Everyone Can See The Chairman of PAC At Work – Part 3

The extremely learned YB Datuk Nur Jazlan, Chairman of PAC and former Chairman of UDA
The extremely learned YB Datuk Nur Jazlan, Chairman of PAC and former Chairman of UDA


Yours truly has been reliably informed that only the extremely learned and independent Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC), YB Datuk Nur Jazlan, and YB Tony Pua, who was the CEO of a Cyber Village Holdings Ltd in Singapore, were dominating in the PAC meeting held on 28-4-2014.  It must be noted that YB Tony Pua has been known to have been following up on issues raised by Tan Sri Tony Fernandes on KLIA2 especially on the so-called cost overrun and delay.


For Part 1 and Part 2 of this posting please read HERE and HERE.


On the issues of cost overrun, MAHB had clarified in no uncertain term that it was not cost overrun but additional cost due to the demands made by AirAsia that caused changes to the original plan. The demands include a spa and museum for AirAsia, HERE and HERE.


To understand the main function of PAC,  it is necessary to revisit Parliament’s Standing orders No 77 (1). The said Standing Order provides  as follows:


There shall be a Committee to be known as the Public Accounts Committee appointed at the beginning of every Parliament, for the examination of :

(a)  the accounts of the Federation and the appropriation of the sums granted by Parliament to meet the public expenditure;

(b) such accounts of public authorities and other bodies administering public funds as may be laid before the House;

(c) reports of the Auditor-General laid before the House in accordance with Article 107 of the Constitution;

(d) such other matters as the Committee may think fit, or which may be referred to the Committee by the House.


The role of PAC has been clearly defined by Mr Edward Leigh, MP, Chairman of PAC of the House of Common, as follows:


The main work of the Committee of Public Accounts (PAC) is to examine the reports made to it by the head of the National Audit Office – the Comptroller and Auditor General (C&AG) – on his value for money studies. These are concerned with the economy, efficiency and effectiveness with which government departments and other bodies have used their resources to further their objectives.


The Committee has a duty to hold the government to account for its use of taxpayers’ money. In so doing we seek to promote and protect the interests of taxpayers. Our objective is to draw lessons from past successes and failures which can be applied to future activity by the organisations examined or more generally. Our role is not to question the merits of government policies. For the full write up by Mr Edward Leigh, MP, please read HERE.


The PAC Chairman Datuk Nur Jaslan thought that he is super powerful and trying to scrutinise government policies and decisions made by independent authority like Malaysian Competition Commission MYCC.  We could see from his said press statement in paragraph 10 on the issue of monopoly and paragraph 11 about the RM10 million fine imposed by MYCC against AirAsia and MAS


Yours truly hopes that in June 2014 parliamentary session, PAC chairman will summons the chairman of MYCC, YAA Tan Sri Siti Norma, to justify why MyCC imposed a fine of RM10 million against AirAsia when it was an innocent party and was forced by the little napoleon in Khazanah to enter into the share swap agreement in a haste. For the MAS – AirAsia share swap please read HERE.


The extremely learned and independent Chairman of PAC, YB Datuk Nur Jaslan, press statement dated 28-4-2014 is reproduced below:


Page 1 of the pre-prepared press statement of the Chairman of PAC, YB Datuk Nur Jazlan.
Page 1 of the pre-prepared press statement of the Chairman of PAC, YB Datuk Nur Jazlan.


Page two of the pre-prepared press statement of the learned and extremely independent Chairman of PAC, YB Datuk Nur Jaslan
Page two of the pre-prepared press statement of the learned and extremely independent Chairman of PAC, YB Datuk Nur Jaslan


It must be put on record that the above press statement was pre-prepared and ready for distribution to the press by YB Datuk Nur Jaslan before hearing the so-called views of Tan Sri Tony Fernandes, Datuk Kamaruddin Meranun, Ms Aireen Omar and Tan Sri Ir Jamilus Hussein, all from AirAsia.  The PAC Chairman has a very rare talent of telepathy where he knew well in advance what the four top managers of AirAsia were going to say.


