Education in international schools – TM officers overseas have more than 2 school going children in stations. One station have even 5-6 children
    6) TM office – Can be stationed at Embassies or on sharing basis with other government agencies offices. This will cut cost of office rental
    7) Medical including dentistry – to register with local government health provider
    8) relocate office to where embassies or other government agencies are
    9) close office or relocate or downsize

    These TM overseas offices are mostly managed by the cronies of Nazri, Mirza and DS Kong Kali Kong. The ODs and DDs are taking advantage of the perks they get and from their position in office. Thus they should be investigated as well for any wrongdoings or abuse of power. Some of them living a luxurious life overseas with big houses and using office driver for personal use. Some come to office in the afternoon or not at all. Some forever going makan angin with family. Work are not submitted on time. Most of the jobs are done by the marketing manager, marketing exec or the PR Agencies, the Ods and DDs can goyang kaki. Whilst those officers at HQ level working their butt and being sidelined for promotions and overseas postings , those cronies overseas are enjoying life. Now TM will be sending the first batch of their new set of cronies (Rosman, Sani, Baizuri, Rosbi) to replace those who have come under fire from YB’s expose. Their posting should be out on hold until all officers and stations have been reviewed and investigated. However those due to come back should be sent home immediately but not to be replaced by other officers.
    Enough is enough..no more wasting of the taxpayers’ money. KSN JPA for your attention. Send officers who are honest, hardworking and have strong moral principles.

  26. Syed Al Kohol

    Persekolahan anak-anak pegawai di sekolah antarabangsa untuk yang baru posting sekali perlu di di lihat balik

  27. Dr. Kang Kong, PhD Tipu

    “PM persoal kesetiaan pegawai awam berkempen untuk BN”. Mujur lah tiada pegawai TM yang terlibat kan…kan…kan….

  28. Kami Benci

    Siap la korang yg berkempen untuk Nazri aka samseng botak dan BN. Pakai baju BN ke tak pakai baju BN ke memang takkan terlepas. Gambar2 dah viral. Delete pun tak guna sebab kami bertindak lebih laju dari kamu little napoleons aka penyamun! Korang semua senior dan telah berkhidmat berpuluh tahun. Ada yang dah nak bersara pun. Elok lah korang ni bersara awal or letak jawatan je. Korang ni tak layak memimpin dan menjadi ketua sebuah jabatan. Korang ni hanya layak menghuni Sungai Buloh dan bawa sekali Nazri, Pengerusi, KSU dan mereka yang bersekongkol dengan korang. Kami dah meluat tengok muka korang kat ofis ni. Perangai korang ni memalukan kami. Cepatlah korang ni blah dari sini! KSN cepat sikit la bertindak. Lagi lama tertangguh lagi angkuh si Mirza ni dalam membuat keputusan sebab dia kata dia KP dia berkuasa membuat segala keputusan di TM. Kami doakan korang semua cepat lenyap dari muka bumi ini.

  29. Anuar

    Salam sejahtera kepada Mr Wee, dan salam kepada semua. Terima kasih Mr Wee atas pendedahan ke atas isu dalaman TM yang mana isu ini nampak popular di kalangan staff TM yang masih bekerja/ ex staff. Saya mohon, posting daripada staff-staff TM dia atas tersebut bukan pada waktu bekerja, kerana kalau diikutkan, saya quote ” TM’s fund comes from the Rakyat” dari salah seorang komentar. So, working hours is for working, please instill the justice to ourselves first before instilling on others. And if you are posting from TM office, with all due respect, use your mobile phone with your own internet service since your IP is detectable if you are using your office PC/ internet.

    Saya sokong seratus peratus dalam usaha membanteras rasuah dan salah guna kuasa di sebalik urusan TM. Malah hasil perbualan saya dengan beberapa nama yang Mr Wee senaraikan di atas, ada yang sebenarnya ingin pulang ke Malaysia tapi atas arahan pihak atasan, mereka perlu kekal di stesen yang sama (ini berdasarkan sangka baik bukan syak wasangka semata). Ini kerana bebanan kerja di sana lebih banyak berbanding di malaysia sendiri dan kerana segala urusan perlu diselesaikan sendiri di samping memenuhi jemputan yang hingga ke lewat malam hingga ke pagi.

    Saya juga sokong saranan Mr Wee untuk pengurangan kos belanjawan di luar negara, kerana memang tinggi elaun yang diberi kerana taraf hidup yang lebih tinggi di sana. Saya harap, posting-posting baru ke luar negara akan dapat mengurangkan elaun luar negara serta accommodation biayaan kerajaan yang lebih mesra bajet (walaupun lebih jauh berbanding biasa) untuk mengalakkan OD serta staff-staff di luar negara Malaysia lebih mesra dengan pengangkutan awam seperti apa yang dilakukan oleh Presiden Perancis sendiri. Ini selaras dengan tindakan PM ke 7 dan menteri kabinet Harapan yang telah memotong gaji untuk menjimatkan belanjawan negara. Ini akan memberi contoh yang baik sebagai duta Malaysia kecil untuk pelancongan dalam kerajaan Malaysia baru.

