Wheeling & Dealing in MCMC? Part 5 – MCMC officers’ clarifications have raised more questions

Dato Mohamed Sharil Bin Mohamed Tarmizi, the  chairman of MCMC, who is still enjoying his elegant silence
Yg Bhg Dato Mohamed Sharil Bin Mohamed Tarmizi, the chairman of MCMC, who is still enjoying his elegant silence.  Why is he not speaking up to defend or criticise or take actions against  that mighty officer in MCMC?


On 9 September 2014, yours truly had a meeting with Yg Bhg Datuk Ali Hanafiah, the learned Deputy Chairman of MCMC, Puan Nur Sulyana Lim Abdullah, the learned Head of the International Affairs, Legal and Secretariat Division of MCMC, and Tuan Wan Faizul, the learned officer  in charge of special project from Pemandu pertaining the issues of appointment of Orenda Kuantum Digital Sdn Bhd (Orenda Kuantum Digital) by direct negotiation. The said meeting was held in the Ministry of Information.


Yours truly did stress to the three of them that Orenda Kuantum Digital Sdn Bhd (Orenda Kuanttum Digital) is a dormant company from the date of its incorporation (18 October 2012) until now, HERE, and that the Ministry of Finance (MoF) had already rejected the appointment of Orenda Kuantum Digital Sdn Bhd (Orenda Kuantum Digital) by way of direct negotiation on two ocassions, HERE.


Yg Bhg Dato' Ali Bin Hanafiah, the highly qualified Deputy Chairman of MCMC. He was handpicked by the able Dato' Sharil, MCMC Chairman.
Yg Bhg Dato’ Ali Bin Hanafiah, the learned Deputy Chairman of MCMC. He was handpicked to attend the said meeting and defend/justify the direct award of contract in MCMC.


Puan Nur Sulyana Lim Abdullah, the highly qualified International Affairs, Legal dan Secretariat Division of MCMC
Puan Nur Sulyana Lim Abdullah, the learned Head of the International Affairs, Legal and Secretariat Division of MCMC. She was also handpicked to attend the said meeting and defend/justify the direct award of contract in MCMC.


Of course, the two learned MCMC officers, who were handpicked to attend the said meeting, were in great pain trying to justify the unjustifiable appointment of a dormant company.  Both of the said MCMC officers were trying to impress the meeting that MCMC has done a brilliant job in getting the proposed Programe Market Office (PMO) price reduced from RM95 million to RM73, 970, 820.00, which has been earlier published HEREThis was the best point for their justification.


Both of the MCMC officers did acknowledge that another company known as GES Consult has also submitted its proposal to provide the PMO at a price of RM10 million but it was rejected by MCMC.


To cut the long story short, Dato’ Ali and Puan Sulyana furnished the said meeting  with three conditions under which MCMC chose to award the PMO for the remaining 11 streams of work to the dormant company, Orenda Kuanrum Digital, and they were as follows:

  1. it was due to “short of time” to switch over from analogue tv to digital tv, which has been awarded to Puncak Semangat Sdn Bhd, had to be implemented between 2015 to 2017;


  1. Orenda Kuantum Digital has the specific expertise to oversee the National Digital TV Project; and


  1. Orenda Kuantum Digital could employ digital experts from UK and Italy.


You are the judge whether the above three points justify the appointment of the dormant Orenda Kuantum Digital?


Yours truly was not at all impressed with their so-called “justifications”.  Yours truly reasserted that Orenda Kuantum Digital is a dormant company from the date of its incorporation in 2012 until now and that there was no track record for MCMC to evaluate.


The two officers from MCMC were in great pain in trying to justify the said appointment by re-emphasising that Orenda Kuantum Digital has the capabilities to employ expatriates from UK and Italy, who have the expertise to oversee Puncak Semangat Sdn Bhd when it carries out the task of switching over from analogue tv to digital tv.


When yours truly told them that any dormant company in Malaysia could do the same things as Orenda Kuantum Digital i.e. to appoint expatriates to do the work for them if they are given the RM73 million contract, they were speechless.


