“Tony Admitted To Me AirAsia QZ8501 Operated Without Permit”

The Indonesian Honourable Minister of Transport, Pak Ignatius Jonan.
The Indonesian Honourable Minister of Transport, Pak Ignatius Jonan.


According to the Kompas.Com news report published last night at 20:25, the Indonesian Minister of Transport, the Honourable Pak Ignatius Jonan, has said that he had a discussion/meeting with the CEO of AirAsia, Tony Fernandez.  From the said discussion/meeting, Tony Fernandez has admitted that flight QZ8501 was not in accordance with the permit.


For background information, AirAsia only had permission to fly the Surabaya-Singapore route on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. The flight (QZ8501) which crashed took off on Sunday, December 28.


Thumb up from Tan Sri Tony Fernandez.
Thumb up from Tan Sri Tony Fernandez.


The Minister further stated  (Tuesday 6-1-2015) that “Tony Fernandez has admitted to me of the unauthorised route.”


According to the said Minister, after having admitted the violation, Tony still hope that AirAsia will still be given the Surabaya – Singapore route. …


Please see below for the Kompas.Com report in Indonesian language and the link.


JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com (6-1-2015)  – Menteri Perhubungan Ignasius Jonan mengaku sudah berbicara dengan CEO AirAsia Tony Fernandez. Dari pembicaraan itu, kata Jonan, Tony mengaku salah atas penerbangan AirAsia QZ8501 yang tak sesuai izin Kemenhub.


“Tony Fernandez mengaku salah ke saya tidak ada izin rute,” ujar Jonan di Kantor Kementerian Perhubungan, Jakarta, Selasa (6/1/2015).


Lebih lanjut menurut Jonan, setelah mengakui adanya kesalahan, Tony masih berharap AirAsia tetap bisa dapat rute Surabaya-Singapura. Bahkan kata Jonan, AirAsia akan kembali mengajukan izin rute kepada Kemenhub setelah investigasi kecelakaan AirAsia QZ 8501 selesai.


Sementara itu lanjut Jonan, terkait pembekuan rute AirAsia Surabaya-Singapura, CEO AirAsia tersebut menerimanya.


Ya dia terima ini (rute) dibekukan. Tapi, dia berharap nanti akan diajukan kembali,” kata Jonan.


For full Kompas report read HERE.


Despite all the tweets and public relation exercises, things are getting more and more serious by the day for AirAsia/Tony Fernandez.  With this statement from the Indonesian Minister of Transport, the future of AirAsia is not hard to be determined.






10 thoughts on ““Tony Admitted To Me AirAsia QZ8501 Operated Without Permit”

  1. Warrior 231

    Good point sdr wee but I think the following will also have a bearing

    A. How much is all this shadowplay in order to push the credentials of LION and Garuda on the part of the Indonesia remains to be seen. Are they viewing it as a window of opportunity to push their countrymens claims. I mean it is pretty obvious as qho stands to gain most

    B. How much key dependants like certain regional hubs with failed low costs of their own, cue Spork, have a say in proceedings. Interesting that Spork issued anew unsolicited statement implicitly supportive of AA two days back regarding the doomed flight. Leaves one scratching ones arse as to why.

    C. How willing are certain authorities in the region willing to let AA fold and consequently let their banks, economies etc take a hit. Who will assume the mountain of debt if the implausible and once unimaginable happens is a big Q that defies easy answers

    D. In relation to C, 86% of that debt are dollar denominated. So by default any gains in lower fuel costs are automatically offset. And if this affair takes an ugly turn, that debt might morph into an albatross especially when passenger concerns kick in.

    E. Are the usual suspects prepared to risk the potential loss in tourist revenue if they take the regulation, enforcement thingy too far?

    Whichever way one looks to it, a pygmy elephant has grown into a gargantuan pachyderm, and the mahouts who indulged it’s every whim during that growth are now left scratching their heads over their follies.

    Given all that, any predictions of demise is too premature and verges on the absurd but reading this report and right now watching CNN breaking news, I must say this is getting a wee (no pun intended) bit uncomfortable for someone.

