AirAsia skidded off the runway

AirAsia skidded at the International Airport Brunei today at about 4 pm
AirAsia skidded at the International Airport Brunei today at about 4 pm


AirAsia aircraft skidded at Brunei International Airport at 4 pm today.  We are pleased that all the 102 passengers and 8 crews are safe.

We await to hear what the top management of AirAsia has to say about this matter.

This was not the first time that AirAsia aircraft skidded off the runway.  As far as we know, this was the second time that it has skidded.  Such adverse news about AirAsia is rarely publicised in our main stream newspapers.


AirAsia skidded
AirAsia skidded


AirAsia wheel in the mud.
AirAsia wheel in the mud.


AirAsia skidded off.
AirAsia skidded off the runway into the mud.


AA's plane skidded off the runway a few years.
AA’s plane skidded off the runway a few years.


This had happened a few years ago but it was not kept under wrapped.
This had happened a few years ago but it was not kept under wrapped.


13 thoughts on “AirAsia skidded off the runway

  1. IT.Scheiss

    Saudara Wee,

    An Air Asia aircraft skidded off the runway on 7 November, 2004 as well.

    “AirAsia flight skids off runway in Malaysia
    An AirAsia aircraft skidded off the runway at Malaysia’s Kota Kinabalu airport as it came in to land after arriving from Kuala Lumpur.

    The Boeing 737-300 aircraft skidded onto the grass at the south end of the airport’s runway. No major injuries or fatalities were reported among the 110 passengers but the aircraft’s pilots and a five-year-old girl were said to have suffered minor injuries.

    A spokesperson for the Department of Civil Aviation said that the aircraft’s nose wheel was now stuck in boggy ground and that it may take some time to move the aircraft, reports The Star Online.

    Published in Airline Industry Information on Monday, 08 November 2004
    Copyright (C) 2014, M2 Communications Ltd. ”


    “Sunday, November 07, 2004
    AirAsia flight skids off runway in Kota Kinabalu, two injured

    News update by the Star Newsdesk

    KOTA KINABALU: AirAsia Flight AK106 from Kuala Lumpur skidded off the runway at about 5.10pm during bad weather. Two passengers were injured when the Boeing 737 with about 100 passengers skidded.

    A three year-old boy suffered a broken arm while another, who is still unidentified, had minor injuries. The remaining passengers and crew escaped unhurt.

    Medical teams at the airport screened them before they were allowed to leave the airport.

    One of the passengers, who identified herself as Zilla, said she felt the plane hitting a puddle of water when landing before swerving from the runway to the grass.

    She said the aircrew members than advised the 100-odd passengers to exit through the emergency chutes.

    “There was panic but no pandemonium,” she said when met at the airport.”

    The above article originally appeared in the Star but the link to it provided on the USJ.Com website is no longer valid.

  2. Bing

    Terbabas lagi. Kapal terbang AirAsia selalu sangat terbabas, sama macam mulut tony fernandes, aireen omar dan azran rani. terbabas memanjang.

  3. Drizzt

    I believe that The Star carried a report on this.

    So, there is no attempt to cover this up.

    The incident is being investigated by the Brunei International Airport authorities and AirAsia.

    Again, no cover up.

    What’s the accident and safety record of AirAsia compared with other LCCs in the region?

    1. Now Everyone Can See The Safety Record Of AirAsia

      You got to be blind to say that The Star carried a report on this. Please get a copy of Star today and read for yourself. Such bad news about the low caste airline will not see print in the Star. No worry if published in the Star, it will be with a slant. Most probably it will blame on the rain. Star is the mouth piece of the low caste because it has been receiving advertising revenue from it.

      The Malaysian DCA must also investigate into the safety measures taken by the low caste airline. We must always remember safety measures cost a lot of money.

      We must also remember what that Pariah had said a few years ago and that was: “IF YOU PRICE THE FARE LOW ENOUGH, MALAYSIANS WILL RISK THEIR LIVES.” This is how the Pariah looks at Malaysians generally.

      The Pariah will price its published fare low and whack its unsuspecting passengers with all the hidden cost.

      1. DCA must investigate AA's safety

        I agree that our DCA must be strict with the safety aspects of all airline especially AirAsia because DCA had previously given a temporary AOC to it. DCA must be brave to withdraw the AOC like other airport authorities when an airline like AirAsia has failed to conform to the Safety Manual.

