Wheeling & Dealing in MCMC? Part 8 Datuk Mohd Noor Amin is …

Yg Bhg Datuk Mohd Noor Amin, the director and shareholder of Nuemera Sdn Bhd. He is also the chairman of IMPACT.
Yg Bhg Datuk Mohd Noor Amin, the director and shareholder of Nuemera Sdn Bhd. He is also the chairman of IMPACT.


On 12 October 2009 Yg Bhg Dato’ Mohamed Sharil Bin Mohamed Tarmizi (Dato’ Sharil), the then very learned and powerful Acting Chairman of MCMC had singlehandedly appointed Nuemera Sdn Bhd, and the letter of appointment was addressed to one Datuk Mohd Amin.


Nuemera appointment letter page 1
Nuemera’s letter of appointment letter page 1. It was addressed to one Datuk Mohd Amin.


The letter was issued and signed by the then Acting Chairman of MCMC, Dato' Sharil
The letter of appointment was issued and signed by the then Acting Chairman of MCMC, Dato’ Sharil and the said appointment was accepted by Datin Shariza Kamaruzzaman.


Although yours truly has been asking Dato’ Sharil to clarify whether the Datuk Mohd Noor Amin Bin Mohd Noor Khan is the same person as in picture posted in HERE but Dato’ Sharil chose to indulge in his elegant silence and/or on his ego trip.


As has been said before, for Dato’ Sharil to indulge in elegant silence and/or on ego trip at this stage will not in any way blow away the serious matters raised in this blog.   Further indulgence in his elegant silence and/or his ego trip will no doubt bring the Ministry of Information and the government into disrepute.


To appoint Nuemera Sdn Bhd, which is a dormant company, with such a huge contract sum without calling for an open tender and commissioning an audit of Nuemera Sdn Bhd and especially when Dato’ Sharil was the Acting Chairman of MCMC is unacceptable by any management standard one would like to set.


IMPACT's grand office in Cyberjaya
IMPACT’s grand office in Cyberjaya. How much is the government paying for this outfit?


Now let us examine, who is this equally learned and powerful Yg Bhg Datuk Mohd Noor Amin or Datuk Mohd Amin.  Datuk Mohd Noor Amin is the Chairman of International Multilateral Partnership Against Cyber Threats (IMPACT), HERE.  It is by coincidence that Dato’ Sharil also sits on the Board of Trustee of IMPACT.  Rumours has it that both Datuk Mohd Noor Amin and Dato’ Sharil are good friends.



Datuk Amin magemenACT


IMPACT looks and sounds very impressive. The word “INTERNATIONAL” gives it a status in world stage.  By the way, Impact was set up in 2008 by Tun Abdullah bin Ahmad Badawi.  IMPACT is believed to be a government agency.  It will be interesting to know how much is the government providing the yearly grant to IMPACT.



Have you heard about IMPACT?  Well, it has announced in its website that it has a total membership of 151 countries. Please examine those 151 countries (this link is its just updated version one or two days ago – no worry the older version has been saved) closely then you will know how SIGNIFICANT is IMPACT in world stage.  The subject of IMPACT deserved several postings by themselves. We will discus it in more details at a later date.


Dato Mohamed Sharil Bin Mohamed Tarmizi, the  chairman of MCMC, who is still enjoying his elegant silence
Yg Bhg Dato Mohamed Sharil Bin Mohamed Tarmizi (Dato’ Sharil), the chairman of MCMC, who is still indulging in his elegant silence and/or on his ego trip.


Yours truly calls upon Dato’ Sharil, the very learned and powerful Chairman of MCMC, to break his elegant silence and publicly provide answers to the following questions::


  1. Whether it was proper for Dato’ Sharil, the then acting chairman of MCMC, to have singlehandedly award the phone blocking service / IMEI to a dormant company, Nuemera Sdn Bhd?

  2. How did Dato’ Sharil and/or MCMC evaluate the capabilities of a dormant company without commissioning a cost validation audit on the so-called service to be provided by Nuemera Sdn Bhd?

  3. Was it proper for Dato’ Sharil to appoint a dormant company Nuemera Sdn Bhd when he knew or ought to have known that its director and shareholder one Datuk Mohd Amin is also the chairman of IMPACT, another government agency?

  4. Was it proper for Dato’ Sharil and/or MCMC to award the phone blocking service/IMEI to Nuemera Sdn Bhd wherein  Datuk Mohd Amin, the chairman of IMPACT, has a direct interest, and Dato’ Sharil is a member of IMPACT’s Board of Trustees?

