AirAsia QZ8501 Climbed Faster Than Jet Fighter Before Crashed

The wreckage of unauthorised AirAsia flight QZ8501.
The wreckage of unauthorised AirAsia flight QZ8501. 162 innocent lives have to be scarified


The AirAsia flight QZ8501 that crashed in the Java Sea, killing 162 people, climbed too fast before stalling, Indonesia’s Transport Minister, Ignasius Jonan, told BBC.


Ignasius Jonan told a parliamentary hearing in Jakarta that AirAsia’s flight QZ8501 had ascended at a speed of 6,000ft (1,828m) per minute. According to Ignasius Jonan it is rare for even a jet fighter to climb 6,000 ft per minute.  He further said that the average speed of a commercial aircraft is probably between 1,000 and 2,000 ft per minute because commercial aircraft is not designed to soar so fast.


No passenger or fighter jet would attempt to climb so fast, said the Minister.


A source familiar with the investigation’s initial findings told Reuters news agency last month that radar data appeared to show flight QZ8501 had made an “unbelievably” steep climb before it crashed, possibly pushing the jet beyond its limits.


When planes stall, their engines do not cut out but the wings no longer generate lift because there is not enough air passing over them, BBC transport correspondent Richard Westcott says.


For the full BBC news report please read, HERE.


It would appear from the above statements from the Indonesian Minister of Transport that the competent of the pilot of AirAsia’s flight QZ8501 is now in question.


The Indonesian Honourable Minister of Transport, Pak Ignatius Jonan.
The Indonesian Honourable Minister of Transport, Pak Ignasius Jonan.


The Indonesian Transport  Minister had said that AirAsia fligth QZ8501 was unauthorised because AirAsia was only allowed to fly four time a week and Tony Fernandez had admitted to him about this, HERE.


Thumb up from Tan Sri Tony Fernandez.
Thumb up from Tan Sri Tony Fernandez because AirAsia was able to fool thr Indonesian Ministry of Transport by flying seven days a week from Surabaya to Singapore when it was only allowed four times. Tony Fernandez is a genius when dealing with authorities whether in Malaysia or elsewhere.    


However, within the same day the extremely powerful Tony Fernandez, the CEO of AirAsia, had immediately rebutted the Indonesian Minister of Transport and said the AirAsia’s flight Qz8501 was authorised and that AirAsia had been flying the Surabaya – Singapore route 7 times a week, HERE.


A few days later (on 13-1-2015) AirAsia did a U-turn when its director Sunu Widyatnoko had admitted before the Commission V of the Indonesia House of Representatives that there was an “ADMINISTRATIVE NEGLIGENCE” on the part of AirAsia because AirAsia only made a “verbal application” to the Ministry of Transport for the change of schedule.   Please read HERE.


Of course, there was no confirmation from the Indonesian Ministry of Transport for the so-called verbal application   In any event, this was a  big joke in the aviation industry where an airline made an application on official matter such change of schedule verbally!   May be AirAsia X could not get the necessary approval for its Melbourne – Bali route because it was made verbally too.


Our DCA please do not be too surprised if one fine day AirAsia were to say that it got verbal approval to fly certain route when there was no such prior approval in writing.


Since after the above admission of “Administrative negligence” by the AirAsia’s director, Tony Fernandez silence on the issue of unauthorised flight QZ8501 is most deafening!  Further, Tony Fernandez had stop tweeting on the subject matter and disappear from Surabaya where he had said that he will be in Surabaya with the families of the victims.


We will soon know exactly what had happened to the ill-fated AirAsia’s flight QZ 8501 where 162 innocent lives have been killed, when the transcript of the data from its black box is made known on 28-1-2015.

38 thoughts on “AirAsia QZ8501 Climbed Faster Than Jet Fighter Before Crashed

  1. Amran

    For the Spin Doctor this must be an “Administrative Oversight” by the pilot. It is definitely not due to incompetent or safety issues. The real Tony has been exposed naked! He had no place to hide now. Ka ka ka!

