AirAsia Tops For Passengers Complaint Chart

The "People Power" with many complaints.
The “People Power” and the “People Complaints”!

AirAsia is expanding very fast to many parts of the world. It has ventured into Thailand, Philipine, Indonesia and Japan. It should be given the award “World Fastest Growing Airline Award” by certain aviation establishment.

Please listen to what Economic Times of India has said about AirAsia India in HERE.

Just imagine the DCA of India had to intervene to direct AirAsia India to accord its passengers with necessary baggage allowance.  The same aviation establishment should also give AirAsia another award “World Top Customers Complaint Low Cost Airline”.



3 thoughts on “AirAsia Tops For Passengers Complaint Chart

  1. Yusuf

    Ka ka ka! When you are a spin guru and trying to spin on everything. This is what you get. padan muka. I hope that Malaysians will wake up and know more about this spin guru before it is too late. I hope the DCA and the Government will also wake up and behave like authorities in India. Take actions against this low caste and the aviation industry will be a better place for all.

  2. old referee

    The Indian will never accept a PARIAH…he may say he is not , maybe a Malayalam or a Blitish in dark suit or wtf. Baru kau tau ALI !!

    1. Joe

      I fully agree that the Indian will never accept a pariah! The pariah has been playing with his publicity stances for far too long. He gets away with murder in Malaysia. We have a useless bunch of idiots in the DCA. DCA is headed by idiot period.

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