Union Calls Upon Australian Govt To Suspend All AirAsia Flights

The wreckage of the unauthorised AirAsia's flight QZ8501.
The wreckage of the unauthorised AirAsia’s flight QZ8501 from Surabaya to Singapore. 162 innocent lives have been killed as a result of AirAsia’s “Administrative Negligence”.  


On 3-2-2015 the Transport Workers’ Union is calling on the federal government to suspend all AirAsia Indonesia flights in Australia in the wake of the crash of flight QZ8501.


The union has requested an urgent audit on training and aircraft maintenance at the airline, which flies in and out of Darwin and Perth.


“We need to ensure that a rapidly expanding airline like AirAsia Indonesia is not cutting corners,” TWU national secretary Tony Sheldon said.


He also said that said leaked information suggested poor pilot training and regulatory failure.  AirAsia Indonesia is putting Australian lives at risk.  For full report please read HERE.


Bloomberg had reported that:


the pilots of AirAsia Bhd. Flight 8501 cut power to a critical computer system that normally prevents planes from going out of control shortly before it plunged into the Java Sea, two people with knowledge of the investigation said.   Airbus discourages pilots from cutting power to systems because electronics in the highly computerized aircraft are interconnected and turning off one component can affect others, John Cox, a former A320 pilot who is now a safety consultant, said in an interview.  For full Bloomberg’s report please read HERE.


Yours truly would like to say Thank You to a regular reader and contributor of this blog, Warior 231, for sharing his thoughts and researches with all of us.


Backgrounds of the safety issues involving AirAsia and AirAsia X


Thumb up from Tony Fernandez, the CEO of AirAsia.
Thumb up from Tony Fernandez, the CEO of AirAsia.  Most probably the thump up was because despite not being authorised, AirAsia’s flight QZ8501 did fly on Sunday, 28-12-2014.


The CEO of AirAsia, Tony Fernandez, had been quoted to have said that  “I know Malaysians very well and if you put a fare low enough, they’ll risk their lives”.  This is his known view about Malaysians.


“My engineers talk to my pilots about how to fly the plane more efficiently. We went from 80 landings per set of tyres to 180. We showed them how to brake on the runway, how to use the reverse thrust, how they should descend. We burn just 770 US gallons per hour of fuel. MAS, using a similar plane, burns 1100 US gallons.”,  said Tony Fernandez.


The cost-cutting fanatic Fernandes also suggested that pilots should avoid using their brakes for as long as possible when landing. “Friction usually does the trick, so our brake pads and tyres last a damn sight longer than most,” he said.


Was the decision to keep going into a monsoonal storm part of the Fernandes’ vicious cost-cutting program? Was the captain facing the sack had he turned back?


Air Asia hosties are paid the pittance of $9 per hour air time and pilots are paid well below what other airlines pay. They also sign contracts ensuring they will repay Air Asia for all training costs.


Passengers have complained it takes up to a year of fighting to get refunds from cancelled flights with most simply giving up trying.

For the full Pickering Post report dated 4-1-2015 read HERE.


Please read the experiences of air travelers: “Why I will never fly AriAsia


Datuk Azharuddin Abdul Rahman, the Director-General of the Malaysian Department of civil Aviation (DCA)
Datuk Azharuddin Abdul Rahman, the Director-General of the Malaysian Department of Civil Aviation (DCA). He became very famous when he brought up the name of the footballer Balotelli during a press conference involving MH370, HERE.


As early as in July 2010 yours truly had brought the safety issues of AirAsia to the Parliament of Malaysian for consideration.  Of course, our DCA was then obsessed with its “Tidak Apa” attitude. Please read HERE.


Two years later in December 2012, DCA discovered that AirAsia did not meet regulatory safety standard and the Malaysian DCA granted it a temporary AOC for 6 months. Under such circumstances, no aviation authorities except Malaysian DCA, would have have granted the AOC for AirAsia as safety is a serious matters in the aviation industry.