It was most unfortunate his rare talent has been overlooked by the government and put to waste.  Hence, YB Datuk Nur Jazlan was appointed as Chairman of PAC.  To many, it was a demotion to him because he was previously the Chairman of UDA.


From paragraph 2 of the pre-prepared press statement, YB Datuk Nur Jazlan has clearly stated that there was no Audit-General Report on KLIA2 and that KLIA2 was not built using public fund.


Any right thinking Chairman of PAC would not have embarked on the examination of KLIA2 or to call upon the four top managers of AirAsia when none of them can be classified as an authority in aviation and further they are interested parties.  Since 2012/2013 Tan Sri Tony Fernandes of AirAsia have been complaining about the cost overrun and more importantly the delay in the completion of KLIA2.


Photo of Tan Sri Tony Fernandes with Teresa Kok, the DAP MP for Seputeh
Photo of Tan Sri Tony Fernandes with YB Teresa Kok, the DAP MP for Seputeh.


No other parties have complaint about these two issues accept Tan Sri Tony Fernades/AirAsia and YB Tony Pua of DAP.  YB Tony Pua seemed to have followed up and highlighted the same points as Tan Sri Tony Fernandes on KLIA2.  In fact, YB Tony Pua has tabled many questions in Parliament on the issues related to KLIA2.   Please read Tony Spins, Tony Takes It Up.



PAC Chairman YB Datuk Nur Jaslan & Tan Sri Tony Fernandes
The Chairman of PAC, YB Datuk Nur Jazlan, and Group CEO of AirAsia, Tan Sri Tony Fernandes, were seen very happy and shaking hands away.  “Jazlan a job well done!”


Before yours truly proceed further, please look at the above photograph that was taken immediately after the PAC meeting on 28-4-2014.  Both YB Datuk Nur Jazlan and Tan Sri Tony Fernandes were smiling away.  No one could have done a better job that what YB Datuk Nur Jazlan had done for Tan Sri Tony Fernandes and AirAsia.  Was it a form of damage control for AirAsia because Tan Sri Tony Fernades and AirAsia have been receiving bad publicity for the past weeks or so before 28-4-2014?


Now let us proceed to examine paragraphs 10 to 15 of the pre-prepared press statement by the extremely learned and independent Chairman of PAC.


Paragraph 10

Dalam prosiding hari ini, bersama AirAsia, PAC juga turut bertanyakan pandangan mereka mengenai Dasar Penerbangan Negara serta pemonopolian GLC dalam industri penerbangan Negara.

(In today proceedings together with AirAsia, PAC has asked its view about the national aviation policy and the monopoly of GLC in the nation’s aviation industry.)


It is never the function of the PAC throughout the Commonwealth to examine the policies of the government.  “Our role is not to question the merits of government policies.” said David Leigh MP, the Chairman of PAC House of Common UK.


Tan Sri Tony Fernandes, Datuk kamarudin Meranun, Ms Aireen Omar and Tan Sri Ir Jamilus Hussein are not the authorities in aviation.  They are from AirAsia, which is an interested party, and is in competition with MAS.  During Tun Badawai’s Administration, it has taken away more than 97 profitable routes from MAS and given to AirAsia.  Further, for the first few years of the inception of AirAsia, the Badawai Administration imposed “floor price” against MAS i.e. MAS could not sell below certain fares for certain routes. Hence, MAS’s promotion under the name Super Saver was stopped prematurely.


If MAS was allowed a free hand and monopolised the aviation market at that time, AirAsia would not see the light of the day now. Its director like tan Sri Tony Fernandes would not have been able to be arrogant and spin via its statement and tweets.


In any event, it is not the power of PAC to question government’s policies.  To YB Nur Jazlan anything goes to help Tan Sri Tony Fernandes and/or AirAsia.


