Now Everyone Can See: AirAsia Caught Lying

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The real reasons for AirAsia not wanting to move to KLIA2.


In April 2014 AirAsia said it will not move from LCCT because of the issues of safety and security in KLIA2.

Ms BK Sidhu, the editor of Star Business, who is known to have published an article to mislead the investing public that the IPO of AirAsia X shares will be over-subscribed by 5 to 6 time.
Ms BK Sidhu, the editor of Star Business, who is known to have published an article to mislead the investing public that the IPO of AirAsia X shares will be over-subscribed by 5 to 6 times, which turned out to be FALSE.  This is her and her Star Business standard of journalism.


Of course, the editor of Star Business, Ms BK Sidhu, went to town with the allegations made by AirAsia without checking with MAHB and/or Ministry of Transport, HERE.


It has since transpired that the allegations made by AirAsia were false and the ICAO has in fact certified that KLIA2 is safe.  In other words, Ms BK Sidhu took the nation for a ride. Ms BK Sidhu had done a disservice to the investing public when she was in pain to portray that the IPO share of AirAsia X will be over-subscribed by 5 to 6 times when it was under-subscribed where Maybank Investment had to pump in fund to stabilise AirAsia X IPO share price.


It would appear from the facts that AirAsia had no plans to move to KLIA2 in the first place, even though it was the airline itself which demanded for a better airport and has been the sole complainant over the delays in the completion of KLIA2, HERE.


At all material times, AirAsia knew that KLIA2 would be ready in 2014.  There is no reason for AirAsia for not getting its headquarters constructed before the completion of KLIA2.


It is most unacceptable that when KLIA2 is in operation and LCCT, described by Tan Sri Tony Fernandes as a “horse stable”, had to be kept open for the exclusive use by AirAsia as its headquarters.


MAHB should not be forced to postpone its plan to make LCCT into a global cargo and logistic  hub in order to accommodate a recalcitrant company like AirAsia that would not hesitate to make false allegations and/or spin stories against the authority and/or government. AirAsia’s only loyalty is its business model to make maximum profits at all costs.


It should not shamelessly thrive on lying and/or spinning to do its business. And such business modus operandi must not only be tolerated but stemmed out from the market place.

Now Everyone Can See: AirAsia Caught Lying when it alleged that KLIA2 is not safe.


On June 3, 2014, AirAsia Bhd clarified that it was in the midst of obtaining approvals from the local authorities for its new office at KLIA2 and that it did not face any funding issues, as claimed in a news report.

Chief executive officer, Ms Aireen Omar, said the company was requested to reduce the height of its new building when the control tower at KLIA2 was relocated to a new site upon instruction by the authorities.

She said the new site has to be identified, and plans had to be redrawn and re-submitted for approval which has adjusted the timeline of the new office building significantly for AirAsia.

Construction of the new building was expected to commence in July 2014 for completion late next year, she said.

A local daily had reported earlier that AirAsia might have delayed Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd’s (MAHB) plan to turn the Low-Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) in Sepang into a global cargo and logistics hub.

Citing sources, the local daily said AirAsia wanted its headquarters to remain at the LCCT for at least another year.

The above press statement from AirAsia was in respond to the earlier report by NST of 1-6-2014.

For full NST report on 2-6-2014 please read HERE.


NST report: 1-6-2014

AirAsia Bhd may have delayed Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd’s (MAHB) plan to turn the Low-Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT), here, into a global cargo and logistics hub this year.

According to people with knowledge on the matter, AirAsia wants its headquarters to remain at the LCCT for at least another year.

The LCCT is a two-storey building and the AirAsia group occupies half of the second floor.

AirAsia’s new headquarters at Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 (klia2) was supposed to be ready when the airport opened.

However, it is having funding issuesAirAsia can’t seem to make up its mind and comply with the terms and conditions,” a source said.

AirAsia requested the government to allow the group to maintain its office at LCCT up to early next year while it decides on how and when to develop its new facilities at klia2.

But the government has rejected the request.

“AirAsia knew three years ago that it was supposed to have the building ready when klia2 opened,” said a source.

The source added that AirAsia is appealing to the prime minister to allow the group to stay at the LCCT.

For the full report of NST 1-6-2014 please read HERE.


Now Everyone Can See The Real Facts:


April 2012:  there were talks of AirAsia would not be using KLIA2 – there was a precedent in Sabah where a new airport was built and used by other airlines but AirAsia refused to move until this day;


1-4-2014:  AirAsia issued a press statement stating that it will stay put in LCCT despite the completion of KLIA2 and the reason stated was security and safety of KLIA2, HERE;


Ms BK Sidhu, the editor of Star Business, who is known to have published an article to mislead the investing public that the “IPO share of AirAsia X will be over subscribed by 5 to 6 times”.


