Aviation Safety Ratings: MAS high & AirAsia Low

MAS has an above average rating for safety.
Congratulation! MAS has an above average rating for safety. Five out of seven stars.


It has been reported in the Malaysian Digest that according to the Australian based AirlineRating.com,   MAS has five out of seven stars and AirAsia has two or three stars.


The wreckage of AirAsia flight 8501. 162 innocent passengers have been killed.
The wreckage of AirAsia flight 8501. 162 innocent passengers have been killed.


The recent crashed of the AirAsia flight QZ8051 is a proof of the low rating because AirAsia did not adhere to Rules and Regulations of the Indonesian Ministry of Transport.  Aviation Rules and Regulations are part of safety standards, which must be strictly adhered to by all airlines, including AirAsia.


The Indonesian Transport Ministry had said that it only approved AirAsia to fly from Surabaya to Singapore four day a week on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, HERE.


Left: Tony Fernandez  Rt:  Sunu Widyatnoko
Left: Tony Fernandez Rt: Sunu Widyatnoko.  Tony Fernandez had said that AirAsia had the approval to fly seven day a week from Surabaya to Singapore.


However, AirAsia’s CEO Tony Fernandez proudly confirmed that AirAsia had approval to fly from Surabaya to Singapore seven day a week, HERE.


Many thought that the CEO of AirAsia, Tony Fernandez, was telling the truth because he was so smooth and full of confidence in the press conference.  But the smoothness and confidence were short-lived.


A few days after the above statement of Tony Fernandez, AirAsia Indonesian director, Sunu Widyatnoko, has admitted during the hearing before Commission V of the Indonesian House of Representatives that AirAsia had committed “ADMINISTRATIVE NEGLIGENCE”.   AirAsia flight QZ8501 flew on Sunday (28 December 2014), which was not authorised to fly on Sunday, HERE.


Below is the Malaysian Digest report:


MalaysianDigest.com report on 15-1-2015:   Given the widespread negative publicity received by Malaysian Airlines last year for tragic aviation disasters as well as financial problems resulting it being taken private by Khazanah Nasional, many would have expected the airline to score lower in global safety perception.


However, AirlineRatings.com, an Australian based airline industry website focusing on safety and product ratings reviews covering over 435 airlines around the world had published its latest safety ratings, which saw Malaysian Airlines scoring 5 out of the total seven stars, with seven being the highest ranking.


This proves that MAS has strong industry support and a loyal following despite its year-long run of unforseen bad publicity, further reaffirming the importance of restructuring and revitalizing Malaysia’s flagship aviation carrier as it is a national asset worth saving with a strong global brand identity.


It is also worth noting that MAS has wasted no time to get its operations back on track by kicking off 2015 with its ‘2015 Specials’ launched yesterday. The promotion offers unbelievable deals for long haul round trips to places like Paris, Istanbul and Sydney as well as huge discounts on round trip domestic ticket prices.


Many netizens are equally undeterred by the bad publicity and proceeded to check out MAS best offers promotion as ‘MAS low fares’ quickly became one of the top three trending searches on google overnight.


However, Malaysia’s other prominent airline company, AirAsia, scored lower in the safety rankings with its Indonesian, Malaysian and Phillipines subsidiaries scoring two, and three stars respectively.


According to the site, the rating system takes into account audits from aviation’s governing bodies, lead associations as well as the airlines own safety data and the site provides a safety rating breakdown for each airline so you can see exactly how they rate.


16 thoughts on “Aviation Safety Ratings: MAS high & AirAsia Low

  1. Now Everyone Can Fly & Die

    Spot on YB. Not following rules and regulations in itself was a breach of safety standards. All aviation authorities that AIrAsia flies to and from must do an thorough audit into its operation. We don’t want to see more innocent being killed for the sake of money/profits. The report from AirlineRatings.com was most damning for AirAsia.

  2. Now Everyone Cannot Bull Shit No More

    Now Everyone Can See what is AirAsia. Now that its fleet of aircraft are getting older and more problematic. If they are not service properly and have their C Check then more mishaps will happen. More lives will be lost. Now that the ratings are out in the open, fly at your own risk.

    Tony said: If fares are priced low enough, Malaysians are prepared to risk their lives. This was how Tony thought of us Malaysians.

    No more statement or bullshit from Tony because he knew that he was caught with all the lies. Approval from Indonesian authorities for flying Surabaya-Singapore 7 days a week. what a lie?

  3. Gerald

    Where is the con man? I thought he isn’t very good in fooling the authorities. He is now caught in his own games. His heads must be spinning like the top.

  4. IT.Scheiss

    Sdr. Wee,

    I received this article in a mass mailing.