  5. Why must MCMC pays million of Ringgit to Nuemera Sdn Bhd when until now telcos have refused to pay for the service of Nuemera Sdn Bhd?


We sincerely hope that Datuk Sharil or MCMC will provide answers to the above questions posted.


Stay tuned: Coming Soon / “Akan Datang” Part 9.





15 thoughts on “Wheeling & Dealing in MCMC? Part 8 Datuk Mohd Noor Amin is …

  1. No Touch Company

    Full of conflicts. It cannot be clearer that what have been published. It is ashamed that there is only one head of IT listed company trying to defend the MCMC’s Botak. Since he couldn’t win with arguments, he went on personal attacks. Very shameful. May be too much self interest at stake. I hope that MCMC and other telcos will not entertain this listed IT company that employed a cybertrooper as its CEO to win arguments or contracts by intimidation or personal attacks. And at the same time he is hiding behind a pseudo name to operate. He is even shy to let people know his real name. Such shameless type of person must be exposed.

    The evidence is very clear for MACC to come into MCMC to fully investigate all these direct awards of contract. Why must MCMC paid million and million Ringgit to Nuemera when Nuemera is supposed to be doing the works for telcos?

    1. Yong

      Is it called mTouch?

      It doesn’t matter whatever Touch. MACC must keep its watchful eyes in MCMC and the telco. The name of the telco will be exposed when the deal is sealed.

      Can’t believe that Datuk Amin of IMPACT Is also connected with the MCMC Botak.

  2. It looks like DPM has acted very quickly on the exam leaks. Minister of home affairs too on customs. However, minister of communication seems to be sleeping on the job. The mcmc chairman has been raping the country and he has not done anything!

  3. Rashid

    With the evidence out in public the MCMC chairman is so thick skin to hang on to his job. Obviously, he never had it for so good.

    The revelation of Datuk Noor Amin has an interest in Nuemera and at the ska time he is the chairman of IMPACT. The Botak in MCMC is also the member of the Board of Trustees of IMPACT.

    MACC what else do you need? There are more than enough leads for MACC to investigate the Botak.

  4. Everyday we read about Najib talking transparency and clean government. Yet, with so much facts being exposed by YB, nothing has been done. The mcmc chairman has to be investigated. And the minister of communication is so useless that Najib should sack him!

  5. Dave

    With the evidence out, Sharil has no morl authority to talk about regulating or enforcement. The government/Miniter have to start regulating MCMC by getting MACC to start investigating into this matter. MCMC under Sharil has no credibility at all.

  6. Liang

    it is a clear case of “Harapkan pager, pager makan padi”. Why there is still no actions taken against the culprit? MCMC’s image is already done the drain.

  7. Andy

    MCMC is not a watchdog but a joke. How could Sharil keeps on appointing dormant company? What is the Minister of Info doing about this Sharil?
    Don’t tell us that the Minister of Info has no balls to act?

  8. Kumar

    IMPACT is another useless organisation that is wasting government fund. No wonder even Singapore is not a member. The government should do an audit into this “shook sendiri” organisation which is operate rated by director & shareholder of a dormant company. If IMPACT is effective countries like USA, UK, Canada, Singapore would have joined it. Shut it down and use the funding for school, hospital and other public amenities.

  9. pit

    This service should be not implement in current situation.I talk about technical at first..this service is no longer ‘relevant’ and ‘irrelevant’ because it’s work during gsm last more than10 years,even 4g.The smartphone capabilities is more can work without this service.Smartphone able to work within wifi and no need gsm even 4G network.We can see revenue from sms and voice was shrink when smarphone become more smarter.Most apps able to work within wifi or even at kedai mamak.If people doesn’t pay the service or telco block the number or phone stolen don’t worry smartphone more than smarter.Secondly,mcmc award the license to numera and make untung atas angin.If per subscriber charge rm10 per year,you can imagine times 35mil subs postpaid + prepaid.So mcmc,you don’t need to fool the people,but you need more smarter than smartphone.

  10. Anonymous

    Datuk Mohd Noor Amin Bin Mohd Noor Khan is also the Chairman of Ascendsys Sdn. Bhd. Another company which has been awarded direct nego contract for setting up of the MAMPU GSOC project. You can find out more here:

    Note: The link to the website provided is not the correct link.

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