Mr Christoph Mueller: Beware of collaboration in any form with AirAsia


In September 2013, AirAsia A320 undergoing maintenance works in MAS Hangar No: 5 in KLIA

AirAsia Bhd, which is in talks with Malaysia Airlines Bhd (MAHB) on possible collaborations in maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) is open to collaborate with the national carrier in other areas, said its group CEO Tan Sri Tony Fernandes.  For full report please read HERE.


Photo of Tan Sri Tony Fernandes with Teresa Kok, the DAP MP for Seputeh
Photo of Tan Sri Tony Fernandes with Teresa Kok, the DAP MP for Seputeh

Before we go further, yours truly would like to remind Mr Christoph Mueler, the newly appointed CEO of MAS, and his advisors to take note of what the same Tony Fernandes had said not long ago


AAX is a great company that was screwed up by MAS. They (MAS) lost RM1.2 billion and sold below our costs. Who is going to fly with us?”


When AirAsia X lost money due to their own failed “business model”, Tony and/or AirAsia blamed it on MAS and/or other companies. When they owed MAHB more than RM200 million for Passenger Service Charge (PSC) and other chages, they try to find reasons to justify not paying it to MAHB and at the same time they collect in advance the PSC from their passengers and occupying offices owned by MAHB.


When they were doing well, they will say that AirAsia group is a good company, which is headed by the genius Tony Fernandes, without any help from the government.  But we, of course, knew that without the help from the 4th Floor Government during the Malaysia’s Sleepy Age, AirAsia would not be what it is today.



En Mohamed Rashdan Yusuf aka Danny (left in pic). AJ showing thump up for Rashdan. AJ has said that "Rashdan was vilified and maligned in blogsphere".
The Siamese Twin during the notorious MAS-AirAsia share SUAP. Left: En Ahmad Jauhari Yahya aka AJ, the then CEO of MAS and Right:  En Mohamed Rashdan Yusuf aka Danny. Both showing thump-up for each other. By the way, AJ was responsible for handing over the Sydney route to AirAsia on the silver platter.


Yours truly would like to remind the little napoleons in Khazanah, the AirAsia’s remnant in MAS, En Azhari Dahlan, who was “seconded” to MAS from AirAsia during the height of MAS-AirAsia share “SUAP”, the newly appointed director of MAS who was the ex-Group CEO of MAS, En Ahmad Jauhari Yahya aka AJ, that when the said share “SUAP” was un-wound on 2-5-2012 Tony Fernandes had been quoted to have said that:


 AirAsia will not send its aircraft to MAS for maintenance.”  HERE.


After inking the top secret MAS - AirAsia share swap, they were all smiling at the rakyat. From Left: Datuk kamarudin Meranun (AirAsia Bhd & AirAsia X Sdn Bhd), Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar (the original co-founder of BinaFikir Sdn Bhd & Managing Director of Khazanah since 2004), Tan Sri Md Nor Md Yusof (MAS MD from 2002-2003 during the implementation of WAU, Ex Security Chairman of SC, still CIMB Group Chairman & the newly appointed Chairman of MAS) and Tan Sri Tony Fernandes (AirAsia Bhd "s CEO, Director of AirAsia X Sdn Bhd and the newly appointed MAS Director and a member of MAS Management Committee) )
After inking the top secret MAS – AirAsia share “SUAP”, they were all smiling at the rakyat. From Left: Datuk kamarudin Meranun (AirAsia Bhd & AirAsia X Sdn Bhd), Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar (the original co-founder of BinaFikir Sdn Bhd & Managing Director of Khazanah since 2004), Tan Sri Md Nor Md Yusof (MAS MD from 2002-2003 during the implementation of WAU, Ex Security Chairman of SC, still CIMB Group Chairman & the newly appointed Chairman of MAS) and Tony Fernandes (AirAsia Bhd “s CEO, Director of AirAsia X Sdn Bhd and the newly appointed MAS Director and a member of MAS Management Committee) )


All those top management staffs that were “seconded” from AirAsia to MAS during the height of the share “SUAP” have left MAS except for another genius, En Azhari Dahlan, the head of MRO.


Now coming back to the above statement by Tony Fernandes expressing his desire to collaborate with MAS, Mr Christoph Mueller should be extremely cautious dealing with a person with fork tongue.