Paragraph 11


Pada masa sama, PAC juga turut mendengar penjelasan AirAsia mengenai denda yang dikenakan Suruhanjaya Anti Persaingan (MYCC) terhadap AirAsia dan MAS tahun lalu.

(At the same time, PAC also listened to the clarification from AirAsia in connection with the fine imposed by Malaysian Competition Commission (MYCC) against AirAsia and MAS lat year.)


It is a fact that AIrAsia and MAS has been fined RM10 million each for violating the Anti-Competition Act because of its co-operation under the infamous share swap, HERE.


It seemed that under the extremely learned YB Datuk Nur Jazlan, PAC has acquired new found power to examine the decisions made by other lawful authorities.  PAC has opened up the floodgate.  From now on, PAC should examine  fine imposed by Bursa KL, Securities Commission, Court of law and etc against any public companies.


In November 2013 Megasteel Sdn Bhd was fined RM4.5 million under the Competition Act, HERE.   Is PAC going to examine the fined of Rm4.5 million by MyCC?   Of course not, YB Datuk Nur Jazlan and/or YB Tony Pua will not be interested in any other companies being fined by MYCC or other authorities.


Paragraph 12


PAC juga berpuas hati terhadap usaha kerajaan khususnya Kementerian Pengangkutan dalam memastikan keselamatan pembinaan projek KLIA2 dengan mendapatkan khidmat konsultan antarabangsa termasuk ICAO bagi memastikan lapangan terbang ini, benar-benar boleh beroperasi ketika ia dibuka pada hari Jumaat ini, (2 Mei 2014).

 PAC was satisfied with the Ministry of Transport in its efforts to ensure the safety in the constructions of KLIA2 and in securing the services of international consultants including ICAO to ensure that the airport is indeed safe for operation on Friday (2 Many 2014).


If this was the case why was the PAC wasting its time and public funds to exam the issue of KLIA2 when there was no Auditor General ‘s Report on malpractices and/or corrupt practices on it.  Further, YB Nur Jaslan also admitted in paragraph 6 of his pre-prepared press statement above that the KLIA2 project was carried out with open tender.  The fact that the KLIA2 was carried out with open tender was a clear indication to PAC to at least postpone the issue raised on KLIA2 by YB Tony Pua and/or Tan Sri tony Fernandes of AirAsia until such time when the Auditor General’s Report on KLIA2 is tabled in Parliament.


Perhaps, it might be an opportune moment for YB Datuk Nur Jazlan to explain why PAC couldn’t wait for Audiotr-General Report to be finalised and tabled before Parliament and why PAC had to hold a meeting on 28-4-2014 just 4 days before the opening of KLIA2 when safety was no longer an issue?



Paragraph 13


Bagaimanapun, PAC masih mahu kerajaan khususnya Kementerian Pengangkutan sentiasa mengkaji prosedur keselamatan KLIA2 bagi memastikan lapangan terbang ini, benar-benar selamat dalam tempoh jangka masa panjang.

(In any event, PAC still want the government especially Ministry of Transport at all time check on the safety procedures to ensure that KLIA2 is in fact safe in the long term.)


In paragraph 12 above, PAC is already satisfied that KLIA2 has been certified safe by ICAO for operation and o the other hand PAC demanded the Ministry of Transport at all time to check on the safety procedures.  Since PAC new found interest in safety, it should also start to examine safety of public roads where there were so many accident resulting in death.  Of course, YB Nur Jazlan and/or YB Tony Pua will not be interested in such safety.