  2. Warrior 231

    SDR Wee

    There seems to be disturbing pattern regarding the fella’ s business dealings which I will explain later. In the while, these make interesting reading:

    By the way, your take on the proposed cheap air fares to boost local tourism. Coincidence that the plan comes after this?

    1. Now Everone Jumping For Joy

      It’s game over for Tony and gang in the AirAsia Group. Ha Ha Ha! That’s why he had gone quiet licking his incurable wound. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

  3. Now Everone Cannot Hold AirAsia Share

    Since Kalimullah, one of the main guys behind AirAsia, had dumped his shares then other shareholders should quickly dump the AirAsia and AirAsia X shares before it is too late. Let it not be said that you have not been warned!

  4. wan

    Mr. Wee,
    Don’t you see something fishy here? Ermm, not about this QZ8501, but about MH17!!
    I think it has been few months since they passed the MH17’s black box(es) to BRRRITISHH. For the QZ8501, they already announced the black box(es) content (partially) although they have found the black box(es) one week ago ? Nothing we heard about MH17’s black box(es) content yet.
    Please Mr. Wee, highlight this in your coming post. Get mainstream papers to publish it later.

  5. Moderate Wong

    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    More truth being laid bare about the pariah’s operations. I draw your attention to the second last para in the story.

    “Indonesia AirAsia X is on the EU banned flight list”

    Why hasn’t the Mr Ballotelli at DCA Malaysia reviewing the AOC in Malaysia especially when it had a history of non compliance which saw AA almost lose it’s AOC.

    Where’s liar liow when you need him? Ponding somewhere?

  6. Bloody Con Men

    Wow! Kalimullah dumping his AirAsia X shares. Thie act speaks volume about the current sorry state for Tony, Kalimullah and gang. Other shareholders of AirAsia do you want to wait until all of them dumped their shares. Be forewarn! Run while you can.

  7. Ismail

    The shows are getting more and more interesting by the minute. The end is near. Those who played with fire will be burnt to death. Good luck to Tony and the Tingkat Empat gang in Khazanah.

  8. Hamid

    Now Tony is in Davos. For what? He should be in Surabaya to help the families of the killed 162 passengers. But that is not important to him. He had to run to see the PM in Davos for help. Bail out? I hope not because AirAsia is not a GLC. If the government were to bail out AIrAsia than it should also bail out many other companies which are in the same position as AirAsia.

  9. Agus

    Tony may be running to Davos for help. We don’t care. What is more important is AirAsia pays the immediate compensation of US$98,000 to the each family of the victims and the Indonesian government must prosecute Tony and all the other directors for killing the 162 passengers.

  10. Can of Worms

    probably in Davos, hoping some sucker will buy over his “award wining” business with his “exceptional BS skills called marketing” . The Con man low caste pariah now desperate. Potentially facing legal action, hopefully wil lead to manslaughter charges and ban in Indonesia. we Indonesians are not using AirAsia or believing this Indian pariah conman snake oil story. He said we wont run away from responsibility and stay in Surabaya, but first sign of trouble, alleged no permit to fly on Sunday, he went missing….maybe its true, he did not run away from Surabaya, he just flew off from Surabaya

    1. Keng Lee

      Not manslaughter but murder charge. This is the proper charge that he should face. Award winning for all the hypes published by his spoke women BK Sidhu (Star Business editor) and a few others.

      Remember what BK Sidhu had published in the Star before AirAsia X IPO closing date that “AirAsia X shares will be over subscribed by 5 – 6 times”. It turned out the it was under subscribed and Maybank Investment had to pump in fund to the tune of RM30 plus million.

      This is the type of hype that the pariah was relying on. And you have mercenary like BK Sidhu to be his accomplice.

  11. the Pariah

    hi! Hi! HO! Kalimullah the director of AirAsua selling
    his AA shares! it’s getting serious. The AA director had lost confidence in his own company! We must all run too. dump the AA shares.