2-4-2014: With the help of the highly acclaimed editor of Star Business, Ms BK Sidhu, the Star published a front page story headlined “AirAsia: Won’t budge“.


A few other related stories appeared in the Star Business on the same day.  As she has such amazing capabilities, Ms BK Sidhu should perhaps be appointed as the de facto head of Spinning Department in AirAsia, especially after she was  caught publishing a grossly false report that “IPO share of AirAsia X will be over subscribed by 5 to 6 times”.


The story on Maybank Investment having to pump in RM39 million to help AirAsia X to stabilise its IPO priceHERE.


When an editor is caught in publishing false information, the very least the management of The Star should do is to suspend the editor or remove the person from the position.


But Ms BK Sidhu is still the editor of Star Business.  It would appear that there is no other “professional” journalist in Star Business to take over as editor of Star Business. So pitiful!


So, for as long as Ms BK Sidhu is the editor of Business Star, all readers must be cautious because the accuracy of the stories published cannot be assured.


The extremely learned YB Datuk Nur Jazlan, Chairman of PAC and former Chairman of UDA
The extremely learned YB Datuk Nur Jazlan, Chairman of PAC and former Chairman of UDA.


On April 28, 2014, YB Datuk Nur Jazlan, MP for Pulai and Chairman of Public Accounts Committee (PAC) was led by the nose by AirAsia to be its “emperor apologist”.


Instead of the said PAC Chairman overseeing and scrutinising government expenditures, he was seen performing damage control for AirAsia.  At that time, ICAO had certified that KLIA2 was safe and the architect has issued CCC stating the KLIA2 was completed and fit for operations.   Please read HERE, HERE and HERE.


With the above backdrop, it was clear that at all material times AirAsia was not ready to move to KLIA2 for the sole reason that it had taken MAHB, Khazanah and government for granted because MAHB, which is under the sole control of Khazanah and indirectly the government, had been subservient to AirAsia in the past, especially during the reign of the  Badawi administration.


As we can see from examples:


The Rural Air Service (RAS) for Sabah and Sarawak was taken away from MAS and given to a totally new company known as Fly Asian Express Sdn Bhd a.k.a FAKS.  FAKS had no track record of operating air services. The only track record it had was that its major directors and shareholders were from AirAsia.

FAKS was given the 2-year RAS contract and a subsidy of RM250 million. When RAS was under MAS, MAS was paid a subsidy of only RM125 million, half of what was given to FAKS. Please read HERE.

After less than a year, FAKS not only failed to performed the RAS but caused 7 aircraft of the total 14 to be grounded with one of which was cannibalised for spare parts.

The FAKS’ RAS contract was prematurely terminated and FAKS was allowed to keep the RM250 million subsidy.  A few months after the termination of the RAS, FAKS changed its name to AirAsia X Sdn Bhd.


The Badawi Administration further rewarded AirAsia X by allowing it to keep the Air Operation Certificate (AOC) despite its bad track record during RAS.  Please read HERE, HERE.


AirAsia was allowed to owe about RM125 million Airport Taxes for many years, which sum had already been paid in advance by the passengers to AirAsia.


When pressured to pay the outstanding Airport Tax, the Badawi Administration instead of charging interest for the said outstanding airport taxes, it granted an absurd 30% discount to AirAsia.

MAHB and Ministry of Transport must stand firm and not be manipulated by further lies or spins


It is now timely for the Government to stand firm in its decision to close down LCCT and turn it into a global cargo and logistic hub.


The Government must not be seen to be dancing to the tune of a recalcitrant AirAsia which would not hesitate to tarnish the image of the country for its own interest, as could be seen from its allegations of safety issue when KLIA2 was about to be opened and when the nation was facing with the tragedy of the missing MH370.


In any case, the question of AirAsia’s headquarters not being ready is not the responsibility of MAHB or Government or Malaysia. Malaysia does not owe AirAsia a living.


It was all due to AirAsia’s innate attitude of taking the government and nation for granted. Decisions and plans of the authorities should not be allowed to be derailed to accommodate the selfish agenda of this obstinate company. Just close the LCCT according to plan.





36 thoughts on “Now Everyone Can See: AirAsia Caught Lying

  1. The Spinning Pariah

    The Pariah lives on spinning. Spinning is their way of life. The Ministry of Transport must be be taken by what the pariah said or what have been published by that junkyard journalist BK Sidhu.