Left: Tan Sri Tony Fernandes, Group CEO of Air Asia and Ms Aireen Omar, CEO of AirAsia Bhd
Left: Tan Sri Tony Fernandes, Group CEO of Air Asia and Ms Aireen Omar, CEO of AirAsia Bhd
BK sidhu, the editor of Star Business, who is known to have published an article to mislead the investing public that the IPO of AirAsia X shares will be over-subscribed by 5 to 6 time.
BK sidhu, the editor of Star Business, who is known to have published an article to mislead the investing public that the IPO of AirAsia X shares will be over-subscribed by 5 to 6 times. Of course, it turned out to be false.


on 2-4-2014 Star front page second lead story by BK Sifhu
on 2-4-2014 Star front page second lead story by none other than  BK Sidhu



Please take note that Ms Aireen Omar and/or AirAsia have been alleging that KLIA2 was not safe and that AirAsia will stay put in LCCT.  The Star front page report was “KLIA2: AirAsia won’t budge”.  Of course, the highly acclaimed BK Sidhu, Editor of Business Star, took great pain to highlight what has been said by Ms Aireen Omar published in 4 pages, HERE.


On 15-6-2013 Tan Sri Tony Fernandes was complaining about LCCT was like “HORSE STABLE” and the delay in the completion of KLIA2, when it was completed “AirAsia wont’t budge” and will remain in LCCT.  The spin by Tan Sri Tony liken LCCT to a horse stable was of course written by none other than the famous BK Sidhu, editor of Business Star, HERE.


Paragraph 14


PAC juga sedia maklum bahawa perubahan pelan pembinaan KLIA 2 yang mengambil kira soal keselamatan terutama sekali dengan arahan Jabatan Imigresen yang mahu urusan Imigresen penumpang domestik dan antarabangsa diasingkan sehingga mengakibatkan pertambahan kos sebanyak kira-kira RM300 juta.

(PAC was aware that the change of constructions plan of KLIA2 have taken into the safety aspect firstly with the instructions of Immigration Department, which wanted the handling of domestic and international passengers to be separated and cost an additional sum of about RM300 million.)


Since PAC was so concerned with the cost of RM300 million, it should have called upon the Director-General of Immigration or Minister of Home Affairs to testify about this.  Who told PAC about this RM300 million? Obviously, it was not based on Auditor-General Report. In an event, this press statement was prepared well in advance of the meeting on 28-4-2014.  Although YB Nur Jazlan has the very rare quality of telepathy, question has to asked whether anyone in AirAsia has confirmed about what he got from his telepathy that prompted him to put in his said press statement.


Paragraph 15


PAC juga akan memohon kepada MAHB untuk membekalkan semua senarai konsultan yang terbabit dalam projek pembinaan KLIA2 bagi meneliti kelayakan dan ‘track record’ konsultan ini.

(PAC has requested from MAHB to provide a full list of consultants involved in the constructions of KLIA2 in order to ascertain their qualifications and track records.)


YB Datuk Nur Jazlan had already confirmed in his press statement that all constructions projects were by way of open tender. Under the circumstances, why was there a necessity to ask for the list of consultants to ascertain their qualifications and track records?


Was there any evidence from Auditor-General Reports and/or other competent authorities that some or all the consultants appointed for KLIA2 project were not qualified and/or with bad track records before PAC hear the so-called views of the managers of AirAsia?  Obviously NOT because the press statement was prepared in advance!


From the said pre-prepared press statement of YB Datuk Nur Jazlan, it will be unreasonable to come to the conclusion that he has abused his public position as PAC Chairman and/or acted in bad faith.


Perhaps YB Datuk Nur Jazlan and YB Tony Pua should take an interest in the way contract was awarded for the construction of LCCT. The facts related to LCCT are as follows:


It has been reported that KLIA2 was 23% cheaper to build than the LCCT and the modern KLIA2 was just RM4,280 per sq meter, compared to RM5,567 for LCCT.


By the way, LCCT was built like a warehouse that cost RM100 million initially and about two years later it was extended and renovated costing another RM123.9 million. Total cost of LCCT was about  RM224 million!   The contract was awarded to Fajar Baru Builder (Rembau) Sdn Bhd not by way of Open Tender.


The extension and renovation project of LCCT was again awarded to Fajar Baru Builder (Rembau) eventhough it was not the lowest, HERE. 


When Fajar Baru Builder (Rembau) was awarded with the project it has no experience in building airport and yet it was given the LCCT project.


