Belated congratulations to the newlywed!

Congratulations to the newly wed – Yg Bhd Dato’ Sri Mohammed Shazalli Ramly & Datin Sharifah Menjelara Husein aka Lara,  at W Resort, Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia.

A belated congratulation to the newlywed couples of the year!  The couples have tied the knot in mid February, 2018.   At last, nurturing this special relationship for many years to fruition in style with selected friends at none other than the W Resort, Bali, is the ultimate for most couples.  

Farrah, the ex-account director of MC Saatchi (M) Sdn Bhd, congratulating her ex-boss, Yg Bhg Datin Sharifah.


Yg Bhd Dato’ Sri Mohammed Shazalli Ramly & his selected guests from MC Saatchi Sd Bhd who have graced the auspicious occasion.


Yg Bhg Datin Sharifah & Dato’ Sri Mohammed Shazalli Ramly with one of her selected  guests who graced the wedding of the year.

Yours truly was in disbelief when someone broke the news of this long overdue wedding of the year and said  it was a hush-hush wedding.  Yours truly wonders why such grand occasion had to be kept hush-hush from the well-wishers like those walking in the corridors of power and the musically talented CEOs with whom the couples rub shoulders with very often of late.  Please read HERE.

Of course, yours truly didn’t believe the source about this news to be kept hush-hush because why should Yg Bhg Dato’ Sri Mohammed Shazalli Ramly, the very able CEO of Telekom Malaysia Bhd, and Yg Bhg Datin Sharifah Menjelara Hussein (popularly known as “Lara”),  managing director of MC Saatchi (M) Sdn Bhd want to keep such a momentous occasion of their lifetime from their powerful well-wishers.

MC Saatchi (M) Sdn Bhd is a very famous advertising firm and its known big name clients are Axiata / Celcom, Malaysia Airline Bhd (MAS),  and, of course, Pr1ma (1Prima).  The full list of their clients are in HERE.  No doubt there will be more big name clients to be added in the not very far future.  Yours truly is very impressed by its “Hebat-ness”.  Don’t you? 

Stay tuned.


53 thoughts on “Belated congratulations to the newlywed!

  1. Ismail

    What a wedding in a classy 5 stars hotel in Bali! Befitting a big time CEO. The perks of TM CEO must be too good plus the Hebat NegaraKu. We are envying both of you. I wonder how much is Hebat Negaraku costing your master and tax payers?

    1. Keng Lam

      Ya I also want to know how much it costs us tax payers for this rubbish song? Stopped taking the rakyat for a ride. Bunch of stupid CEO trying to fool the Rakyat.

  2. Anonymous

    Hi. I am Lara’s daughter. Stop with your nasty articles it’s very inconsiderate especially when I see it.
    Mind your own business thank you

    1. Lara's Admirer

      Really! You are Lara’s daughter – Nathasa, the famous singer that appeared in the Celcom’s version of the Hebat Negaraku. I didn’t know that you are as talented as CEOs in the other version Hebat Negaraku. How many hundred thousand or million did your mother charge Celcom for it?

    2. Anonymous

      Hi..dear..really admire to my ex Boss Yg Bhg Dato’ Sri Mohammed Shazalli Ramly and congrates on the wedding..may allah bless your family.. ex celcom staff..take care

  3. Kevin

    Hi miss lara daughter. I guess ure to young for all this. Why dont u mind ur own business and handle ur house hold matters with ur parents etc etc. Its purely a congratulatory ad nothing much. Dnt see why are U so defensive instead of being happy. Ignore the blog then.

  4. Teh [Is the same person as Chris below]

    Destination wedding is the way to go these days good to hide and run away from malaysian society

    1. Abdul Kalam

      Congratulations la CEO TM. His best friend CEO PR1MA also got the celebrity as his 2nd wife. To Lara welcome to the 2nd wives club.

  5. Minding my own business

    I am sure this wedding reception has nothing to do with duit rakyat. I don’t understand why some people speculating this or rather spreading lies.

    1. Mus

      Of course la ‘minding your own business’ has nothing to do with the duit rakyat…..what about the duit syarikat glc somemore for the last 10 over years from Celcom! Weren’t they the main makan agency for Celcom during his tenure? So what that time all nicely make and enjoy and now baru nak kahwin! Itu takde achi la ‘mind your own language’…..haizzz stupid fellow

  6. Ismail

    Reply to Abdul Kalam. At least you know that the CEO of PR1MA is a very good friend of the Shazali (CEO of TM). Birds of the same feather flock together la.

    He is also a director of GLCs PR1MA and MAS. I am sure that you know that MC Saatchi is also the specially appointed advertising firm for MAS and PR1MA. You should know the reason behind the appointment. Two of them make good partners in every sense of the word. We all know the modus operandi of Shazali when he was in NTV and Celcom. So Lara’s daughter please behave otherwise your mother and step father will be exposed.

  7. Khairy

    It is trendy to have second wife. It is better that a second wife is a business partner isn’t ti? It will be more productive. Right?
    Hi Datuk Mutalib of PR1MA, now we know of your new achievement is getting yourself a second wife. Since you are the MD for PR1MA for so many years, how many houses have you built for PR1MA? How much advertising expenditure PR1MA paid to MC Saatchi?

  8. Jamal.

    Chris, what so gross about this congratulatory article? your boss or relatives should be proud of this auspicious occasion. Why hiding about one’s marriage? Unless there is something amiss that they didn’t want us to know. We know what has been going on so stop messing around. Lets celebrate this special occasion for both of them for NOW.

  9. Zainuddin of one of the GLCs

    Why is Lara’s daughter is so quiet now? Nathasa should defend her mother & step father being attacked by the comments. It is getting more and more interesting. Soon the shit will hit the fans!

