“Masa Sekarang Menunggu Mu” – Part – 2 (Tourism Malaysia)

Updates:  Please read the warnings “Pegawai Kerajaan era Najib tahu salah mereka, sendiri buat sendiri tanggunglah” given by Yg Bhg Datuk A  Kadir Jasin.

Tourism Malaysia (TM) is a statutory body under the Ministry of Tourism and Culture which has been operating on deficit until this day. Why is the Auditor-General not any taking actions? May be certain high ranking officers are experts in creative accountings.   At the material time its deficit was more than RM250 millions!

Can you imagine a government agency is allowed to operate with deficit of RM250 million? May be it was encouraged for very “special reason” best known to them and the power that be. The high ranking officers or the little napoleons in TM have been treating TM as their fiefdom.

For now let’s discuss about the little napoleons flagrant breach of “Badan-Badan Berkanun (Tatertib & Surcaj)“, which governs them, and as for the other very questionable transactions, irregular overseas postings and the MACC probe for corruption on a very powerful “Datuk Seri” in the next posting.

Badan-Badan Berkanun (Tatatertib dan Surcaj) Section 20 (1) 

The Regulations governing Statutory Bodie like TM..

Section 20 (1) provides:  “Seseorang pegawai dalam Kumpulan Pengurusan Tertinggi atau Kumpulan Pengurusan dan Professional tidak boleh mengambil bahagian aktif dalam activiti politik atau memakai apa-apa lambang sesuatu parti politik, dan …” 

These little napoleons are well versed with the Badan-Badan Berkanun (Tatatertib Surcaj) that governs their behaviours, activities and responsibilities. Yet  they saw it fit to flagrantly breach it by going all out to campaign against Pakatan Harapan (PH) for Barisan National (BN) during 14th General Elections (GE). Most of these little napoleons were wearing BN T-shirt with the logo.

Many of these little napoleons were proudly exhibiting their photos below in their social media to impress their then political masters and their juniors.  Of course, when the GE results sunk into their skulls, these little napoleons immediately deleted all their photos below in the hope that PH Government will not know or even if they were to know there will be no evidence for actions to be taken.

Their pictures are too many to post here. Yours truly chose only those pictures showing their handsome faces wearing the BN T-shirts. The pictures below are reproduced by the courtesy of the little napoleons.

These little Napoleon are the “Hebatku” type too. Hence even if they don’t perform they will still get promotion in lightning speed.

Rumour has it that a few of these little napoleons are squirming their way around to meet the PH leaders especially on the PKR side. Instead of doing their work diligently for the Rakyat, they are more interested in sucking up to the new political masters.  Please try harder.

These little napoleons are extremely good in playing external and internal “politics”. In fact one of the “Datuk Seri” is an UMNO politician. They spend more time playing “politics” to get fast promotions and … than looking after scope of works. Thats why the number of tourists visiting Malaysia are much much lower than our neighbouring countries who were behind us. But TM’s expenses on advertising and promotions are not small. We will discuss about it in more details in the next posting.

TM Little Napoleons Were Seen Actively Campaigning For The Then Minister In 14th GE

3rd left: Datuk SERI Khani Daud, Timbalan Ketua Pengarah TM so proudly exhibiting his BN vest.
Left: Datuk Rashidi Hasbullah, Secretary General of Kementerian Pelancongan & Kebudayaan and his then boss, Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz.
1st left: Datuk SERI Khani Daud, 2nd left Datuk Rashidi Hasbullah, Secretary General of  Kementerian Pelancongan & Kebudayaan. Both wore BN T-shirts as shown in. the picture.
2nd left:  Datuk Seri Mirza Mohamad Taiyab, the Director General of TM was campaigning For the deposed MB of Terengganu. Datuk Mirza is very energetic he not only went to Terengganu but with ex MB Perak & Ex Minister Datuk Nazri Aziz.
1st left: Yg Bhd Datuk Mirza Mohammad  Taiyab were campaigning for Datuk Zahid Hamidi,the then Minister of Home Affairs &  Datuk Nazri Aziz during the 14 GE.
1st left in black T shirt: Yg Bhg Datuk Mirza Mohammad Taiyab, the Director General of TM was campaigning for the deposed MB of Perak in 14 GE.
1st left: Datuk Dr Ammar Ghafar, Pengarah Kanan Bhg Domestik & Acara (Jusa C), 3rd left: Datuk Nazri Aziz & 4th left: Tuan Zulkafli Yahya, Pengarah Kanan AERO (Jusa C). On Nomination Day.
First circle in red is Datuk Razip Hassan, Deputy Director General of TM, 2nd Datuk SERI Khani Daud & 3rd  Datuk Rashidi bin Hasbullah, the Secretary-General of The Ministry of Tourism & Culture. They were campaigning for Datuk Nazri Aziz (4th circle in red) in Padang Regas Constituency.

