“Hebatnya KUs”

Updates:  Yours truly regrets that the earlier video of these “Hebat” musicians was taken off. This a replacement. It is hoped that it will remain here.

Wow, What a master piece!  The rumours of “Top Asian “Musicians” Coming To Town” turned out to be true after all.

Whoever scripted the song in the video clip must be an extremely talented musician.  One must be wondering that these very talented CEOs of the GLC may be in the wrong jobs. With their hidden talents they could have easily gone places in the music world and all will enjoy overnight stardom and the trappings that come with it. Financially they will be very much better off than what they received as CEOs.

Rumour has it that this song Hebatnya-KUs(Ops! sorry for the  typo) “Hebat Negaraku” was suddenly crafted  to inspire ALL Malaysians to feel the “greatness and advancement of Malaysia”.  Quite true, Malaysians never felt the greatness and advancement of the nation in recent years.  Malaysians are so lucky that we have these creme de la creme of CEOs to give us an elementary lesson on make belief.  Now yours truly is absolutely certain that by now each and every Malaysians are on cloud 9! These talented CEOs have made Malaysia GREAT again!

The short video clip also showcases how these talented CEOs “engaging with the community and giving back to social causes via various corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives”.  The Star has described their very noble acts in HERE.

No doubt, Malaysians will definitely be extremely impressed by their noble acts of “corporate social responsibility initiatives”.  If you don’t understand what is the meaning of these four big words, please go to the website of the respective GLCs to understand it.  Please rest assured “Hebat Negaraku” was very well thought out and more importantly a very noble act and works of a genius.

The timing of this song being launched was perfect. With the special appointment of a famous advertising firm to prepare, time and HUGE cost involved, the launched was a bit low key for the intended purposes of a certain super CEO.  May be the CEOs are a bit shy of their hidden talents!

The notable absentees of the GLC CEOs for this most grand occasion of the year are: Tan Sri Abdul Wahid Omar of PNB, Tuan Jeffri Salim Davidson, Group CEO of Some Darby Bhd, and Tan Sri Wan Zulkiflee Wan Arifin, CEO of Petronas.  Could it be that they are not part of the grand scheme of things?  Please don’t speculate.

Anyway, rumour also has it that they have already perfected another chart breaking hit entitled “MASA DEPAN MENUNGGU MU”, which will be launched soon after the General Elections to commemorate the nation’s democratic process has come of age.  Yours truly can’t wait to enjoy and appreciate their hidden talents yet again. Cheers!

Stay tuned.


26 thoughts on ““Hebatnya KUs”

  1. The Shiok Sendiri CEO

    The Shiok Sendiri CEOs. I wonder how many millions of tax payers monies have been wasted for this bullshit. The advertising firm must be laughing to the bank.

  2. Johari

    Why Wahid Omar and the other two CEOs didn’t join those idiots?? Very strange. At least they avoid making themselves look like the Hebat Fools! They can only fool MO1 but not the Rakyat. We have no time for such rubbish stuff. If the money comes out from their own pocket then it is fine. But I am certain that tax payers will pay for their bullshits.

  3. SK Lee

    Hebat my foot. They look so idiotic. Who are they trying to fool, their objective was just to do apple polishing. The shameless and gaji buta lot! YB please expose them of their nonsense. By all means get your haji buta but don’t try to tell tell that all is well.


    1. Musa

      SETUJU, ETUJU, SETUJU!!! Gaji buta at our expense and try to tell us all is well for their own sake. F… them when the time is right. What an appropriate song “Masa dean menunggu mu”. We all look forward for the launching of the song.

    2. Anonymous

      These bunch of Hebat Idiots fits those garbage collectors who comes to my taman to collect rubbish 3 days in a week. Recommended that these Hebats should work 7 days a week collecting the rubbish.

  4. Khairul

    I agree what a talented lot! If they use their so-called talents to manage the GLCs properly in the best interest of the nation as a whole, the country will be grateful to them. Unfortunately they are only interested to display their stupidity by signing such a contentless song to please another idiot. We can see what they were trying to do at this particular time. Please stop thinking that the Rakyat are stupid. We are not but you useless lot are! Suck up more and you will reap what you have sowed soon. Human decay is displayed in your faces. The time of will come that you will be on your knees singing on the streets of KL.

  5. Zawawi

    Hebat, Hebat, Hebat is the only content in the song. These idiotic characters are taking their Master for a big ride. The master must be equally idiotic. Even a primary school students could perform much much better than them. Their stupid faces make me want to vomit! I feel sorry for their families and those who work under them. Now they must be ashamed of their highly talented CEOs as described in the blog.

  6. Zainuddin from TM

    Who is that CEO responsible for this nonsense? Please stand up.
    I am from TM. I know who is b behind this nonsensical song. I am sure that YB is also aware who is responsible and he is not telling us here. Come on YB, lets share the fun.

  7. Yunus

    They are a bunch o jokers, making a fool of themselves. No wonder TS Wahid Omar and Jeffri opted out of their game. Amat memalukan. Please take care of the GLCs and stop playing monkey. OK

  8. Tan

    Malaysians must be very proud of them. They are giving back to the community. How about giving back part of their fat salaries??

  9. Lim

    These jerks are trying to fool the Master that they were doing a job for him. Please keep me in my job with bigger salaries and perks for eternity la. The master should know better that if they are good they don’t need to do this nonsense. I feel so sorry for these jerks as well as the desperate master.

  10. The Guru

    zero value from zero headed! Pitiful lots being dragged by the nose to make themselves look so stupid. The smartest are Tan Sri Wahid Omar and the other two CEOS. They are having a good laugh at them.

  11. Hisham

    A hebat bullshit job! I am working in one of the GLCs under one of the fools in the video. I have no respect for him. They should be ashamed of themselves for doing this nonsensical video with no benefit to the public that pay their gaji buta.

  12. Jason

    Oh gosh….whats going on with the nation right nw. Its pretty sad with the country performance from all angel and now you have the kaki ampu’s doing this. This is rubbish!!! Why does the premier allow all this in first place? Dont they have a responsibility to be look after for the rakyat rather than singing a song??? Whois work is this? Whois gonna benefit from all this? I found this utter shocking for this ceo’s….

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