  2. MHL

    Dear Mr Wee,

    Keep up your expose on AA, you would think that by now they would have become wiser and more ‘honest’ with all the brickbats thrown at them, I guess not as they are up to their old tricks again.

    This time around trying out con game in his own Motherland India, to hoodwink AA India passengers, please read today’NST. Below is the link-

    Was this in the Star? Hahaha.

  3. Roger Chan

    You’re an idiot. Are our tax payers being used to fund AA? Press more on MAS or Proton la. No wonder you’re an ex-MP.

    1. Whostheidiotnow


      Since you suffer from the case of horibilus igronamus, let me tell you RM250mil of Taxpayers money was given to Fly Asia Express (who subsequently became AirAsiaX) for rural air services.

      This is followed by the various discounts/waivers/handouts etc given to the pariah during slumber jacks time which deprived MAHB (and by extension, us, the rakyat) of revenue which could’ve been used to send you to school to be a more informed individual.

      Now, MAHB is going to be deprived of future earnings just because the pariah can’t get his office ready on time.

      So, you see Roger, get your facts right before going on your tirade.

      Who’s the idiot now?

  4. Low Caste with English name

    From the word go, the low caste has no plan to move to KLIAw2. It was just playing the fool all this while. The low caste was complaining cost overrun and delay. The ex-Cyber Village CEO Tony Pua will help to echo the spin by the low caste. Just like BK Sidhu. Now it has been shown that the low caste had no intention to move to KLIA2. The low caste has been very disruptive with its lies or spins. Najib govt must not be seen to kow tow to the pariah. The plan to proceed with making LCCT into global cargo and logistic hub must be proceeded with.

    Whilst we know that the low caste airline has been quoted to have said that it was appealing to the PM to intervene in the matter. The PM must not be seen to interfere in this matter because it has now been proven that the low caste was lying and taking the country for a ride with the help of Star. Since KLIA2 has been opened and in operation then LCCT should be closed now and turn into cargo hub. The low caste has been given enough notice and it knew that it has to move when KLIA2 is completed.

    The Star Business is still trying to help the low caste with another story about the low caste’s check in system is more superior than KLIA2 new system. This is another attempt to divert attention.

    See page 4 of STAR Biz of today;

    The Star is just a propaganda machine for the low caste.

  5. Loo Chee Wai

    MAHB owns LCCT. Airasia is a tenant. Issue a eviction notice! Stop playing their game! Enough is more than enough! When the cargo hub be delayed and costs go up, MAHB will get the blamed by customers, which will include Airasia. Badlisham, when you come in, please take note!

  6. The Pariah Liar

    The government must not be seen to play the AirAsia lying games. MAHB must be allowed to act in the best interest of Malaysia. AAA has been given enough notice and it knew what it was doing. Its directors like Tony and Aireen were just spinning all the way. It was trying to get out from the allegation of AA running of cash. As usual AA was true to form by clarifying that it has enough cash but the constructions of its headquarters is awaiting approval. Bingo! Caught in the act of lying when it said that KLIAZ2 was not safe. Lie! Lie! Lie!
    MAHB and Ministry of Transport must not be seen to condone AA lying. Take action and throw them out of LCCT and get on with the global cargo and logistic hub. .

  7. The Con Job

    No wonder the Pariah has gone quiet lately. He lives on lies. Lets see what the Ministry of Transport and MAHB are going to do with the liar AA. The govt must not entertain such unscrupulous company that either spin or lie.The con man must not be allowed to do business in Malaysia. Hew is causing problems here and destroying the image of the country.

    We must watch out for the little napoleon in Khazanah who will do anything to help the pariah becos they are all from the 4th Floor.

    1. Franky

      The little napoleon under Amokh in Khazanah have started to play their game. Badlisham has been appointed to replace Tan Sri Bashir. Badlisham has no experience whatsoever with airport services. Will this Badlisham be playing ball with Tony and gang? I hope not otherwise MAHB will be in deep shit. The Ministry of Transport must step in to ensure that the new CEO of MAHB will not be manipulated. Now that Bashir is gone, the little napoleon in Khazanah will do what it can to help them.

  8. The Liar

    It all about lies. AA has no intention to move from LCCT to KLIA2. It has no plan to build its hq. It was hoping that it could get MAHB to build its hq for free or carry using LCCT. We cannot trust this low caste fella despite with his English name. I hope that YB Datuk Seri Hishamuddin and the government be firm with this liar. The government should stop to entertain AirAsia. Public should be also be cautious with what AA is offering. There are too many hidden charges. If they can lies on the safety of KLIA2 what else they will not lie!

