AirAsia’s “Spokewoman” Done It Again

AIrlines reducing fuel surcharge
The Star on 27-1-2015:  Another master piece by BK Sidhu, the editor of Star Business.


On 26-1-2015 Tony Fernandez, the CEO of AirAsia issued a press statement that AirAsia was abolishing fuel surcharge for its flights.  BK Sidhu, the Star Business Editor, went on an overdrive to assist in the spinning of the said announcement to put AirAsia in the good light during this particular period.  Prior to the crash of the unauthorised AirAsia’s flight QZ8501, Tony and/or AirAsia have been enjoying positive stories from BK Sidhu, the editor of Star Business.


Ms BK Sidhu, the editor of Star Business, who is known to have published an article to mislead the investing public that the IPO of AirAsia X shares will be over-subscribed by 5 to 6 time.
The shameless Ms BK Sidhu, the editor of Star Business, who is known to have published an article to mislead the investing public that the IPO of AirAsia X shares will be over-subscribed by 5 to 6 times, which later turned out to be false.


BK Sidhu, the shameless editor of Star Business, has been known to be the “de facto spokewoman” for Tony Fernandez and/or AirAsia.  One of the classic examples was in June 2013 during the AirAsia X IPO she saw it fit to mislead the investing public by quoting an “unknown source” that the IPO shares of AirAsia X will be over subscribed by 5 to 6 times, HERE.


When it was finally listed, AirAsia IPO share was under subscribed and Maybank Investment had to pump in fund on numerous occasions totaling  about RM38.6 million to help to stabilise the AirAsia X IPO, HERE.


After a year, AirAsia X share price was still hoovering around 60 Sen, which is half of the original AirAsia X  IPO share price of RM1.25 per share.


No professional journalist would have quoted an “unknown source” that AirAsia X or for that matter any stock to be over-subscribed by 5 to 6 times without supporting facts.  In that article, that shameless BK Sidhu had been shown to have reduced herself to be a half past six Spin Doctor.  A trained professional journalist would not have done what she did.  A professional journalist will ensure at all times that his or her articles are objective,  informative and/or helping the readers to make an informed judgment.  As for that shameless BK Sidhu, she is more interested in publishing propaganda for her “boss”.


The shameless BK Sidhu made it a big news when Tony Fernandez announced the abolishing of the fuel surcharge on 26-1.2015.   When Malindo abolished the fuel charge 7 months ago it was a non event.   When Firefly, the subsidiary of Malaysia Airline System (MAS), abolished the fuel surcharge on 16 January 2015, the shameless BK Sidhu did not see it fit to publish it as a news item let alone spin it like what she did for her “boss”.


According to Tony Fernandez press statement, AirAsia made a decision to abolish fuel surcharge in November 2014 but it took AirAsia almost 3 months and the crash of its unauthorised flight QZ8501 that killed 162 innocent passengers for Tony Fernandez and/or AirAsia to announced the implementation of the actual abolition of fuel surcharge just a few days ago.


If Tony Fernandez and/or AirAsia are sincere about the said decision, AirAsia should have backdated the implementation of the said abolition of the fuel surcharge to November 2014 and refund all the fuel charges that have been paid by its customers on 1st November onwards. Of course, such refund from AirAsia will be hard to come by if not impossible.  Even the agreed refund of the cost of ticket will take many months to be effected.


On the same day (27-1-2015) Star Business under the editorship of that shameless BK Sidhu saw it fit to highlight another story headlined “AirAsia earning still intact”.


AirAsia earning still intact
Star Business 27-1-2015:  The headline “AirAsia earning still intact” clearly shown the shameless BK Sidhu lacks objectivity and professionalism on matters involving AirAsia.


In the above story, the shameless BK Sidhu, as the editor of Star Business, chose to ignore the fact that on 20-1-2015 Dato’ Seri Kalimullah Bin Masheerul Hassan, the founder, director and shareholder of AirAsia and its group  of companies had suddenly disposed off his 393,000 AirAsia X shares.