Tuan Azhari Dahlan, the only highly qualified engineer in MAS, was head hunted from AirAsia during the infamous MAS-AirAsia share swap
Tuan Azhari Dahlan, the only highly qualified engineer in MAS, was head hunted from AirAsia during the infamous MAS-AirAsia share swap


It is indisputable that spinning is talking to Tony Fernandes.  After having said that AirAsia will not send its aircraft to MAS for maintenance in May 2012, a year and four months later in September 2013, Tony Fernandes/AirAsia ate his words and quietly sent its aircraft to MAS for maintenance.  Of course,  with the only remnant from AirAsia, En Azhari Dahlan in MRO, who is a friendly party and credit terms are not difficult to get.


AirAsia was believed to have been given special rate for maintenance of aircraft by En Azhari Dahlan.  Until this day,  we do not know whether the maintenance bills for AirAsia aircraft have been fully settled.


Prior to the share SUAP, AirAsia had to send its aircraft for maintenance to Singapore Airline and the mode of payment is CASH.

YM Tengku Azmil, the ex-MD of MAS that was purported to have "resigned" on the eve of the inking of the secret MAS-AirAsia share swap.
YM Tengku Azmil, the ex-MD of MAS that was purported to have “resigned” on the eve of the inking of the secret MAS-AirAsia share swap.


Mr Christoph Mueller please do an in-depth study into the history of the share SUAP, the way in which it was forced upon the then management of MAS and have a private session with the ex-MD of MAS, YM Tengku Azmil, before you even think of dealing with Tony Fernandes and/or AirAsia group.

36 thoughts on “Mr Christoph Mueller: Beware of collaboration in any form with AirAsia

  1. beastofburden

    Can be be confirmed AA is eyeing the rights to Amsterdam,London,Paris,& Frankfurt.
    Mas going to be losers again,they just never learn.The new Ceo will be conned by the current foreign parasites in Mas by recommending MRO facilities to AA, as such utang lah 1 year maybe 2.

    If the do go MRO they should be looking at other carriers who will pay on time.

    So who is going to be a winner again? We all know the answer.

    1. Pwincess

      I’m just amazed that nobody “up-there”, including elder statesmen, are going after this MAS-AirAsia scandal as intensely as 1MDB. MAS has been bled to death by so many parties, especially Khazanah for time immemorial and the repercussions such as laying off thousands of MAS workers recently, are felt by everyone in the society. I hate AirAsia and everything the company represents. When people asked why am I still flying with MAS when SQ and Emirates have better offer, my answer has always been “Because it’s ours”.

      However, if this MAS debacle continues, I’ll pick other OneWorld airliners. I would rather bury MAS alive rather than seeing it being handed to that deceitful pariah. I can still go to London with BA flying from KLIA right?


      1. TebingTinggi

        You can always hop over to Changi Airport and catch a flight to London from there. Why not try SIA which has daily non-stops to London on A380s?

        The same A380s that MAS is finding to be unprofitable to operate.

    2. Pak Tam

      Sad sad sad.After they kicked out Toni, I told the union leaders that Toni was not the problem, the problems were still in MAS but they were still clueless thus would not listen and went back to sleep. After mat diah retired, the unions lost the one and only ball they got. Anyway, they may have won this battle but the war ain’t over yet and worst, MAS disease has now spread to the nation.

  2. The Pariah

    Mueller better wakes up before it is too late. The fact that the bloody Botak staying put in MRO after the share swap speaks volume. Mueller does not know about the Pariah. He better start to do his research before he slowly and surely becomes another failed CEO. He must not listen to those idiots in Khazanah who have screwed up MAS big time. Those in the group picture are the real culprits. Mueller you better start learning and don’t be led by the nose by the Pariah and those idiots in Khazanah. Another person to watch out for is Tan Sei Ms Nor!

  3. Mazlan

    Most surprised to see the WhiteMan suggested collaborations with AirAsia. This shows that he is a stupid White Man after all. MAS is wasting good money to hire him. To call for collaboration was just like giving chicken to the crocodile:

    1. Chen

      Mueller is another Mr Blur. The ways MAS had been condemned by Tony no informed CEO would have suggested collaboration. I hope that this Mr Blur was not misled by the con men in Khazanah to call for collaboration with their pet AirAsia.

