Now Everyone Can See The Spin Dr At Work

When AirAsia & AirAsia X alleged that KLIA2 is unsafe, BK Sidhu and the Star gave massive publicities.
When AirAsia & AirAsia X alleged that KLIA2 is unsafe, BK Sidhu and the Star gave massive publicities. When ICAO gave KLIA2 a clean bill of health to KLIA2 Star gave a one liner on the allegations by AirAsia which has been underlined in red for easy reference.


The International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) has verified that KLIA2 is structurally in compliance with its requirements and safety standards.


The government had to call upon ICAO to come to inspect KLIA2 because AirAsia and AirAsia X was complaining about the safety and security issues of KLIA2. For full report on ICAO verifications, please read HERE.


This was totally unnecessary and cost the nation money because the said allegations were not true in the first place.  Further, it was most unthinkable that MAHB and/or the Ministry of Transport will allow KLIA2 to operate if it is not fit for operations in the first place. Yours truly does not believe that MAHB and the government want disasters to happen in our airport.  No responsible professional would want to see mishaps to happen in airport especially after the adverse publicity generated by MH370.


BK sidhu
The highly acclaimed “journalist” BK Sidhu, the editor of Business Star.


Unfortunately, AirAsia and Airasia X were preoccupied with its private interest of making more profits at the expense of our national interest. It chose to distort facts with the help of the highly acclaimed “journalist” BK Sidhu, the editor of Business Star to give an impression that KLIA2 was not fit to operate due to safety issues.


21-4-2014 Star report on promotion of AA x
21-4-2014 Star report on promotion of AirAsia X


B K Sidhu is the de facto spokewoman for AirAsia & AirAsia X
B K Sidhu is the de facto spokeswoman for AirAsia & AirAsia X


New Strait Times Report on AirAsia X IPO.  Of course, Star Business under BK Sidhu did not publish a single line of this. What do you expect from a mercenary?


BK Sidhu has no sense of independent and fair reporting especially over matters involving AirAsia and/or AirAsia X.  Any promotion by AirAsia and/or AirAsia X will be treated as news item. BK Sidhu will not hesitate to mislead investing public with her writings. She had quoted unknown sources that the AirAsia X IPO will be over subscribed by five to six times and it turned out to be false. When AirAsia X was finally listed it was under-subscribed and the original IPO price of RM1.45 was only RM1.25 on listing, HERE, HERE, HERE.


In fact, Maybank investment had to pump in a total of RM36.8 million to help to stabilize AirAsia IPO price, HERE.


BK Sidhu is extremely mischievous when it comes to matters involving AirAsia, AirAsia X, Ms Aireen Omar and Tan Sri Tony Fernandes.  She will stomach whatever so-called facts that were given to her without verification.


Ms Aireen omar is learning the art of spinning very fast indeed.
From left: The Spin Guru, Group CEO fo AirAsia Tan Sri Tony Fernandes and his disciple  Ms Aireen Omar, who has acquired the art of  spinning in lighting speed.


Ms Aireen Omar is an extremely fast learner.  She has acquired the art of spinning in a short span of time as the new CEO of AirAsia.  Unfortunately she was caught with the false allegations that KLIA2 was not safe for operations.


Tan Sri Tony Fernandes has been caught spinning on many occasions HERE, HERE, HERE & HERE.


In January 2011, during the High Court proceeding involving Lotus, Datuk Tony Fernandes, as he then was, was caught spinning by his tweet.  On 24-1-2011 after the hearing for an application for summary judgement of the dispute on the right to use the brand name Lotus in F1 Racing. The court decided that there should be a full trial and fixed an early trial date but Tony Fernandes tweeted:


“Very very happy over the judgment today.” “And extremely happy that full trial brought forward to 21 March. The good do always eventually win.”


Below is the media statement from Lotus


25 January 2011


Group Lotus and Proton are delighted with the outcome of yesterday’s hearing in which the Judge ordered a full trial of this matter to be heard as soon as possible given the proximity of the start of the new 2011 Formula 1™ season in a few weeks. The trial has been fixed at the English High Court for 21 March 2011.

Group Lotus and Proton have been made aware of the press release issued by 1Malaysia Racing Team (1MRT), it is completely incorrect and a misrepresentation of the Judge’s decision suggesting that Group Lotus’ application was “thrown out”. No decision was made on Group Lotus’ application. The Judge proposed that the better procedural route was to order a speedy trial of all the issues in dispute in the case. 1MRT initially resisted the Judge’s approach to resolve all matters quickly and before the start of the 2011 Formula 1™ season but the order was subsequently made and the first available date was 21 March.

