Who is lying?

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The logo of Ribbeck Law Chartered.


It is unbelievable that the statement by MAS that “the foreign lawyers representing the family of the MH 370 crews have directed MAS to cease direct communication with their clients and to communicate with them” has now been challenged by the Chicago based  law firm, Ribbeck Law Chartered.


Let us look at the chronology of events:


  • on 31-3-2014 Ribbeck Law Chartered has been ticked off by the learned Judge Kathy Flanagan for filing improper applications in the US Court to order MAS and Chicago based Boeing to hand over documents related to MH 370 disappearance  because Ribbeck has filed similar application in two other airplane crashes. The learned Judge has warned the firm it could face “sanctions” if it happens again, HERE & HERE
  • On 19-5-2014:  The family members of seven missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 crew have claimed that they have been “abandoned” by MAS for seeking legal advice, HERE.
  • On 19-5-2014:  MAS has issued a statement stating that certain MH 370 crew member’s families had retained foreign lawyers to represent their interests.  “These foreign lawyers directed that MAS cease any further direct communication with their clients, and that MAS direct all further communications regarding these crew member families to them,” it said, HERE.
  • On 20-5-2014: “At no time did Ribbeck Law Chartered contact Malaysia Airlines to stop providing information regarding the search for the missing MH370 plane or to stop providing any other kind of assistance to our clients,” said Ribbeck Law Chartered attorney Monica R. Kelly, HERE.


We have had enough of the endless spinning by the famous Spin Doctor, MAS must never tolerate spinning by any of its high ranking manager on this serious matter where not only the image of MAS but Malaysia is at stake.


From the above statements,  the credibility of both MAS and the foreign law firm Ribbeck Law Chartered are now at  stake.


All that MAS has to do now  is to produce the letter from the said foreign law firm stating that it should not communicate directly with their clients, failing which the person responsible for the lies or spin has to be sacked.





12 thoughts on “Who is lying?

  1. James

    I hope that MAS has the law firm’s letter to back them up with their press statement that MAS was not to communicate with the family of the MH 370 crew. If there is no such letter then MAS lost its credibility. As it were MAS has already received enough bad publicity. I hope that it has spoken the truth otherwise …

  2. Daud

    Why is the top management or its Spin Doctor are not responding to what the foreign lawyer has said that she has not communicated with MAS about this matter. At least the Communication Department of MAS should respond to this unless it has made a false statement earlier. If so please admit it.

  3. Tony the Pariah

    What is the point Of paying big money for a communication chief Najmudin? MAS must reply to what Ribbeck lawyer has said that it didn’t communicate with MAS and never said that MAS was not to communicate with their clients.

    If MAS was engaged in spinning like the Spin Guru Pariah then the person responsible for the lie must be sacked for bringing MAS into disrepute. MAS is not a pariah airline so MAS does not need top follow the pariah’s way of operation like Spinning to live.

  4. Warrior 231

    1. The humiliations for MAS will continue as long its top management is not sacked. Simply put, being entangled with legacy appointments that brought nincompoops into the picture during the AA-MAS share swap is not going to help MAS’ survival at all as it is clear who these bastards are and for whom they are batting for.

    I fully expect the butchering of MAS to be accelerated and this will benefit only one party, no prizes for guessing:


    Everyone excepting the most moronic and the ultimate cocksucklers can see for a fact that AA is a loss making concern (the supposed profit for Q1 2014 is actually the result of a one-off gain in Forex (see the details in the link above). In fact, over a five year spread since 2009, AA has only once made a dent on its debt mountain.

    This pathetic record invariably means that the cheapskate low caste airline is never going to pay off its debts which means either:

    a. the debts are to be borne by the government aka taxpayers at some future date via recapitalisation, a government bailout


    b. give the failed scheme a lifeline to buy time by killing off a local competitor who has some potentially lucrative long haul routes.

    Note, if either (a) or (b) does not happen quickly, the Malaysian banking sector will be at risk whatmore, on top of their current exposure to high Household debt.

    It is also in that context that MH 370 and all other recent engineering fiascoes coming to light must be studies from by any astute analyst. Remember; safety is the bread and butter of any commercial airline and airlines that fail in that aspect are inevitably doomed (remember Garuda, a few years back).

    The fact things have accelerated to this point is simply due to the failed venture into Japan, the Philippine’s fiasco and heavy bleeding in the Thai and Indonesian markets plus problems of getting a foothold in India (in fact, for all intents and purposes, AA Indonesia, Thailand and Philippines are virtually dead).

    Add to that overambitous purchase of aircraft without a viable and sustainable route portfolio in hand. Talk about sheer stupidity and blind arrogance, but that is a given especially when stupid arrogant people dabble in business.

    Note too that the deferment of plane deliveries, plane sales, route culling (Miri-Terengganu being the latest) taken together, are all collective signs of doom.

    When the US $ regains its strength as Quantitative Easing is wound down by the US Fed and interest rates starts to rise in the US, AA US $ denominated debts will be the albatross that strangles it and that would be the time we can sit back and munch on the popcorn unless a government initiated MAS slaughter spoils the show……if you get my point.

    2. Elsewhere, I wonder how a government linked agency so publicly humiliated and bullied repeatedly, can still maintain a poker face and act gentlemanly to unwarranted idiotic provocations is beyond me:


    Mana pergi maruah kamu, MAHB?Tak dah malukah atau tak dah koteh kah comes to mind….hahahaha.

    3. Finally, here’s a snapshot as to how business “geniuses” give the country a good name:


    1. 3 Nincompoops

      Great comments. The three nincompoops (AJ, Botak Azhari and Fatty Zaharah) must be out of MAS. They have created enough MAS. The three is the clueless idiots brought in during the share suap.

    2. Pak Zam

      A good CEO would have sacked whoever was responsible for disinformation of this nature. But not for the clueless AJ. May be he was responsible for the press statement.

      All the idiots will not leave MAS because the salaries and perks are too good and at the same time it is ok to be clueless. From the sleeping Adviser down, they were all clueless and enjoying themselves and screwing up MAS.

      The government must get rid of them soon before its all too late.

  5. Patrick

    I am surprised that 2 days have elapsed and MAS is still unable to respond to the statement of Ribbeck which said that they have not communicated with MAS. Since there is no respond, then it is clear that MAS was lying. Whoever was responsible for the statement of MAS should be sacked. Even on such small matter, MAS had to come out with false statement. Most unfortunate.

  6. Lim

    MAS can no longer keep its silence on what Ribbeck Law Chartered has said that it did not communicate with MAS. Until now MAS is not responding. What is the point of MAS having its communication department when it is unable to handle such information. From this matter, it shows that AJ is not fit to be a CEO of MAS. Just resign for the sake of MAS.

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