Now Everyone Has To Pay RM3 KLIA2 Airport Fees

AirAsia imposes RM3.00 airport fees per passenger. Just look at the
AirAsia imposes RM3.00 KLIA2 Airport Fees per passenger.  Cebu Pacific Air, Tiger Air and Malindo Air do not charge such airport fees.


Updates on 11-5-2014 @ 1:45 pm:  

AirAsia has said that it has to pass on the charge of RM3.00 KLIA2 Airport Fees to passengers because of MAHB’s charges for  aerobridge, check-in system and others.  It was crystal clear that AirAsia was trying hard to pass the blame to MAHB for AirAsia’s own imposition of the KLIA2 Airport Fees of RM3.00.  It would appear that the nation has been burdened with endless problematic AirAsia.  Please read below the view of Malindo Air on the AirAsia’s KLIA2 Airport Fees of RM3.00.

Malindo Air chief executive officer Mr Chandran Ramamurthy told The Rakyat Post that his airline’s prices were all-inclusive and confirmed that the RM3 free, as MAHB had said, was set by AirAsia.  We don’t want to burden our passengers with our operations cost. The airport does not charge RM3 per passenger. AirAsia came up with RM3 based on their own calculations.”  For the full report by The Rakyat Post, please read HERE. 


Everyone thought that AirAsia is a very powerful airline when it announced that it will stay put in LCCT despite the completion of KLIA2.  Now Everyone Can Laugh Out Loud at the 180 degree u-turn when AirAsia starts to operate at KLIA2 today.


Now AirAsia has created another controversy whereby it is charging KLIA2 Airport Fees of RM3.00 per passenger. AirAsia directors must be given credit for coming up with such innovative Airport Fees which no other airline dare to dream about it.


BK sidhu, the editor of Star Business, who is known to have published an article to mislead the investing public that the IPO of AirAsia X shares will be over-subscribed by 5 to 6 time.
BK sidhu, the editor of Star Business, who is known to have published an article to mislead the investing public that the IPO of AirAsia X shares will be over-subscribed by 5 to 6 time.


It is an open secret that Ms BK Sidhu has been highlighting stories to make AirAsia smell like a rose.  Surely this is a matter of public interest which a responsible newspaper ought to carry to keep the public informed of this new development.  Lets see whether the highly acclaimed editor of Business Star Ms BK Sidhu will highlight the RM3 KLIA2 Airport Fees charged by AirAsia.


When this Airport Fees have gone viral in the cyberspace, many can’t  help but to believe for a moment that KLIA2 was built with AirAsia fund.  It is definitely not otherwise YB Datuk Nur Jazlan, the PAC Chairman would not have issued the strange press statement, HERE.


KLIA2 was built by MAHB and every passengers have to pay Airport Tax to MAHB for the use of KLIA2 or for any other airport in Malaysia.


Since passengers have paid the compulsory Airport Tax, AirAsia or any other airline have no right to impose an Airport Fees of whatever amount.


AirAsia hidden charges for international flight
AirAsia hidden charges for international flight


AirAsia hidden charges for domestic flight
AirAsia hidden charges for domestic flight


Just look at the above tables of hidden charges, which were a few years old, levied by AirAsia upon its passengers. Can you imagine there is a Processing Fees of RM30.00 for international flight and RM20.00 for domestic flight charged to the passenger if credit card was used for payment!  By the way most of AirAsia’s passengers purchased their tickets online and the mode of payment had to be by credit card.   In another word, on top of the fare, fuel charges, Airport Tax the passengers had to pay the processing fees for using credit card to make payment.


How about the CONVENIENCE FEES of RM8.00 What is so convenience for passengers to travel with AirAsia?  Prior to moving to KLIA2, there was no aerobridge and the passengers had to walk up to the aircraft.  If it is raining then the passengers will be facing inconvenience of being getting wet even with the use of umbrella. For those disabled persons then they will have to pay for wheelchair service fees of RM60 per trip.     


One would have thought, there are more than enough profits made by AirAsia from the above hidden charges. For every domestic passenger, the total minimum hidden charges had to be paid is RM31 (Credit Card Processing Fees RM20, Convenience Fees RM8 and KLIA2 Airport Fee RM3.00).  The additional RM31 does not include another charge of RM10 for Counter Check-In Fees.