Group Lotus and Proton have always held the view that this matter should be resolved as soon as possible in the interests of Formula 1™ and the fans. We therefore welcome this decision and look forward to the full trial. We are confident that at the trial Group Lotus will succeed in preventing 1MRT, Mr Fernandes and his companies, from using the Lotus name in Formula 1™ once and for all.



For the full transcript of the said High Court decision, please read HERE.


Coming back to the issue at hand, the press cuttings that contained Ms Aireen Omar’s allegations that KLIA2 were of course, reported by BK Sidhu and published by Star Business.  Please see the press cuttings below:


on 2-4-2014 Star front page second lead story by BK Sifhu
on 2-4-2014 Star front page second lead story by BK Sidhu


Front page Star Business by Ms BK Sidhu
On 2-4-2014 front page Star Business by Ms BK Sidhu


Star Business  page 2 lead story by Ms BK Sidhu
2-4-2014 Star Business page 2 lead story by Ms BK Sidhu  quoting Aireen Omar, the new CEO of AirAsia who took over from Tan Sri Tony Fernades.


It is an open secret that whenever AirAsia and/or AirAsia X want publicity to sway public opinions, the highly acclaimed “journalist”, BK Sidhu the editor of Star Business will come to their assistance.


On 2-4-2014 BK Sidhu, editor of Star Business, has given massive publicity to AirAsia and AirAsia X complaints on safety issues for KLIA2. BK Sidhu highlighted with few stories including a front page story on the safety issues alleged by AirAsia and AirAsia X. AirAsia’s contention that there are safety and security issues that need addressing before they can move.


They were also concerned over potential rise in airport charges and passenger service charge, which could raise the overall cost of traveling and burden travelers. Ms Aireen Omar was demanding PM Najib to intervene to resolve her complaints on the safety of KLIA2. Please read HERE.


AirAsia hidden charges for international flight
AirAsia hidden charges for international flight


AirAsia hidden charges for domestic flight
AirAsia hidden charges for domestic flight


If AirAsia was really concerned about overall cost of traveling then it should do away all the hidden charges like RM60 for wheel chair service per trip for disabled person, RM10 manual check in, RM20 processing fees for booking domestic flight, RM30 for international flight and RM8 convenience fees in HERE.


Picture taken from
Picture taken from


On 3-4-2014 Star came up with a page lead entitled Najib’s involvement crucial in resolving KLIA2 impasse, says CEO” From the way in which the report was slanted and the massive publicity that the Star gave the day before and we could clearly see that the Star and/or BK Sidhu were in great pains trying to help AirAsia and/or AirAsia X to exert pressures on PM Najib to intervene and in the hope that MAHB will agree to whatever they have demanded i.e. to agree to the special concessions, building a spa and museum for AirAsia.


On 5-4-2014 PM Najib was on his official visit to Vietnam and he was burden with questions on AirAsia and AirAsia X refusal to move to KLIA2 on 9-5-2014. The nation must have been glad that the PM was firmed and told AirAsia and AirAsia X in no uncertain term not to be arrogant and its operations had to move to KLIA2 by May 9, said Datuk Seri Najib Razak.


PM Najib did not bow to the pressures of Ms Aireen Omar of AirAsia and AirAsia X in  HERE.


On 16-4-2014 there was a sudden twist of event where AirAsia and AirAsia X said they will move to KLIA 2 despite its previous stand that it will stay put in LCCT even after May 9 (when KLIA2 is to be officially opened for operations) because KLIA2 was unsafe, HERE.


Is spinning part of Tan Sri Tony Fernandes and Ms Aireen Omar’s Business Model for AirAsia?


In view of the false allegations made by Ms Aireen Omar, the Ministry of transport and/or MAHB should seriously consider taking actions against Ms Aireen Omar and/or AirAsia. If no drastic actions being taken against them, the nation will see more of such false allegations made by them to further their narrow business interests at the expense of the image of the country.





34 thoughts on “Now Everyone Can See The Spin Dr At Work

  1. The Pariah Spin Dr

    This mercenary/junk yard journalist BK Sidhu never learn. What is her relationship with the Spin Dr?

    Spinning is the pariah’s way of life. The government must be careful dealing with the pariah, AirAisa and AIrAsia X. They are incapable of stating fact. That is their business model.

  2. Mohamed

    Aireen Omar is a fast learner but botak Azhari is too slow to learn anything. In MAS, only AJ appreciate him. We say Ptui! to him.

