“Masa Sekarang Menunggu Mu” – Part 1 (TM & GLCs)

The self proclaimed re-branding guru, Yg Bhg Datuk Shazalli Ramly was briefing important people in Telekom Hq. He should be gainfully employed in an advertising company like MC Saatchi Sdn Bhd and not Telekom Malaysia.

Updates 22-5-2018 @ 3pm: Telekom profits for the 1st Quarters dropped by 32%. Was it due to the CEO Shazalli playing too much politics or spending too much time preparing the “HEBATKAN NEGARAKU” Campaign materials, HERE.

Updates:  Please read the warnings “Pegawai Kerajaan era Najib tahu salah mereka, sendiri buat sendiri tanggunglah” given by Yg Bhg Datuk A  Kadir Jasin.

According to reliable sources, Yg Bhg Datuk Shazalli Ramly (Shazalli), who is the incumbent CEO of Telekom Malaysia Bhd (TM). had been extremely busy for the past few months.  Instead of running TM, which pays him a monthly salary of about RM300,000.00 exclusive of perks, allowances and other director fees, he was busy aspiring to be a “political campaign manager” at the same time.

He managed to sell his brilliant idea of using the slogan of “HEBATKAN NEGARAKU” as the main theme for the BN Campaign to the power that be.   It is believed that a lot of money had been used to prepare for the “shiok sendiri” “Hebatkan Negaraku Concert”, HERE, which were performed by the highly talented top Asian musicians, who not by chance are also the CEOs of GLC namely,

Right:  YM Tengku Zafrul bin Tengku Aziz of CIMB, the highly talented lead singer of the band.  
  1.  YM Tengku Zafrul Tengku Aziz of CIMB (The highly talented lead singer of the band. He put Rod Stewart to shame.)

2.  Datuk Wan Zulkiflee Wan Ariffin of Petronas,  Datuk Wan Zulkiflee did not take part in the “Hebatkan Negaraku” video. The error is regretted. My apology to Datuk Wan Zulkiflee Wan Ariffin.

3.  Tuan Mohamad Idham Nawawi of Axiata Group,

Second from left: YM Tengku Zarul bin Tengku Aziz.  Third from left: Yg Bhd Tan Sri Salim Fateh of MRCB Bhb

4.  Tan Sri Salim Fateh of MRCB Bhd,  (He is one of the back-up singer and also very talented.)

5.  Tan Sri Zamzamrani Mohd Isa of UEM Sunrise Bhd,

6.  Datuk Seri Amin Awaluddin Sime Darby Property Bhd,

7.  Datuk Khairusaleh Ramli of RHB Banking Group,

8.  Tuan Khairul Kamarudin of Bank Islam Malaysia Bhd,

9.  Datuk Mohd Badlisham of Malaysia Airport Holding Bhd,

10.  Datuk Seri Johan Abdullah of Tabung Haji,

11.  Tuan Kamarul Ariffin Mohd Jamil of Affin Bank Bhd,

12.  Datuk Farshila Emran of Pharmaniaga Bhd,

13.  Datuk Izzaddin Idris of UEM Group Bhd,  and

14.  Captain Izham Ismail of MAS.

Where are these CEOs now?  When will they launch the chart breaking song “MASA DEPAN MENUNGU MU “MASA SEKARANG MENUNGGU MU”?

This “HEBAT” “Hebatkan Negaraku” Concert is reproduced due to popular demands not in Malaysia but  Asia.  Please see for yourself how talented and “HEBATKU” they are!  Now we should appreciate the fact that why they are paid a monthly salary of at least RM300,000 to RM400,000 exclusive of all the perks and director fees in other companies.  We should all be proud of them!

