Now Everyone Can See PAC Chairman At Work – Part 2

The extremely learned YB Datuk Nur Jazlan, Chairman of PAC and former Chairman of UDA
The extremely learned & independent Chairman of PAC and former Chairman of UDA ,  YB Datuk Nur Jazlan.


In Part 1 of this posting, yours truly has dealt with paragraphs 1 to 4 of the press statement dated 28-4-21024 (just 4 days before the opening of KLIA2) of the learned and very independent Chairman of PAC, YB Datuk Nur Jazlan. Part 2 deals with the remaining paragraphs of the said press statement. For Part 1 of this posting, please read HERE.


For the background the said press statement was ready for distribution to the press before the PAC heard a single word from Tan Sri Tony Fernandes, Datuk Kamarudin Meranun, Ms Aireen Omar and Tan Sri Ir Jamilus Hussein (all from AriAsia) during the said PAC meeting on 28-4-2014.


The learned and extremely independent YB Datuk Jazlan seemed to have an extremely rare quality and/or talent of knowing what the 4 top managers of AirAsia were going to testify before the PAC.  The timing of the PAC meeting was perfect and on top of it all the contents of the said press statement were equally perfect.


He should have been the first few candidates to have been picked for senior Cabinet positions but he was not.  Such rare talent was put to waste in the PAC.  YB Datuk Nur Jazlan’s rare quality and/or talent can be seen from his said press statement below.


Page 1 of the well prepared press statement of the Chairman of PAC, YB Datuk Nur Jazlan.
Page 1 of the well prepared press statement of the Chairman of PAC, YB Datuk Nur Jazlan, before hearing of the 4 top managers of AirAsia on 28-4-2014.


Page two of the press statement of the learned and extremely independent Chairman of PAC, YB Datuk Nur JAZLAN
Page two of the pre-prepared press statement of the learned and extremely independent Chairman of PAC, YB Datuk Nur JAZLAN


Paragraph 5


PAC juga mendapatkan pandangan serta penjelasan daripada Tan Sri Ir Jamilus Hussein, yang juga ‘planner’ asal KLIA2 berhubung persoalan mengapa peranan mereka tidak diteruskan walaupun syarikat ini, mempunyai pengalaman terhadap pembinaan KLIA sebelum ini.


(PAC also received views as well as clarification from Tan Sri Ir Jamilus Hussein, who is also the original planner of KLIA2, pertaining to the questions as to why their role was not continued with when this company possessed experience in the constructions of KLIA before this.)


First and foremost, there was no evidence of corruptions or corrupt practices have been found in the AG’s Report.  Secondly, it is not within the jurisdiction of PAC to investigate matters without evidence from the AG.


It would appear that PAC’s said finding under paragraph 5 was based on mere conjecture from certain parties and/or from company that was not given the contract to continue with the planning of the KLIA2 project.


It must be noted that Tan Sri Jamilus Hussein is the chairman of KLIA Premier Holdings Sdn Bhd (KLIACS) and more importantly, he is also the CEO Technical Consultant of AirAsia.


Quite frankly, the extremely learned and independent PAC chairman should be fully supportive of the decision of MOT, MAHB and Ministry of Finance to discontinue or terminate the service of the equally extremely learned Tan Sri Ir Jamilus Hussien based on the GLARING fact that he is the CEO Technical Consultant of AirAsia. To keep Tan Sri Jamilus Hussein as planner of KLIA2 project will be a clear case of conflict of interest.


KLIA2 was NOT funded by AirAsia but MAHB. KLIA2 was NOT built exclusively for AirAsia and its other outfits like AriAsia X.  KLIA2 is opened other airlines not restricting to Malindo Air, Lion Air, Cebu Pacific Air, Tiger Air and Mandala Airline.


By virtue of these glaring fact, the extremely learned PAC chairman, YB Datuk Nur Jazlan, should not have waste the valuable time time in entertaining that equally extremely learned CEO Technical Consultant of AirAsia. His evidence is of no value except to show the possible existence of conflict of interest in his appointment as the original planner because he is an officer of AirAsia.


Paragraph 6


Secara kasar, PAC mendapati tiada unsur penyelewengan, pemborosan dan ketirisan dalam projek KLIA2 ini, kerana semua projek ini, ditender secara terbuka


(Primarily, PAC found no evidence of deviation, extravagance and leakage in the KLIA2 project because this whole project involved open tender.)


This was an indictment against the PAC chairman himself to embark in his crusade to protect the so-called public interest without an iota of evidence of“deviation, extravagance and leakage”. Further, the learned and extremely independent Chairman of PAC must have been presented with documentary evidence showing the said KLIA2 project was carried out with proper open tender.