It is crystal clear that these high ranking officers in the pictures above have flagrantly violated the regulations, Badan-Badan Berkanun (Tataterib-Surcaj). They are listed below:

  1.  Yg Bhg Datuk Rashidi bin Hasbullah, the Secretary General of Ministry of Tourism & Culture (Very “obedient” officer);

  2. Yg Bhg Datuk Seri Mirza bin Mohammad Taiyab , the Director General of TM. (He was charged for corruption and suspended from duties for a few years, was subsequently acquitted by the High Court but there was no appeal by AG Chambers, which is an extremely unusual practice. It is the policy of AG Chambers that it will appeal against all acquittals. He is retiring in December 2018. But he was very actively lobbying for extension until 9 May 2018.);

  3. Yg Bhg Datuk Seri Khani Daud, the Deputy DG of TM (a super powerful Datuk Seri & Deputy DG);

  4. Yg Bhg Datuk Razip bin Hassan, the Deputy Director General TM;

  5. Yg Bhg Datuk Dr Ammar Ghafar, Pengarah Kanan Bahagian Domestik & Acara (Jusa C);

  6. Tuan Zulkafli Yahya, Pengarah Kanan AERO  (Jusa C); and

  7. Puan Azizah Aziz (Jusa C) (She and Yg Bhg Datuk Ammar Ghafar were campaigning in Muar for BN’s Datuk Razali Ibrahim). She has been found guilty for misconduct involving financial matters in New York. She was punished for it. Yet she was promoted to Grade 54 against the others with no disciplinary record. Again recently promoted to Jusa C!  May be it was because TM has no other officers with clean record that was qualified for the Jusa C beside her.).

The above high ranking officers knowingly violated Section 20 (1) of the said Regulations.  They must be brought to book for glaringly violating the said regulations and be given severe punishment They must be made as an example for all statutory bodies.

Next Change – Akan Datang – Part 3 Tourism Malaysia & PR1MA


8 thoughts on ““Masa Sekarang Menunggu Mu” – Part – 2 (Tourism Malaysia)

  1. Anon

    Siasat juga Datuk Muhd Khair Razman bin Mohamed Annuar, sebelum ini SUSK ex TPM, ditempatkan ke jabatan lain sebelum pilihanraya. Khabarnya ada berkempen dan berkhidmat untuk ex TPM walaupun tidak lagi bertugas dalam KDN

  2. Anonymoius

    They are good in pretending to work. One of the Datuk has a history of taking medial leave very often. Three of them are quite rich. They traveled first or business class. Of course their tickets are paid by advertising firm owned Raja Fi. People in TM should know about this guy.

  3. Kamarul

    Ha ha ha! KSU Datuk Rashidi pun terlibat. Siapa nak mengambil tindakan tatatertib terhadap tujuh little napoleon ni? Pandan muka. Pergi mampus!

  4. Concerned Citizen

    Now that the names and the faces of the “guilty” officers have been posted for everyone to see, I’m sure they must be worried sick by now. It’s only a matter of time before the authorities come knocking at their doors. I hope they get their just desserts for their all wrongdoings! Nonetheless, unlike some of the more serious cases involving corruption and abuse of power that requires free, temporary stays at Bamboo River resort, they may only have to face disciplinary action which, may or may not include demotions. Perhaps a more stricter form of punishment may be what is called for to serve as a deterrent.

  5. Anonymous

    Please investigate Jabatan Warisan Negara also… Full of corruption and misconduct of power includes its DG cum Commissioner

  6. Anonymous

    Padan muka kau Mirza. Dulu kau menganiaya orang tanpa usul periksa kau jatuhkan hukuman ke atas orang tu hingga maruah dia tercalar dan periuk nasi dia tergugat. Ketua jenis apa kau ni? Sekarang Allah balas balik atas perilaku ketidakadilan kau… Aku betul-betul bersyukur kerana bukan aku yang membalas nya tapi Allah….

  7. Jamal Sawit

    YB Wee, the hardcore supporters of previous administration in TM will play “bodek” game with future tourism minister. I hope, you’ll share all those photos wearing BN logo so that the new minister knows the true color of his/her officers. Teach them a good lesson. Thank you YB.

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