Now Everyone Want Ministry of Transport To Stop “FEES” Charged By AirAsia

AirAsia charges a  Check-In Fees of RM10 for manual check-in>.
AirAsia charges a Check-In Fees of RM10 for manual check-in>.


June 5, 2014 NEW DELHI: AirAsia India’s plan to charge a fee for all check-in baggage has been red flagged by the Directorate-General of Civil Aviation (DGCA).


The DGCA, on Tuesday, asked the airline to withdraw a number of proposed charges, including the fee on check-in baggage, as these were introduced without informing the aviation regulator, The Indian Express reported.


“We have asked the airline to withdraw charges for baggage and other services which were introduced without informing us,” the report quoted an unnamed senior DGCA official as saying.


The official added that the airline representatives has also been summoned for a meeting on the issue on Wednesday.


While airlines in India have been allowed to unbundle services (charge for services), they have to inform the regulator before they introduce any such charge.


In this case, AirAsia India did not inform the aviation regulator, said the daily.


AirAsia, which is launching its flight between Bangalore and Goa on June 12, has done away with the concept of free check-in baggage of up to a certain minimum weight threshold and has, instead, introduced charges for all check-in baggage.


The charge for any check-in baggage weighing up to 15 kg is Rs199 (RM10.84) (if paid during the time of ticket booking) and Rs300 (RM16.34) for up to 15 kg (if paid at the airport counter).


All other low-cost carriers operating in the country offer free check-in baggage of up to 15 kg and full-service carriers offer up to 20 kg free check-in baggage. — Bernama


For the full press report read HERE.


Hidden charges
Charges for domestic flights for year 2011


Hidden charges for international flights
Charges for international flights for 2011


The above two charts are for the charges like Convenience Fees, Manual Check-in Fees and etc imposed by AirAsia in 2011.  By now there may be more hidden charges due to AirAsia’s innovations in this area of its business model.


Recently AirAsia has unilaterally imposed RM3 KLIA2 Airport Fees, HERE.


Ministry of  Transport should take stern actions against AirAsia so that it will stop all the unfair charges like Convenience Fees, Manual Check-In Fees and etc.  Recently it has imposed a new fees of RM3 called KLIA2 Airport Fees.  By the way KLIA2 was built by the government and why should public be made to pay RM3 fees to AirAsia for the use of KLIA2.


If the Director General of Civil Aviation (DCGA) in India can stop the Check-In Baggage Fees, yours truly is sure that our authorities can also act in the same manner as the DGCA of India

18 thoughts on “Now Everyone Want Ministry of Transport To Stop “FEES” Charged By AirAsia

  1. IT.Scheiss

    Sdr. Wee,

    Kudos to the Directorate-General of Civil Aviation OF INDIA.

    I sincerely hope that the new Neo-Liberal Prime Minister Narendra Modi will not force the Directorate to kow tow to Air Asia X.

    Also, let’s hope our own Department of Civil Aviation and Ministry of Transport will stand by the rakyat and not kow tow to Air Asia on the grounds of “liberalisation” of the industry.

  2. malaysian

    You don’t pay separately, you can pay by lumping into the ticket price. At the end the travelers without baggage will end up paying something they don’t need/

    1. IT.Scheiss

      And how many people travel without any baggage?

      Anyway, the Indian civil aviation authorities have balls, Malaysia’s authorities don’t – FULL STOP

    2. MHL

      Are you implying that AA India will go around this by increasing their basic fares if they cannot charge baggage separately? The DGCA India must surely know that the fares charged should be enough to ‘cover’ for the baggage, and profitable enough for a ‘low cost carrier’-if other airlines can do this AA ‘tak bolih meh’

      1. malaysian

        Fare is determined by the airline according to their demand and supply. The DGCA India don’t decide the selling price of air ticket. You can either pay the ticket price which is INCLUSIVE of the baggage fee or pay the ticket price separate from the baggage fee. If AA cannot separate the baggage fee, the airline will make the tickets price to include the baggage fee and EVERYONE pay the same fee regardless the travelers are carrying the baggage or not.