Shazalli was one of the key instrumental persons in the preparations of  “Hebatkan Negaraku Concert”, the BN Manifesto and campaign materials like the billboards along the highway, media buy, daily advertisement in all the media and etc depicting then PM Datuk Seri Najib Razak as the star and his “great achievements”.  Market sources have it that a company or a few companies were awarded with the above special project estimated to be around RM30 – RM40 millions. The new PH government should investigate into the cost of the said campaign.

The “Hebatku” Shazalli

We have to give it to Shazalli for he has got the gift of the gab and the ability to talk his way out of situations. I believe he will now be thinking of how to squirm his way to kowtow to the new Pakatan Harapan (PH)  government especially the new Minister in charge of telecommunication just to secure his cosy job. Let’s see whether he could succeed in fooling the PH administration under the premiership of YAB Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

PH ought to be thankful to this “HEBATKU” Shazalli, the self-acclaimed rebranding guru, for one of the major causes of the downfall of Najib’s administration. Bravo! Thank you “Hebatku”Shazalli for a job well done!

The PH Administration must order “Hebatku” Shazalli to tell Malaysians how much did the BN government or the GLCs have paid for the failed “Hebatkan Negaraku” Campaign.

As for “Hebatku” Shazalli, his monthly salary in Telekom Malaysia is RM300,000.00.

Attendance at Board, Audit Committee & other meetings:  The allowances ranging from RM5,000 to RM35,000 per meeting.  Plus other perks like driver, car and etc.

Director In Other Companies

“Hebatku” Shazalli is also a director of:

  1. Malaysia Airline System (MAS)

2.  Pr I ma, (Headed by Yg Bhd Tan Sri Alies Anor Bin Abdul & Dato’ Abdul Mutalib bin Alias, who is brother of the CEO of a public listed company.)

3.  VADS Bhd 

4,  Malaysia Aviation Group Bhd (He was a director for a few year.)

5.  Kuala Lumpur Business Club

If one were to add up all the director fees the “Hebatku” Shazalli has received from the above companies, his total monthly income would have been easily more than RM400,000.00.


Creative Brand Strategy Sdn Bhd & Mr How Foo Weng?

“Hebatku” Yg Bhd Datuk Shazalli: Do you know about the background of this company?

“Hebatku” Shazalli, are you familiar with Mr How Foo Weng, the CEO of Creative Brand Strategy Sdn Bhd or the company? Is it true that Mr How was working with you in NTV 7 when you were the then CEO? Is the office of Creative Brand Strategy Sdn Bhd very near to Pr1ma of which you are one of the directors?  Don’t “melatahlah”,  just asking only ok.

PH Government Should Review The Salary, Perks For The CEO of All The GLCs & The Roles They Have Openly Exhibited

Our PH Government must review and set a ceiling to the salary scale for the CEO of GLCs because it involved public fund. RM300,000 for monthly salary is far too high and unacceptable. If this is their own private company by all means pay themselves monthly salary of RM1 or RM2 million or more. But for the public companies and/or GLCs our new PH government must stop this kind unacceptable salary scale.

Just look at this self-proclaimed rebranding guru “Hebatku” Shazalli, who is helming TM since May 1, 2017 until now, nothing to show except to walk around the corridor of power to sell his idea on the “Hebatkan Negaraku” to campaign against PH.  He was practically working full time for that period to prepare the said campaign materials, billboards and videos to finish off the opposition (PH). It is a waste of public fund as the preparation work of the “Hebatkan Negaraku” campaign was major distractions to his job as the CEO of TM. It is a clear dereliction of duties and abused of his position as the CEO of TM at the Rakyat expense.


Another “Hebatku” Yg Bhg Tan Sri Wahid Omar (Wahid Omar), Chairman of PNB

The Yg Bhg Hebatku” Tan Sri Wahid Omar, Chairman of Permodolan National Bhd, PNB.

