Indonesian Authority Banned AirAsia From 6 Key Routes

Thumb up from Tan Sri Tony Fernandez.
Thumb up from Tan Sri Tony Fernandez.


It has been reported that the Indonesian transport ministry has banned AirAsia from flying six of its domestic flights in the country as part of the crackdown on violation of regulations by the low cost airline.


The affected AirAsia’s routes are Surabaya to Jakarta, Baling and Bandung and Medan to Palembang.  For full report read HERE & HERE.


Some may say that this is an overkill.  When it involves the safety of the passengers and glaring violation of regulations, the civil aviation authority of all countries must not condone it.  In fact, the aviation authorities must take drastic actions against airline that violate aviation regulations by withdrawing the Air Operation Certificate (AOC), revoking landing right and/or prosecute the airline concerned and/or its CEO.


In 2012 the Malaysian Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) only approved a temporary AOC for 6 months period due to non-compliance with safety standard set by DCA, HERE.


We cannot afford to see more lives are lost because of violation of regulations. Aviation regulations in all countries are imposed for not only to regulate the aviation industry but for safety purposes.


In the light of the revelation of AirAsia’s flight QZ8051 having violated the regulation by the Minister of Transport, AirAsia was lucky to get away with the banning of only six routes in Indonesia.



7 thoughts on “Indonesian Authority Banned AirAsia From 6 Key Routes

  1. Leong

    All travelers must be reminded of what Tony Fernandez had once said: “IF THE FARES ARE PRICED LOW ENOUGH, MALAYSIANS ARE PREPARED TO RISK THEIR LIVES.”

    Is this still the motto of Tony Fernandez and his AirAsia?

    We cannot afford to have airline that compromises with safety standard for the sake of profit.

    Thump-up to Indonesian authority. I hope that our DCA and other authorities will be strict on safety measures with airline. We do not want to see more deaths. We are not prepared to risk our lives even though the fare may be cheap. My family and I have stopped flying AirAsia for a long time.

  2. Zubir

    Thump up for the ban by the Transport Ministry of Indonesia. the banning should have been made in December 2014 so that 162 innocent lives would have been saved. We really hope that all other civil aviation authorities will do an audit on the safety measures taken by AirAsia. they should also check whether the pilots and crew of AirAsia have been given enough rest between flights. This is part of safety standard.

  3. IT.Scheiss

    This Jakarta Post report does not bode well for Air Asia and it could well be the reason why insurance began to pay out.


    Surabaya govt could sue AirAsia over insurance issue

    Indra Harsaputra, The Jakarta Post, Surabaya | Archipelago | Thu, January 08 2015, 9:51 AM

    Surabaya Mayor Tri Rismaharini says her administration is ready to sue AirAsia should it ignore the rights of the families of passengers on flight QZ8501, following the suspension of the airline’s flight permit from the East Java city to Singapore.

    “If the insurance claims fail to be honored, then as the flight was regarded illegal, we will fight and sue AirAsia because life insurance is part of the passengers’ families’ rights and must be upheld by the company,” said the mayor, who is widely known as Risma, in Surabaya, on Wednesday.

    Risma said her administration had also consulted with legal experts from Airlangga University on the fears of most families regarding the difficulties in disbursing insurance funds, after the Transportation Ministry regarded the Surabaya-Singapore flight on Dec. 28 as illegitimate.


  4. ellybeth82

    We are 6 Italians and we booked a flight with Thai AirAsia. Is it so dangerous such as the Indonesia AirAsia? I’m really worried….

    1. Avoid AA

      Remember what the CEO of AirAsia had once said: if the fares are low enough, Malaysians are prepared to risk their lives. So think about it! Look at the Indonesian AA, it flew on Sunday when it was not permitted do so. What else AA will not do for money? I will not get near to AA even I am given a free ticket. I am not prepared to risk my life for Tony Fernandez and his AA.

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