The findings of the Malaysian DCA in 2012 were as follows:


AirAsia’s flight operations procedures and practices including flawed communications between flight operations and pilots, an outdated manual and flight operations not in keeping with the manualHERE.



FAX also known as Fly Asian Express in 2006 to September 2007
FAX also known as Fly Asian Express Sdn Bhd (FAX) in 2006 to September 2007.  A few months later, it changed its name to AirAsia X to provide long haul air services.  When it was FAX it could not even properly operate a small rural air services (RAS), when it changed its name  AirAsia X and our DCA saw it fit to grant it a full AOC to operate long haul .  At that material time, it was most unprofessional of the DCA to be oblivious of the bad track records of AirAsia X.


In 2007 when Fly Asian Express Sdn Bhd (FAX) changed its name to AirAsia X Sdn Bhd, the DCA should not have granted it the AOC to fly international flight because it has a proven record of poor or no maintenance of aircraft. In the case of FAKS/AirAsia X, it took over from MAS 14 aircraft, which were in good conditions and within a short span of several months 7 aircraft were grounded due to un-airworthiness and one of them being cannibalised for spare parts. Please read HERE  & HERE.


If our DCA had acted professionally in 2007 and/or in 2012 by not granting the so-called temporary AOC, may be AirAsia would have learnt from that lesson and AirAsia as a group would have treated aviation safety and maintenance as its priority instead of profits at all costs.  Then AirAsia would not have allowed the unauthorised QZ8501 to operate and also ensure that its pilots are properly trained.



39 thoughts on “Union Calls Upon Australian Govt To Suspend All AirAsia Flights

  1. A pariah will always be a pariah

    Tony Fernandes, had said that “I know Malaysians very well and if you put a fare low enough, they’ll risk their lives”. That is how Tony thinks of Malaysians. He had forgotten he is of pariah caste. The lowest of the lowest.

    Where are all his bullshit tweets? Ever AirAsia was exposed about the unauthorized flight 8501, the pariah was very quiet. His body was filled with ants.

  2. Aznam

    DCA please be reminded that safety is always an issue with AirAsia because safety cost a lot of money. AirAsia only interested in cutting cost to maximize its profit. So 162 lives had to be sacrificed for AirAsia before it will take safety seriously. DCA, it is about time that actions to be taken to ensure that safety has been strictly adhered to by AirAsia the cowboy airline.

    1. IT.Scheiss

      Hopefully, though knowing how lame our DCA has been in the past, I am not optimistic that they will take decisive action, unlike Indonesia or Australia.

  3. rainman

    From Day One…Anyone who knows TF would have known that a “c.ook will always be a c.ook” even if he is in a sheep skin.
    Malaysia Success Story…What success story, Anyone who could get his/her plot thru’ the local approving authorities would be a success story itself. There would be more to come since the can of worms are already opened!!
    Anyway, the Azharuddin Abdul Rahman, the Director-General of the Malaysian Department of Civil Aviation (DCA)…even mention the footballer name wrong!! Batoli intead of BALOTELLI…what a laughing stock!!

    1. Azahar

      The tak malu “Batoli” of DCA better wake up and do your proper check on the safety issues in AirAsia.

      How could DCA grant the AOC to Fly Asian Express/FAX/AirAsia X when it screwed up Rural Air Service in Sabah and Sarawak. I think the Batoli in DCA is playing with the lives of Malaysian.

      We demand for a in depth audit on the safety in AirAsia. Datuk Azharudin/Batolli is an embarrassment. He can’t even pronounced the name of the Italian footballer and he still tried to show his stupidity.

  4. Khalid

    Ka! Ka! Ka! The end is very very near. All the hypes and publicity by the like of the mercenary BK Sidhu are not helping AirAsia. BK Sidhu has no more credibility left. She had to be dumped in the long kang.