        Please read YB posting on the safety issue involving AirAsia.

        If no strict actions from DCA on safety, then we will one day face an air tragedy.

  4. Anonymous

    Isn’t it a safety requirement that all Passengers are leave their belonging and remove their shoes when going down the escape slides? Or has this changed.

    From the pictures I saw here and the others from other sources, I can clearly see passenger wearing shoes and hauling their bags. I saw one guy carrying a back-pack and 2 other huge bags, all of which seems like hand luggage after coming down the slide. I am wonderimg how he managed to get his lugagge with him. He could not have gone back up to get them cos there were no steps visible.

    Where is the safety procedures now, Air Asia?

  5. loogl

    That’s still better than MAS anytime and anywhere for their safety record. MAS got a plane crashed in East Malaysia followed by a plane disappeared. I will take AA without second thought for the safety if not the price.

  6. KB Sandhu

    Mr Wee,

    I think we should file a MISSING PERSONS report following the disappearance of the key board warrior and aviation geni-ass, TF.

    When the going gets tough, TF goes missing! He’s probably hiding under the covers in his QPR PJs hoping the mainstream newspapers would downplay the incident, in exchange for some ads. Typical of the pariah.

    Grow a pair, TF and be accountable for this incident. You owe the pax and their families an apology and explaination. Is this how you train your “AllStars” to handle an emergency situation?? You’re pathetic and enough of this bullshit of fighting for the rakyat!! If you really care for the rakyat, you would ensure your planes are air-worthy and your pilots fully equipped to land a plane under whatever circumstance in whatever condition.

    It’s shocking to find passengers mulling around the aircraft after such an incident! Is this the standard Emergency Response Procedure of the “World’s Best Airline”?

    It wouldn’t surprise me if the authorities find bald tyres as one of the reasons the aircraft veered off the runway.

    DCA should scrutinise AA’s maintenance record for all it’s planes, which are starting to age. Given its high utilisation, DCA needs to scrutinise them more closely than ever.

    With AA deffering the delivery of new aircrafts for reasons best known to them, DCA should scrutinise the low cost pariah more closely. Many incidents have gone unreported or hushed up by the mainstream newspapers.

    The traveling rakyat have had enough of such incompetency and arrogance.

    Mr MOT minister, liar liow, the ball is in your court… Justify your inclusion in the cabinet!

    1. Leong

      Yes. We have to file a police report for missing person. Well the pariah has already terminated his Tweeter account because he couldn’t stand the public comments against him. Soon he will ban all newspapers in the office of AirAsia except for the Star especially the Star Business.

      DCA must act now and go through all records of AirAsia aircraft before it is too late. We know the officers in DCA are half past six but that doesn’t mean that when tragedy happened DCA will not be absolved of responsibilities. For the new MCA Minister of MOT Liow Tiong Lai. His few new engagement as a minister was to attend the function of AirAsia and took picture with the pariah and Mr Fam of AirAsia, who is a member of MCA.

      We hope that Liow will behave like a minister and not just a “budak suruhan” for the pariah.



    Looking at the photos, there were large puddles of water due to rain on the

    runway. This suggest poor drainage and is the cause of the plane in this

    incident [ and probably all the cause of accident in the other instamces

    quoted] to hydroplane [skid on water].

    So this is not an AA issue. This is poor maintenance on the part of the

    airport authority. You cannot expect a pilot stop the plane suddenly when

    he is trying to land. Whilst driving my car in the rain I almost skidded

    but my slow driving did save the day.

    Ordinarily, the ATC on a tower when he spots such a puddle could order a

    road sweeper to disperse the puddle. Either the ATC missed to spot

    the puddle or there is no sweeper available. So this is an airport

    management issue!

  8. Azrin

    Whatever the case may be, DCA must take all steps to ensure that AirAsia conform to its Safety Manual. We don’t need another air tragedy. What a surprise that the Spin Doctor has been extremely quiet.

  9. unknownmas

    Could you Mr Wee checked the reasons for AA plane skidding off the runaways? You could check with Brunei ATC and AA and also other flights to Brunei on that day. It was rumoured that the weather at that time was very bad and ATC asked all flights to land in KK instead. But the AA plane refused to land in KK to save costs. If this is true, then AA is gambling with passengers lives. I am asking this question in good faith and not my intention to tarnish the image of AA.

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