Surely such material facts which involved a founder and director of AirAsia X disposing his shares at this particular time ought to be included in the said article.  Well, the shameless BK Sidhu is suffering from willful blindness when it comes to matters that are adverse to AirAsia.  Please see the announcement by Dato’ Seri Kallimullah to Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange (Bursa KL) below:


AAX – Changes in Director’s Interest (S135) – Dato’ Seri Kalimullah Bin Masheerul Hassan

Announcement Type: Changes in Director’s Interest Pursuant to Section 135 of the Companies Act. 1965

Stock Name AAX
Date Announced 22 Jan 2015
Category Changes in Director’s Interest Pursuant to Section 135 of the Companies Act. 1965
Reference No CM-150122-D917C


Information Compiled By KLSE

Particulars of Director

Name Dato’ Seri Kalimullah Bin Masheerul Hassan
Address No. 1, Jalan USJ 2/7UEP Subang Jaya47610 Selangor Darul Ehsan
Descriptions(Class & nominal value) Ordinary Shares of RM0.15 each

Details of changes

Currency: Malaysian Ringgit (MYR)

Type of transaction Date of change No of securities Price Transacted (RM)
Disposed 20/01/2015 393,000 0.669


Circumstances by reason of which change has occurred Disposal of shares
Nature of interest Direct
Consideration (if any)
Total no of securities after change
Direct (units) 102,935,447
Direct (%) 4.34
Indirect/deemed interest (units)
Indirect/deemed interest (%)
Date of notice 22/01/2015


36 thoughts on “AirAsia’s “Spokewoman” Done It Again

  1. Moderate Wong

    It’s the famous Tony Fernandes diversion tactic, perfected by the Nazis during the war.

    When the going gets tough, he will create feel-good stories to deflect the heat onto other things that position AirAsia positively.

    Seeing that he has a half-past six Communications Team, who go into hiding when they are needed most, the fearless keypad warrior has no choice but to rely on the likes of BK Sidhu, Cynthia Blemin at The Edge and their ilk to help him “get out of jail”. All these in exchange for a few crumbs, some ads and empty promises of “scoops” in the future. This is what has become of journalism (sorry, I should say, reporting) in Malaysia. There are only a handful of journalists left in Malaysia.The rest are mercenary reporters who carrying out their “masters” requests to a T.

    Every time, BK Sidhu quotes sources, she’s receiving information from the keypad warrior and/or one or two of TFs trusted ball carriers. Therefore, lets take all her “source” stories with a handful of salt. She’s no longer relevant. Even her bosses seem to agree and have “promoted” her to desk duties. Let barking dogs bark.

  2. Just a pariah Editor

    She is shameless otherwise she will not be doing all these nonsense. She has no professionalism. She is a mercenary of the worst kind. She is the ‘tak malu” type. This article serves a warning to her and her boss in the Star. She had misled the investing public that AirAsia X IPO will be over subscribed by 5 to 6 times. This was most unfair to the public and led them to believe AirAsia X is a good investment. By the way AirAsia X share par value is only 15 Sen and the IPO was RM1.25 which was about almost 8 times. She is only doing a great job for tony and AirAsia. Anything adverse about MAS, she will whack but not on AirAsia. She should be sacked for her mischief.

  3. Little Bird In The Star

    BK Sidhu is a mercenary and she will sell her soul. This is the editor of Business Star. Everybody in the Star Business that he is like a dog to Tony Fernandez. When Tony snapped his fingers, BK Sidhu will run for life to Tony. If Tony were to say “Jump”, BK Sidhu will respond “How high, Boss?”. I hope the top executives of Star will read this posting so that they will know what type of shit is editor of Star Business.

  4. Warrior 231

    Don’t expect BK Sidhu the gutter journalist to highlight this:

    And I am sure where AA fails, BK Sidhu wont be there:

    Folks, Vanilla Air is ANA’s new reincarnation of AirAsia Japan that failed:

    Look how well they are doing in a highly competitive Japanese market without losers like effing Tonies around. Within 6 months they have hit he 1 million mark:

    something whining Tony never achieved in his disastrous outing in Japan. Apa macam Bk Sidhu?

    1. Joseph

      The pariah thought that Japan an easy meat for him to push around. When he tried to pull his weight around, the Japanese showed him two fingers. They told him to FO.