  3. Dropped by KLIA2 after fetching my husband from LCCT yesterday. When I saw KLIA2 I thought to myself it’s too bad that the anchor tenant is not MAS. Such an impressive structure but look, who gets to stay there? To make matters worst, the supposedly larger than life anchor tenant created excuses to move.

    The passenger feel good relationship when flying AirAsia is diminishing.
    Yesterday AirAsia flight from Pekan Baru was supposed to leave for Sepang LCCT at 10:30am (local time).
    We arrived at LCCT around 1:09pm and thought we were late (not wanting to make assumptions about AirAsia’s infamous delays). But we were not.

    So we waited and waited in the car as there was no parking.
    When my husband got into the car (1:41pm KLTime) he told us at 10:30am plane still not in sight. Flight took off at 12:30pm instead of 10:30am (Pekan Baru times). Flight time was only 30minutes.

    My husband reiterated that not only the return flight was delayed, so did his outbound flight to Pekan Baru (a day earlier). His flight to Pekan Baru which was supposed to leave at 10:55am left LCCT in the afternoon.
    Mind you there’s only one Air Asia flight to Pekan Baru and back. The other is FireFly which also has one return flight. So I do not see any reason for the delays except maybe bad weather or plane having technical problems.
    What I can think of is AirAsia is using the same plane to fly multiple destinations. That obviously contribute for the delays.
    I suggest that AirAsia changes its tagline to… Better Late Than Never.

    By the way just to remind potential AirAsia passengers. Eventhough you’ve checked in online for bothways (this is to avoid paying RM30 on manual checkin); you still have to do a manual checkin at the departure airport on returning.

    Happy Flying with AirAsia. God Help Us.

    ps: My husband said he’s taking Firefly on his next trip to Pekan Baru.

    1. Mat

      What you have stated are the norms for the low caste airline. It is unheard of that passenger had to pay a fees for manual check in. it is also unheard of passengers had to pay for CONVENIENCE FEES. What is so convenience when the low caste didn’t want aerobridge in order to save 20 Sen. I would rather take Firefly, Malindo and MAS. thank you YB for an informative posting. I hope more people will read it especially teh government and MOT. Now Everyone Can Bullshit Malaysians.

  4. Hisham

    The con job has been widely exposed by YB’s posting. No wonder the pariah and gang in AirAsia have been extremely quiet. The pariah has been exposed naked. bravo!

  5. Yushaimi

    A good one YB. With the glaring facts have been published, Now Everyone Can Judge Who Is The Corporate Con Man! We hope the PM Najib and YB Hisham acting MOT will read this so that they will know how to deal with the pariah in the future – had to be with a 1,000 meters steel pole.

    We must all beware of the pariah and his set ups.

  6. Now Every One Can Laugh Out Loud

    Now Everyone Can Laugh Out Very Loud for the pariah, BK Sidhu and Aireen Omar to hear. I can believe that this pseudo journalist BK Sidhu can stoop so low as to do what she did. The MCA leaders are just useless to keep BK Sidhu and June Wong in the Star to indirectly screw themselves.

  7. Subra

    Just look at that mercenary BK Sidhu picture, she is so pretentious. If BK Sidhu is called an editor, Now Everyone Can Also Be A Half Past Six Editor.

    The govt must take strong actions against Aireen Omar and Tony Fernandes for making the false allegations that KLIA2 was not safe. The false allegations were serious and made during the time when Malaysia was under microscope internationally. We cannot allow corporate figures to damage the image of KLIA2 and Malaysia. It is now action time and no more talking or concession.

  8. Tajudin

    I agree that the government should no longer bother about the low caste airline because it has shown time and again that instead of speaking the officers are spinning. After all it is a public listed company and not a GLC. Now The Pariah and His Macai are In Total Silence. The good eventually win and the bad ones will eventually pop up their ugly heads. We had to demand that the government through MOT or MAHB to take actions the Spin Doctors and/or their outfits. Enough is enough. If the Government doesn’t take any actions over the blatant lies then there will be more of such corporate nonsense.

  9. IT.Scheiss

    “This mercenary/junk yard journalist BK Sidhu never learn. What is her relationship with the Spin Dr?”

    With the Tony Fernandez on the board of Star Publicatons, what more can you expect of BK Sidhu or any one else at Star Publications?

    “KUALA LUMPUR, May 23 — AirAsia Group Chief Executive Officer Tan Sri Tony Fernandes has joined the Board of Star Publications (Malaysia) Bhd as an independent non-executive director, effective today.”

    BK Sidhu has no choice. If she don’t play ball, she will not be Business Editor for much longer and at best sidelined to some obscure role in The Star, out of public sight, out of public mind.

