AirAsia QZ8501 Black Box Found & Sent To Jakarta

AIrAsia QZ8501 found.
The black box of AirAsia’s flight QZ8501 has been found.


 Updates on 13-1-2015:  Today Jakarta Post has published that the divers have retrieved the crashed AirAsia plane’s second black box, which was believed to have recording of the conversations of the pilots, from the bottom of the Java Sea.  For more detail please read HERE.


12-1-2015:  PANGKALAN BUN: The flight data recorder of the sunken AirAsia Flight QZ8501 is found to be in good condition, Indonesian authorities said on Monday.

The black box will be sent to Jakarta on Monday for analysis.

“The flight data recorder has been recovered,” Bambang Soelistyo, chief of Indonesia National Search and Rescue Agency (BASARNAS), told a press conference. He added that the black box was discovered under the wing of the ill-fated Airbus 320-200 that went down on Dec 28 in the Java Sea.

The other black box – the cockpit voice recorder – has also been located in the afternoon, but not retrieved yet, he noted.

The Strait Times report, HERE.

7 thoughts on “AirAsia QZ8501 Black Box Found & Sent To Jakarta

  1. Heng

    Now that the black box has been found, we will soon know the whole story. The Pariah can do as much PR as he like, the truth will soon come out! Can’t wait!

  2. IT.Scheiss

    Yes, it will be interesting to find out what actually happened, though I am keeping my fingers crossed until the data is actually downloaded and analysed.

    It will also be interesting to know what the condition of the rest of the plane reveals about what could have happened once it is raised from the sea bottom.

    Already, they have been suggestions that there could have been an explosion on board which may have caused the tail to break off but on the other hand, others say there was no explosion.

    Another possible cause of the tail breaking off could be the position ofthe plane when it hit the water, presumably at high speed.

    If the plane was angled upwards with the tail lower than the nose as it would be should the aircraft had stalled, the tail would have hit the water first and broke off.

    As to what the insurace company will or companies will argue, that is left to be seen.

  3. Fly by night operator

    Why Tony Fernandez is extremely quiet these few days? No more press conferences to bullshit his way. The victims’ family were lucky that the Indonesian government did not buy the bullshit put up by Tony. President Jokowi and the Surabaya Mayor have spoken for the families and demanded immediate payment of compensations for the families. Tony has not responded. He must be in deep shit now.

    Tony as the CEO of AirAsia, what have you got to say about President Jokowi order that AirAsia to pay US$98,ooo per family of the victims.

    Why are you keeping so silence? Why AirAsia has no money to pay the families?

  4. Anonymous

    Wonderful…Can you imagine…the request from the President of a Country for the victims not entertained by TF. This shows how AA is operated. … cowboy style and get away with it!!
    This requested is legitimate as stated in the Transportation Ministry Regulation No. 77/2011.. Insurance coverage of the airline and others are two separate issues…Is it due to some administrative errors/miscommunication again!!!

  5. Zain

    Tony Fernandez was busy sending out email to the families of the crashed victims as another form of pr exercise. This will not help. Please put the money where the mouth is. It will be better off for AirAsia and Tony Fernandez to stop all the bullshits and pay the US$98,000 to the family as a goodwill payment. This will help the families tremendously. The email means nothing to down. They should know by now that the email is another publicity stance by AirAsia and Tony.

    1. Anonymous

      The pariah must be thinking that with his email, he can avoid paying the US$98,000.00. I am sure that the Indonesian will soon give him an ultimatum if he still messing around like what he did in Malaysia with the owing of airport tax.

      Ay Pariah: stop your nonsense and pay up the compensation first if you really care for the passengers’ families. We know your games. Just stop monkey around and pay up.

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