Yours truly also told them that if the direct award of contract to Orenda Kuantum Digital was the first and only case in MCMC then it would have been a different matter altogether.  But there are several cases of direct award of contract in MCMC, one of which was the direct appointment of Nuemera Sdn Bhd.  


Nuemera Sdn Bhd’s appointment is for an initial period of five years and TO BE EXTENDED for a further five years (total 10 years) to provide Public Cellular Blocking Service System (“PCBS”) that enables the process of of blocking and unblocking of reported lost or stolen mobile access device’s International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI), HERE.


Yours truly also brought to the attention of the said two MCMC officers that at least three telcos namely, DIGI, MAXIS and CELCOM have protested against the appointment of the third party, Nuemera Sdn Bhd, to provide PCBS and to date they have not paid for the PCBS.  It is strange that MCMC have been dutifully paying Nuemera Sdn Bhd for the PCBS.


The said two MCMC officers informed the meeting that they were not fully prepared to clarify about the direct appointment of Nuemera Sdn Bhd.  However, Dato’ Ali Bin Hanafiah did confirm the appointment of Nuemera Sdn Bhd and that payments have been made by MCMC to Nuemera Sdn Bhd for the PCBS/IMEI. To be fair he did not confirm the total amount paid to Nuemera Sdn Bhd.


It was crystal clear that the two MCMC officers were mere emperor apologists and their so-called clarifications have raised more questions than answers.


Tuan Wan Faizul the officer in charge of special project in Pemandu did not participate much in the meeting except on the side issue of TM buying over a telco known as P1/Green Packet at a high price. He appeared to be unhappy when this issue was raised as an example.


Thank God that the above facts have been confirmed by the two very learned high ranking MCMC officers.  In any event, yours truly never questioned any blogger operating under a pseudo name or rights to express his views on any issues in their write-ups/postings or writings because it is strictly none of yours truly business.  However, of late there are one or two bloggers who seemed to be in the sudden state of “cacin kepanasan” even though yours truly did not make any reference about them in the previous four postings, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE.   


Yours truly just wonder why were these strangers to the issues at hand felt the heat when yours truly is only questioning the direct award of contracts by the mighty officer in MCMC.   Surely, they cannot be part of the special “defence team” for that mighty officer in MCMC.  It just boggle the mind to witness such curious reactions from adults.  Nevertheless, yours truly respect their democratic right to choose to be in the state of “cacin kepanasan” as and when new Parts of the story are published.


By the way,  yesterday Utusan has published the story entitled “SKMM Digesa Jelaskan Perlantikan Nuemera”.   


Stay tuned: Coming Soon / AKAN DATANG Part 6



21 thoughts on “Wheeling & Dealing in MCMC? Part 5 – MCMC officers’ clarifications have raised more questions

  1. Hong

    The 3 stupid justifications by the 2 MCMC’s gaji buta. The government should sack officers like them because they are embarrassment to the nation. MACC must move into MCMC for a full scale investigations.

  2. Such lame excuses. Why last min when project was being planned for long time? Why didnt mcmc issue an open tender when they had the time? I think these excuses were planned to justify the direct award and give it to their friends.

    1. Joe

      i am in full agreement that the project has been planned for some time. Any way, when MOF rejected the proposal for direct appointment of Orenda Kuantum for the first time, MCMC had a few months to carry out the Open Tender but it chose not to go in for 2nd time and again it was rejected. The question is why MCMC didn’t go for the open tender after teh 2nd rejection.

      This deal smell a rat. The government must stop it and have it tender out. We want the best service at the best price. We do not want to appoint company who has no expertise and they will in turn appoint the mat salleh to think for them. In that process, teh rakyat have to pay for their bullshit.

  3. YB, pls remind mcmc that this is not their money!! It is the rakyat’s hard earned money! The behaviour of the mcmc chairman is though this is his money and he can do anything he wants. Why is the minister keeping quiet?? Why is macc keeping quiet??

  4. Kong

    I like the picture of the arrogant man. Full of ego in him. No wonder he is having the 2 idiots to defend him in the meeting. The reasons given Cannot be more stupid than that. The reasons reflected the Botak,s leadership. YB please expose them until they are naked. MCMC has lost its credibility. The government must take drastic actions against the culprits.