On 7 May 2018, 2 days before 14th GE, another Yg Bhg “Hebatku” Wahid Omar was quoted in The Star to have said that “ABOLITION OF GST WILL HURT MALAYSIA’S ECONOMY”.  This “Hebatku” also said that “this will mean scraping or suspending development projects that have been approved previously.”  In a nutshell he was praising the the BN government’s sky high and instilling politics of fear into the voters during the GE campaign period. It must be noted that it is one of the major election campaign pledge of PH to abolish GST.

This is the PH GE pledge of YAB Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamd and his PH team since 2017 until the GE.

This “Hebatku” Wahid Omar did not stop on 7 May 2018.

On 8 May 2018, this “Hebatku” also again quoted in The Star to have said that “ABOLITION OF GST COULD LAND COUNTRY IN SERIOUS DEBT”

Perhaps “Hebatku” Wahid Omar could give us a list companies which he is a director and the monthly renumeration he received from each of them. Yours truly wouldn’t be wrong to say that “Hebatku” Wahid Omar’s monthly salary is just as high as “Hebatku” Shazalli if not higher.

It seemed that the Rakyat are paying these two “HEBAT-HEBATKU” CEOs with few hundred thousand Ringgit monthly salaries to play politics. They should be looking after the GLCs that they are entrusted to do and to bring them to a greater height. It would appear from these two “HebatKu” Shazalli and Wahid Omar are more interested in playing politics.  Yours truly wouldn’t be so sure whether the other top Asian musicians performing in the Hebatkan Negaraku Concert have the same objectives as these two “Hebat-Hebatku” CEOs cum politicians.

By the way, this “Hebatku” Wahid Omar is also a very talented and one of the top guitarists in Asia but he was not part of the “Hebatkan Negaraku” Concert.

If both of these two “Hebat-Hebatku” CEOs are “AMAT HEBAT” then they should take the honourable step to immediately tender their resignations and join politics or become Grab drivers.

Maybank bought BII (Indonesia) Costing RM8.6 billion which was 4.6 times above its book value 

The PH government should also look into the purchased of PT Bank International Indonesia TBK (BII) by Maybank in 2008 when “Hebatku” Wahid Omar was the CEO.  Maybank bought BII worth a whopping RM8.6 billion, which was 4.6 times its book value, HERE. PH Government should investigate this transaction whether there was a proper due diligence being done and etc.

Violating “Badan-Badan Berkanun (Tatatewrtib dan Surcaj” Regulation

These two “Hebat-Hebatku” Shazalli and Wahid Omar may have  contravened the “Badan-Badan Berkanun (Tatatertib dan Surcaj) Section 20 (1) Seseorang pegawai dalam Kumpulan Pengurusan Tertinggi atau Kumpulan Pengurusan dan Professional tidak boleh mengambil bahagian aktif dalam activiti politik atau memakai apa-apa lambing sesuatu parti politik, dan …”  However, even if “Hebatku-ku” Shazalli and Wahid Omar do not come under this regulation, it has to be part of his contracts or rules in TM and PNB that officers must devote 100% of his time to TM and PNB, and more importantly cannot play politics.

The PH Administration should look into the activities of all the “Hebatku” CEO of the GLCs, who are being paid monthly salaries of  hundreds of thousand Ringgit if not Million from public fund for not performing or performing below par or for trying to be politicians.

Yours truly calls upon the PH government to investigate into the matters stated above and if necessary MACC should be called in to help with the investigations.  

The Rakyat cannot allow these “Hebatku” CEOS to play politics in any form at the Rakyat expense. Enough is enough.

Every Malaysians Should Tighten Our Belts During Difficult Time

Yours truly also call upon the PH Government to review all the salaries of the CEO of the GLCs as they are highly over paid using public fund. The monthly salaries ranging from a few hundred thousands Ringgit to million for these “Hebatku” CEOs are unacceptable during this difficult time. Why must ordinary Rakyat be told to tighten our belts when these “Hebatku” CEOs are drawing such ridiculously high salaries for playing politics?