      AirAsia X is almost in the shit and AIrAsia itself will not last that long. Everyone know that AIrAsia hasd no fundamental. It depends on mercenary like BK Sidhu to provide positive publicities and cover up the bad ones. But the Pariah could not cover up the crashed of QZ8501 and he coujld not control the Minister of Transport and Mayor of Surabaya. That was his problems.

      If it happened in Malaysia, he could just put that pondan Liow Tiong Lai in the pocket and take him for a good ride around the world and back. Liow will just say Yes to the Pariah. It is a sad case.

  5. IT.Scheiss

    The Malay Mail online reports.

    It will be interesting to know why the pilots did this.


    JAKARTA, Jan 30 — The pilots of AirAsia Bhd. Flight 8501 cut power to a critical computer system that normally prevents planes from going out of control shortly before it plunged into the Java Sea, two people with knowledge of the investigation said.

    The action appears to have helped trigger the events of December 28, when the Airbus Group NV A320 climbed so abruptly that it lost lift and it began falling with warnings blaring in the cockpit, the people said. All 162 aboard were killed.

    The pilots had been attempting to deal with alerts about the flight augmentation computers, which control the A320’s rudder and also automatically prevent it from going too slow. After initial attempts to address the alerts, the flight crew cut power to the entire system, which is comprised of two separate computers that back up each other, the people said.

    While the information helps show how a normally functioning A320’s flight-protection system could have been bypassed, it doesn’t explain why the pilots pulled the plane into a steep climb, the people said. Even with the computers shut off, the pilots should have been able to fly the plane manually, they said.

    Airbus discourages pilots from cutting power to systems because electronics in the highly computerised aircraft are interconnected and turning off one component can affect others, John Cox, a former A320 pilot who is now a safety consultant, said in an interview.



    1. The Prostitue

      As a known mercenary and she has been doing the dirty job for so long, she should be proud of herself to be the “spokewoman”. She should be even more proud that her propaganda on AIrAsia X IPO that will be oversubscribed by 5 to 6 times turned out be false. Now teh share price is only 65 Sen. I just can’t believe that a journalist would stoop so low to prostitute herself to such an extend.

  6. STAR Insider

    She’s also livid that a much younger and extremely capable editor from a rival daily put one up over her (again) by having a firmer story and getting the date of Azran’s departure correct. One up for The Sun and Sun Biz!

    Wish you guys could see her trying hard (and failing miserably) to get Tony and his ilk to talk to her and give her another “scoop” after missing out on Azran’s departure. The only scoop Beekay will be receiving anytime soon, is a scoop for her to lift poo off her face.

    Can’t wait to hear how she justifies missing out on details to an important story to her bosses, especially after her “contributions” to AirAsia and AAX.

    Just reaffirms the talk of the town that the only truth printed The Star are the Obituaries.

    BeeKay should join AirAsia’s PR team. Both are equally incompetent and often miss the point.

    The World’s Best Airline needs Malaysia’s best PR spokeswoman.

  7. rainman

    The goes to show how TF/AA uses you if it’s to his benefits and screw you if you are not.. Not giving her the news of the departure of Azran…
    The operational SOP of AA is working on the same modus operandi!!

  8. IT.Scheiss

    To be fair, one has to consider several possible factors before one denounces BK Sidhu.

    Whilst Tony Fernandez is listed on the Board of Director of Star Publications Bhd in its 2012 Annual Report, he no longer is in its latest 2013 Annual Report which says that Tony resigned from the BoD on 19 November, 2013.

    So in theory Tony and AirAsia should no longer be a possible factors influencing reports in The Star about AirAsia, Tony Fernandez and his other interests.

    However his personal relationship with top management and remaining directors of Star Publications could still influence what the paper reports and thus tie the tounges of its editors and reporters.

    Also check out how many Air Asia advertisements The Star carries, since no media will want to lose its advertisers, especially when faced with the current challenges of falling revenue and profits in mainstream media, especially newspapers these days, in the face of competition from blogs and other websites online.