It is high time that Ministry of Transport (MOT) must immediately prohibit the imposition of PROCESSING FEES, CONVENIENCE FEES, WHEEL CHAIR SERVICE FEE and KLIA2 AIRPORT FEES by AirAsia and/or other airline using our airports.  Further, MOT must issue new directive to AirAsia and other airline that all charges imposed or to be imposed except for fares and fuel surcharge must get prior approval from MOT.






71 thoughts on “Now Everyone Has To Pay RM3 KLIA2 Airport Fees

  1. beastofburden

    already titled low cost carrrier this assho** is just trying to recover on anchillary service by mahb at the new airport. aa should just to stop profitering at the expense of users.. The airport is managed by mahb and owned by the government they should have the balls to say “you use my airport you follow my rules”‘

    as such i would suggest to our so called owner of aa how to recover his 3 rm

    1. assign a stewardess for this important task

    2 purchase a small fold able table

    3 put the table and stewardess outside the lavatory

    4 collect rm 3.00 if passengers use ( p/s if you wanna make more money
    maybe aa can have group discount like by 3pp Rm 10 get 4 ppl use or
    sell tissue this im sure aa knows to well its part of their culture money money a money…………………………………………………………………………and service like


  2. Low Caste Using Mat Salleh Name

    Airport built by government using the people money. Now this low caste mother fu.ker is charging RM3 KLIA2 airport fee to use KLIA2. If the government allow this then Malaysia has a low caste government too. MOT must take immediate actions to stop the low caste airline from charging all the hidden charges.

  3. Low Caste Using Mat Salleh Name

    The pariah is behaving like a robber. We demand MOT to act against the pariah and his pariah’s airline to stop exploiting the passengers.

    May be MOT should allow the pariah to collect RM3 airport fees but passengers are allowed to owe like it owed airport tax of more than RM100 million a few years ago. I remember reading about this.

  4. Amin

    The pariah is behaving as though he own this country. He tried it in Jakarta by owing airport and the low caste aircraft was grounded until it was paid in cash. MAHB and MOT are balless that is why the low caste dares to impose all the hidden charged. Hishamuddin/MOT must issue a directive to stop all the hidden charges then the low caste will quietly stop like moving to KLIA2 on 9 May with his head down.

  5. Anonymous

    No one is forcing anyone to pay the RM3. So if u dont like it, fly with another airline. Its a free world, nobody is forcing u to fly with AA. As for the various charges, its the individual airlines’ business decision. Who are u to question tht and why shud MOT dictate a private business’ charges? Hv some common sense pls.

    1. Now Everyone Knows the Truth

      True, let’s hope more Malaysians can see that and choose NOT to fly AA….. The low cost part is for AA and not for the passengers.

    2. Jaytee

      AirAsia probably isn’t the only carrier at KLIA2 that’s passing its fees down to the customer. The other carriers are bundling the fees, taxes, & surcharges into one category without a breakdown.

  6. AirAsiaJambanAirline

    Air Asia has no business ethics. I would categorize their brand as Jamban airline. You pay cheap jamban fees, fly with the jamban plane and they shit on you, treating you like a jamban.

  7. audi

    you cannot fight aa by asking not to impose the fees. they can do what ever they want since they are the seller and demands are there. infact this is what najib has called upon us – higher income country!, do whatever you want to do, sell high whatever you want to put the price are & let them be, all is up to you. this signal sent by najib has embedded the minds of everybody. sell at high price as much as you can, look at price of other goods & services in market nowadays….blame najib….the only way to counter attack aa is to introduce more low cost carriers like Indonesian owned Malindoair. the best is to ask Malaysia airlines create another wing to offer low cost at more competitive with better service & cheaper than aa, owned by mr tony who by all the time gets full backup from gov?

    1. Rolls Royce

      AA cannot do what they like. All hidden charges had to be approved by MOT previously. This has been the practice. In fact, when AA wants to terminate a route it has to get the approval of MOT but AA didn’t bother to do that. When it need to fly new route it had to get approval from MOT> Under the Slumberjack days, AA got many routes approved but it didn’t fly. It only fly the profitable ones. Then MOT should also cancelled those route that have been approved but didn’t fly.