    It is from Pickering Post, set up by retired Australian journalist Larry Pickering to provide an alternative to Australian mainstream media.

    However Pickering Post tends to be strongly anti-Islamic and perhaps rather white chauvanist, so I would treat the following article with some critical caution.

    The article is factually wrong towards the end about “49%’ Indonesian share in Air Asia and that QZ8510 is a “Malaysian” plane, when the fact of the matter is that Flight QZ8501 is operated by Indonesia Air Asia in which Air Asia Bhd owns 49% and an Indonesia registered company, 51% which legally makes it an Indonesian aircraft.

    Air Asia’s share price went above RM3.5 for the first time on 27 June 2011, hit an all-time high of RM4.20 on 1 August 2011 before closing at RM3.95 and then began a gradual descent to a close of RM2.20 on 23 December 2013, closed at a high of RM2.94 on 22 December 2014.


    This jives with the Air Asia Families blog:-

    “Mumbai and Delhi do not welcome Tony Fernandez. Tony thought his smart ideas penetrating airlines business into India market will secure him another hub-based in India. His con-job on IPO had the India’s investors fooled. AirAsia’s share prices changed for “before and after” signing of agreement with Indian investors. Before signing – AirAsia’s shares were at RM3.50 but after having closed a deal with the Indian investors – AirAsia’s shares dropped dead to RM2.20.”


    Pickering Post article follows.


    …and this bloke is one of them

    Disturbing information is coming from Australian pilots flying out of Asia regarding Tony Fernandes and his cut-price airline Air Asia. The flamboyant owner of Queens Park Rangers is fighting a £50 million fine for breaching UK Football League Financial regulations, and it appears that’s not all he is breaching.

    The airline company with the much touted “impeccable safety record” may not be that safe after all and there are reports Mr Fernandes is sinking in circuitously acquired debt.

    Airline companies attain an AOC (Air Operator’s Certificate) for a period of two years. Due to slack maintenance and other infractions, Air Asia’s AOC was limited to just six months by the DCA, giving Fernandes time to get his act into gear.

    Air Asia was also fined $200,000 in an Australian Court for misleading and deceptive advertising.

    Tony Fernandes: “I know Malaysians very well and if you put a fare low enough, they’ll risk their lives”, he said to raucous laughter at a recent function.

    He continued with, “My engineers talk to my pilots about how to fly the plane more efficiently. We went from 80 landings per set of tyres to 180. We showed them how to brake on the runway, how to use the reverse thrust, how they should descend. We burn just 770 US gallons per hour of fuel. MAS, using a similar plane, burns 1100 US gallons.”

    Hmmm, I seriously doubt that figure, and WTF are engineers doing telling pilots how to fly planes? Is there a pattern starting to emerge here?

    The cost-cutting fanatic Fernandes also suggested that pilots should avoid using their brakes for as long as possible when landing. “Friction usually does the trick, so our brake pads and tyres last a damn sight longer than most,” he said.

    I have no idea what the hell he is talking about with that one! But it could be the reason Air Asia flight Z2272 overshot the Kalibo runway in the Philippines only two days after flight Z8501 went down in the Java Sea killing all 162 on board?

    Badly shaken passengers at Kalibo had to evacuate the aircraft using emergency slides.

    A litany of incidents and accidents dating back to 2004 led some observers to confidently foretell Air Asia’s latest disaster. Mr Fernandes’ move from the music industry to aviation has left a trail of destruction and empty pockets.

    Was the decision to keep going into a monsoonal storm part of the Fernandes’ vicious cost-cutting program? Was the captain facing the sack had he turned back?

    Air Asia hosties are paid the pittance of $9 per hour air time and pilots are paid well below what other airlines pay. They also sign contracts ensuring they will repay Air Asia for all training costs.

    Passengers have complained it takes up to a year of fighting to get refunds from cancelled flights with most simply giving up trying.

    Air Asia is run out of a small office in Kuala Lumpur and notoriously c…. Malaysia is the place to be for avoiding aviation regulations. This latest disaster was the third in 2014 for cut-corner-cut-costs Malaysia based aircraft.

    Air Asia is 49 per cent owned by the infamous Indonesians who have also fared poorly in international safety rankings. In 2007, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration gave the country a reduced Category II ranking, which meant Indonesia’s regulations did not comply with international safety standards set by the International Civil Aviation Organisation.

    No surprises there for anyone who knows Garuda.

    As one Australian captain said, “These Asian guys are okay on simulators and as long as the aircraft’s computers are working they are fine, but that applies to any 14 year old kid too, and there’s no way I’ll bloody fly with them.”