    Soon Tony will follow suit. All his outfits are in the shit hole. He has been taking the passengers for a ride for far too long. Its paying back time. Now very few Malaysia will even be thinking of risking their lives because they are not getting near to AirAsia.

  5. Anonymous


    I stop using AirAsia two years ago..

    The manners and treatment received is like herding ‘cattle into a barn’ whenever the flights is delayed and many countless incidents…
    I dare to say, that the from the counter staffs to flights atten****’ ‘i don’t know what to call them..’ ( i am not being rude here..) are really unprofessionals.
    (that’s was at LCCT then.)

    I have flown to many parts of the world and with many Carriers and still flying, This ‘ CHEAPO AIRLINE’ can never entice me even if it’s FREE…!!!
    It’s a pity though that some good staffs (but i have never met one..!) have to suffer.
    But, this is what can happens if when you have a person like TONY..,
    ARROGANT and ‘COCKY’ as a BOSS… you will become one.!

    1. Keneth

      He can be cocky and arrogant. When the Union speaks up in Australia and other developed countries, the govt will take the necessary actions especially on the issue of safety. The show has started. The end is definitely very near.

      1. Yong

        When the Pariah and his mercenary BK Sidhu have stopped spinning, it speaks volume. Both of them knew, they could no longer spin because no one would believe them anymore after QZ8501 and 162 lives have been killed. Further, the Pariah could not control the Indonesian Transport Minister and other official. The Pariah was badly exposed in Indonesia. Now with the new pressures from the Union in Australia on safety issues concerning AirAsia.

        At long last, the pariah and his fellow directors are in deep troubles this time. BK Sidhi had outlived her usefulness. He is just not worth a Sen to the pariah now.

  6. IT.Scheiss

    I have no sympathy for businesses which place profits before the interests of customers and am glad that all these revelations about possible compromises on maintenance are coming to light.

    I now would like to see where Tony Fernandez fanboys and fangirls who laude his business model, “entrepreneurship” and so forth will put their faces now, especially if these suspicions prove true.

    However, with regards Tony’s statement, “I know Malaysians very well and if you put a fare low enough, they’ll risk their lives”, I would say that many Malaysians have themselves to blame too for putting up with such low regard.

    For what I have observed of how some Malaysians will put up with restaurants which provide bad service, are unhygenic or are noisy with an unpleasant environment just because some item of food tastes great to them.

    There also is a racial and political dimension to this Tony Fernandez and Air Asia mania where they mentally cast AirAsia and MAS as proxies for their racial and political biases.

    For them:-

    MAS = Barisan Nasional

    MAS = Malay

    Air Asia = Pakatan Rakyat

    Air Asia = non-Malay


    MAS = GLC

    Air Asia = private

    Over the years, I have noticed such casting as proxies amongts Malaysians.

    For example:-

    Israel = non-Muslim = non-Malay

    Palestine = Muslim = Malay

    Back in the 1970s when pro heavyweight boxers Mohammad Ali and Joe Bugner held a fight in Kuala Lumpur, my late father described how his Malay colleagues supported Mohammad Ali whilst his non-Malay colleagues supported Joe Bugner.

    They must have been thinking:-

    Mohammad Ali = Muslim = Malay

    Joe Bugner = non-Muslim = non-Malay

    Also, such Tony Fernandez and Air Asia fanboys and fangirls have no regard for passenger rights, workers’ rights and safety. For them, business success and profitability are everything, and that includes journalists, business consultants and motivational speakers who fawn over Air Asia and Tony Fernandez just because of the airline’s profitability.

    To them, it does not matter that some passengers are inconvenienced by late appointments or missed flights because the Air Asia plane leaves late, misleading advertisements, having to walk long distances to the aircraft or having to pay extra for a wheelchair as long as it suits Air Asia’s business model.

    I know of a trainer who booked an Air Asia to Langkawi to deliver a course to his client and missed about half a day because his fight left late.

    They are same kind of people who glorify stores like Walmart which sells cheap and shoddy goods which are affordable to everyone.

