Top Asian “Musicians” Coming To Town!

The CEOs Band – Their total monthly salary is believed to be more than RM2 million!

Wow! The top “musicians” in Asia are coming to Kuala Lumpur in the talk about “Konsert Rasaksa”.  Now I have been reliably informed that it is not a “Konsert Rasaksa” after all but “Konsert INSPIRASI” by this newly formed band known as “The CEOs Band”.  “INSPIRASI”???

No doubt this CEOs Band has already been established for sometime now. It is made to believe that their total monthly salary should be in the region of RM2 million or more! The rakyat cannot wait to be inspired by these creme de la creme of Malaysia.

It is good to learn that they are giving back to the society by congregating at the Dewan Kristal of Telekom Malaysia to rehearse for this grand show to “Inspire” the rakyat.  An advertising agency has been handpicked to run this whole campaign too.

Rumour has it that this concert is meticulously designed to “INSPIRE” all Malaysians to a greater height. Not sure how Malaysians generally going to react to this. But guess whatIt is the brainchild of one of the CEOs, who is one of the super “advisors” for the so-called “branding” for you know who la!

Stay tuned to be “inspired” on Friday, 23 February, 2018, from Bukit Jalil.

5 thoughts on “Top Asian “Musicians” Coming To Town!

  1. James Tan

    They are only good at impressing Khazanah. Malaysians do not need to be inspired by these useless lot. To maintain them is a waste of public fund.

    1. Shaari TM

      It is obvious. Just look at the picture. The one in the centre of the picture is usually the key man. I agreed that he is more of a bullshitter than advisor. Bullshitting for too long.

      1. Advertising Guy

        Yes he is. It is already an open secret in the corporate circle.
        By the way I heard that he just had a classy secret wedding with his old flame in Indonesia not too long ago. Is it true?

  2. Yong

    I think the one in orange is the super advisor. If he is the one then the recipient of the advice will be in deep trouble in the matter of time.

    Gong Xi Fa Cai to you Yb.

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