    According to Star Publications’ 2013 annual report, its group revenue was RM1,025,330,000 (RM1.025 billion) in 2013, down about RM54 million from 2012 and its profit was RM139,416,000 (RM139.4 million) down from about RM200,7 million in 2012 or about RM61 million down.

    Company revenue was RM748.8 million in 2013, down from RM792.64 million in 2012, whilst company profit was RM158.7 million in 2013, down from RM239.3 million in 2012 or RM80.6 million down.

    Earnings per share was 19.36 sen in 2013, down from 28.18 sen in 2012.

    The above figures are for all the groups operations in Malaysia, SIngapore, the Middle East and other countries.

    In Malaysia, its revenue in 2013 was RM851.6 million, down from RM880.9 million in 2012.

    The group’s print and digital revenue across all geographies was RM758.2 million in 2013, followed by RM119.3 million for its event and exhibition units, RM55.98 million for its broadcasting units and RM9.98 million for its TV unit and RM11.36 million of its other units.

    If the profit continues to decline at the above rate, Star Publications could be in the red within two to three years.

    So with falling revenue and profit margins, it is highly unlikely that any media organisation would want to risk antagonising its advertisers.

    Many fail to realise that major advertisers are a bigger factor in curtailing media freedom than the government.

    In my 20 years in journalism, I have had to write positive reviews about an advertiser’s products in a magazine when I wanted to say that they are pieces of crap but could not.

    In short, the advertiser had the magazine and its writers by our testicles.

    1. The Little Bird In The Star

      The Pariah is a friend of the ex-Md of the Star (Vincent Lee). One may be affected by that relationship but not to the extent of writing misleading article like AirAsia X IPO will be over-subscribed by 5 to 6 times. As a journalist, you may slant a story but you don’t give false information like this mercenary Sidhu.

      Further, when other airlines abolish fuel surcharge she didn’t further to lift her finger to write the very moment the low caste airline did it, she immediately wrote it.

      It is an open secret that she sucks up to Tony and you all should know why. HA! HA! HA!

  9. No Name

    Its about time possible manslaughter charges are raised up against the owners of AirAsia as per the link above by Fence Sitter Voter. Flying on the day that is not permitted just raises so many questions. And if the verdict is otherwise, we will respect the judiciary process and decision. With fast depleting cash, which once Tony was bragging all around town, now apparently just below 1/4th of the 2 billion ringgit that he used to gloat about, the news will further add anxiety to AirAsia on using their cash as they have to install this new tracking system in every plane they have. Sometimes having the largest fleet does have its downside –

    Tony, you may just face the wrath of another prominent Malaysian corporate figure who is not allowed into Indonesia (who’s sister you hired to run the academy) once Indonesian authorities complete their investigation. Theres only so much you can stretch the truth, perform a Houdini and do some smoke screen events, as eventually the truth will catch up and expose you. Some rats are already jumping off your blood, sweat and crocodile tears ship, you are going to start to realize, you dont have friends and those who were loyally working for you over the years, you chased them away as you were too blinded on others buttering you up, and your love for Mat Salleh ( whom you adore their presence) and your fear of confronting as you always want to be Mr. nice guy…..your high and mighty life end is near…..maybe back to selling music CD’s again? You reap what you sow…..

  10. The Fraud

    The Fraud is in deep shit now period. A good but an expensive lesson for him. His so-called empire is collapsing like a house of cards. Bravo!!!!

  11. STAR Insider

    Before anyone starts to judge me, let me issue a disclaimer : This article was posted on my FB Wall. I never would waste my hard earned money on the garbage newspaper that calls itself The Star.

    The purpose of my post today is to share with all of you, how Nyanyok the spokeswoman is. One minute she’s glorifying the pariah for removing the fuel surcharge and in a matter of days, she’s singing a different tune.

    Is she trying to get back at AirAsia for spurning her on the Azran story. OR, she could be emulating her “boss” with a diversion tactic of her own, knowing she’s being widely and highly acclaimed in the digital sphere.

    She must be going Senile!

    I apologise beforehand to everyone if I have caused you eye irritation or made you puke by positing the link to this waffle by AA’s favorite PR lady.