    Such businesses are not friends of “the people” but are profit-oriented capitalist enterprises which target the lower end of the market as their segment to address.

    That said, I also agree that some people have no choice but to fly a budget ariline or to shop in places like Walmart, since they otherwise cannot afford to fly otherwise or buy things.

    However, all the more reason that such businesses do not take their passengers or customers for granted.

    1. Isahak

      I don’t think the main reason was due to the racial issue that people taking AIrAsia previously. It was due to the hypes/advertisements and publicity by “prostitute like BK Sidhu” that average Malaysians were being fooled. Of course, at that particular time, MAS was not allowed to directly compete with AirAsia during the Tingkat Empat Administration. Remember MAS was not allowed to proceed with in full withits “Super Saver Programe”. The 4th Floor placed a floor price instead of ceiling i.e. MAS was not allowed to sell flight tickets below certain fares so that AIrAsia could survive. This was the type of nonsense created by the 4th Floor government.

      Therefore, your write up was not entirely true. In any event, the nonsense of Tony is unfolding slowly and surely. I do agree that the end of the game is eminent now. He could not hype and the “prostitute” BK Sidhu could no longer help. The Indonesian and Australian authorities will fix him nicely.

      Our DCA is useless. It will only start to act when something drastic happened in Malaysia. What do you expect when our DCA is headed by that “Batoli” fella who chose to face foreign press when he could not speak decent English. The present Minister of Transport is another softy with no back bone. Liow will be led by the nose by Tony. I dread the thought of more lives may have to be sacrificed before DCA will act. It is a sad case for Malaysia.

      1. IT.Scheiss

        I agree that the hype has a big part to play in many people either being pro-AirAsia and against it, I being one of those put off by the hype.

        However, having heard the opinions of several AirAsia fans, the racial or anti-BN dimension figures in the attitudes of some, not all.

        I am also put off by the deceptive advertising of AirAsia in the name of a “budget airline business model” and its glorification by the media.

  7. Pride of Epsome - producing world class Pariah

    Interesting no one has asked this low caste pariah conman why does fly on his private jet with handpicked pilots but tells everyone else to fly his flybynight airlines, is he afraid of something? Is he a hypocrite? Claims to be peoples person and advocate for low cost travel but he himself flies in a private jet. He tells people to stay in that brothel called out of Tune hotel, but he does not stay there, he uses a maxis prefix when he has out of Tune talk with a joker as a CEO and any bet he does not have a policy with out of Tune Insurance? Buys QPR when he claims to be a West Ham fan. Its like being the CEO of Coke but you drink Pepsi….this fat ass low caste pariah is just a piece of work con job capitalist. Feel sorry for his fan club who gets conned and have absolute believe in his ways….I guess a sucker is born every second…

  8. Anonymous

    He has been exposed naked now. Hence, no tweeting about his outfits. AirAsia X is going to the dog. AAX share price is dropping daily. He is having problems everywhere. Even his good friend Nasir Razak is unable to help him. The hole is too big. A smaller version of 1MDB!






  10. Pride of Epsome - producing world class Pariah

    Amen brother, cant wait for this Pariah be hauled up, charged and put behind bars. Some jail time will do good for his inflated ego and arrogance. For Pariah’s conjugal visits, they must allow Kimchis, preferably from Busan area.

  11. Con Artist Toni

    The pariah is extremely quiet nowadays. No more of his tongue twisting. His fork tongue had stopped working after QZ8501 crashed and killed 162 innocent human beings. The pariah should be the only passenger on board of 8501 and the world would have been a happy place to live in.

    Anyway,he has became a dumb. The whole world now know he is a liar and a typical pariah of the worst kind. A Pariah that is using his English name to hide his origin, the low caste.