  9. Kamaruddin

    It was just a game to him. He will do anything to fool anyone for profits including the government. This type of businessman should sent to Sungei Buluh for holiday.

  10. Joe

    Ka!Ka!Ka! The pariah has been exposed. He has lost his mask fro good. No one will ever believe him again except BK Sidhu of Star Business. Surprise! I could not see any of the pariah’s cybertroopers coming in to help him. Most probably they are running out of idea to defend the indefensible and they do not want to look like a fool.

  11. Don't Fly AirAsia

    This low caste fella will only learn when his pocket is hurt. Therefore, we must not fly AirAsia unless we have no other alternatives. We must all do our best to fly AirAsia last if possible don’t touch it at all. Too many hidden charges and we don’t know when they are telling the truth. We must not allowed ourselves to be taken for a ride.

  12. Pak Tam

    Yeap, toni needs a lot of money to support his expensive football club n formula one continuosly losing money hobby in UK.

  13. KB Sandhu

    The pariah must be sulking after the recent ruling by the aviation authorities in India.

    No wonder the tweets have stopped.

    Way to go, India. Put the Pariah in his place.

    MOT should do the same here!

  14. The observer

    Our authorities like DCA and MOT should take immediate actions to stop the low caste airline to stop charging hidden charges in a low caste way.

    It is most shocking to see BK Sidhu could lower herself to such a lows level to prostitute herself to please the Pariah. Surely the Star is paying her well. It seems that this shameless low caste journalist will do including publishing lies to please her pariah’s master. What a disgusting editor?

  15. Bloody Pariah With English Name

    He has been spinning all the while. Everyone Was Conned By His Spins including the government. Nazir Razak was also caught by his spins and CIMB was caught with big loans. The Pariah lives on spinning.

    The bloody Pariah could not spin his way out in India. Good for the Indian DCA to come down hard on AirAsia India on hidden charges. I hooped that our stupid DCA and MOT will do the same on the hidden charges by AirAsia in Malaysia.

  16. Now Everybody Can Know the Truth

    The Pariah got others like Aireen & BK Sidhu to do the spinning. Conning & belit-belit all the way!! Unfortunately, not all Malaysians can see that.

  17. Don't Fly AirAsia

    japan, Indonesia, Philipine and now India saw the true colour of Pariah except Malaysia. I hope the Malaysian govt will now waked up after witnessing how the pariah and his gang spun on the so-called “safety” issues in KLIA2. If our MOT and DCA still entertain the pariah airline then they are better than the pariah. India had stop the pariah airline in India charging hidden cost on check-in luggage. Why can’t MOT old DCA stop the low castle charging all the hidden charges like convenience fees, check in fees and the latest KLIA2 fees. If all theses fees are not stopped, soon there will be toilet feeds for every passengers regardless of whether one use the toilet or not.

  18. Little Man in Star.

    BK Sidhu is the best Star Business has. No wonder Star becomes the propaganda machinery for the pariah and his set up. Keep it up pariah journalist. We will carry on to expose you from within.

  19. Tan

    BK Sidhu is just shameless. She has no self respect. She is just like a prostitute in journalism. If Star is not going to do anything to this bitch, Its credibility will be in the shit.

  20. my name?

    Hey it is not nice to call people low caste and pariah. What he did is wrong. Not the colour of his skin. Im not even sure what caste i am as well and you too. Remember okay from where we all belong we all have kasta too okay. Keep it on whats right and wrong not the colour of the skin. Kita nk ada kelas jgn babitkan race ok saudara saudari ku. Especially yg sama bngsa dgn aku tu. Pls. Jgn malukan kaum. Be professional

    1. The Pariah

      The hat fits him nicely. No decent people would lie to such an extend. No decent people would make use of people like YB Jazlan and that junkyard journalist BK Sidhu to propagate his lies. Of course, it was most unfortunate, that there are people like Jazlan and Bk Sidhu, who are prepared to sell their souls to this pariah.

      The behavior of the pariah must not be tolerated at all. He will do anything to achieve his objectives including lies and deceptions.

      1. Anonymous

        He is a pariah in every sense of the word. He likes through his teeth. Lying is his way of life. Only Nazir of CIMB would entertain him. May be due to too many big loans have been given to the low caste. If CIMB is not careful then it will face problems later.

  21. dontbeatwerp

    well you failed to mention that air asia x has been generating losses, just like many other commercial airlines in this world. if you do more extensive research, you will realize that commercial airlines are making little (if any) profit. as a budget airline, they have to make passengers bear the cost of certain fees. how else can they keep fares low?

