Indonesian Military Called Off Recovery Of Wreckage of AirAsia QZ8501

Part of the wreckage of the UNAUTHORIZED AirAsia's flight QZ8501
Part of the wreckage of the UNAUTHORIZED AirAsia’s flight QZ8501.


On 27-1-2015 the Indonesian military called off efforts to recover the wreckage of an AirAsia plane that crashed into the Java Sea last month, after failing to find any more bodies inside the fuselage.


On 28-12-2014 (Sunday) AirAsia’s flight QZ8501, which was not authorised to fly on Sunday, crashed into the Java sea killing a total of 162 innocent passengers. The unauthorized AirAsia’s flight QZ 8501 was supposed to fly from Surabaya to Singapore.  Naturally Tony Fernandez had not only denied that AirAsia’s flight QZ 8501 was unauthorized but proudly announced that AirAsia had the right to fly seven day a week from Surabaya to Singapore, HERE.


Within a week or so, AirAsia’s director, Sunu Widyatnoko, admitted during the hearing before Commission V of the Indonesian House of Representatives that AirAsia did not have the necessary approval for the Sunday flight as it only made a “verbal application” for the change of schedule.  He had also admitted that it was due AirAsia’s “ADMINISTRATIVE NEGLIGENCE”.  Please read HERE.


The search and rescue teams failed repeatedly in recent days to lift the main body of the Airbus A320-200, where officials had hoped to find the majority of the victims.

The navy, which has provided much of the personnel and equipment for the rescue effort, said Tuesday it was withdrawing as the badly damaged fuselage was too difficult to lift and no more bodies had been located.

“All of our forces are being pulled out,” said Rear Admiral Widodo, a navy official overseeing the search and rescue operation. “We apologise to the families of the victims.”

So far just 70 bodies have been recovered, and the national search and rescue agency said it would try to find more victims in smaller-scale operations.  For full report read HERE.


After the unauthorized AirAsia’s flight QZ8501 crashed into Java Sea on 28-12-2014, Tony Fernandez, the CEO of AirAsia, have been tweeting to show his extreme concerns for the 162 innocent passengers and the AirAsia crews.  We were so proud and touch with Tony Fernandez numerous tweets and for accompanying the remains of the AirAsia’s stewardess back to Palembang.  The whole world was so impressed with the public relations of Tony Fernandez.


Thumb up from Tony Fernandez, the CEO of AirAsia.
Thumb up from Tony Fernandez, the CEO of AirAsia.  He is the most honest, open and responsible CEO of all times.


In his press conference on 31-12-2014, amongst other things Tony Fernandez had assured the families of the 162 innocent passengers and the world that he is an honest, open and responsible CEO.  The whole world must have been equally impressed with the superb performance of Tony Fernandez.  Please listen to the press conference of Tony Fernandez below.  The excerpts of his assurances were as follows:






Now that the Indonesian Military had announced that it has abandoned the search and rescue operations for the AirAsia’s aircraft (flight QZ8501), the world is awaiting to hear from Tony Fernandez, the most honest, open and responsible CEO of all times, what is he and his AirAsia’s outfits are going to do to help to alleviate the untold miseries of the families of the 162 innocent passengers that were killed on the unauthorized AirAsia’s flight QZ8501.


We note of a new report that AirAsia had earlier distributed form to each individual family of the innocent 162 victims and offered a compensation of a mere Rp300 million and they have been asked to sign the form of their agreement.  Of course, the contents of this form had not been made public by AirAsia.  However, luckily the families of the innocent victims have rejected such ridiculous offer outright.


President Jokowi of Indonesia had ordered AirAsia to pay the sum of Rp 1.2 billion (US$98,000) to each family of the victims.  Thereafter, we have heard nothing positive from Tony Fernandez and/or AirAsia on the subject of compensations.  In fact, Tony Fernandez was no longer tweeting about his extreme concerns for the families of the victims and/or the issues of compensation.


The aggrieved members of the family of the innocent victims that were killed on the unauthorised AirAsia's flight QZ8501.
The aggrieved members of the family of the innocent victims that were killed on the unauthorised AirAsia’s flight QZ8501.  Tony Fernandez and/or AirAsia:  What are you going to do for these families in the interim?


Tony Fernandez and/or AirAsia are duty bound to provide immediate answers to the issue of recovery of the remaining 92 bodies of the innocent passengers and the issue of compensations to the families of the innocent victims.  Tony Fernandez, please put the money where your mouth is!


10 thoughts on “Indonesian Military Called Off Recovery Of Wreckage of AirAsia QZ8501

  1. Danny

    The unauthorized flight 8501 was a mass murders committed by AirAsia. The Indonesian Government must prosecute the director of AirAsia. Sunu & Tony Fernandez for the criminal act of flouting the law. Sunu had admitted the act of administrative negligence.

    Where are you Tony Fernandez? Did you get the promise of protections after meeting Najib in Davos?