    The authorities must prosecute him for the killing of 162 innocent passengers who paid for their flight. The pariah only talked about paying pittance to the families of the victims. Now he had totally disappear from Indonesia. Initially, he went to Surabaya to be with the families and to say that he cares. We only knew that he disappeared. The authorities must ensure that AirAsia or him pay US$98,000 for each family. If he did not pay then the govt must step in and prosecute him and the other directors. The families of the victims must demand for the said payment under the Indonesian law.

  12. Warrior 231

    This one of the finer features of Western society i.e., protection of the consumer and the chance for redress.

    Although there maybe flaws in their system or even in their attitude at times, their zeal to protect the citizen aka the consumer is indeed praiseworthy;



    You can only wish for this in Malaysia where a third world “mentalised” democracy lurches from one crisis to another like a drunkard and where shameless idiots from both sides of the divide spar for personal gain and private profit.

    And journalists there are mostly the real deal unlike the paid sluts, whores and bitchboys we have in our midst.

    Cry thy beloved country indeed!

  13. Now Everyone Should Boycott AirAsia

    Now Everyone Can See Tony Cannot Twist and Turn Anymore. That junkyard journalist BK Sidhu could not help the Pariah Tony to get out from the shit hole. Tony loves to play with shit and now he finds himself in the shit and could not get out. In fact, he and his AirAsia is getting deeper and deeper into the shit.

    Now the Australian ACCC (consumer Protection Authority) has been called upon to investigate and take action against AirAsia for selling flight tickets without prior approval. It would appear that AirAsia will have to pay for all the expenses incurred by the passengers who had to fly to KL and then to Bali.

    Although Tony is believed to be a Malaysian, he looks down on Malaysian and trying to be a white man. A typical pariah with a chip on his shoulder. We know his origin is from the estate. He is so condascending and he thought that he is a white. He should have look at the mirror and he will finally know that he is from the pariah caste after all.

    All Malaysian would be traveller please take note of what that pariah had said before:

    “I know Malaysians very well and if you put a fare low enough, they’ll risk their lives”.


    Lets teach him a lesson. That pariah must withdraw this statement otherwise we must bring AirAsia to its knee until he publicly apologise to all Malaysians for looking down on us.

  14. Warrior 231

    The Piece of Shit’s (POS) arrogance is mind boggling. What competition is he mouthing about through his filthy gob when virtually everything was handed on a platter to him by “Jean cunthungry” Sleepyhead Dol and his blithering posse of fourth floor scumbags, bumbling idiots and certified morons. From deferred taxes, tax discounts to air routes, a LCCT etc you name it , this fuckhead got it;


    So its surprising the paper wrote him as “battling the government” as if he is some big Kollywood hero who dared and won when we Malaysians know better how he got it and who his sidekicks are, the filthy johnschmuck. I reckon somebody must be feeding the Nikkei that one so as to inflate someone’s “entrepreneurshit” in them Japanese eyes

    And he talks about two kings like a tongue twisting twatleech, given that he once merged with MAS. Yeah..great, one king did die and we know which one was that not to mention employees, families and national pride!

    And like a spoilt brat throwing an almighty tantrum and his toys outta the pram when he couldn’t get his way, fatso then shifted base to Jakarta , a defining moment of hubris indeed for that was where he met and is about to be codswalloped, slam dunked, swallowed and shat whole by his humiliation.

    The thought processes and words of this POS are clearly reeking of megalomania, and more…a man obsessed with his grandeur, some effing self styled king and disruptor, with the gall to harangue all and sundry how to run shop :


    when he is plainly struggling over there with Delhi off the list and break even time kicked further down the road:


    and don’t you all think he comes across as a buffoon here:

    “Even four months back, the low-cost carrier was bullish about its impending Mumbai operations.The airline’s Mumbai plans became public last September. “We are coming,” group chief executive Tony Fernandes had tweeted with pomp. “In Incredible India….Bombay (Mumbai) is changing by the day ….AIRASIA India will be starting in this metro soon,” his tweet read.


    and a moron here when he can’t even manage a piffling London club:




    Poor Redknapp, praised in the last link above and blasted hardly 24 hours after leaving:


    So much for loyalty, man and don’t mention that toy car outfit, Caterham….hahahahahahaa

    I love it when POS like this get their moment of comeuppance and what better wish there can be but for QPR, AAX and finally AA follow him to his damn grave. That would make many folks days I guess but I pity my fellow rakyat who will have to mop up afterwards!!

