Australian Transport Workers Demand Ban On AirAsia

The wreckage of AirAsia's flight QZ8501. 162 innocent passengers have been killed due to AirAsia's "Administrative Negligence".
The wreckage of AirAsia’s unauthorized flight QZ8501. 162 innocent passengers have been killed due to AirAsia’s “Administrative Negligence”.


Australia’s Transport Workers’ Union (TWU) has called on the Australian government to ban all AirAsia Indonesia flights in and out of the country, pending a safety audit after information was leaked from a preliminary report concerning the investigation into the December 28 crash of AirAsia Flight QZ8501.


Mr Tony Sheldon, secretary-general TWU
Mr Tony Sheldon, the national secretary of TWU in Australia.


In a statement released on February 3, TWU national secretary Tony Sheldon said he had written to the Minister for Infrastructure and Deputy Prime Minister, Warren Truss, demanding that the Civil Aviation Safety Authority carry out an audit into the airline’s staff training, aircraft maintenance and industrial relations conditions.


The logo of the Australian Transport Workers Union
The logo of the Australian Transport Workers Union


The union, which represents more than 90,000 transport workers, claimed that the information leaked from the initial findings raised questions about the airline’s pilot training and revealed that the pilots took off without an assessment of the weather conditions. The statement claimed that AirAsia obtained a weather report almost an hour and a half after the airplane departed from Surabaya, Indonesia’s second-biggest city.


“We need to ensure that a rapidly expanding airline like AirAsia Indonesia is not cutting corners to suit a low standard model,” said Sheldon. “We also want to see greater transparency and do not want to have to wait several months before an official report from Indonesia is made public.”


For full Kwik News’ report read HERE.


For background story on safety issues concerning AirAsia read HERE.





10 thoughts on “Australian Transport Workers Demand Ban On AirAsia

  1. Farid

    To TF/AIrAsia safety issues are minor problems not worth discussing. Just play with the price of fares and stupid Malaysians will go for it. To Tony, Malaysians are stupid people. Now Everyone Should Teach Tony/AirAsia A Lesson By Not Flying AirAsia.

  2. rainman

    This should be the right procedure to adopt….that Civil Aviation Safety Authority carry out an audit into the airline’s staff training, aircraft maintenance and industrial relations conditions…instead of “verbal” consent by the local authorities.
    AA will not even take off if Batolli Department adopt these criteria…for the safety of all passengers / crews.
    Bravo to TWU …Australian Government should ban all AA flight, irrespective of from Indonesia / Malaysia to ensure that each flight is thoroughly “checked and balanced” before allowing landing rights.
    Let’s see how TF/AA gonna spin this!!

  3. Hanifah

    Our sleepy DCA officers including that half past six Batolli DG better wake up before more lives will be lost. Don’t hesitate to ground AirAsia aircraft if it is not up to standard. The passengers safety come first. Those crooked officers in the DCA must be sacked.

  4. The Gaji Buta in DCA

    The trouble with our DCA is their “tidal papa” attitude. The officers will only take enforcement seriously when there is an air tragedy happened to AirAsia in Malaysia. A bunch of gaji buta and of course they are being fed. I hope that MACC officers are reading this comment and take the necessary actions so that passengers safety will be put on its priority list.

  5. STAR Insider

    Spinning Season has started in the land of AA. Financial Results time next week and the numbers must be as red as his red cap! You can tell when the Pariah starts tweeting rubbish trying to mask the real situation with lies and empty promises,almost right on cue. He’s hoping his lapdogs at the research houses would churn up glowing on future earning potential of his fly by night operations for the likes of the Spokeswoman to publish in Star Biz. Expect to see headlines trumpeting AirAsia’s “best ever” performance or things similar to that soon.

    You can fool some people, sometime, but you can’t fool all the people, all the time, Ton(y).

    He’s hoping to hoodwink the flying public and investing community into believing AA will be flying to Europe and Maldives SOON. That’s exactly what he said when AAX stopped flying to MLE and he “promised” AA will continue serving the route. It’s coming up to a year and still no sign of him or his planes in MLE.

    The UK will not allow him in, as one of his operations, AAX Indonesia has been reported to be on the EU Blacklist. So good luck, Ton(y). Let’s see which airport in the UK or Europe would welcome you after the stunt you pulled at Gatwick – pocketing the marketing dollars before canceling flights a few months later.

    What an embarrassment to Malaysia.