    Fernandes’ c..-job on a dodgy IPO has India’s investors calling for his blood after Air Asia’s share price changed dramatically after the signing of an agreement with Indian investors. Before signing, Air Asia’s shares were at RM3.50 but after having closed the deal with the Indian investors, Air Asia’s shares curiously dropped to RM2.20.

    “This is my worst nightmare”, claimed Fernandes when addressing bereaved families in Surubaya.

    That may be true because Air Asia did not have approval for the doomed flight Z8501 which will no doubt let insurance companies off the hook for its up to $320 million replacement cost.


  5. The Con Pariah

    This is the Pariah. He will spin, twist and get journalist like BK Sidhu (Editor of Business Star) to publish glorying stories about him and his AirAsia set up. It is most unfortunate that you have mercenary journalist like BK Sidhu. She had even publish story on the IPO of AirAsia X based on sources that its share price upon listing will be as high as FIVE to SIX times the IPO price.

    Thank God that he has been exposed naked by the crashed QZ8501. Unfortunately 162 lives had to be scarified before the authority would act against this pariah.

    The Indonesian authorities must sent him and his other directors to jail. Our DCA in Malaysia better wake up before more lives will be lost. DCA officer please stop taking the “sleeping pills” given by the pariah.

  6. Alex

    Why suddenly Tony and AirAsia became very quiet about paying compensation to the families of the victims? No point in sending email for PR exercise when you are not paying compensation as provided under the Indonesian laws and the order from President Jokowi. Indonesian govt should give them 7 days to pay up or suspend all AirAsia flight in Indonesia.

    1. Ganesh

      Tony has been saying that he cares for the passengers and their families. He tweeted and said in ht press statement. But still not paying the US$98,000 as provided under the Indonesian law. Tony please put the money where your mouth is. Stop talking cock ok. We have had enough of your spins and lies.

      The ways you are managing AirAsia, there will be more loss of lives in the future.

    1. Anonymous

      Ms Crocker should fight to the last single Sen with this type of cheap airline. It is a low caste airline like Tony Fernandez, who is also from the low caste. It has been taking the passengers for a ride for too long. It has been living on hypes and spinning in the press. Now it had to face reality because no mercenary dares to help him in the light of the “murder” of 162 innocent lives.

      AirAsia was not authorized to fly on Sunday and it did by “sorting things out” with the officers in Surabaya. Now Tony Fernandez was caught with his under pant down.

      Ms Crocker must stay firm and take AirAsia through the Australian Court so that the Australians will know about this low caste airline operated by a low caste person.

      1. Lim

        AirAsia should be awarded “The Most Problematic Airline If All Times”.

        Why is the Spin Doctor so quiet now? Now is the time he should start spinning to get out of everything scot free. May be no need to pay compensation as well!!!
        The Indonesian govt must take all actions to make AirAsia to pay US$98,000 per family of the passengers that being murdered by AirAsia.

  7. Can of Worms

    should the families and friends of the QZ 8501 victims sue the pariah low caste con man for manslaughter? If one remembers, the South Korean ferry captain was charged by prosecutors for murder for willful negligence, though the judge dismissed it as they failed to demonstrate the burden of proof. In this case, the pariah low caste allegedly did not have approval to fly on Sunday. Indonesian authorities should consider to ban this pariah low caste conman from entering Indonesia and shutting down his business there.

  8. Now Everyone Can Die

    AIrAsia has no regards for authorities. Even in Malaysia at one time it was able to withhold RM130 million of airport taxes for years. Therefore, to fly 3 days without approval from Surabaya to Singapore was not a problems for AIrAsia. The Indonesian government should interrogate the civil aviation officers in Surabaya and the truth will be out – whether they have been paid or not. Then Everyone Will Know AirAsia’s modus operand. To be able to fly 3 days a week without approval is a serious matter. 162 lives had to be sacrificed for AirAsia to make profits. Now Tony/AirAsia must be made to pay and also face the penal penalty. Must be sure that Tony goes to jail because he had said that he took responsibilities for it.

  9. Jeffrey Ng

    What Administrative Negligence? It is murder period. Who are you trying to fool Tony Fernandez? Tony must be held responsible.

    I observe that nowadays there is no bullshit advertisment in the Star. He knows now that Malaysians are not as stupid as he thought. QZ8501 has opened up the eyes of the whole world that AitAsia is a cowboy airline.

    What is our DCA doing about AirAsia. A thorough audit must be done for passengers safety. Malaysians are no longer prepared to risk our lives for Tony to make money!

  10. Zarul

    Tony Fernandez silence is deafening. What are happening to the talk of compensation? Was the initial offer of compensations just another spin? Looking forward to Read the transcripts from the black box. I am sure that the conversation between the pilots will be very damaging to the Pariah and his low caste set up.

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