      It is not right to say that it is a free market and AA can do what it like. Similarly MAHB can charge whatever rate of airport tax. When MAHB raised the airport last year, the pariah was protesting as though he was paying for it.

      At the moment the low caste is controlling the low cost market, therefore it is not right to say that it could do what it like. When there are real competitors in the market providing alternative service then AA can do what it like. It is just like let the TNB increase its rate, if one does not agree, then don’t use electricity. Stupid argument.

      MOT must step in to stop the hidden charges immediately. No exploitation with monopoly.

  8. beastofburden

    air asia dont know how to do buisness…..their buiseness model to akin to omnibus service

    if you look at all the flights tonight 3 to 6 hrs delay even international

    hell even 8 pm flight to kota baru arriving close to 1 am at pengkalan chepa

    and its not about the weather other airlines flying on time even earlier

  9. beastofburden

    statement from aireen omar the dumbo

    “‘Berbeza dengan Terminal Tambang Murah (LCCT) yang mana kami menggunakan sistem daftar masuk sendiri tetapi di sini kami terpaksa membayar sistem daftar masuk yang disediakan oleh MAHB, jadi selepas dihitung maka kami tetapkan caj tersebut adalah RM3 bagi setiap penumpang.” (It’s different from the LCCT, where we used our own check-in system, but over here we have to pay to use the system that was provided by MAHB and after calculating all the costs, we decided that we have to impose the RM3 charge on every customer,”) she was quoted as saying”‘

    please someone tell this bimbo to stop talking bullshit.

    aa uses mahb facilities yet they charge for it what a load of crap

    ask aireen omar the dumbo, whose pocket that rm 3.00 going into….mahb or tony fernandes pocket

  10. FedUp

    I don’t fly AA. Simply hate them but I agree with the commentators that said Government should not be involved in this. Let the market decide. What Government must insist however is for AA to list down all the extra hidden charges that they impose prior to purchase of the tickets. I think they already did that so we can’t really accuse them of lying to the customers.

    After all the extra charges and the lousy service, if their customers still think they are value for money then who are we to say otherwise? Let’s not put sand in people’s rice bowl just because we are not so fond of the owner.

    1. Rolls Royce

      AA cannot do what they like. All hidden charges had to be approved by MOT previously. This has been the practice. In fact, when AA wants to terminate a route it has to get the approval of MOT but AA didn’t bother to do that. When it need to fly new route it had to get approval from MOT> Under the Slumberjack days, AA got many routes approved but it didn’t fly. It only fly the profitable ones. Then MOT should also cancelled those route that have been approved but didn’t fly.

      It is not right to say that it is a free market and AA can do what it like. Similarly MAHB can charge whatever rate of airport tax. When MAHB raised the airport last year, the pariah was protesting as though he was paying for it.

      At the moment the low caste is controlling the low cost market, therefore it is not right to say that it could do what it like. When there are real competitors in the market providing alternative service then AA can do what it like. It is just like let the TNB increase its rate, if one does not agree, then don’t use electricity. Electricity supply is a monopoly.

      MOT must step in to stop the hidden charges immediately. No exploitation with monopoly.

      1. Anonymous

        Not sure why the issue of route approvals is being raised – this is a red herring really.

        Whether u like it or not IT IS a free market here and airlines can charge what they want. Again, if a passenger thinks its expensive, then dont fly with AA. Simple. And your argument that AA is controlling the low cost market is totally inaccurate. Although they are a low cost carrier, the fares offered by MAS/Malindo/Firefly sometimes match or are lower than AA’s fares. Again, they are free to do this (although they are full service/hybrid airlines) as it is a free market. At least AA is honest abt imposing this charge. Other airlines operating at klia2 may have quietly increased their fares to cover the additional costs being incurred at klia2. Are u gonna say that this is wrong as well?

  11. Boycott Low Caste AirAsia

    Aireen Omar the CEO of low caste airline was talking cock when she said that because of MAHB charges that the low caste had to passed the charges to the passengers. This is a load of rubbish. Malindo, Tiger Air and Cebu Pacific didn’t do it. Aerobridge is no longer a luxury it is a necessity for convenience and security of passengers. Thus a necessity. A low caste mentality will always be low caste. Avoid the low caste AirAsia at all cost until it realizes that it can’t do what it likes.