  4. Mueller The Dreamer

    A good CEO would not have start off his term in a company calling for collaboration with its competitor/enemy. Mueller is a dreamer. Knowing Tony Fernades, he will put Mueller in his pocket like what he did to the previous CEO of MAS AJ. AJ gave Sydney route to AirAsia, did Tony say thank you to MAS. No. When AA X loss money, Tony was quick to blame on MAS. Only antidote will collaborate with Tony and his outfit AirAsia group – loss making companies.

  5. Rashidi

    It would appear that Mueller and the Pariah are acting in concert. Mueller flew the kite and the very same day the Pariah jumped onto the band wagon. I can’t help to ask whether this brainless White Man has been employed to screw up MAS further. It seems the MAS AirAsia share swap had not screwed up MAS enough. We need to pay a White Man hundred of thousand RM a month to come and screw up MAS further. It is just incredible. Malaysia Boleh and Khazanah Boleh! I give up.

    1. Just Another Stupid White Man

      Please don’t blame the Mat Salleh. He is having a hang-over from his fat salary. He is just taking instructions from the Khazabah boys who are friendly to Tony. Mueller has been led by the nose. I never thought that a White Man talked without checking the background of how MAS was cannibalised during the bloody Share Swap.

  6. Alvin

    It is obvious that this collaboration episode has been engineered. Mueller is just a stupid pawn in the whole game. I never thought that Shritoph Mueller can be so stupid and to be led like a cow.

  7. Syed

    A full service airline CEO begging to collaborate with a low caste airline. Mueller must be out of his mind. Don’t tell me that he acted under instructions from the idiots in Khazanah who are trying to help the sick AA.

    1. Ng

      If Mueller were to act under instructions then he is not worth the reputation of a White Man. I really hope that he is not going to throw his reputation into the drain just to help the idiots in Khazanah and the pariah airline.

  8. Derek

    Only brainless will invite low caste to be a business partner. Other will only do business with the low caste a 1 mile pole in between. Hi White Man, are you still on your whisky trip? I just cannot believe to hear such a statement from a White Man who is supposed to be clever. He is just an another idiot.

  9. Shameless White Idiot

    It is most incredible that this Mat Salleh could make such an announcement to invite trouble;e to MAS. MAS went through the share swap once and MAS was badly damaged.

    Now MAS had to pay good money to get an idiot to be its CEO. Most probably this is the Khazanah plan to screw MAS further to help AirAsia. God bless MAS.

    MAS had too many White Idiots and they all screwed up MAS eventually. But Mueller screwed it up before he knew about the history of MAS and AIrAsia.

    AirAsia with the 4th Floor boys cannibalised MAS routes and gave to AirAsia on a silver platter. Then MAS was not allowed to sell fares below certain are i.e. floor price and not ceiling price. Then came the 25 years catering contract given to Brahim. It was done by Azman Mokhtar, Rashand (from Bian Fikir) and Tan Sri Md Nor was the MD who signed the contract who should be shot.

    Then you have this brainless AJ gave the Sydney route, which was reserved for MAS by the Government, to AirAsia.

    Now we have this White Idiot want to collaborate with AirAsia. God forbid.

  10. Razak

    Mueller: What is there to collaborate with AirAsia?

    MRO: Other airlines sent aircraft to MASA for maintenance, C Check and etc. AirAsia/Tony had said that AirAsia will not send aircraft to MAS MRO after the share swap was cancelled. Tony was throwing tantrum. Of course, he sent the aircraft to MRO quietly because he had the Botak Azhari to give special cheap rate and credit terms which he could never get from Singapore Airline.

    Ai!! What collaboration do you need with AirAsia, clueless white man? Do you be part of the low cost airline or you want to give more routes to AirAsia?

    Bloody stupid White Man. His stupidity is beyond human comprehension. Now I understand why he had to take up the job in MAS. Most probably European and USA market knew about his stupidity and he had to ventured to the Far East to get job.

    He is employed to manage MAS. He is trying to screw MAS further.

    I am disgusted!

  11. Tonto

    I don’t think the white man is stupid. He’s being paid more than Rm 1.3 million/month to do the easiest job in the world. I’m very sure he was hand picked by tony for the job of handing over MAS to AA. The bloody botak Azahari has been Tony’s bitch from day one. So many engineering staff from MAS laid off only to be replaced by AA staff in the near future. All MAS MRO customers will now give their business elsewhere. KLM will go to Garuda Indonesia for their maintenance. The new MRO will only service AA aircrafts at low cost pricing.