    Remember Vijay Mallya,of Kingfisher, Force India, Sahara notoriety and bankruptcy. That was sure a mega megalomaniac. Bet this one is ten times worse

    Elsewhere, I suspect the Indonesians have latched on to something technical as even Kompas is giving this plenty of newsplay:


    1. IT.Scheiss

      Many AirAsia and Tony Fernandez fanboys and fangirls choose to ignore tha fact that AirAsia did benefit from government support, such as during Pak Lah’s time, whilst at the same time choose to condemn MAS for receiving government support.

      Otherwise, how did AirAsia get the concessions to operate flights at disadvantage to MAS.

  15. Now Everyone Know Who Is The Con Man

    The pariah had no help from the Sleepy Head government? He must be joking. Since the inception of AirAsia, it had been collecting airport taxes from passengers but it did not pay the collections to the Malaysian Airport Authority. After more than 10 years it had accumulated to almost RM130 million. It was YB that brought the mater to the attention of Parliament. After several months of its expose in Parliament, the Sleepy Head govt had no choice but to compel AirAsia to pay.

    When paying, AirAsia was given a 30% discount by the Sleepy Head Govt. AirAsia was also given many profitable routes on the silver platter and MAS was not allowed to compete at that time.

    This Pariah will never change. He will twist and turn all the way. I am glad that Warrior 321 had provided with all the facts. This scumbag must be prosecuted for the death of 162 innocent passengers on QZ8501. In the mean time, we must avoid AirAsia at all cost.

  16. Hong

    Now we have been spared of reading the advertisements of the low caste airline and the low caste himself. BK Sidhu of Star Business has stopped campaigning for the low caste airline and the low caste. What a relief!

  17. Stephy Anthoni Pundek Fernondez

    Many are in the opine its just lull before the storm with the capati and ghee loving harlot journalist, she will be back being the Pariah’s lap dog once this current storm that Pariah is experiencing is over. People will soon forget QZ8501 and Pariah will do anything to get himself out of being prosecuted or charged, hence it will be business as usual for the Pariah. Apparently, he tried to meet a certain ASEAN nation President who was in KL yesterday, trying to get himself out of the QZ8501 situation. Sad but true, low caste Pariah conman will soon be back barking, this time more loudly than ever and doing pied the piper with his loyal lap dogs and followers, these bunch will support his business at any cost. I hope this Pariah will forever live with the pain and guilt he has cost to the 162 people on board and to their loved ones. I hope this Pariah have problems sleeping at night and suffers from a break down as what he did has no forgiveness. The inflated ego and supreme arrogance he has does not warrant forgiveness at any time.

  18. Anonymous

    The pariah is making use of that stupid Datuk Nasir Razak of CIMB and the brother of the PM to connect him to the political leaders. It is most fortunate that he is now caught with too many problems at one time QPR, Catherham, AurAsia X, AirAsia, Tune Group and etc. The musical chair is coming to a stand still very soon. Then Nazir of CIMB will be crying becos because of the huge loans CIMB has been giving to the low caste and his outfits. God acts in mysterious ways. It is paying back time for the low caste.

    1. Peng

      Many people have suffered under his hand. Now 162 passengers have been killed by AA’s administrative negligence. Many faces refund problems that took many months. Many got fixed by hidden charges.

      Now Tony must face prosecution for administrative negligence by allowing Qz8501 to fly without permit. When he is charged, the whole world will be happy and fly peacefully.