Based on this paragraph 6 alone, a man with modicum intelligent would have came to the conclusion that at best PAC was acting as a busy body in investigating this KLIA2 project and at worst, it shows PAC chairman’s integrity is highly questionable. Was he trying to protect public interest or the private interests of AirAsia?


Pagraph 7


PAC sedia maklum daripada prosiding MAHB sebelum ini, yang menyatakan bahawa semua projek KLIA2 menggunakan konsep tender terbuka tetapi turut mengambil maklum bahawa KLIA2 adalah projek pembinaan lapangan terbang pertama yang diuruskan MAHB sepenuhnya.


(PAC was fully aware from the previous proceeding involving MAHB where MAHB has stated that all KLIA2 projects carried out with open tender but PAC was also aware that KLIA2 was the first airport construction project that was fully managed by MAHB.)


Quite frankly, it is strange that on one hand PAC found no evidence of deviation, extravagance and leakages in the KLIA2 project, no AG’s Report tabled in parliament about KLIA2 project and, more importantly, whole KLIA2 project involved open tender as admitted by him in paragraph 6 of his said press statement and yet he saw it fit to call the PAC to hear the four managers of AirAsia.  Mr Learned Chairman of PAC, what were you trying to achieve with your pre-prepared press statement?


PAC has wasted its valuable parliamentary time and rakyat money to hold this special meeting to listen the verbiage of the top management of AirAsia namely Tan Sri Tony Fernandes (Group CEO of AirAsia Bhd), Datuk Kamarudin Meranun (Executive Chairman of AirAsia Bhd, Ms Aireen Omar (CEO of AirAsia Bhd) and Tan Sri Ir Jamilus Hussein (Chairman of KLIA Premier Holdings Sdn Bhd [KLIACS]) and CEO Technical Consultant AirAsia).


Paragraph 8


Atas sebab itu, PAC mahu mendapatkan penjelasan daripada semua pihak yang berkepentingan dalam projek pembinaan KLIA2 sebagai ‘lesson learned’ kepada kerajaan dan juga pihak berkaitan terutama sekali MAHB.


(Due to the reason aforesaid, PAC wanted to get clarification from all interested parties in the constructions project of KLIA2 as “lesson learned” to the government and, most of all, MAHB.)

It is not the role of PAC to provide special course to the government, MAHB and/or other government departments for that matter.  From the said press statement, there is nothing for anyone to learn from except that Chairman of all Select Committee of Parliament should not be too eager to defend private interest to the extend of making themselves to look like a fool.  Please take note Mr Learned Chairman.


Paragraph 9


Ia juga sebagai pengajaran yang boleh diperbaiki MAHB dalam menguruskan projek lapangan terbang memandangkan Syarikat Berkaitan Kerajaan (GLC) itu turut meneroka pasaran luar seperti di Turki dan Pakistan.


This is also a lesson, which can improve MAHB, which is a GLC, in the management of airport by venturing into foreign markets such as in Pakistan and Turkey.


Paragraphs 9 is equally laughable as paragraph 8 above.  Since when PAC has the power to venture into giving lesson to the Government, MAHB and/or other department when there was no AG Report or evidence on the mishandling or mismanagement of KLIA2 project.


BK sidhu, the editor of Star Business, who is known to have published an article to mislead the investing public that the IPO of AirAsia X shares will be over-subscribed by 5 to 6 time.
Ms BK Sidhu, the editor of Star Business, who is known to have published an article to mislead the investing public that the IPO of AirAsia X shares will be over-subscribed by 5 to 6 times, which turned out to be false.


The only available “evidence” that we could think of was based on those questionable press reports published by that highly acclaimed Ms BK Sidhu, the editor of Business Star, quoting wholesale of what have been spun by top managers of AirAsia like Tan Sri Tony Fernandes, Ms Aireen Omar and others.


What have been stated by Datuk Nur Jazlan in his press statement was most unprecedented in the history of PAC in Malaysia and other parts of the Commonwealth.


Stay tune for Part 3 of this posting.

31 thoughts on “Now Everyone Can See PAC Chairman At Work – Part 2

  1. Kaki Bodek

    Ka ka ka! Padan muka Jazlan. In the picture, Jazlan really look like the top guy in AirAsia. Jazlan you are a joke. Please call it a day and resign lah before your image lagi koyak.

  2. Now Everyone Can See Jazlan Bullshit n& Agenda

    Jazlan is not a busy body as such. He has an agenda. He thought nobody could see his bullshit. Now it is in the open for Every To See.

  3. Shameless Jazlan

    This fella Jazlan is not stupid. He knew what he was doing. Even an idiot could see his game. Just read his statement of 15 paragraphs and you see what game he was playing. He sounded like the spokesman for AirAsia and/or Tony.
    WTF? What has the fine of RM10 million by MYCC on AIrAsia got to do with PAC? Jazlan is so eager to help AirAsia until he has forgotten who is his father or mother. Another shameless guy. We thought that we have to put up with that mercenary BK Sidhu. We got another Jazlan. Najib must take note of this fella in the future appointments. Jazlan must be kept out of any important job. If ok if he is appointed as a jaga kereta of jamban!

