Wheeling & Dealing in MCMC?

The porch classy MCMC office that houses very classy people
Is the officer in MCMC promoting “Fair Competition” or … ?


Malaysia has a Malaysia Communication and Multimedia Commission (MCMC). MCMC has proudly stated that “its commitment to the successful implementation of the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998 (CMA) is unwavering and outlined in its client’s charter, HERE.




Is MCMC promoting “Fair Competition” in the way in which it has been awarding direct contracts/projects to certain companies?


Rummours have it that MCMC officer has been awarding contracts/projects worth many million of Ringgit by way of direct award to certain selected companies. By the way direct award of contracts and/or project is becoming a norm in MCMC.


It seems that certain officer in MCMC is learning very fast in appointing consultant firms costing many million of good Ringgit of Rakyat money to think for them.  More often than not that the real information that MCMC needs could be easily sourced from its own officers which have been working in the organisation for years and familiar with their scope of works.  Why is there a need to appoint consultant firms?  Your guess is as good as mine.


Yours truly is wondering whether the Minister of Information, YB Datuk Shabery Cheek, is aware of this latest trend in MCMC.


Rumours have it that even the name of the PM has not been spared by the powerful officer in MCMC.


Yours truly hopes the high ranking MCMC officer will spare a bit of his valuable time to clarify whether it is true that MCMC has been making direct award of contracts/projects to selected companies.

6 thoughts on “Wheeling & Dealing in MCMC?

  1. brat pit

    MCMC Inside.MCMC well known get ‘UFTI’ from telco business.The more license sold,the more money they will get.We observe the market very stiff,mvno ‘cukup2 makan’ or die coz cannot survive.MCMC should beyond as regulator only.The technlogy rapid change,mcmc shoud not depend to outside technology.We look at Huawei,even they well known photocopy,but they work well.MCMC should more invest in R&D(even we know mimos doing research) in high technology,not simply waste the money to give cikai laptop to students where only put anti virus inside.MCMC needs more innovate and not just look a narrow path.

  2. Hashim

    There are many direct awards of contract by MCMC. MACC should move in to investigate all the contracts that have been awarded without proper open tender. Then it will be a shocker!

    1. Nas

      Whats new with all this turn of events happening in MCMC. With the well known officer … who is known of even openly telling he has an account back in Singapore. But why in Singapore?……

      With his vast dealing and even forcing his staff to issue letters of direct awards is not something new in market. Infact rumours heard that SPRM conducted search in their premise about 2 weeks ago? Is that true?

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