  19. Ahmad

    Regulations are something foreign to the Pariah. He played with the system to the fullest. Yes, even Malaysian airport tax, he chose not to pay for more than 5 years. AirAsia chalked up an airport tax of more than RM100 million a few years ago. So he thought that he violate the law in Indonesia. Luckily he was caught with his pant down this time. Australian and Indonesian authorities must take all actions deemed necessary to protect and bring justice the consumers.

    The pariah must be fixed nice and proper this time. Lets see what Nazir Bin Razak, CIMB CEO, could do to help him out. I think Nazir will also run very far from the pariah in the light of flagrant breach law/regulations.

  20. STAR Insider

    Another one of those “No Permit to Fly” violations by AirAsia. How many more of its destinations, does it not have “permits to fly”.


    These are serious allegations, which Batolli at DCA Malaysia and his counterparts in Indonesia, Thailand and India need to get to the bottom of. Doesn’t this constitute a violation of their AOC?

    The Aviation Industry in Malaysia have suffered enough. We cannot afford anymore bad press.

  21. Con Man With Forked Tounge

    We must demand for prosecution of the Pariah, who has no regards for regulations. He thought that he could put all aviation authorities in his pocket like what he did to our DCA. The Australians are not going to let him off the hook. I believe the Indonesians will not let him off the hook too. Having lost 160 lives for the sake of profiteering, i don’t things the pariah can get out in one piece. His Indonesian operation is as good as koyak.

    I have been told that AirAsia X is going down any time. The call by all the so-called stock analysts are all bullshit. The earlier you dispose of AirAsia X the better for the shareholders. Investing public should stay clear from AirAsia stocks in the light of the QZ8501 and the actions to be taken by the Australian authorities.

    Malaysians should not carrying risking their lives just because AirAsia played with the fare. Bear in mind the hidden charges. It is not cheap after all.

  22. Pariah Must Be in Jail

    AirAsia X has an acting CEO, a guy that his previous Job description was arranging and setting up conference calls with Analyst for Pariah to be the centre of attraction ( not in the looks department but more to show off his fake British slang) and does power point slides for Pariah, basically lap dog lah to Pariah. Budak ni nak so call turnaround AirAsia X? Tolonglah, mat salleh Robert Milton pun turn down the job, dia tu experience running airlines. Invest in its shares? I rather keep my money under my bantal lah. Analyst who are calling for buy are the usual suspects who are all under the Pariah’s influence, in fact one of the Biggest bank in the country, its aviation analyst, is some one who used to work for Pariah in the Corporate Finance department. If Pariah masuk jail kat Indonesia habislah, ingat share Pariah akan naik hargakah?

  23. A Pariah Is A Pariah

    The Pariah’s modus operandi is about publicity and all the hypes churned out by those prostitutes like BK Sidhu. Now that his propaganda machinery came to a stand still. The house of cards is collapsing slowly and surely. It’s paying back time for what he had done all these years. No more Sleeping Head and 4th Floor to rescue him. In fact one of the 4 th floor boys (Kalimullah) already started to sell his AA shares recently. So those AirAsia shareholders please take note of this development.

  24. Pariah Must Be in Jail

    Harry Redknapp has been a manager for the past 32 years. He is 67 and apparently needs a knee operation on both his knees, thats the reason given for his abrupt departure from Pariah’s QPeeR. A guy in the industry for 32 years and yet falls for this Pariah’s con job. Pariah must have used one of his secret weapon, speaking in the British slang. Rumour is, Redknapp left because QPeerR needs a manager who can be on his knees and pray every time Pariah makes an appearance and when QPeeR plays week in week out. Now with problems on his knees, Redknapp is no more off use to Pariah, same fate as cheap prostitute Sidhoo. This pariah from dont know which estate loves to suck up to white boys and has an identity crisis, as he claims to be English when he is in England. Eh Pariah, look at yourself in the mirror lah…Poodah tambi!