    ”MAHB and Ministry of Transport must stand firm and not be manipulated by further lies or spins”
    AHB and the government definitely know what’s going on, and yet they’re not doing much about it. Think long and hard about why they’re letting them get away with it. The answer is obvious.

    Regarding Lies and Manipulation, aren’t we Malaysian being lied to every single day via manipulation of media thanks to a certain coalition?
    If you’re gonna rant about that subject, take the top-down approach cos that’s the first issue that this nation should solve.

  22. Now Everyone Can See How Pariah Lied

    All the Pariah’s cybertroopers have gone missing or nothing to defend. The Pariah and his group were caught with his pants down. He likes and lies all the times. Now Everyone Can See and Laugh.

  23. Rizal

    This fella has been at it for far too long. It is now the time for the authorities to fix him. No more concession for him and his outfits. Slumber Jack is history now or he is asleep most of the time, so there is no need for the authorities to worry anymore. Just take actions against the liar and the other “assistants” like BK Sidhu, Jazlan and the likes.

  24. unknownmas

    “It’s a proud day for me as my dad was from Goa,” Fernandes said on Twitter. From The Star 13 June 14.

    From the Star today, we can see a photo of AA using Aerobridge in Bangalore but at KLIA2 TF refused.

    Since TF’s father is from GOA, why not ask him to go back the place of his root?

  25. bottom line AA make money vs MAS loose money forever. simple math.

    Thursday, June 14, 2012
    Pension Funds Used To Bailout MAS

    Government is executing a monster RM9 billion bailout for Malaysian Airlines System Bhd and is digging deep into the worker reserves to cover up for its decades of mismanagement and abuse.

    Malaysian Airline System (MAS) announced yesterday the signing of a RM2.5 billion perpetual sukuk programme as part of the monster RM9 billion bailout plan for the loss-making airline.

    While there is no question that MAS is in need of urgent rescue after decades of abuse and mismanagement, we are taken aback by the fact the worker hard-earning retirement savings are being forced to invest massively into this bailout exercise.

    The RM2.5 billion perpetual sukuk programme is deemed as a debt instrument of the highest risk as there is absolutely no maturity or redemption date for the loan principal. In essence, this debt instrument is deemed even riskier than junk bonds with the lowest priority in terms of repayment.

    In fact this type of bonds are deemed worthy of warnings to investors by both the Monetary Authority of Singapore as well as the Thailand Securities and Exchange Commission.

    However, despite the obvious high risk, the Civil Service Pension Fund (Kumpulan Wang Amanah Pencen – KWAP) have been forced to take up a huge RM1 billion stake in the sukuk programme meant to bailout MAS.

  26. TL Man

    Do not get confused with message, messenger, media and the medium. KLIA 2 should not unbundle charges. The parking fees for aircraft should include all charges and consequently air fares and airport tax should include all charges.

  27. Anonymous

    My son working in airasia for 6 years and only earning RM1.3k. After I read MAS sent three experts to ukraine for MH17, I realize one of them is azhari dahlan. Back in airasia, azhari is not an honest man. To reduce cost in manpower, he introduced airasia engineering trainee programme, and personally conducted the interviews. The trainees, like my son are bonded for 10 years, which supposed to be 5 years of training and 5 years of working.

    My son is fresh from school, therefore he, even myself have no idea how the training programme really look like. Each trainees were paid only RM800 (gross) per month initially. The reason why I said he is not honest because, the whole training programme cost supposed to be paid by airasia, since my son is bonded for 10 years. But sadly after few years, they said trainees required to apply for study loan, which they never ever mention when he signed his contract. That really shocked me. The study loan itself is around RM40k, which by right should be paid by company.

    The way they seduced my son to agree for the loan is very smart way. They promised in future airasia maintenance and airasia x maintenance are going to merge. So when the merge occur, once the training is completed, the salary will be extravaganza, which will be enough to cover the loan. Which in reality it doesn’t happen, they LIED!

    Being almost 6 years in airasia, yet my son still a trainee and haven’t get his basic licence. His basic salary just went up till around RM1.3k/month (increment of RM500 within 6 years of working). For now he is just waiting for his turn to sign the study loan like what rest of his seniors did. And after that they will deduct almost RM600 from his current salary, which will leave him with very little money every month (do the math). Therefore, I had advised him to hold his wedding plan. I don’t think so if tony is aware of this matter.
    My son couldn’t go no where since he is bonded. And he can’t go anywhere, since he is just a school leaver, with no any higher qualification.

    Just hope this would be a lesson for school leavers interested in pursuing education in aircraft maintenance and for their parents as well.

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