  12. Boycott Low Caste AirAsia

    Soon the pariah airline will charge passengers Toilet Fees for using the toilet and Oxygen Fees for using the oxygen masks during emergency. How about Seat Belt Fees? Bloody Con Job.

  13. MHL

    From the above information on the cost of tickets, the total to fly to KCH is RM 241, but the actual total shown only adds up to RM 122. If I am correct, what is the difference of RM 119 for?

    1. Now Everyone Knows the Truth

      RM241 is total fare for KUL-KCH return flight, just not shown as it’s cropped halfway. So RM122 is actually for one-way, I’ve just checked on AA website. But the same KUL-KCH sector with MAS on the same date departing at 0715hrs, cost RM140 all-inclusive. Low caste is not much cheaper than full service airline, MAS. Btw, MAS doesn’t charge fuel surcharge.

      1. MHL

        Thank you for the info, if the MAS fare is RM140 all-inclusive, than MAS is WAY CHEAPER!
        -MAS checked in baggage is 30kg( extra RM 20 on AA , as to supersize to 30kg is RM50),
        -Includes on board meals ( additional cost on AA , even water to drink with Panadol when you have a headache sold in bottles)
        -And free selection of most seats at check in ( AA will ask for additional fee when ANY seat is requested even when at their check in counter)
        -Is AA really a low caste, sorry cost airline?

      2. unknownmas

        AA is indeed a low caste but high price airline. I have not been flying using AA since 2002. At that time I was flying from KL to KB. The AA plane that I was in was just like an old bus rattling and shaking while tookoff, landing and in the air.
        What we can do is to boycott the airline and complain to competition commission that the airline misrepresented itself as a budget airline. Indeed the airline is no difference from a normal airline.
        In this case consumers are tricked into buying the tickets which are cheaper than normal airlines but when adding all other charges at the airport, the final costs to consumers are no difference or even more expensive from a normal airline for the same class of seat. We should know that the aim of competition commission is to protect consumers from injury as a result of unethical actions of a firm either through competition with other firms or through its false misrepresentation.
        Now anyone can take action action AIRASIA.

  14. Razak

    RM119 must be the hidden charges lah. This is the business model of the AA.

    How come Tony is so quiet on Tweeters? He has got nothing much to say of late or he was cornered. Normally he will tweet when AA kena whacked. Now AA cannot whacked and his silence is deafening. Kena checkmated!! ka ka ka

  15. Mike

    Looking at the screenshots above…I dont understand why complain about being charged additional 3 bucks when the ticket is still cheap by 10 bucks from its closest rival? All other airlines charge you for all the service of which some you wouldn’t need while AA lets u choose wat you want…its common human mentality to react more to itemized bill than to a rounded up value…if you reckon u need to check in 20kgs of luggage n find Malindo cheaper than AA then you should go ahead and choose them..but if u paid additional to check in you luggage with AA n yet the ticket is cheaper, how would you react? remember you are the customer n you decide who you give your money to…the budget airline monopoly is no more in malaysia to help you choose wiser.

  16. Berjan Kaur Sidhu

    What happened to “we will fight to keep cost low so more Malaysians can fly and all the other hot air the low class pariah spews, echoed by his 2-Ivy League schooled CEOs.

    Hey Pariah, why don’t you impose Changi Fees since you’re also using Changi Airports system and watch the govt of spore come down on you like a ton of bricks.

    Do not not take The traveling public for a ride, pariah! We are a lot smarter than the yes men and brown nosers that work for you.

    And for crying out loud, Aireen, stop saying things that make you stupider than you look! Your justification made you sound like a blundering buffoon.

    YB, please urge those affected by this “fee” to file a complaint with the consumer tribunal.

    Let’s all come together to put an end to this thuggery!

    1. Now Everyone Knows the Truth

      Are you the “real” BK Sidhu or otherwise? haha. Whatever it is, I agree! Hhhmmm, come to think of it, the real BK Sidhu would actually back any actions taken by pariah’s low caste AA/AAX.

    2. Pariah With English Name

      Bro it is a good one. A good business advice to the pariah with English name to make more money in other airport that AA flies to. The one the pariah should try to impose such airport fees is Singapore.