  12. Warrior 231

    It is sad consumer rights protection like this is unavailable in Malaysia:

    While still not perfect, a Korean passenger still has recourse as do Aussies and those elsewhere. Probably this is what rakyat diutamakan really means, not lip service like in Malaysia.

    Elsewhere, indefinitely probably means the plan is nixed for good. Kudos to the Aussies for being tough on safety:

  13. Warrior 231

    And if this by implications means that instruments (pitot tubes for instance) are not to blamed:

    one gets the feeling that the investigators are veering towards pilot error or nature in the form of a sudden updraft as the cause.

    That would mean the aircraft manufacturer and the airline are virtually absolved by dint of a freak occurrence although the airline can still plausibly be called to elaborate on flight procedures or pilot training in relation to flying in bad weather.

    AA off the hook then?

  14. Franky

    Bail out? This is far from the Pariah’s mind ok. His low caste airline has won all the awards in the world. The No: 1 airline in the world. He has ordered 300 airbus. He was supposed to take delivery last year and it had to be postponed. I wonder why. No money? CIMB cannot give more loans? or financial problems are in the offing?

    With the crashed of 8501 and the expose of the low caste airline modus operandi – flying without approval, selling tickets for flight which has yet to be approved. The awarde wining low caste airline is collapsing like a house of cards.

  15. rainman

    The “called to elaborate on flight procedures or pilot training in relation to flying in bad weather” does not come into the picture in the first place.
    The authority should evaluate why the illegal flight was allowed on Sunday,that causes the death of all the innocent passengers/crews.
    AA/TF should be heavily punished on this ” administrative negligence”.
    If all countries/destinations where AA flew does their bid to re-evaluate/disallowed the landing rights to AA….let’s see what the Malaysian tagline “Rakyat diutamakan” can do…
    This will surely dismembered AA…

    1. Anonymous

      The Indonesian Authority should charge Tony and other directors of AirAsia for allowing flight QZ8501 to fly on Sunday which was unauthorized. Tony Fernandez and other directors must pay for the lost of the 162 innocent lives.

      Until now there is no news of AirAsia paying the US$98,000 under the Indonesian law to the victims’ families.

      Instead of helping the families in Surabaya, Tony Fernandez is having a good time in Davos with the Prime Minister of Malaysia. This fella is full of empty talks, meaningless tweets and full of bullshits.

  16. AirAsia To Pay US$98000

    The families of the 162 passengers must now petition the Indonesian Transport Ministry to order AirAsia to pay up the US$98000 immediate under the Indonesian law. If it doesn’t pay then Indonesian Transport Ministry must impose an immediate banned of AirAsia as an initial warning. After that prosecution of all its directors including Tony Fernandez the liar.

  17. Tony the Spin Doctor

    Tony Fernandez seems to be one of the corporate guy to be in Davos with the PM. I feel sorry for the PM to move around with such incorrigible so-called corporate man who lives on spinning.

  18. Jamal

    Tony Fernandez has the cheek to speak to the press in Davos that South East Asia needs a regional regulator. What a joke.

    You may have all the regulator he will flout the regulation of he could like what he did in Indinesia. QZ8501 is the classic example of his nonsense. airAsia has been flying 7 days a week from Surabaya to Singapore when it was only authorize to fly 4 times. So what regulators?

    He is just playing to the gallery. Spinning is his way of life. Take it as a pinch of salt.

  19. KB Sandhu

    AirAsia and AAX are in such bad shape, financially, its BODs have been forced to inject funds into the business. That probably explains why Kalimullah sold 4million of his shares.

    Tony has been trying to flog the airline to anyone who would give him a couple of seconds to hear his jaded story about how he made it possible for everyone to fly. it’s the same old tiresome story, even after 13 years of operation. What he conveniently left out was to mention all the incentives, slots and perks, he received on a silver platter when Pak Lah was PM. With such support, a donkey in his place would also succeed. In fact, the donkey would do better.

    The investing public all know his story now, and refuse to buy his “snake oil”. Having exhausted all his options, he’s now running to Najib to bail him out. He’s become persona non grata worldwide. The butt of jokes amongst the bankers, investors and the aviation community, except amongst certain banks/bankers in Malaysia, who have no choice but to support him or run the risk of going down with him.