At that time, Fajar Baru Builder (Rembau) main business was “INVESTMENT HOLDING & PROVISION FOR MANAGEMENT OF SERVICE”.


YB Datuk Nur Jaslan and/or YB Tony Pua, why both of you are not interested in examining this LCCT projects, which was like a “horse stable” costing about RM224 million many years ago?


Aren’t both of them not interested to hear what Tan Sri Tony Fernandes has to say about this “horse stable” project?


Perhaps LCCT project deserves a separate posting at a later date.







30 thoughts on “Everyone Can See The Chairman of PAC At Work – Part 3

  1. unknownmas

    Jazlan, an ACCA graduate, is a lousy bean counter. He is definitely did not understand the meaning of the standard order wording. That is the reason why he wanted to help his friend as he thought he has the power to investigate everything under the sky.
    Why don’t you, Wee, give Jazlan these articles including the comments for him to digest? Probably you need to highlight the legal implications if there is any of his actions. You need to remind him that he was one of 4th floor boys that many like to despise.

  2. Ivan

    YB Dato Hishamuddin the Minister of Transport must be careful when making his decision affecting or not in favor of AIrAsia because PAC will reprimand him or his officer in a press statement without even hearing Tony Fernandes. He has to special telepathy talent but special talent with his mobile telephone.

    Perhaps PAC will summons Hishamudin and PM for making all the unfavorable decision in not entertaining AIrAsia’s demand not to move to KLIA2 like it had done in Sabah – by not moving to the airport. And also for not building a spa and museum for free for AirAsia.

    This disgusting guy should be shot. He is just another fraud. He is learning to spin from Tony.

    He has shown his bad faith by his press statement. I agree that he is part of the 4th Floor set up together with the son in law. Parliament should sack him for abusing his position as PAC chairman.

  3. Pak Din

    Another pariah was trying to spin for a disgrace pariaih. What have MYCC and monopoly got to the with PAC. What an idiot.

  4. Another Con Job

    That Tony Pua was bragging about being the CEO of Cyber Village Holdings Lrd in Singapore before he came back to KL to take part in politics. Cyber Village was a failed company ok. That’s why he had to get his wife to take over his shares. Tony Pua is also very close friend of the son in law.

  5. Warrior 231

    YB Wee

    One must understand the real role of the fatty PAC chairback or chaircushion:


    Why? Because the cheapskate pie in the sky was never a sustainable entity in the first place:with debt climbing back above RM8 billion and profits barely making a dent. For a good snapshot,folks,hit this link:


    and the shameless keling fatty also has his hands severely burnt in QPR and Caterham …..hahahahahaha

    Warrior 231

    1. Tingkat Empat

      This fella is a fraud. Now he has shown his hands that he wants MAS to be closed so that his friendly low caste airline can survive well. We all know that the low caste airline is suffering with debt more than RM8 billion and it is surviving on spin and write up by the the like of junkyard journalist BK Sidhu.

      Can you imagine the LCCT cost RM230 million? Further LCCT was built long time ago and it cost 23% more expensive than KLIA2, which is a modern airport with aerobridge and etc. YB please do not expect Jaslan to investigate LCCT because it is a “Satu Lagi projek Tingkat Empat”. At the smae time do not expect the low caste fella to kick a fuss about LCCT because the low caste airline is also the pet projek of Tingkat Empat.

    2. Now Everybody Can Know the Truth

      Shameless kf…… Hahaha. I like that. Have you noticed how the pariah speaks with an english accent when interviewed by the British press but somehow can switch to an American accent when being interview by CNBC,…. etc. wowwww!!!!

  6. Bodoh

    All the judges and head of all authorities must take note that whatever decisions that are going to be made again AirAsia must be properly thought of otherwise Nur Jaslan’s PAC will summons them to justify their decision. What a powerful PAC chairman at that! He is showing his stupidity. When you want to help a Tingkat Empat friends do it with more style lah bodoh. May be he thought that he will get away with it and no one will ever know. Now kena caught. padan muka to the ass licker.