      Now the bitch in Star Business has stopped publishing news about the pariah. The Star has changed a little bit today by publishing the RM3 KLIA2 Airport Fees. Hope it will be fair from now on and not publishing what that pariah farted.

      1. MHL

        Right on bro, why stop with Changi? There’s a whole lot more airports to which AA fies with facilities like aerobridges and the likes. Why not start imposing similar fees?
        Very underhand and disgusting tactic, trying to inflame and direct the passengers’ anger towards KLIA2/MAHB/GOVT.

  17. rutz zainal

    As I had mentioned earlier, this is a low cost of operations airlines, low cost for air asia. Any increase in operational cost will be off-set by the imposition of fees i.e. klia2 fee, increase in baggage fee etc etc. Please also remember that QPR is fighting for promotion & a place in the EPL so the honorable mr. fernandez needs all the cash he can get to buy players.
    Everyone can fly, every can be late, everyone can be suckered, every can screwed….

    1. MHL

      TF is also team owner of Caterham F1, another losing team. Hopefully QPR can evade the ‘fourth team curse’-no team finishing fourth in Championship has gained promotion to Premier League since 1997-1998 season.
      Unfortunately, AA cannot be demoted further in the low cost airline table, its already at the bottom.

  18. Avoid Low Caste Airline

    That pariah with English name must be thought a lesson with his spinning and the nonsense. It all a con job. We must avoid low caste AA managed by low caste at all cost. As long as there is alternative, we should fly other airline. The only way to teach the pariah is by way of not giving him the money. Lets see whether he can still be arrogant and taking us for a ride.

    Remember his famous tag line: If price the fare low enough, Malaysians are prepared to risk their lives.

    This is how this pariah look at Malaysians. Avoid AA at all costs.

    1. Low Caste Tony

      In full agreement. The low caste has been mistreating Malaysians for far too long and yet it was supported by the govt indirectly. the low caste always look at Malaysians with disdain. The only way is to boycott the low caste airline after AirAsia X has many foreign shareholders. Let hit them where it hurts – their pocket. That is the only way. Let us all resolve to do it once and for all.

      Let him never forget his thoughts: “If price the fare low enough, Malaysians are prepared to risk their lives.” What a low caste bast.rd!

  19. Any Airline But the Low Caste

    Agreed that the con man must be thought a good lesson this time. No more if or but. He must be put in a place befitting a pariah. Hit him economically by staying away from the low caste bullshit airline. Any airline but the low caste. That is the only way the pariah understand. Lets hit him where it hurt – his pocket.

  20. Con Boy Tony

    Unknownmas above:

    You are right. It has been misleading Malaysians that it is a low cost airline with the help of pariah journalist like BK Sidhu. She is just a tong sampah journalist that sold her soul to the low caste. Malaysians have been misled for too long. Now it is the time to fight back and put him where he is. The low caste thought that by keeping very quiet now, Malaysians will forget what he had said and done. We will not. It is paying back time. Lets make sure its share price drops rock bottom by the end of the next quarter. It is only then that the low caste will feel it. Let hope QPR will be relegated to the low caste standard.

  21. Anonymous

    Stop the fuc£ing complain.. If you don’t like the charges then go fly other airlines that are available currently. You guys are starting to sound like everything and anything is not right.. Don’t think tony held a gun to your head to fly AA.. And btw I fly any airlines that gives a better rate.

  22. MHL

    ‘Airasia fined for not including taxes, charges in advertised air fares’ screams headlines in Australian papers.

    Remember the above? Court in Australia fined AA in December of 2012.
    I wonder how AA has been getting away with their practices here.
    I wonder whether the ex minister and retired top civil servants at AA BOD give useful input, hopefully they are not there just to get AA ‘out of trouble’ and ‘smoothen AA’s jalan’

  23. TL Man

    Stop these nasty comments. Vote with your credit Cards. Competition Commission can do nothing. AA pricing itself out of the market. Or are they.

  24. D7


    AirAsia X was trying to sweep this incident under the carpet hoping no one would know as it’s common knowledge, they don’t have a plan to deal with such incidents!