  2. Tony The Con Man

    Why is Tony Fernandez stop his social media bullshit. He is trying to divert attention of QZ8501 by talking about Asean Open Sky;. it is not Asean Open Sky policy, it is about how he can bullshit his way in this Open Sky policy. We need a stringent control on safety and the issuance of AOC because innocent lives are involved. We cannot allow con man to mess around with our lives with his publicity bullshits.

  3. Rizal

    Where is that “honest, open & responsible” con man? It would appear that he had washed his hand in the QZ8501. I agree the directors of AurAsia must be prosecuted.

  4. FriendsofEightFiveZeroOne

    Now that BASARNAS have called off their search, with only 70 of the 162 bodies found, AirAsia and its fearless Keypad Warrior, Tony Fernandes/AirAsia should engage private search organizations at its own cost to find the remaining 92 bodies which still remain at sea.

    He promised to bring back all 162 bodies to their families, so he better keep to his word. Where’s the fearless leader and his equally famous NoStars??? When the going gets tough, Tony and AirAsia go missing!!

    Saman AirAsia for negligence and Tony and its directors for 2nd degree murder.

  5. Now Everyone Can laugh Out Loud

    Now Everyone Can See How The Liar Lies Through His Teeth! When the pariah con man stop tweeting on certain subject and tried to play up other subject, it means he is in deep shit. Now Everyone Can Laugh Out Loud!

  6. Pariah Fernandez Fat dark and ugly

    The story on why low caste pariah conman fled Surabaya is he was told by certain embassy folks to leave Indonesia and not to return ( pariah is now in fear mode, knowing his days are numbered and so is his low caste airline in Indonesia). Story also goes that his partner in Indonesia, a certain shady oil dealer with Arabian descent fled the scene and country when the crash happened. Pariah low caste conman screwed by his own partner. Now, like many Indonesians and many keen observers, we hope Indonesia will charge Pariah low caste conman and his merry directors for manslaughter and jail them. Justice finally if this happens. what goes around comes around for this Indian pariah, he has been conning the world, now the universe will hopefully give him a taste of his own pariah medicine. Lesson learned for the pariah conman worshippers…..dont blindly follow and support Indian pariah conman. The tagline for this rubbish airline should be now everyone should beat the pariah with a stick if you see this pariah and a snake. At least a snake cant open its mouth can con you, and snakes will not have fake Cockney accent!!

  7. Dishonest Pariah

    “I have to try to be as honest as I can and as open as I can”. The pariah used the word “TRY” that says it all. When you are honest, you don’t have to try. Honesty and openness are not part of the attribute of a Spin Doctor.

  8. Warrior 231

    Things just got weirder. Bodies from the mishap has apparently surfaced in the Majene straits of West Sulawesi, hundreds of miles away from the primary wreckage area near Pangkalan Bun, West Kalimantan. It shows how fast and far sea currents and drift can carry stuff from an aircrash:

    To give you a picture of the distances involved:,+West+Sulawesi,+Indonesia/@-3.242327,118.9360231,6z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x2d9358e00db17001:0x3030bfbcaf76f30

    As for the cause, investigators are now perusing technical issues. It is interesting to note that the QZ Airbus 8501 had reportedly 9 previous technical issues in 2014. Whether those have been rectified before the tragic flight is moot:

    “Three days before crashing, on December 25, 2014, flight QZ8501 experienced a ‘return to apron’ twice, according to Shadrach.”

    If unrectified, could a malfunctioned rudder have caused the crash as it would have skewed the plane’s ergonomics through excessive rudder application during the climb thus generating inchoate speed readings to the pilot who in turn slowed the plane in a steep climb to generate a stall. If what the ex-Garuda pilot states is fact, would AA be liable for flying a “defective” aircraft.

    A picture of what probably happened is available below:

    Guys, I share your angst against AA but lets get not too carried away with the dissing for I doubt whether Indonesia will go after AA on an administrative illegality just to mess up its tourist industry. In fact, I find the administrative illegality thingy has dropped off the Indonesian authorities’ radar somewhat. Apparently, they are aware it might be difficult to nail AA on that one given Singapork Civil Aviation’s statement and the fact that the insurers are paying out nonetheless.

    Anyway, they do say that they will throw the book in the link below but I think that was a spur in the moment statement:

    It is more likely that AA’s Achilles’ heel would be technical related especially if the rudder thing above pans out to be true.

    So lets cool off with the “pariah” thingy awhile, I am sure Sdr Wee would welcome more informed comments.

    Warrior 231

  9. FriendsofEightFiveZeroOne

    I share your sentiments, Warrior and fully agree with your stance. Rather than spew hatred and anger, which will not bring any of the 162 back, I concur with your views to focus on the facts based on informed knowledge to pressure the authorities and the journalists (many of whom follow the postings here) to take the same path.

    The technical aspects of AAs operations have always been and will continue to be its achilles heel for them. What we need is more people like you (warrior) to expose these shortcomings. Justice must be served in one way or another.

    Thanks again for sharing.

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