  12. No Name

    Last time Bee KY Sondhu and Tony eat tosai and capati together, now Tony denies eating any of those or together and claims his diet has always been fish and chips, kidney pie and bangers and mash, so obviously Bee KY Sondhu upset. She feels used and now understand thats how self proclaim anglo Indian operates, uses you and when you become off no use, he hangs you out to dry…..Its ok, Bee KY Sondhu, if anything, his mighty world and ways days are numbered when the relevant authorities finalises the QZ8501 report, already one law suit from France, from his ex AllStars 1st officer’s family and French court exploring possible manslaughter charges. Its ok Bee KY Sondhu, its better to have loved and lost your tosai and capati partner, then never have to loved your tosai and capati partner. Next time try to love Korean meals la Bee KY Sondhu, thats the flavour apparently with anglo indian…..

  13. Lim

    A mercenary is to be used and dumped after had been used. BK Skdhu should be dumped into the toilet bowl. That’s thenplace she belongs to.

  14. Warrior 231

    Part 1

    These news items could well prove to be crucial smoking guns as to the cause of the crash.

    1. The Indonesian news magazine, Tempo, has apparently gained access to confidential documents that allude to maintenance issues :

    ”Tempo found that some important components of the plane were damaged. The routine inspection documents reported to the pilot noted that there had been trouble with the auto flight rudder travel limiter, located in the rear of the aircraft since December 12, 2014.

    The plane’s elevator actuator model was also damaged. Indication of damage was obtained from data recorded by the air traffic control radar, which recorded the AirAsia flight climbing to an altitude of 5,700 feet in 45 seconds before descending to 2,400 feet. This ascent is not normal, as it exceeds the ability of a fighter jet, which needs a minute to climb to 6,000 feet.

    With such important findings, that AirAsia aircraft should not have been cleared for its flight. Apparently, this budget airline still has a flight certificate from the supervisory officials at the Directorate of Aircraft Flight Worthiness and Operation. There is no record confirming the need for repairs to the damaged equipment.”

    More here:

    2. This disclosure seemingly dovetails with an observation made in this Jakarta Globe report:

    “Details emerging of the final moments of Flight QZ8501 are likely to focus attention partly on maintenance, procedures and training, though Indonesian officials have stressed publicly that it is too early to draw any firm conclusions.”

    Reuters reported this week that maintenance problems on the Flight Augmentation Computer (FAC), and the way the pilots reacted to them, were at the heart of the investigation.

    After trying to reset this device, pilots pulled a circuit-breaker to cut its power, Bloomberg News reported on Friday.”

    More here:

  15. Warrior 231

    Part 2

    3. The French inquiry is procedural as per French law when one of its citizens are involved but it is interesting to note the co-pilot’s family’s observations:

    “Meanwhile, the French daily Le Monde reported that Plesel’s family had decided to sue AirAsia Indonesia. The family claimed the airline was negligent.
    The family wants the enquiry to shed light on what happened. AirAsia must give responses to its culpable negligence,” said Eddy Arneton, lawyer of Plesel’s family, as quoted by Le Monde in its Jan. 27 edition. As is typical in French law, the Paris Public Prosecutor’s Office opened a preliminary investigation for “man slaughter” last month after it was confirmed that one of France’s citizens was a victim. The enquiry is managed by the French air transportation police.”

    More here:

    4. Finally, the part on “maintenance” is rather intriguing, given that I was directed to the website below by an AA pilot friend. Interestingly, Gerry Airways received an email on a query about QZ 8501 rudder maintenance and the FAC being swapped from another AA aircraft (PK- AXV). The query was apparently from a news magazine (Tempo???) as the subject heading of the email shows (exhibit : screenshot of email) in the link here:

    Now folks, you have to read ALL three parts to get the whole technical picture (1 & 3) here:

    and here:

    Briefly, the articles are basically centred on the self same Flight Augmentation Computesr (FAC 1 and 2) and the Rudder Travel Limiter Systems that have become the focus of the investigation lately , and by default the Circuit Breakers (CBs) involved…….

    Are all these details alluding to breakdown in the maintenance system (including improper maintenance, parts swapping, cannibalization??)?