    The health authorities need to get to the bottom of this, including quarantine pax from the flight, if the death was caused by the MERS Virus

    1. The Pariah Con Man

      Typical of them. The pariah always like to hide thing from the public. When the low caste iricraft skidded several years ago, it managed tokept it under wrap. Now it can’t anymore. Even the Star today had to highlight the RM3 KLIA2 airport fee. it shows that the sampah reporter BK Sidhu dare not interfere with the story.

      We must start a campaign to keep travelers aware of the unethical practices of hidden charges by the pariah’s airline. We must make sure that it is on its knees otherwise it will be arrogant. The pariah still think that Slumberjack is still in power and he could do what he like. During that he walked into the MOT like walking to his own home. This mother fu.ker must definitely be thought a lesson. Now is the time.

  25. X-MAS

    TF is super clever.

    All airlines in Malaysia and the world are facing the more financial pressure this year. TF’s jewel in the crown, AK is experiencing serious financial problems. AK is expecting a loss in the first quarter of this year. TF can no longer borrow or use the ticket sales to pay it forward. All the Tune businesses are and have not been making money and are calling for investments to move forwards. Caterham Cars, Caterham Racing Team, Tune Money are all asking for more investments.

    KLIA2 has given them the opportunity to extract more revenue from the public. AK’s next move is to explain that the extra charge is attributable to and put the blame on MAB. This is also works in their favor to get back at MAB. It was his plan all the while was to put themselves in a better negotiating position to extract more concessions from MAB. Either way, the victim will be MAHB. AK may have lost the battle on the KLIA2 move but not the war.

    1. Now Everyone Should Avoid Buying Ticket In advance

      What have been stated by X-MAS were logical. All airline faced financial problems AA can not be exempted from the problems. The Spin Doctor has no doubt been spinning how well the AA doing and the mercenary junkyard reporter BK Sidhu has been assisting in getting the spins into Star.

      The pariah has been living on hypes/spins his so-called “expansions” into Japan, Philippine, Indonesia, Thailand and now India. They are all known failures except India, which has not started. Of course, BK Sidhu did not highlight the failures. Even if she did, she will paint a different pictures altogether and highlighting the blame on the foreign partners of AA.

      The pariah has been publicizing its expansion into other business like Tune Group. Common sense tells that how a set up like Tune Talk can make money. Tune Talk is relying on service from Telco. Surely it cannot be competitive against the telcos own communication charges.

      AA has a debt of more than RM5 bil! Many low cost airline in other parts of the world including USA, India, Hong Kong and etc have failed miserably and wound up. Remember Kingfisher, the world famous low cost airline in India with bigger passengers based was wound up.

      AA cannot be exempted. Of course, AA was advertising big time in the Star stating the awards it has received. For heaven sake, there are not too many low cost airlines operating now.

      Further, you will recall that the pariah purchased 300 airbus and the delivery for the aircraft will be approaching soon. What that happens then there will be more problems because an aircraft cost few hundred millions Ringgit!

      Fellows travelers please beware when you buy AA tickets too many months in advance because you do not know what going to happen in say 6 months time. If you still want to travel on AA and AAX, buy the ticket just a month or two in advance. Why take the risk of putting your money in a company that the future is uncertain unless all payments made are backed up by bank guarantee.

  26. Anonymous

    Airlines are known to hide their charges all over the place. At least AirAsia makes it clear line by line rather than a one or two liner entitled other surcharges and fees. And u then called it ‘hidden’ charges??

    At the end of the day, everyone looks at the final total figure and anyone who knows how to book a ticket can compare and make the decision themselves. Don’t like the price for the product you are getting, chose someone else. As I have often done. No one forcing anyone to fly AA.

    For all that is said, Air Asia is a leader in low caste travel. Not only in Malaysia but whole of Asia. If you have left it to the consistently incompetent MAS, our tourism industry would have collapsed.

    MR WEE, if u have a problem with AA, my suggestion is you as a member of parliament go after MAS and all the corruption and incompetent managers there. U make MAS competitive and give AA serious competition.

  27. Tony, the Con Artist

    We can see from the press statement of Aireen Omar the puppet where she was trying to pass the blame to MAHB for the KLIA2 airport fees. She has said that the charge of “25 Sen for aerobridge, check-in system and other new things implemented in KLIA2”. It seemed AA/Aireen Omar/TF wanted a new airport with primitive facilities. Real pariah’s mentality.