    Sad thing is, 162 lives had to be sacrificed before all this is starting to blow up in his face.

  20. Can of Worms

    The pariah low caste conman has this mega chip on his shoulder, with his fake British accent, he thinks his biz is too big to fail. Thats why he is expecting a bail out. The pariah low caste conman probably brought his flute and basket with a snake in it to Davos to con some poor guy to buy his biz. Its in his DNA to be a snake charmer which this pariah low cost conman calls Marketing. Over hyped airline and service. Over hyped personality. Sick of his spinning and suckers falling for his spinning. Hides too many things under the red carpet. Should go down in history as the man who sold the world with his lies and sickening vanity.

    1. Ali

      As YB has put it| put it: Spinning is talking to him. I would go further to state that •”Lying is talking to him”

      I don’t understand why Najib want to spoil his reputation by meeting this snake in Davis. Now Everone Will Not Fly AirAsia because Everyone Does Not Want To Risk Thier Lives Fir AurAsia To Make Money!”

  21. Tonee blackass whiteman wanna be

    Its interesting despite this tragedy that took 162 lives and flying without approval allegedly on Sunday, no country or authority has taken action on the pariah conman or his business in regards to QZ8501. Have not read on any law suits as well by the family of the victims, not even class action suitpariah. Hate to say it pariah conman does seem above the law. Hope the new president of Indonesia will go hard on the pariah as in boleh land pariah seems untouchable.

  22. AirAsia NoStars

    More that 50 people from Managerial and Executive Positions at AirAsia Berhad are expected to be laid off in the coming week. A meeting to that effect took place in KL earlier today. More redundancies are expected at Air Asia X, Indonesia AirAsia in the coming weeks. I hope all those made redundant will be accorded what’s due to them. Can we trust the HR Ministry to protect the interest of these people?

  23. Tonee blackass whiteman wanna be

    Will the token CEO Airon Omar be removed? Total waste of time and space. Airon have no clue on what goes on operations wise on a daily basis. Suck up and ball carrier, Ass Tajudin be removed? Should be given title Head of Sucking up Engineering. Pariah should check whats happening to those deals that Ass Tajudin does for plane leasing and in engineering, Pariah will be shocked. No they wont, only those hard working, non ball carriers that dont suck up to Pariah low caste conman will be removed. Pariah low caste conman loves people sucking up to him and think he is white. The end is near for the pariah….the cracks are widening….Indonesia should charge him, ban him in Indonesia and close down his fly by night business. A pariah conman of low caste by any other name is tonee blackass wanna be whiteman

  24. Zaki

    Kalimullah (AirAsia director and shareholder) disposed of his 4.1 million shares some 10 days ago and now Azran the CEO of AirAsia X has resigned. All the captains are abandoning the sinking ships. Those who are holding AirAsia should take note of the recently development otherwise you will be in deep shit.

  25. Pak Zam

    Ha! Ha Ha! Azran the CEO of Airasia X has been reported to have resigned. Now it seemed that there was an about turn. However, according to the report by NST Azran did not deny or confirm.

    Whatever the case may be, AirAsia is having endless problems. Tony Fernandez could no longer spin or he could no longer sell his spin (ubat). It is just a matter of time it will collapse. AirAsia is having a debts of over RM5 billions. On top of that there is an outstanding Order for 300 Airbuses of which delivery for 2015 has been delayed. Obviously, AirAsai/Tony had to pay penalties for that delay. Caterham was in the shit. So is QPR. it is doom day for Tony and his AirAsia.

  26. Anonymous

    The low caste airline is collapsing like a house of cards. Tony Fernandez also sold million of his shares in Tune Insurance a few days before the crashed of AirAsia flight QZ8501. So the picture should be clear now. Kalimullah & Tony Fernandez are the founders of AirAsua and Tune Insurance. They were dumping their shares. We must dump too before it is too late!

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