    1. The Low Caste

      Tony must be prosecuted for the death of 162 people. Simple: if the flight QZ8501 was unauthorized then everything flow there will be illegal. In view of this, he and his fellow directors must be charged and thrown in jail. If the law permits, threw away the keys.

      Fine is not enough. The pariah wil not learn from paying a fine. He must be put in jail for a long time so he can reflect over what he had done to the families of the 612 victims and other travelers.

  25. Queens PARIAH Rangers

    On his tweeter handle recently, Pariah Low Caste conman said with crocodile tears that he misses his Indonesia staff and friends, and he will be coming to Bali, Jakarta and Surabaya soon. I hope the Indonesian authorities will arrest him and throw him in jail for negligence for flying when not permit too and manslaughter. His fellow directors too must be charged and be put in jail. If the authorities dont do anything, I hope the people of Indonesia will protest against his arrival and throw some rotten eggs on him. He craves for attention, this Pariah has NO remorse or shame. Its all about making money, how do you sleep at night Pariah? knowing the 162 on board will never return and the hurt and grieve you caused their loved ones. All this Pariah cares is about the media attention he gets. Vanity, I hope will get you to jail. Theres NO forgiveness to what you did. Jokowi, please charge this Low Caste Pariah conman on counts of negligence and manslaughter.

    1. Brandon

      His tweets were verbiage. If he is serious in what he said, he should be in Surabaya now to help the families of the victims. He should pay each family of the victims the sum of US$98,000 immediately under the Indonesian law. But AirAsia had not done so.

      The Pariah’s tweet said that QZ8501 was his biggest nightmare. Of course, it was his biggest nightmare because he was caught with his under pant down. He could not twist and turn. Hew could no longer lie tot he world. Mercenary like BK Sidhu found herself in the shit and could no longer spin for him or AirAsia. The Indonesian authorities are not playing balls with him like the crooked DCA official in Malaysia.

      He is lying low now because Everyone Is Watching His Moves. The Pariah also know that all his businesses are in the shit. The AirAsia Group, Tune Group, Caterham, QPR and etc are in deep shit.

      Luckily Rashdan is no longer in MAS theories MAS will be burdened with higher advertising contract with QPR, which is earmarked to be relegated this season.

      1. Yusri

        There are too many Batolli in our DCA. It will take loss of many lives for the DCS’s Batolli to wake up and perform their duties to protect innocent lives. But they are not doing their job. They are corrupted to the core.

        Just look at issuance of temporary AOC for 6 months for AirAsia. As far as I am concerned, there is no AIC that is temporary. An airline is fit or not fit to operate. If it is not fit then the AOC will not be renewed as simple as that. But the the useless Battoli DCA, does not think this way. The Govt should do a revamp in DCA and get rid of all the useless Battoli including Azharudin, the head Batttoli that must be removed otherwise we will no doubt see more loss of lives in the future.

  26. Queens PARIAH Rangers

    I will only believe theres true justice in this world, if this scum bag Low Caste Pariah conman is in jail in Indonesia. How can someone whos business did not have a permit to fly on Sunday, killing 162 on board, causing misery and utmost grieve to their loved ones is still walking free, tweeting away and flying in luxury in his private jet? Whats the message and lesson here? Its ok to do what the Pariah did and walk away scot free? Because Pariah is connected and often gets his way? Some Pariahs are more equal than others?

  27. IT.Scheiss

    Another report.

    “Malfunction forces AirAsia X to abort Jeddah flight, turn back”

    “A system malfunction forced the pilots of AirAsia X flight D7172 from Kuala Lumpur to Jeddah to abort the flight and return to Malaysia today, AirAsia group CEO Tan Sri Tony Fernandes said.”


    QZ8501 crashes, Air Asia plane off runway in Philippines, Auxilliary Power Unit problem in Indonesia and now this malfunction causing the plane to turn back.

    There are many Airbus 330s and 320s of many airlines flying daily with little problems but the frequency of AirAsia’s problems suggests something is wrong about their quality of maintenance.

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