    Why AA does not charge airport fees for using aerobridge and other modern facilities in the airports in Changi, Chiangmai, Bnagkok, Hong Kong, China and etc? Why in KLIA2?

    This has to be part of its business model: “With low fare, Malaysia is prepared to risk their lives” says Tony Fernandes.

  28. Anonymous

    AA can charge whatever they want. As long as the passengers are willing to pay, then there should be no issue. However to term it as KLIA2 fee is like saying “I don’t want to charge you this but MAHB is making me charging you for this”….in that case, the fare should be set at zero….then every incremental charge be termed with something like Airbus A320 fee, Petronas Jet Fuel fee etc…

  29. Hong

    Hello ppl,
    To solve the problem you just need to look for another airline that will not charge the RM3, simple and clean…

  30. Fly Malindo & other airlines

    Thank God we have other airlines like Malindo Air. We must all go for Malindo Air, MAS, Tiger Air and others at least we don’t have to put up with hidden charges like the low caste run by another low caste using English to hide his origin.

    1. unknownmas

      TF has a Portuguese surname. He speaks with an English dialect but not Cockney. But he looks like an Indian from Tamil Naidu.

      1. Now Everyone Knows the Truth

        The pariah speaks with British accent when he is interviewed by British press, like BBC, but speaks with American accent when interviewed on CNBC and during signing ceremony while President Obama was here the other day. LOL

  31. Now Everyone Should Fly AirAsia Last

    Now Everyone Should Flying AirAsia Last. The reason being we don’t want to treated like fools. The pariah will say or do anything to make him look. Now that he got caught, he is keeping very quiet otherwise he will use his English to intimidate us. Unfortunately, we have seen enough of the his pariah origin.

    RM3 is a small money to Malaysians but we must not bow down top the pariah. We must make sure that he has to pay for treating Malaysians are fool. Let Not Fly AirAsia unless we have no choice.

    After I have discovered all the pariah nonsense, I have decided not to fly the low caste airline.

    1. One day, Mullah Nasruddin was traveling with two fellows. The two men were friends and said to the Mullah, “We want to buy a mat and a blanket.”
      Mullah said to them, “I’ll buy the mat and share it with you, but you must agree that I will only sleep in the middle of the mat. But, I will not buy the blanket with you.” So he paid the other two for his share of the mat.
      They could not obtain the mat without the Mullah’s contribution, so they agreed, thinking they would not share the blanket with Nasruddin. So the three men bought the mat but only two bought the blanket. After they were purchased, Nasruddin laid himself in the middle of the mat and went to sleep. Now, when the other two fellows wanted to sleep on it, they had to lie down on either side of him, and spread the blanket over all three of them. Thus Nasruddin got to enjoy the blanket without paying for it. Nasruddin didn’t have to fork out much more than RM3, but he didn’t have the money, and he wasn’t trying to make a fast buck out of others.

  32. Dr Rayjiv

    ….What ever fees Airasia charges…. It is still way way cheaper than MAS… So shut up and stop complaining… I as frequent flyer, thank Air asia for cheap flights… I can fly every month from Sarawak to see my family in KL… and so does many… Y dont u guys complaint about MAS who sells their tickets for very high price ever since they started ages ago… Please change your mind set….

    1. rutz zainal

      Bro, I think you miss the point la.

      1. MAS is not a low cost carrier la.

      2. MAS, you pay & get all.

      3. Air Asia pricing has hidden charges, that if you are not careful you would pay for what you don’t need.

      4. AA is so called low cost, question is low cost for the passenger or low cost of operations, where passengers pay for everything that including this klia2 charge… wtf.

      5. I bet you booked your flights way way way in advance, like maybe 6 months or so ahead. Ever tried MAS low fare, not kiw cost.

      So maybe you need to get your mind right too.

      1. Now Even A Doctor Can Be Fooled

        rutz zainal

        Absolutely spot on. You have hit the nail on the head. Air Asia needs advertisement all the times as part of its business model. It needs to attract unsuspecting public to go to its website and if one is not careful then one will pay for many things that you don’t need.

        Now with the Ministry of Trade and Consumer affairs coming down hard on advertisements it is a bit better now otherwise you will read AA advertisement that say ticket at 1 Sen. When you click its website you will never get it.