    3. MHL

      True, nothing comes free. FYI, DGCA however did not say you cannot charge for baggage. The DGCA India is his wisdom must have realised AA is not complying with the regulations one way or the other, why else would they asked them to do so. BTW its not only chk in baggage, also ‘asked withdraw a number of proposed charges, including the fee on check-in baggage.’

      AA ‘s always moaning about wanting a level playing field, more often than not when provided, continue to ‘improvise’ and ‘innovate'( to quote any Crony FY of YTL ) ways to ‘bend’ the rules. Remember the fine on AA by Australian Regulatory Authorities?

  3. Ball-Less MOT & DCA

    Now Everyone Can See That The Pariah Has Nothing To Spin about the decision of DGCA of India. DGCA was protecting the interests of the traveling public. Unfortunately in Malaysia, the MOT and DCA are all ball-less. It seems that both of the government agencies are scare of the Pariah. That was why the Pariah was able to owe RM120 million in airport for so many years. What a useless government.

  4. Con Job Pariah

    The pariah’s way of exploiting members of the public must be stopped by the authorities. If not then we stop the authorities by throwing out the govt. The govt must act now. We have had enough of the Pariah.

  5. kuman

    Firstly, there no such thing as fly free or low cost. Everything is subsidies by the passenggers. You may get zero charges on the ticket but paid other charges and who subsidies your ticket? Other passengers!

  6. The Conman Pariah

    Its about time that MOT and DCA must take drastic actions against this unscrupulous low caste airline and the low caste. If India authority can act to stop the nonsense fees imposed, why can’t MOT and DCA do it in Malaysia.
    MOT has no political will to take actions or the officers are just “budak suruhan” of the low caste. YB Datuk Hiasham must act against this low caste. He has laughing and playing the fool in the market for far too long.

  7. Daniel Khoo

    These comments are typical of the “Entitled Malaysian Syndrome” (I thought only Singaporeans have this syndrome leh?)

    You see, in a free market you are free to choose which airline suits your needs – if I fly to Kota Bharu, Bangkok or Medan on a 3d/2n trip, I’d save money by not paying for check-in luggage which I have to pay if it’s compulsorily bundled into the ticket price: in this case Air Asia.

    If I were to travel to Tokyo, Jeddah or Melbourne, I’d consider taking a more premium airline which gives a good bundled package of check-in baggage, proper meals & more comfort: in this case MAS.

    Sure I also disagree with the RM3 “klia2 fees” vaguely imposed by Air Asia & the authorities should (but wouldn’t?) reign on this but at the end of the day, it’s “tepuk dada, tanya selera.” There’s also other Low Cost airlines flying from klia2, you know.

  8. unknownmas

    Tony, you need to charge a fee for using the toilet in the plane. What I suggest that you charge RM10 per entry and the passengers need to buy the token from the cabin crew. In a certain toilets, KLCC charges RM5 per entry and your plane is high class and better than KLCC’s toilets.

    I also suggest you must hire very pretty girls such as Miss Malaysia as cabin crew. The passengers can choose which cabin crew to call and they will charge a fee.

    Good luck Tony, and welcome back to Goa. People in Goa will love you and very happy to receive you as a long lost son of Goa.

  9. Con Job

    The Pariah should charge fees for breathing the air in the aircraft. The govt must take action to stop convenience fees, Manual Check-in Fees and the KLiA2 fees.

  10. Kenny

    We must always remember what the pariah has said a few years ago. “If the fares are price low enough, Malaysians are prepared to risk their lives.” This is how the pariah think of Malaysians. We must put pressure on the govt to stop the pariah’s business model. We don’t need businessman that spin all the times.

  11. A Pariah hiding behind English name

    Soon the pariah will charge a fees when the passenger for not buying its rubbish in-flight food. The government must take action to stop all the unreasonable charges by AA.

    Public should teach the pariah a good lesson by not flying AA until the pariah behave himself. But then a pariah will always be a pariah.

    Now Everyone Know A Pariah When He Used An English Name. He thought he is a Mat Salleh. We all knew he is just a pariah hiding behind his English name.

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