Congratulations To YAB Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and his PH Administration For Winning The 14th GE

The nation has given a clear  mandate to our YAB Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad to put right what were wrong in Malaysia.  Sir, the Rakyat know you will never fail us. SELURUH NEGARA BERHARAP YAB MENERUSKAN AGENDA YAB DEMI KEPENTINGAN NEGARA.  Thank you, Sir.

Next Change:  Part 2,  then Prima1 & Tourism Malaysia 

Stay Tuned.


32 thoughts on ““Masa Sekarang Menunggu Mu” – Part 1 (TM & GLCs)

  1. Anonymous

    I think one person should only limited to not more than 3 companies as director so that other can also contribute to glc. There are many briliants around.

  2. rkaru

    Great read sir. Not meaning to pick but, it’s ‘gift of the gab’ not gap.

    Yes I do agree this HEBATKAN NEGARAKU campaign had a hand in the downfall of BN/Najib. People got sick of seeing the ad everywhere (I know I did) and wondered how much it would cost.

    Note: Thank you for alert re: gap. The error is regretted.

  3. office boy In TM

    These CEO are damn Hebat. Wondering for how long? Yb, The video on the concert of Hebatkan Negaraku performed by those idiotic bootlickers in your earlier posting has been removed from YouTube. The idiotic CEOs suddenly ashamed of themselves? Where is Shazalli?? He cannot be found in TM HQ? Has he flee the country?

    Note: A new link to the Hebatkan Negaraku Concert has been put in place. Thank you for informing me.

  4. Joe

    These useless jokers should be sent to the music industries to transport musical equipments. To pay them more than RM300,000 or more a month is a crime. These are a bunch of parasites. They were supposed to be working for their companies but they were more interested in playing or making noise with the guitars and drums. No wonder Najib was koyak by them! PH should give them some Titles for killing Najib.

  5. SSManiam

    Sorry. Interesting content but rather long-winded. Just get to the point. We have a 300,000 per month CEO shirking his responsibility by being BNs re-branding agent. Or to put it bluntly : sucking up to Najib and accepting tainted coins as his salary. I wonder if these nincompoops have a conscience when they sit at the dinner table with their wife/wives and children. The buck stops not now.

    1. Ricky Ng Sim Loke

      Yes, how did these academically qualified jokers with above average intelligence sleep with a clear conscience, knowing very well that they are overpaid for accepting one of the highest designations in an organization without putting in a 100% concentration??

  6. Agree with your write up. All GLCs CEO need to be investigated for politicking. Funds used to pay their fat salaries comes from the rakyat, while the rakyat if they are in the government are not allowed to do politicking. Shame on all these stooges for taking advantage of the people.

    1. If not for the monopolistic nature of most GLC, which of them are truly well managed and profitable? Glc are funded by Rakyak money. These corrupt ampoobodeking singer wannabe parasites didn’t know or just don’t care?

    2. Ariff Rozali

      Granted that 1MDB seems to be the current preoccupation of the MACC. However, we saw prior to the change of government that the MACC could seemingly pull in resources and men aplenty when required (?)

      There has to be system of priority. if it’s true that PMO fronted money for this campaign, then clearly there has been a wrongful diversion of taxpayer money that amounts to millions (or tens of millions (?) Siapa tahu?

      Hope MACC puts “ikan bilis” cases on hold and priority to the big fish, pls….because millions or tens of millions is very serious. Agreed? Yes, follow the money trail. See where it all leads. Amazing that Sarawak Report in London can unearth all the wrongdoings done with our money, yet our own enforcement agencies seem to be slacking! Pelik…

  7. Anonymous

    Dear Sir, the current government must strongly consider investigating the spending spree and looting that happened at Brandworth Corp, a supposedly special purpose vehicle of the Nation Branding Division of the the booted-out PMO Najib’s office. The top management there under Najib have been spending tax money like water, enriching themselves, buying luxury vehicles, paying cash to acquire bungalows and organising programmes that went to waste. And that ran into hundreds of millions over the years. A number of dedicated and conscientious staff resigned because they could not take the nonsense that was going on there. Over to you Mr. Wee.