    1. White Parasite


      I am not surprised at all. All those came after the share swap from AA has left except the Botak Azhari. Rozman Omar and another Botak (Al Ishal Ishak) responsible for rebranding that changed the livery of MAS to blue on the A380 went to AA. The boat Al Ishal had spent many million of RM to do the rebranding – just changing the colour of MAS livery i.e. to remove all the red colour of MAS because the Pariah thought that red is exclusive to AA. Boats Azhari remains in MAS MRO for a purpose. Now it is clearer when the White Man talked about collaboration with AA and immediately the Pariah responded. Rashan (Danny) was also instrumental in stifling the growth of Firefly. He was also involved in the sponsorship of QPR. Remember.

      Those still in MAS must stand up when you see any act to destroy MAS or to facilitate the so-called collaboration as announced by the White Man and welcomed by the Pariah.

      Bloody White Man is just a lacky after all.

  12. Rahim

    That Botak should have been given the letter to get list from MAS & return to where he belongs AA. From here we can see that the White Man is acting under instructions to fulfil the agendas of certain low caste.

    Bloody White Man, you are paid by Malaysian Tax Payers to work for the best interest of MAS but it appears that you are working for the interest of that low caste.
    Shame on you.

  13. Tonto

    White man carrying out Khazanah’s instructions. This is how the game is played. Harapkan pagar, pagar makan padi. The staff of MAS have been let down for the interest of one individual, tony. Today MAS, tomorrow our country.

    1. A white ant

      Absolutely right! What do you expect from a white elephant in MAS. It is most unfortunate that MAS kept getting white rubbish. Previously white elephants Dunlealy, Duncan & Martin Burrow. Now the worse of all who just take instructions blindly from the little napoleons & Tony. Another Gaji Buta in the making!

  14. Anonymous

    He is just a stupid white shit that is appreciated by Azman Mokhtar and gang. Ptui! Putin! Ptui! To the white shit. Paying him so much for him to come up with collaboration with a bloody Pariah! He is just a idiot!

  15. Daren

    MAS is our national airline and we don’t need this white lump shit to screw up MAS for AirAsia. What is there to collaborate in the MRO. AirAsia had already place the Botak Azhari to take care of its interest. If the pariah AA want to send its aircraft for maintenance please do and pay market rate and no credit like what they have been paying SIA before. No need collaboration. Bloody white shit is talking cock.

  16. Anti White Ants

    By reading all previous comments, looks like everything is orchestrated from the beginning, even before Mueller came into MAS. By the way, who head hunt Mueller, Khazanah or Tony? I doubt Khazanah since those people were too busy “cluelessly” trying to save MAS. The latter could be!!!

    Anyway, is the botak being offered a job at MAB or “being terminated”?

    1. Sallehudin

      How could you expect this white scum to terminate Botak Azhari? It makes no sense to the idiots in Khazanah & white scum to terminate Botak bcos it will b against the agenda to collaborate with the AA.

      White scum, aren’t you ashamed of yourself by reducing yourself to taking instructions with your eyes closed? Where is your professionalism?

  17. Hashim

    Mueller is still a new kid in the block. Please check first before he opens his big mouth. I never knew that a white man can b so stupid!

  18. Hamid

    To voluntarily suggest collaboration between MAS & AirAsia proved that Mueller is an idiot or brainless. MAS is waiting the racket money to pay for this white idiot. He should be sacked for the blunders.

  19. Patrick

    Mueller it will be in your and MAS best interest for you to steer very clear from that low caste. The low caste thrives on publicities generated by the Star especially BK Sidhu and a few others. If you don’t believe me please ask around. I rest my case.

    1. Mohd

      If Mueller wants to succeed in what he has been screaming about then he must avoid at all costs Amok, Rashdan (the Nanny the Danny) and gang in Khazanah, and, of course, that Red Indian from AirAsia. They were heavily involved in the share swap which had crippled MAS to a great extend. If not he will end his career in MAS in disgrace.

  20. The Terminator

    The white elephant in MAS is a Terminator after all. To collaborate with the low caste is a move to terminate MAS.

  21. jobless

    Thanks a lot Mueller.Because of you,my friends and I are now jobless.Good luck recruiting for new mechanics.Or even better why don’t you came by the hangar and do the job yourself?Let’s see if you still think it’s an easy job.

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