    Congratulation to Datuk Mutalib and his young second wife (heard not as pretty as Lara) into the limelight. Why was he not part of the talented musicians in the Hebat Negaraku set up? Too shy or not talented enough? How many of the talented CEOs also have second wife – please stand up. Don’t be shy because we will be proud of you like we do for Dato Sri Shazalli and Mutalib of PR!MA.

  10. HAMID

    The CEO of TM is so properly attired. Ada class man. We are so envious of him. I doubt that he was that classy when he married his first wife. He must have acquired his taste in London or New York of late. These CEOs suddenly acquired the classiness after they are appointed CEO of GLC. Don’t be jealous ok. They are all extremely clever and intelligent by virtue of their appointment. Congratulations to the loving couples. Lets hope to hear more about them especially their long business relationship.

  11. Hazrul

    We are hearing more about these CEOs as we go along. I have heard about how talented they are musically. I can’t wait to hear about their great business acumen. They are all very good in doing business and doing deals (of course for their companies) otherwise they would not be appointed CEOs. Right?

  12. Zainal

    Actually you all should not have attacked Lara’s daughter. It is only natural for the daughter to defend their mother and step father because the children have no clue as to what have been going on between their parents! The children don’t know that it is an open secret that their relationship has been going on for more than 10 years. Let me stop here.

  13. Duit Bersih

    I must admit that it was the wedding of the year. Of course they didn’t use the duit Rakyat but their hard earned money from …

  14. Yusuf

    I know that many members of staff in the GLCs are very unhappy and watching closely on the nonsense that their hebat CEOs have been doing. I believe that we can now send all info to YB’s email: – via this blog. We can now air what we know about them. What a refreshing morning to know about the other side of midnight. Enough is enough.

  15. Shaz step son

    Why is Lara’s so-called daughter and “Mind my business” not defending the loving couple? Wishing both of them happy ever after! The first wife must be happy to have a wife-in-law overnight!

  16. MACC

    Wish them happiness together and settling in their newly built house in Damansara Heights and renovation alone cost million. I am not jealous but very happy for them. This is all about love.

    1. Dua Kali Lima, Lima Kali Dua

      Ha! Ha! Ha! MACC – It must be a big house. I cannot afford Damansara Heights. I have been waiting for PR1MA Housing for years and I am still waiting. PR1MA had been set up for more than 5 years and now it is only talking about building the houses. The fund of RM1 billion sudah habis! What a joke la! The two CEOs and also good friends could only compete in – you know what la.

  17. Lara’s real admirer

    You all are assholes who are just jealous. Leave ppl alone la. Gosh. Lara can do what ever she wants- she is an intelligent woman who comes from a very special background. None of you would be here,
    malaysia wouldn’t even exist if it weren’t for family tree. Her and her family deserve some respect.

    1. Karma bites

      Lol…. U mean tunku Abdul rahman? Oh well your great grandparents did great doesn’t mean that good gen stays in your blood OK.? Tell me what sort of respect we need to give to a couple who has been openly having for affairs many years? So this jakim/jais/or whatever ja are only established to bully normal Muslim citizens while all these big honchos are well protected like a God..

  18. Shaz real step son

    Wow Malaysians are just so mean. feel ashamed to be Malaysian. Your blogs are so boring. Find something else to write about instead of obsessing over the married couple

  19. Shaz real step son

    Wow Malaysians, I feel ashamed to be one… you all seriously got chip on your shoulder. This is what blogging has come to? Why don’t you write about something more interesting than obsessing over a happy married couple…. very sad lah. This is why we cannot progress as a society

  20. Tan cheng lok

    hahhhhhhhhh. Eh didnt you, by you, you should know who i am referring to, work with her before? hmm….strange that you are so obsessed about her love life.

    1. More Projects Orientated

      Ha Ha Ha Same person posting the comments using different names. The lara daughter should concentrate on singing for Celcom and more productive. Budak upahan or certain persons getting desperate? The Branding Guru is busy re-branding himself rather than helping the power that be. When are we able to read more updates.

  21. Zainuddin

    Both Shaz real step son and Lara (croft) are the two laughing stocks. They should be ashamed of themselves fro not knowing about the romance had been going for so many years. They are closely related they should tell us what are the cost for the Celcom’s Hebat Negaraku and the other version of Hebat Negara Ku (with the 10 CEOs). It is not surprising that Celcom is also taking part in this Hebat Negara. A long history. Let see any more of the GLCs or GLC related companies will also be involved with his Hebat Negaraku.

  22. Hisham

    So sorry to hear that TM gave only 1 month bonus. You should ask the CEO why. May be he is still in the honeymoon mood or looking for more projects.

  23. Budak Suruhan Kepala Bapak Kau

    Very Hebatnya Telekom Malaysia berani menghalang pekerja Telekom mnegambil bahagian dlam PRU14. Dia ingat Telekom ni harta kepala bapak kau! Ini adalah kuasa Rakyat Melaysia. Nampaknya dia nak main politic dalam Telekom dan dia nak pastikan bossnya menang dlm PRU14. Berapa juta dapat dari kerja-kerja HEBAT termasuk manifesto dan lain. Selepas Mei 9 dia akan tau nasibnya

  24. Shazali Ramly resigns

    Finally shazali ramly resigns from TM. I wonder which agency is going to replace Lara’s. Celcom is one of their anchor clients now heheheheh good luck langit tak selalu cerah

  25. Anonymous

    hahaha…little do people know of the involvement of the branding gurus executioner who has since left for hong leong bank..the infamous zalman who executed every single deal with satchii and also the involvement of one known as Gerald Miranda who with Lara Croft gained most of the work from the branding guru……..pleeeeaaase someone do investigate these 2 individuals

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