    I don’t have the answers as info is so slowly dribbling out and much of it is at times contradictory. Given all that, it is too early to draw conclusions based on limited data and I would stress that in advance.

    But if I were a betting man out on a flutter, I would place a bet that technical issues combined with pilot and weather all jived in unison to create the perfect storm! And of course, the plane should not be LEGALLY flying on the fateful day!

    But as I said, no ironclad conclusions as yet…..though I am backing my hunch, as in my earlier comment, that the rudder have likely played a prominent role in “yawing” the plane outta control”..…..

    1. Con Man Toni

      Warrior 231

      I am not at all surprised to read that the crash may be due to maintenance issues. This is nothing now. I have read in YB’s blog that beofore AirAsia X original name was FAKS (Fly Asian Express Sdn Bhd). Within a short time of its incorporation, the 4th floor govt under Badawi gave RAS (Rural Air Services) for FAKS to operate in Sabah and Sarawak. It took RAD from MAS and gave it to FAKS. When they took over from MAs, all 24 aircraft were in good conditions. FAKS was given a saubsidy of about PRM250 million for two years operation. After taking it over for a year, 7 aircraft were grounded as un-worthy and one was used to canabalize for spare parts.

      After less than a year, the Sleepy Head had to ask MAS to take it back and FAKS was allowed to keep the RM250 mil subsidy. In a span of a few months, it changed its name to AirAsia X. Despite its bad track record with RAS where half the fleet was grounded due to in-airworthy, the Sleepy Head gave AirAsia X new AOC (air operation .certificate). This goes for the mintenance record of AirAsia X.

      In 2013 AirAsia itself was only given temporary AOC of 6 months because of safety issues.

      So it is already part of AirAsia’s records. I am not at all surmise. I don’t fly AirAsia because I am not prepared to risk my life contrary to the Pariah.s contetntion.

  16. Warrior 231

    Agreed Con Man Toni. Never flown the airline itself for obvious reasons. In fact, its non participation in IOSA accreditation should be reason enough and explains its absence from the list of safest LCC carriers here:

    In fact, here is one reason why it is Qantas for me:

    or otherwise MAS on unserved routes (MAS in fact had a five-star rating for safety until MH370 came along, which I suspect is no fault of theirs, by the way)

    1. Anonymous

      Thanks to saudara Warrior for all the great inputs
      I was suspicious from the beginning when it was reported that an unfortunate AA technician was on board QZ8501. If I’m not mistaken, SIAEC are contracted to do the technical release & maintenance for their aircraft at SIN. Sending a technician on board may indicate that AA were aware of the problems on board the aircraft yet proceeded to fly anyway. Which is no surprise to the aircraft maintenance community in M’sia which know very well the lack of procedural commitment AA gives to safety matters.
      Remember the AA runway overshoots in KCH & BKI. To this date we have never seen the official DCA reports & from our observation of the incident photos, the most damning observation was that all the landing gear doors were open during the incidents, which indicate a total loss of hydraulic pressure which required an emergency landing gear extension procedure (using gravity). For a normal landing the landing gear doors should be closed.
      It is unfortunate that the M’sian authorities do not seem committed to investigating this as AA being M’sian so-called ‘icon’ (sic) & this whole QZ8501 affair will condemn the standards of M’sian aviation industry to oblivion, if not dealt wisely. Unfortunate for us to also have the crappy handling of the MH370 affair as well, now our aviation industry does not command the same respect it used to have previously, where MH used to have one of the best MRO in the region.
      Now it is unfortunate for MH Subang engineering facilities to be given the shut-down order by the powers that be, Thanks to AA interference. I hope that Saudara Wee can help bring this matter to the fore.

  17. Jamil

    It would appear that more and more shits are surfacing now. Lets see how that pariah Spin Doctor and his mercenary journalist BK Sidhu will do in the coming days. I can’t agree more that BK Sidhu is just shameless.