    The Botak’s IPR in Oriental yesterday was about himself but it has to be cut short. There was no press conference. Malu to face the press. Padang Muka.

    MACC where are u?

  5. David

    Nuemera is the pet project of Botak. The problem in MCMC is that Botak is too powerful. Even the minister could not control him. He bragged that he has access to PM. Someone must lodge a report to SPRM otherwise this Botak will carry on business as usual.

  6. Zul

    What clarifications given by the 2 officers? They are just bullshit! When MCMC has a half past 2ix chairman then you will get half past six officers being promoted.

  7. Amin

    Even the award of the project to Semangat Puncak Sdn Bhd is equally questionable. Orenda Kuantum Dgital Sdn Bhd and Nuemera Sdn Bhd are not the only two scandalous transactions, there are more than two. MACC must step in to investigate in order to get the truth otherwise Botak will ignore everything.

  8. Anonymous

    “on September 12, 2014 at 6:23 pm | Replyjinkaro
    All the subscribers information is now passed down to Numera under the pretext of national security etc. No audit was ever done on the costs and technology. Consumer information is now with Numera. How do we answer Personal Data Protection Act and why is all the data is given to Numera, and what is the cost for phone blocking of stolen phones? Why take all subscribers data Versus stolen phone numbers only. Check worldwide how telco block stolen phone…clever”

    I agree with Jinkaro.

    The Botak is not bothered about Data Protection Act or any other Acts. He thought that he is almighty. Let’s wait and see whether MACC will take the necessary actions since it is already in MCMC.

  9. kam

    Is the mcmc chairman acting alone or there’s more then meets the eye? Are the 2 officers also part of the dirty gang? How can you explain that such educated people allowing all these to take place? Don’t they have any maruah ?? How can they live with themselves when they know what it’s going on and still close one eye?? This country cannot go forward as long as these cheats and cowards are allowed to do what they like!!

  10. albert

    YB asked all the right questions. The industry have been talking about the mcmc chairman and numera for a long time. Understand the mcmc chairman and the lady officer is a lawyer. Then how come they allowed such a stupid contract where mcmc continue to pay numera when the telcos refused? How did both of them get a degree in law?? From chow kit university?? Even a dumb fool won’t agree to such a contract unless this was planned to take the USP funds out!! Dirty!!!

  11. Zul of ampang

    Mcmc ingat rakyat bodoh Ka?? Alasan yang Di beri hanya boleh diterima oleh orang yang betul betul bodoh. Rakyat Malaysia bukan bodoh la !!!!!!!!!

  12. Orang Yang Tiada Maruah

    Datuk Ali and Nur Sulyana are brainless. Both have reduced themselves to “Saya yang menurut perintah”. Both are not fit to be called professional. They are just budak suruhan of the Botak.

    I am shocked that they dared to mention the 3 reasons why MCMC had to appoint Orenda Kuantum Digital Sdn Bhd. With such people it is a waste of time to talk about maruah, they have no self respect.

  13. The minister should follow the dep prime minister’s example. He suspended MES director and deputy after the exam paper leaks. This mcmc case is even more serious yet nothing has been done!! They should suspend the mcmc chairman and his deputy until macc finishes their investigation!

  14. Idris

    With all the revelations of what the “Otak Udang” from MCMC and the deafening silence of Botak Head, the Botak Head has no moral authority to talk about or enforce regulations. The Botak is a laughing stock in the industry. The two “Otak Udang” datuk Ali and Nur Sulyana have been laughed at in MCMC. Unfortunately, both still think they are great. They only look great in the eyes of Botak.

    There must be a revamp in MCMC to prevent abuse like what have been done.

  15. It is actually very funny reading the star news paper where the mcmc chairman cakap mcmc is law enforcement agency. What he tak cakap is that mcmc is also a dirty organization where they do all type of deals to curi duit. Mcmc is dirty and this s… guy is also arrogant and dirty!! Malu!!!

  16. Kadir

    The Botak interview in the Star makes me want to vomit. He has no moral authority to talk about law enforcement. He should be suspended if not sack.

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