        Even now with the from RM10 for ticket, you will never get it. It is just a scheme to fool the people.

        Now Everyone Including A Doctor Can Be Fooled!

  33. Mat

    If you love the low caste go ahead. No one stops you. Please go ahead to experience it more than you will know. We hate low caste and the pariah ways of treating Malaysians. For a start the low caste/pariah have said: “If you price the airfare low enough, Malaysians are prepared to risk their lives.” We don’t like the hidden charges and its dishonest business model. The pariah head is spinning all the times so much so that it has been proven to be false most of the time. Enough is enough of the pariah’s nonsense. If he is not a pariah he will not be behaving like thast.

  34. Now Everyone Can Report to Minsitry of Trade & Consumer Affairs

    It is the duty of the government to ensure that the traveling public are not short change or over charge with unnecessary so-called fees by any airline especially AIrAsia which is well known for this. You can’t blame them because it has to advertise and show that its fares are cheap so that public will go to its website and then they will be trick into agreeing to all the hidden charges without realizing it.

    It is for that reason that we have the Ministry of Trade and Consumer Affairs, MYCC and other agencies to protect members of the public. No market in the world including the developed countries in UK and USA will allow free market to prevail at all costs without any form of control in consumers protections.

    The pariah’s cyber troopers please stop telling us about free market and freedom of choice. Unsuspecting public must be protected at all time that’s why we have a Ministry to look after consumer affairs.

    We should all write to the Ministry of Trade and Consumer Affairs (Kementerian Perdangangan dna Hal Ehwal Pengguna to complaint about the unethical practice by the low caste AirAsia to charge RM3 KLIA2 Airport Fees.

    The airport was built by MAHB and not the very low caste including the pariah with English name. The low caste has no right to charge the RM3 KLIA2 Airport Fees.

    There is no need for the Ministry of Trade and Consumer Affairs and Ministry of Transport to await for complaints in order to act. It is now public knowledge that this unscrupulous low caste has charges consumer for KLIA2 airport Fees.

    By acting on its own, the government will get credit and beneficial to the government. Why is the government dragging its feet in this matter?

  35. Anonymous

    If it’s cheap, it’s cheap. that’s low cost and who’s paying anyway! no need for argument. Modern world says – if you’re clever enough, you can definitely succeed in whatever you do!

    1. rutz zainal

      It’s a proven that it is low cost operations airline not low fares airline
      And the funny thing is AA said they incur RM5 & only charge RM3, so the public save RM2 supposedly, but yet unable to immediately provide a breakdown of the cost. How noble. WTF! How do you know you incur RM5 and pass RM3 without knowing the cost composition breakdown? AA got funny money accountants and cost analysts, who use gut feel for costing accounting and management?

  36. Anonymous

    What’s wrong with all these people? Seriously… If ur not happy to fly with aa so then fly with other airlines. Nobody point a loaded gun on ur head n force u to fly with aa. Don’t like using KLIA2? Well mas n other full service airlines are in KLIA. Full service airline get to eat what u want n bigger n wider seats n it’s comfy but I bet at the end of the day ya’ll will just crawl back n fly with aa. Coz by heart, the fare is cheap, n if u urself are demanding so much, ………. just pls… Stop flying with a low cost carrier. All these people just never know how to stop complaining on things. Shallow minded person thought em’self to be so brilliant. N think thru it of what ya’ll saying. P.S

    1. sweetie

      It’s not cheap…Btw not all airlines are flying to all destinations! Only air Asia and mas do… That is why we are complaining when price spec is almost the same with mas,but claimed as low cost air lines.

  37. Jaytee

    How do we know if Cebu Pac, Malindo & Tiger are also not charging fees for KLIA2 Airport? Theirs is bundled under the “Taxes & Fees” categories

  38. karulann

    Hmm. AA is passing the cost of RM3 to passenger. IMO if someone can’t afford RM3 increase of the flight fare, why are they travelling in the first place? And if anyone do not want to pay the RM3, then they are welcome to try fly with another airline…

    Also last I know, isn’t AA running a business? Thet are not charity group or a gov group to subsidize the people. I just can’t comprehend how this is an issue at all.

  39. Pingback: AirAsia sues Wee Choo Keong, Chairman, Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board | weehingthong

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