    1. Ariff Rozali

      “Dear Sir, the current government must strongly consider investigating the spending spree and looting that happened at Brandworth Corp, a supposedly special purpose vehicle of the Nation Branding Division of the the booted-out PMO Najib’s office.”

      Is it correct that the MACC actually opened a file on them in connection with 1MDB?

      “The company Brandworth Corp. received a RM6.5 million cheque on 3rd May 2013 and earlier RM5.69 million on 8th April. According to blogger RPK, who owns and runs the Malaysia Today website, “Brandworth Corporation is a company that managed Barisan Nasional’s media strategy in the previous general election”. RPK claims Brandworth was raided by the MACC in October 2015, presumably not least because it had been secretly funded by Najib from stolen 1MDB cash.”



      The MACC has kept quite silent on the status of all the investigations listed in this article, including Brandworth. Let’s hope that these matters have not been overlooked. Over to you, MACC!

  8. Nelson

    Very good article and an eyeopener into all d wastage that has been going on in this blessed country of ours. pray that immediate action be taken against these CEOs for dereliction of duties

  9. Anonymous

    A very good write up I must say. While the new government proceeds to set right all these atrocities that have been going on for the last 10 year, the rakyat have a responsibility to sustain tolerance and patience to let things work well. Constructive criticisms are welcome, nevertheless the rakyat should exercise caution and timeliness. The rakyat should work hand in hand with the new government by themselves instilling good govenance in the form of non-bribery for offences committed, embracing the rule of law, promoting solidarity, practice religious acceptance rather than tolerance, being productive etc.

    1. Ricky Ng Sim Loke

      I agree with your comments absolutely! Most of these CEOs maybe academically qualified but their qualifications does not fit or qualify them for the industry that they are attached to?
      Even academically qualified ministers are given ministries to manage whereby they don’t possess adequate knowledge to manage meaningfully? Take a look at ministeries that failed to perform including GLCs!

  10. Hj Hariss bin Hj Ayob

    It’s a shame that these high profile personnel highly educated and in the know how what is happening around the world especially in the financial world would still choose to endorse najib wrong doing. You can conclude such person standing in their personnel capacity as been selfish or self centre and very unprofessional. Please these personnel should be a shame of themself , resign and just get lost.

  11. Nisa M.

    Hi, would like to point out that Petronas was not represented in the video and neither did Tan Sri Wan Zulkiflee make an appearance. Please correct the article.

    Note: Thank Nisa for the alert. The error is regretted and it has been duly corrected. My apology for the error. Do have a pleasant day ahead.

  12. Kamal

    The gaji buta only good in sucking up to TS Azman Mokhtar & the Ministers. I agree that they are fit to work as office boys in the music industry. The new government must investigate into the gaji buta’s activities since they are appointed by Khazanah. Khazanah itself is no better ok.

  13. Edward Thong

    Sir. This is the legacy of chronisma and it seems had built a group of high paid CEOs but like to bootlick.

  14. First the CEOs’ should only serve in one organization. Their salaries must be reviewed and slashed. They should. not be appointed to other GLCs. Give it to others who are hardworking. There are many qualified people around. Stop the cronyism. Reduce teh number Directors for each company, This will be cost saving and channel the money for the welfare of the workers or R & D of the company.

  15. B Tan

    YB, it is indeed open secret that this political campaign manager has been running the BN election campaign.

    But what’s worse is that he gave the business of doing the campaign to his wife Lara at MC sachi (a company which he also owns some shares in) who also gave her former worker and friend (as you can see in your post about their wedding) Farrah Harith who runs another marketing company BBDO. In fact you can see Farrah herself starring in a video praising Najib’s policies here: https://www.facebook.com/RakyatMalaysiayangmenyokongNajibRazak/videos/375817719589766/

    Many people were forced to work on this campaign since last year and in fact some left the company in protest.