  2. Warrior 231

    I guess I was a bit clairvoyant in mentioning passenger concerns in my earlier comment for actually it’s already being discussed!!

    “Up to December 28, the airline group had operated without a fatality but it has not completed the International Air Transport Association’s Operational Safety Audit.

    Airlines that have done the IOSA have a 4.3 times better safety record than ones that have not. However, that is not to say AirAsia is 4.3 times less safe than other IOSA airlines – the ratio is distorted by the big number of Third World airlines with terrible crash records that have also ignored the audit.

    The audit is an internationally recognised evaluation designed to assess the operational management and control systems of an airline.

    Other major low-cost carriers that have not done IOSA include Southwest Airlines in the US and Ryanair and Easyjet in Europe.”


  3. Now Everyone Know The Rea Tony

    The evidence must be overwhelming for the Spin Doctor to admit to his mistake. He is the cause of the 162 death on flight 8051. But it took the Spin Dr many days to admit to the violation of the regulations. He must be prosecuted.

  4. Kang

    The Pariah had to admit because the evidence may be too clear where he could not twist and turn anymore. The approval for flight from Surabaya to Singapore must have been documented otherwise the Minister of Transport of Indonesia wouldn’t have made public the damaging facts against the low caste airline. the and AirAsia must be prosecuted for the lost of 162 lives and the miseries that they have caused to the loved ones. The pariah had said that as a CEO of the low caste airline, he will take responsibility for it. Now lets see whether he will stand up to his words. .

  5. Sharifah

    Shafee stands by alleged ‘kingpin’ Phua
    Senior lawyer Muhammad Shafee Abdullah today stood by his client, Paul Phua, despite the police having affirmed that their report on Phua – over his alleged involvement with the 14K triad – is true.

    The Umno-linked lawyer – who initially seemed hesitant to speak to the press on the matter after Lembah Pantai MP Nurul Izzah Anwar’s defamation trial – said the media should not depend on statements made by lower-ranking police officers, when told that the police are standing by their report on Phua.

    “I do not believe that, and I stand by what inspector-general of police (Khalid Abu Bakar) had said.

    “Why stand by other subsidiary police officers’ reports?” he added, before walking away.

    He earlier complained that the media had misconstrued his Saturday press conference, saying that is the reason he does not want to speak to the media after that.

    The senior lawyer was asked to comment on an article which appeared in Malaysiakini yesterday, citing police sources as continuing to uphold its report to the US’ Federal Bureau of Investigations on Phua.

    It was also reported yesterday that Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi had not consulted the police in writing the letter to the FBI.

  6. A Pariah is alway a Pariah

    Tony had denied that he has admitted that AirAsia flight QZ8501 was unauthorized. What is the problem? Stop twisting and turning like a bloody snake. If AirAsia flight was authorised then just show the world the letter of approval from the Indonesia Civil Aviation Authority. Unfortunately until this very minute the Pariah is still not doing that. I can’t help bu to come to the conclusion that the Minister of Transport was right and we should trust him than the Pariah. Pariah, can you stop spinning as a mark of respect to the death of 162 people to whom you should be held responsible for.

    1. A Spinner

      I would rather believe the Minister of Transport. Can you trust a Spin Doctor? Other readers have already suggested, if AirAsia has the approval then just call press conference and show the letter. Until today it was all spinning by that Spin Doctor. His words means nothing.

  7. Bloody Con Man

    That bullshitter was still trying to spin and said that AirAsia got the permit to fly on Sunday. The Minister of Transport of Indonesia had said again today that there was no approval given to AirAsia to fly on Sunday.


    No point spinning. If AirAsia got the approval or permit, just call a press conference and show it. that will be the end of the story and then the Minister of Transport of Indonesia will be proven to have lying and should resign.

    I am certain that the Spinner has no evidence of the approval.otherwise he will be spinning as though there will be no tomorrow.

  8. Simon

    The Pariah better stop lying about the approval for QZ8501 to fly on Sunday. If it was true, just produce the letter of approval. No need to talk about administrative error and other lies. Murderer!!!!

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