  4. Patrick

    Jazlan press statement has shown him to be so cheap. I could not believe that he was prepared to demean himself to such a disgusting level. Where is your pride and honor as a human? I am sure if his father were to know what Jazlan has done, he will no doubt turn in his grave.

  5. Anonymous

    Who is Jazlan to give advice to the government, MOT, MAHB and Ministry of Finance when he has many problems in controlling his own UMNO branch.

    We to solute the Pariah for being able to even get chairman of PAC to be his “budak suruhan” (running boy) without appointing him to AirAsia. Don’t worry Rafidah is there and the pariah will appoint you too. Jazlan has done a good job for AirAsia and the pariah should make him as “employee of the month”.

    I just cannot believe my eyes when I saw the press statement in this form. It just confirmed that he is not fit to be MP.

    1. Wong

      Why must the government indirectly subsidising the low caste after all it has been spinning all the times. Furthermore, its like any other public companies. This is a dangerous precedent to set. The government should be subsidising other public companies too. Rakyat monies should not be used to subsidise the low caste airline for the pariah to talk as though he owns KLIA2.

  6. unknownmas

    I beg to differ from calling “extremely learned” guy. Or you, Wee, are “menyindir” him. What he was and is doing is beyond the scope of his work as PAC chairman.
    I would call him extremely stupid guy.

  7. Mohamed

    He is still wet behind his ears. He is an idiot to have came out with the press statement when the low cate airline and the pariah was under attack in the social media except from BK Sidhu and the Star. He knew that he was not supposed to do what he did but he thoughts no one will notice his stupid acts. It was clear that he wanted to help the pariah. By the way he was part of the Tingkat Empat.

  8. Anti-Pariah

    Jazlan is an idiot to allow himself to be used by the pariah to such an extend. the pariah is good to making use of people. Even the govt has been make used of. During the days of Slumberjack, the pariah was running very high and could do no wrong. MOT did whatever the pariah wanted.

    Now that the slumberjack has been deposed. Najib govt should not follow the foot step of Slumberjack. It must stand firm against the pariah and gang. Then the pariah will not be so arrogant.

  9. Just another prostitute

    Jazlan always proud that he is an accountant. Unfortunate this incident has clearly shown that he is a useless accountant that allowed himself to be a prostitute to the pariah. He is no different to BK Sidhu who do anything that she is called upon to do by the pariah and gang.

    Jazlan position as the PAC chairman is untenable to say the least. He has brought disrepute to the office of PAC and also Parliament. If Parliament still keep such a disgraceful fella as PAC chairman then parliament is no better than this shameless accountant who has sold his soul.

  10. Francis

    He thought he is God’s gift to Malaysia otherwise he would not have allowed such a stupid press release to be distributed to the press. Now Everyone Know What He Was trying To Do. He has no business trying to do damage control or help the pariah to paint a beautiful picture of him and the low caste airline. jazlan, you have no principle and most unprofessional. You should resign because of this serious mistake. Of course, you wouldn’t otherwise you have no platform to bullshit around. But from now on no one will take you seriously any more. You are no more than just a useless joker.

  11. Tay

    To day AirAsia X price hit 85 Sen! BK Sidhu, What had happened to your airline share price? I thought that you have written in your article that the AirAsia X IPO share price was to over-subscribed by 5 to 6 times. You have been very irresponsible as an editor. Your article has misled members of the public. Luckily I didn’t fall into your trap to subscribe the AirAsia X IPO otherwise I will be facing losses of at least 40 Sen within two months.

    You are the worst journalist in Malaysia. No word can describe you. You and Jazlan should pack up your bags and join AIrAsia and the pariah.

  12. Jamil

    There is no place for pseudo professional in public office. Nur Jazlan had exposed himself that he was bias and helping another pseudo corporate “leader” to do damage control. His press statement of 28 April clearly shown that he is not fit to hold any public office. PAC is to check on the leakages on public expenditures passed by parliament and not the interest of the low caste.

    PAC under Jazlan has reduced PAC into a questionable entity. PAC looks like a pasar malam set up.

    Nur Jazlan, if you have honor and self respect, just resign now and save yourself of all the embarrassments.

  13. Jaslan The Unqualified Account

    The whole press statement was a sham. He is going into matters where PAC has no power to do so. It is clear from the Standing Order of Parliament. It was crystal clear that he was trying to help Tony and gang at the same time he didn’t realize that he was also making himself to look like a fool. He called himself “Akauntan Bertauliah”. He is not fit to be a bookkeeper. What accountant??