    1. Eddie

      Ka! Ka! Ka! The real show has started for the pariah. Of course, that prostitute in the Star will start to churn out rubbish when she is instructed to do so. She has no pride or integrity.

      Let’s wait for the pariah to collapse in disgrace. The pariah can tweet and twist as much as he could, he had to face reality that AirAsia’s business model will only last for a few years with the Sleepy Head Govt support by allowing it to owe airport tax to the tune of RM120 million, which is a good start to use it as its capital. The end of the pariah airline is very near.

  6. Con Game

    Today the low caste airline was making more public relation exercise to camouflage the sinking of AirAsia X. It is in deep shit now. Even that proatitute Sidhu dared not write anything about it.

  7. Now Everybody Is Scared To Fly AirAsia

    Other aviation authorities should do a thorough audit on AirAsia for the sake of passengers safety. It is known for cutting corners. This low caste/pariah must not be allowed to mess around with safety.

  8. flyer168

    “Australian Transport Workers Demand Ban On AirAsia”

    The right thing to do matey…!

    Looks like hot,hot…Chicken Sh*t…with AA No 1’s bullsh*t…!!!

    Just to share this…

    Nov 2012 – “…periodical audit findings by DCA showed shortcomings in AirAsia’s flight operations procedures and practices including flawed communications between flight operations and pilots, an outdated manual and flight operations not in keeping with the manual…”

    July 2013 –

    Sept 2013 – “…Tan Sri Tony Fernandes has been quoted to have said soon after the MAS-AirAsia share Swap was un-wound on 2-5-202 by YA Datuk Seri Najib, that AirAsia will NOT send its aircraft to MAS for maintenance. With the current development, we should just ignore him and his gang because SPINNING IS TALKING TO THEM…

    It seems that Hangar 5 has been reserved exclusively for AirAsia and AirAsia X at the expense of MAS.

    MAS had to send its own aircraft B737-800 for maintenance to Hydrabad GMR (MRO JV between MAS and GMR) in India, which was one of the failed investment of MAS.

    On 28-8-2013 MAS 737-800 (aircraft no: 9M-MLE) had to be sent to Hydrabad GMR where MAS had to involve pilots and crews, turn around time and, more importantly FUEL COST. MAS had to pay all all these unnecessary expenses.

    Yours is sure that if MAS is their own company, TUAN Azhari Dahlan and AJ wouldn’t have allowed AirAsia or AirAsia X to utilise Hangar 5.

    This does not make economic sense unless AirAsia and AirAsia X are paying at rates that no other airline engineering departments could refuse. Is this the case here?”

    Aug 2013 – “…We will never own a single shares in Air Asia because it is not worthy of the price and more so that we are reading a financial disaster is awaiting to happen.

    But, if by some fluke inheritance that we happen to be a shareholder in Air Asia, we would stood up in their Annual General Meeting to voice concern in the shameTan Sri Tony Fernandez brought to his Tan Sri title and the company.

    Air Asia cheat passengers by overcharging and not disclosing true charges. They couldn’t care less with the comfort of their passengers for having to wait a long time.

    They hide behind the fine prints of agreements and term of sales. The company goes for revenue without any sense of ethics and concern for human lives. They adulterated the accounting policy to boost up revenue and profit and loss.

    Tony F keep making statements to deceive the public and indirectly the shareholders. The man talks about being world class but his operation has no transparency and secretive to shareholders. They are never honest and every statement and manouver has ulterior motives.

    With the latest pathetic PR stunt in handling their own crisis management at Manila Airport, which resemble an amateur businessman on The Apprentice, we would have said it loudly in the AGM, “Tony F … you’re fired!” …

    This blog have been warning it’s readers that Air Asia is not only a financial disaster waiting to happen but also a disaster that will cost human lives..

    Tony F can think he is the American wheeler Dealer Donald Trump but he hardly come close to the classy Trump build trump Tower. Tony F runs Air Asia not as a low cost carrier but as a low CASTE carrier.

    The Donald marries gorgeous blondes, actress and socialites but Tony F … sorry no spouse should be drag in.

    Air Asia does not see safety as important. Talking about safety and an impending disaster, one can read on Bigdog although he is rather kind to just called it as Kapal Karam in his latest posting. ..”

    And then…what happened…Indonesia AirAsia Flight 8501 accident recently, killing all 155 passengers and seven crew on board…!

    You be the judge.


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