  7. Zulkifli

    It was a “shiok sendiri” press statement done to do damage control for the pariah or low caste. PAC has to business to question KLIA2 at this time because there was no evidence that it has deviated or there was corruption. PAC went on to investigate based on publicity by the shameless BK Sidhu. In his statement he said that because of the wide publicity on KLIA2 that was why PAC investigate the matter. Since when PAC acted on publicity? Only bloody fool like him will do so. I hope that from now on the pariah and Jazlan’s Tingkat Empat in government will not make a fool of themselves like Jazlan did.

  8. Zhuri

    Grow up my boy Jazlan. I never thought that you are so brainless to come out with such press statement. Jazlan’s mistake was to consult the pariah (with mat salleh’s name0 on how to do his press statement. Ha! Ha! Ha!

  9. SHAM

    Nur Jazlan, low caste/pariah and BK Sidhu are all birds of the same feathers and they eat shit together. The standard of parliament must be so bad that they elected this shit be the PAC chairman. PAC chairman was supposed to look into government expenditure but this stupid fella was trying to suck up to his low caste friend. I hope PM Najib will read the comments about Jazlan and his behavior. Malaysia does not need MP like him.

  10. Shamsuri

    How on earth this asshole could come out with a press statement before meeting the low caste? It is a caste of one low caste allowing another low caste to make use of. When a man can go down to such level then he has no maruah anymore.

  11. Shukri MAS

    This pariah will do anything to screw others. The Botak Azhari is the only one left from AirAsia. There must be a agenda for this good for nothing fellow to stay on despite being an out caste in MRO. We cannot rely on Amokh in Khaznah because he was one of architects in the share swap. I hope PM Najib will keep an eye on what is going to happen in MRO which is an integral part of MAS. MAS without the MRO will be nothing. That bloody low caste is targeting MRO for a long time. MAS staff and the unions must stand up now before its too late. Aj is just a pawn in this whole game. Of course, he is brainless.

    No wonder asshole was making statement that the govt. should sell its stake in MAS. Jazlan is a dangerous guy. I am glad that he has been exposed here. Now he has no where to hide. Shameless as he is, he will carry on to pretend as though nothing has happened. Ornag yang tiada maruah.

  12. Anonymous

    The PAC chairman has no business to question government policy on whether or not to hold its interest in MAS. Its main function to check on how the government expenditure approved by Parliament have been spent and the Auditor-General Reports. But Jazlan is speaking more and more like he is the Chairman of AirAsia. He should ask his friend Tony to appoint him as the chairman of AirAsia like Rafidah Aziz for AirAsia X. Jazlan will be a perfect Chairman for AirAsia then he could issue more press statement against MAS and call up MAS CEO to explain why MAS is competing with AirAsia.

    Why is Jazlan not asking MAS to clarify why its MRO under the bald headed Azhari is giving AirAsia very special rate for aircraft maintenance and service?

  13. Jazlan tiada Maruah

    This Jazlan is not fit to hold any office because he has shown to abusing the powers entrusted to him and motivated by the interests of Tony. He has no maruah or self respect. No integrity. He should be sacked as PAC chairman. he can always join the low caste airline to help them officially.

  14. Now Everybody Can Know the Truth

    Pariah is just super good at spinning, and unfortunately there are many out there already “spun” and will be further be spun by the low cast pariah. Si Jazlan tu memang takde maruah….. No integrity just like the pariah and his kuncu-kuncu. Can’t believe that he is a MP. Memalukan saje.

    1. Joseph

      The pariah depended on spinning to survive because he knows that members of the public have short memories. Unfortunately, there are enough records to show the ways he has been spinning so far. YB Wee has put on record in his blog and links have been included. Jazlan was trying very hard to emulate his boss (the Pariah). Now Jazlan was exposed by his press statement.