    Di sarankan juga, performance based valuation diadakan setiap tahun (untuk 3-4 tahun posting) bagi memastikan kompetensi setiap OD atau staff yang dihantar bertugas selaras dengan penggajian atau lantikan yang telah dibuat dan mencapai misi negara Malaysia. Sebarang valuation di bawah tahap memuaskan, perlu dipertimbangkan untuk dihantar balik serta merta bagi membuka peluang kepada yang lebih layak.

    Selain itu, saya harap dengan kewujudan kerajaan baru untuk Malaysia yang baru bukan menjadi proksi meluahkan ketidak puasan individual semata-mata tapi lebih mengubah sistem untuk kepentingan rakyat Malaysia. Setiap urusan keadilan mesti juga ada urusan penambah-baikan seterusnya. Harap pihak TM sedikit sebanyak dapat mempertimbangkan cadangan saya.

    Bukan warga TM, tapi ingin lihat Malaysia yang lebih baik.

  30. ConcernMalaysianBaruCitizeninEurope

    Dear Mr. Wee, would it be a possibility to meet you to discuss further the matter regarding a particular TM’s European office. I have so many infos and insight scoops that you are probably already aware of. Thank you.


    I will be more than happy to meet up. Please send your contact number in the “Replies” and I will contact you. Please rest assured, I will not publish it. Have a pleasant day ahead. Thank you.

  31. Nidhal bin Ab Rahim

    Dear Mr. Wee,

    Judging by your blog its seem that you have a good credibility, However the timing of this article released seems a bit fishy. Please don’t get me wrong, i am not accusing you personally, but i think it is fair that you also need to listen from both side of the story. I believe there is a sense of jealousy from the person where you get this source of information.

    I would like to be clear, i am only defending the person whom i know personally really well. I hope that we could have a skype session so that i could give an explanation to you about my point of view. This is regarding to Mr. Sollehuddin Japan TM. I have few friend here who is Malaysian and non Malaysian that doesn’t have any political ties to any party and that could confirm my point of view. We have been working and living in Japan for more then 7 years at a private Japanese company(Engineering). If your source is coming from a civil servant then this could be an attempt of character assassination.

    I hope that you look at this from both side. From your side Mr. Sollehuddin in know “He is a “super hero” in TM!” posting exceed the limit of 3 years. This could be the case of favoritism and i acknowledged that.

    On the other hand this could only show that Mr. Sollehuddin is really good at what he does and he has the confident of both TM and the Japanese counterpart. Please understand that Japanese people doesn’t like any change in their working environment, the rotation of a public relation officer like Mr. Sollehuddin would only reset all the hard work TM Tokyo has done before. Yes 3 years rotation is good to train public officer, but you cant treat all branch of TM same as government sector, they need to adapted to the culture and the need of the current country. At the same time in my experience living with Malaysian in Europe and japan, I am embarrassed to say that Malaysian are really really bad at grasping foreign language except for English. Give them 5 years still isn’t enough for them to learn the new language. So in this case it is more productive and safe to rotate office staff , public relation officer is a different case especially for japan.

    I hope that you could be patient and fair. If the statement that you wrote about Mr. Sollehuddin turn out to false, then you have condemn a really talented government officer. Remember talented good people are rare to find. I will provide my personal email for the communication purpose.Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.

    1. Thank you for the inputs.

      I am very mindful that Tuan Sollehuddin is the best officer in TM and has acquired his expertise in taxi wrapping and outdoor advertising through his closed monitoring of the famous advertising company known as Global Renown and the man behind it is a JAPANESE known as Datuk Tam.

      However, other junior officers should not be deprived of the opportunities for overseas postings. 4 years in a country is more than enough for anyone to be an expert in taxi wrapping & outdoor advertising.

      Thank you for your updates without we wouldn’t know that Than Sollehuddin is such a brilliant officer. No wonder he was kept in Japan by the little napoleons for so many years.



  32. Solehuddin

    Dear Sir,

    Saya Solehuddin Ahmad, salah satu nama yang tertulis dalam blog ini. Tujuan saya adalah ringkas dan permintaan saya adalah sederhana sahaja. Sekiranya Sir dapat memadam nama Tuan Haji Ahmad Zawawi, Ex Deputy TM Paris. Beliau telah pun pulang ke Rahmatullah baru2 ini. Ada baiknya nama arwah dipadamkan bagi mengelakkan tohmahan yang berterusan. Baik buat Arwah dan baik jua buat keluarganya. Sama ada kisah arwah ini benar mahu pun tidak, ia adalah urusan dunia yang baru. Dibulan baik Syawal ini saya amat berharap agar permintaan ini dihormati. Bagi nama2 yang lain pula, terpulang pada Sir dan pembaca untuk terus menilainya. Sekian. Terima kasih.

    1. Sdr

      Thank you for your informing me.

      I regret to learn about the untimely demised of Arwah. My condolence to his family. May his soul rest in peace.

      Thank you and do have a great day ahead.



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