    The media buying also went to a company run by his friend,, MEC if not wrong.

    What’s worse is that all the media buying and production which can be estimated to run past RM100 mil was organized and paid upfront by the PM Office not BN (or so I heard). Shouldn’t elections campaigns be managed and paid for the party and it’s own funds and not the government? If this is true then taxpayers money basically went into the elections campaign, and eventually into this shazali and Lara (and friends) pockets.

    This isn’t the first time… you’ve previously exposed how back when he was in Celcom he gave Lara the multimillion dollar advertising budget and even the construction of the Bluecube store budget. Effectively pocketing GLC money. Only a matter of time before he gives TM money to her and his friends (if not doing so already).

    MACC and PH should definitely investigate his wrongdoings and if he did indeed indirectly pocket taxpayer and GLC money thru blatant cronyism and nepotism. If he is innocent then he has #nothingtohide.

    1. Pink Diamond

      Wow! YB was wrong to have stated that the contract worth only RM30 millions. It is not as simple as what we thought. This Shazali is a real champion. He can deny as much as he want. All the PH government need to do is to go through all the payments in PMO or Treasury for this Hebatkan Ku Project which will lead to the mastermind. I also heard that all payments have been paid because of a few influential guys in PMO who are also involved. MACC should be called to thoroughly investigate this project. You are right to say that elections cam payments should not be paid by PMO. In another words should not be paid by the Rakyat.

      MACC: What are you doing about this project?

  16. hbc

    Should government participate in running businesses at all ? or just stick to adminster n manage the country’s myriad tasks to provide good fair just governance for the rakyat

  17. Anon

    PH should ask MACC to move into PMO to check all the payments made for the Hebatkan Negaraku Campaign. From PMO the paper trail can start and it will no doubt lead to the Hebatku. The Hebatku should be suspended pending the investigation.

  18. Skeimc


    TS Wahid’s opinion on the GST matter has merits and fully justified. Other economists opined the same as well and there is nothing wrong if he stands to what he believes. Removing a GST, while popular, does produce latitute of risks. As PNB Chairman, exposing funds under unnecesary structural risks are not welcomed.

    I agree TS Wahid subtly lend his support towards previous administration’s policy matters, but what is wrong with that? Isnt that what democracy all about where people has the right to choose and believe in? I would rather go beyond rhetoric and look into the substance…

  19. A bull Shitter

    No one is saying about the Hebat Wahid has no freedom to speak. If he was attending a forum to discuss about GST then it is ok for him to show his intellectual skill, if any. In this case, his comments were unsolicited by the press. The over paid and over rated Wahid voluntarily issued a press statement on 6 May and came out on 7 May and then again 8 May. Please don’t tell us that Wahid was so ignorant that polling day was on 9 May. For heavy sake, he timed his press statement to come out on 1-2 days before polling. Stop trying to fool the public. Wahid is more of a politicians then a manager. He was appointed Minister that lasted only 2 years. He tries to play politics.

    How about buying BII in Indonesia 5 time above its book value? How about him selling a stake to Telekom to TERMASEK when he was the CEO. We don’t need emperor apologist. Walid plays more politics than doing his work otherwise he will not be PNB ok.

  20. Fly on the wall

    Interestingly, Dato Shazalli just announced that he will also take on the additional role of CMO at TM? Not everyday that a Group CEO has the time to take on the CMO role too. I guess the business will be going to M&C Saatchi and BBDO.

  21. Roland Advertising

    Zenith Consulting in Bangsar is part of the Hebatkan Negaraku’s syndicate. The authorities should question How Foo Weng of Creative Brand Strategy Sdn Bhd and Zenith Consulting and everything will be wide open to see. How Foo Weng is the key player officially but unofficially there are another one or two.

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