MAS Union demanded the resignations of Azhari Dahlan & Zahrah Zaid

On 26-5-2014 about 200 of MASEU members picketed in Shah Alam.


Malaysia Airlines System Employees Union (Maseu) has called for the resignations of Malaysia Airlines group chief executive officer Ahmad Jauhari Yahya, Head of Human Capital Zahrah Zaid, and Aerospace & Engineering Chief Executive Officer, Azhari Mohd Dahlan. 

En Azhari Dahlan has the only "vast" experience in running a very limited engineering activities in AirAsia.
En Azhari Dahlan was the Head of the small  Engineering Department of AirAsia. He was handpicked during the share SUAP and parachuted to head MAS MRO.


Puan Zaharah Zaid, Head of Human Capital of MAS
Puan Zaharah Zaid, Head of Human Capital of MAS. She was working in a biscuit factory. She was parachuted into MAS during the infamous share SUAP.

Some 200 MAS employees from the engineering and maintenance department from its Subang branch held a protest to push Najib and the government to save MAS near the Subang International Airport, Subang, Selangor in the evening.


Maseu executive secretary Mohd Jabarullah Abdul Kadir wants the prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak to intervene in the matter as MAS was in dire straits.


“MAS can’t continue to operate like this running on losses and inefficiency by the top management, it’s time for a drastic change,” Mohd Jabarullah said, adding they represented the frustration of 20,000 workers of MAS.

For full NST report please read  HERE.



MASEU Picket


MASEU picket.



When the MAS-AirAsia share swap was reversed by YAB PM Datuk Najib, the CEO of AirAsia Tan Sri Tony Fernandes vowed that AirAsia will not sent its aircraft to MAS Aerospace and Engineering for maintenance and service. But it was just a spin at that time. Tan Sri Tony Fernandes had to eat his words when AirAsia sent its aircraft to MAS Aerospace and Engineering for maintenance, HERE.

AirAsia A320 undergoing maintenance works in MAS Hangar No: 5 in KLIA
AirAsia A320 undergoing maintenance works in MAS Hangar No: 5 in KLIA


Many rumours have been flying around MAS that En Azhari Dahlan has given special discounted rate for service and maintenance of AirAsia’s aircraft.  Until this date, En Azhari Dahlan is keeping the special discounted rate closed to his chest. It is hoped that the Board of Directors of MAS, will call for the contract to examine contract that Azhari Dahlan has entered into with AirAsia and compare the discounted rate and special conditions accorded to AirAsia with the present market rates and conditions for service and maintenance aircraft.  For more information about Azhari Dahlan please read HERE.

10 thoughts on “MAS Union demanded the resignations of Azhari Dahlan & Zahrah Zaid

  1. Pak Zam

    The Botak Azhari is absolutely useless and appointed CEO by the pariah during the share suap. Those connected to AirAsia have all resigned and returned to AirAsia accept this idiot. MRO never had so many serious problems until the appointment of this botak head. I also heard that he has given special discounted rate to AirAsia and on credit too. There is a strong move to sell off MRO top a friendly party to pariah. MAS without MRO will be nothing. I hope that the govt will stop the clueless to dispose off MRO, the crown jewel of MAS.

  2. Francis

    That bloody AirAsia’s botak must be rid off from MRO at the earliest opportunity. He is no good for MAS. AJ is condoning what the botak has been doing. I agree that the contract with AirAsia must be scrutinize now before it is too late. before the share swap, AirAsia had to sent its aircraft to SIA for maintenance and, of course, cash basis and at market rate. A proper audit must be done to the MRO accounts before it is too late. We cannot rel on AJ to do it because we know he wouldn’t because he was also appointed during the height of the share swap.

    The fatty Zahrah is totally useless. another deadwood only good at drawing her monthly salary and perks.

  3. Warrior 231

    The moment these three bast.rds are kicked out will be the moment MAS will be rid off the pariah’s bondage and rise like a phoenix to reclaim its place as a premium carrier worthy of respect. Warrior and friends will doa for that, insyaallah.

    And that will be the moment when someone and pals will be exposed as parasitic frauds. By the way, a pundek’s moment of reckoning is well nigh and this is just the beginning:

    Look at the comments section, says much.

    Rest assured MAS employees and families that though I have no vested interest in this issue, my total moral support and prayers are with you in this honorable perjuangan to reclaim MAS’ reputation and maruah. And rest assured MAS is not beyond redemption as worse cases have redeemed their honour:

    Be strong,brave and united, MASEU

    Warrior 231

    . ,

    1. neelofat

      Yep, need to change the administration but please don’t take back that Jala guy. He’d done enough damage via Pemandu and if he’s back in MAS, there will be more asset striping. If that is how one makes it back into the black, might as well sell everything that MAS own now without changing the current management. With all that cash, mount a hostile takeover against AirPariah.

      1. AirAsial Cybertrooper

        Definitely better than low caste and the low caste airline! We do need the Pariah in the airline industry. The Pariah only spin and spin as a way of life.

  4. GE Man

    Bo (otak) and AJ is up to new evil plan again , adding more poison pills so MAS will not be competitive in the next 10 years ( at least ) , so that who ever took over will never ever revive it.

    Currently Bo(otak) had bull dozed a proposal against all engineering technical services advice to change the jet engine oil ( lubricant ) from currently use MJ II ( MOBIL JET OIL II ) to BP .

    This B(otak) head idiot had been advice not to do it because changing to different types of jet engine lubricant will cost MAS millions to change / replace all more then 300 units MAS aircraft jet engine ‘O’ rings and seals to suit new type of engine oil .

    Without this seal change modification , the aircraft engine will start pissing oil .

    His only stupid brain logic is that BP is cheaper by few cents and of course the pariah airline is using it .

    MAS will continue to bleed with this share suap remnant still around…

    1. Ahmad

      The useless Botak has been changing many established systems in MRO. He has changed from steel brakes to carbon. Now engine oil. WTF is he trying to do?

      Tell us what contract he has entered into with the pariah airline. What special rate is MRO charging for C Check? This mother f.cker must go. He is causing too many problems in MAS and MRO. He is only able to talk with four letter word. This mother f.cker must be out from MAS .

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