  15. Malik

    Part 1, 2 and 3 have shown that this useless MP is a fraud after all. Why was there a necessity for him to talk about the RM10 million fine imposed by MYCC against the pariah’s airline. Why talked about the Rm10 mi9llion against AirAsia? How about other companies that have been fined by MYCC? Is PAC going to question MYCC too?

    It is unheard of that PAC will go into other lawful like MYCC unless it has been shown in the AG Report that it has misused fund approved by Parliament. We have not heard about MYCC misused public fund. Are you trying to do here Mr Pariah MP?

    Are you and your good friend Tony Pua not interested in the LCCT that cost 23% more expensive than KLIA2 and according to the pariah LCCT was a horse stable?

    LCCT was built about 8 years or so ago when constructions material and costs were much cheaper than now and KLIA2 with modern facilities. How could LCCT cost 23% more than KLIA2? Further, it was handed out on a silver platter to a small time construction company in REMBAU! Does the word REMBAU ring a bell to you as the pariah MP?

    I can guarantee that this pariah will not dare to utter a word about LCCT that was built by a REMBAU! The word REMBAU will scare the shit out of the pariah MP / Chairman of PAC. Need I say anymore

  16. Eddy

    Pst! Jazlan don’t you want to know that the top management in MAS, government of Malaysia and other countries are still busy looking for MH370 and your “former” boss Abdullah Badawi has just gone on a holiday in Barcelone with Kalimullah Hassan? Does the name Kalimullah Hassan familiar to you? If not please let me tell you that he is also one of the owners in AirAsia X.

    You have not already know, Abdullah Badawi is the salaried Adviser of MAS. Heard that he has been paid RM30,000 a month with big office. Surely PAC wants to know what a waste of public to appoint him as an Adviser where we have not heard anything from him with regards to all the problems in MAS except of his support of the MAS-AriAsia share swap.

    If Jazlan wants to know more about the trip please read:


  17. Jazlan Has No Honour Left

    Why was Jazlan so interested in the government selling its shareholding in MAS? May be he wanted his pariah’s friend to take over MAS. I find it strange that the pariah Jazlam was so keen to defend his pariah’s friend. Must be due to his Tingkat Empat connections. The press statement showed his intentions and bad faith. Better resign because the PAC has no credibility under him.

    1. Now Everybody Can Know the Truth

      Yeah, who is he as a bloody PAC president with no integrity & honor to even suggest that. Jazlan should just shut his pie-hole!

  18. Bystander

    Here we go again…. The pariah spinning and creating a diversion ahead of AA announcing what’s expected to be poor Q1 results..

    It’s the same tired strategy adopted by the pariah quarter in, quarter out.

    Stop blaming MAHB for your own incompetencies and inability to compete without a handout or leg-up.

    Typical of the pariah whose bankrupt for ideas!

    CIMB, Credit Suisse, it’s time to recall your loans or else risk going down with the pariah!

  19. Now Every Should Stop Flying AirAsia

    Who does Jazlan think he is to suggest that Government should sell its stake in MAS? As PAC chairman he has no right to question government policies. Why don’t you resign as PAC chairman and criticize government policies all the way and demand that the Government should help AirAsia to clear its RM8 billion debt.

    Please read what Zamkata has to say about the pariah’s airline:


    Now Everyone Should Stop Flying AirAsia.

  20. Jamil

    Ptui! Not fit to be the Chairman of PAC. Not fit to hold any public office. He is just a “budak suruhan” of the Pariah.

  21. Franky

    The balaci chairman of PAC, don’t you want to investigate whether the the Botak Azhari in MRO is charging AirAsia the market rate for the maintenance of its aricraft?

    After the share suap was reversed, Tony had said that AirAsia will not send its aircraft to MAS for maintenance. Don’t fault Tony, he was only spinning then. He lives on spinning and twisting.

  22. Now Everyone Knows

    Why was this 4th Floor Floor’s idiot is still a fraud today. He thought that he could cover up his nonsense. Now EVERY ONE KNOWS!

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