  14. razak

    Jaslan is incorrigible. He has not changed in his outlook. Still very Tingkat Empat in his approach to things that’s why he landed himself in such shit.

  15. Kumar

    In the first place PAC should not be entertaining the pariah & gang bcos there was no report from Auditor General and/or other authorities that there were deviations or corrupt practices in the constructions of KLIA2. Para 2 of his statement says “dilaporkan dengan meluas di media massa”. What rubbish is this? PAC does not act on publicity in the newspapers otherwise it will be a full time job and PAC will be no standard to go by. Stupid fella!

    Further, in the several paras the stupid fella said in short no problems with construction project of KLIA2. There were all by open tender. WTF this stupid fella wasting parliament time and money to examine KLIA2?

    What game you are trying to play Jaslan? Are you the PAC chairman or AirAsia chairman? What a waste of public to have an MP like him who could not differentiate the role of PAC. It seemed from his statement that in his mind he was trying to help his pariah’s friend. Now that his statement has been published by YB, he got caught with his under pant down. Ha Ha Ha!

    1. Samsul

      You have forgotten that Jaslan also talk about MYCC fine of RM10 million against AA & MAS for the share suap engineered by the little napoleon in Khazanah. Bloody hell what has the fine go to do with Parliament? If Jaslan thinks MYCC has acted wrongly please say so. Why stop at the fine? After all, he is the spoke man for AA. From this point alone I have came to the conclusion that this guy is an idiot and at the same wanted to show off. He is just a fool to be dragged by the nose like a cow.

  16. Azman

    Looking at Jaslan’s press statement, I can only laugh at how stupid he is. A man of his age should have known what he can do and what he can’t do. He thought he is super powerful and could do anything with impunity to help the pariah from the mess. Now he will need the pariah to help him to get himself out from the self inflicted mess where his credibility has been adversely affected. He is an idiot. Not fit be an MP let alone chairman of PAC. He should resign if he has honor. Knowing him, he will not resign.

  17. Guna

    How could he has a pre-prepared press statement ready for distribution bearing hearing Tony and the 3 other AirAsia managers? Based on this fact alone is enough to show that Jaslan is bias and may have had prior discussions with his friend Tony and the three others. This glaring fact is enough to show that there was bad faith in the whole meeting of PAC pertaining to KLIA2. Phui to you Jaslan. You have make a mockery of Parliament. You can only hide in the long kang.

    Tony must be commended for having the capability to use people for his benefits. Even people MP like Jaslan suck up to Tony. If he could make Jaslan dance to his tune, who is BK Sidhu.

  18. Danny

    Even the PAC, the pariah has his connection. Jaslan the idiot allowed himself to be make used of. That is the integrity of this fella.

  19. Warrior 231

    The highly acclaimed BK Sidhu is at it again. Calling on MAS to bite the bullet. Cryptically, she ends her garbage with this:

    “The route ahead is filled with turbulence and while the current team is busy rewriting the new plan, there is also a group out there being courted to take over.”

    After,the route culling of MAS scavenged by another, after the shambolic share swap, after the placement of idiots in MAS’ management, after the building of a special terminal, after the reality that AAX is not a viable concern in a stable with a huge debt overhang and a lot of other afters, no prizes for guessing who is the interested party.

    For after all, aviation in Malaysia could have been easily run ala SIA, low-cost, medium haul and longdistance/premium haul all under one roof. Why? ask the powers that be.

    Pity the hapless MAS employees, no fault of theirs at all. My commiserations.

    P/s: Funny how Indonesia,Japan, or even Spork don’t try to kill their own national carriers.

    Warrior 231.

    1. Anonymous

      Actually no Other country in the world has done this…
      Another first for Malaysia & the record books
      SYABAS Malaysia!

  20. The mole

    Excellent advice from Tan Sri Aziz.
    The Union must now demand the Govt. to engage him as an adviser.

    “This, Abdul Aziz says starts by appointing the right people. “If they have proper leadership then the rest will work out by itself. If they have the wrong leadership at all levels then everything will go haywire,”

    Read more:

    1. MAS staff

      Can’t agree more. For too long, MAS has been managed by the clueless. Now it is managed by the brainless AJ who has said that he will turn around MAS in 2014. Now he will blame on MH370. In fact MAS was losing money of RM3 mil a day before the missing MH370. So no excuse for AJ. Just pack your and get lost.

      On another note, the board of directors of MAS must do an audit on the MRO because rumour has it that the Botak Azhari is charging C check and service on AA aircraft at a much reduced rate – week below market rate. How can MAS money like that. Why should MAS be subsidising other a low caste airline. Engineering staff must also speak up if this is true because it is not in the best interest of MAS to give such special rate to the low caste.

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