  18. Jason

    Ho! Ho! Ho! AirAsia is going to have another X’mas very very soon. An airline stocked with aviation safety issues will deter passengers from it. With safety issues and then the crash of QZ8501, no one will dare to fly and risk their lives. I know Tony Fernandez, had said that if the fare is low enough, Malaysians are prepared to warisan their lives. Is AirAsia fares low? Not after all off the hidden charges are added up. So please compare the AA fares with other airline, the difference may not be that much if it is cheaper. Merry Xmas to Tony and his other directors for taking the passengers for a ride. The end is very near now.

    1. Kamal

      Yes, X’mas comes early this year for the pariah. When the Indonesian government takes actions against AirAsia for the unauthorized flight QZ8501 that will be the greatest news for 2015! He has been fooling the passengers and the DCA for far too long.

  19. From West Ham with love...

    Now Arry Redknapp leaves Pariah -

    Must have been sick and tired with Low caste pariah conman’s snake charmer stories and promises. Arry claims he needs immediate surgery on his leg. One would ask if that leg was thrust into where the sun dont shine for Pariah as Arry was frustrated. Apparently, Low caste Pariah Conman has been having troubles walking lately :) Looks like not only QPR is going down for Pariah, the house of cards is falling swiftly for Pariahs other businesses as well. Looks like the days of speaking with a forked tongue is numbered for the claptrap Pariah. Your empire is crumbling…. Lets see if BK Seed-duh writes about this latest negative development in Pariah’s so called business empire. Caterham gone, Aura night club gone –

  20. Now Everyone Can See The Real AirAsia

    It would appear that the pariah has stop tweeting his bullshit. Perhaps he now knew that Everyone Can Now Know His bullshits and he could no longer spin.

    When one had been surviving on hypes and publicities with the helps of the “prostitute” or mercenary at best like B K Sidhu thats mean that there is no fundamental in the outfits. No wonder the house of cards are falling apart in such a short span of time. The latest being the resignation of the QPR manager, who was abandoning the sinking ship.

    AIrAsia Indonesia is definitely sinking. AirAsia X is on the way to Timbuktu. AirAsia Philipine i believed to be already “gulling tikar”. AirAsia Bhd is crying foul because MAS is being competitive cutting their fares to stay in the market. The pariah thought that he is still living in the 4th floor era where MAS has been stifled to the extend where it had gave up more than 90 profitable routes to AIrAsia and at the same time MAS was not allowed to cutting fares. Have you heard that a company had been imposed by the 4th Floor Govt with “Floor Price”. In another words, MAS was not allowed to sell its fares below a certain level. This was how AirAsia was spoon fed.

    So Pariah please wake up. Its game over for you. Even your good friend Nazir Razak of CIMB could no longer help you because the shit hole in your AirAsia is too big.

  21. Warrior 231

    1.I sometimes wish Malaysian regulators were more attentive to safety issues as their Aussie counterparts are being prodded to be here:

    Mr Sheldon criticised delays in making a preliminary report public and said leaked information suggested poor pilot training and regulatory failure.
    “AirAsia Indonesia is putting Australian lives at risk,” he said.


    2. Talking about safety, here is another look at AA QZ8501. Note the same focus on the FAC and the CBs as was the case in the Gerry Airways link I posted above:

    3. The sky is the limit as the saying goes but indeed there is a limit. With faltering sales and a tepid year in prospect, one wonders how long the bleeding will go on a major affiliate in Thailand :

    But then again, arses were kicked as early as August last year:

    all of which inevitably brings us to AAX:

    Remember Azran the botak idiot who made fawning comments for the gallery regarding Utusan etc:’

    Wonder where his then liberal defendersare now? Stand up please Nazir Razak and co:

    who then had the racist DAP –Lim Family Chapter falling head over heels in a shameless public display of wanting to “bed” Nazir:’

    Wonder in which shithole all these gutter crap are hiding given that the laughs are on them now.

    “Lain kali, jangan lupa diri anda sekalipun nak membodek bukan Melayu DAP and co. Sekarang dah tahu tinggi rendah langit” comes to mind.

    Er……..he who laughs last, laughs the longest….hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahaha….

    Warrior 231

    1. IT.Scheiss

      Thanks Warrior 231 for all your informative comments.

      The computer issue raises serious questions with regards maintenance and procedures.

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