    At worst, she will be offered to take Mutual Separation Scheme.

    So much for all that crap about media being an “independent” Fourth Estate as a watchdog role.

  10. Kenny

    BK Sidhu is no better than garbage. She has no qualm to mislead the investing public in her article over AirAsia X IPO as shown by YB. She has no professionalism. She is behaving like a mercenary. She will write anything without caring whether what have been said were true. She will just do it to please the pariah. She is another shameless person calling herself as a journalist when she has no journalistic qualities. As one reader pointed out that she looks so pretentious in her photo. How could the Star allow such garbage to be its Business Editor? BK Sidhu has made the Star the mouth piece of the pariah.

  11. Leong

    Now the Pariah is making use of his friend the chairman of PAC Nur Jazlan to fight his losing battle with MAHB/Govt. This 4th Floor Nur Jazlan had to dowhat a friend had to do. PAC is dealing with govt expenditure which has been reported in the Auditor-General Report. But this 4th Floor Idiot is trying to help his desperate friend. It is a sad case. The govt had to take actions against the pariah otherwise he will go on spinning at the expense of the nation.

  12. Gopal

    Nur Jazlan is a known friend of Tony. No wonder PAC was so eager to hear Airasia’s views when ICAO has certified KLIA2 safe for operation. Only the low caste airline thinks otherwise. Why didn’t PAC call ICAO officer and the architect to brief them? it was very strange that Nur jazlan was so bent in wanting to hear AirAsia especially Tony. Nur Jazlan should be interested in the investigation into UDA sale of land in Pudu but obviously not.

  13. Little Man in The Star

    Editor of Tog Sampah is too mild a description for BK Sidhu. She should be the editor of shit hole and living in a shit hole. She is as shameless like Azhari. Both have no principle so they behave the same ways. I agree with some readers that he look like a pretender in her photo.

  14. Tingakat Empat

    I can’t believe that the pariah with the English name was telling PAC that AA did not ask for spa, museum and others. I don’t think that MAHB will make up stories. I hope that MAHB will call for press conference to show all the evidence. I don’t understand why PAC should be concern about that low cost is unable or not ready to move to KLIA2. Inability to move in time is not of any concern to PAC but the PAC chairman Nur jazlan has shown an interest. Was it because of Tingkat Empat?

  15. Mr. Fernandes and his Amazons would do their souls much good when they next fly to Istanbul if they were to focus on heavenly whirling rather than consummately spinning for worldly gains that sets off negative repercussions for the rest of society.

  16. hazrul

    Tony just live by spinning with the hope that he will get away with it. Unfortunately, he couldn’t this time. YB has put them on record for us to read and judge. Game over for Spin Doctor. I hope that the government will take stock of his behavior and ignore what AA said from now. Members of the public must be careful in dealing with AA especially on booking tickets. If there are alternatives, pleas go for the alternatives in order to avoid the bullshits/lies.

  17. The Spinning Pariah

    TF has been known for spinning for a long time. He treats Malaysians with contempt. A typical pariah. Camouflage his Indian origin with mat salleh name and speaking with mat salleh accent. He has said to the foreigner and widely published: If the fare is price low enough, Malaysians are prepared to risk their lives. This is the type of CEO that AA has has. Govt break its back to help creating this ungrateful bast.rd. He only know how to spin and spin. To know the pariah better, please read in the cyber space: AirAsia story and Malaysianairlinefamilies. Then you will get an insight of the pariah.

  18. radzi zainal

    When airasia is called a low cost carrier, it is not intended to be an airline that is low cost to consumer, it is actually low cost operations airlines, where the cost of operation is absorbed or passed to consumers & the government. So low cost to airasia actually

  19. Anonynmous

    I agree fully. That is why the public had to face all the hidden charges: credit fees, online check in fees, counter check in fees, wheel chair service charge and other charges. No other airlines have all these types of charges. It is typical of the pariah’s low caste airline. I have stop flying AirAsia. Now i have a choice to flyh to Jakarta with Lion and now Malindo and MAS. Lets see how long it can survive when more and more people know its modus operandi and the spinning.

  20. Observer

    Taken from frequentflyer

    “apparently now that they’ve decided to move to KLIA2… i noticed the price increase in the baggage fees and seating fees… used to be RM35 per seat with Airasia X.. now its RM39 and before it was RM65 for 20kg now its RM69…”

    The hidden charges imposed by KLIA2 is its business model. AA will use fare cost from RM10 onward to attract customers. When the customers go to the website there is no seat at RM10 most of the time if not all the time. It is a con job. The customers should serve MAS, Malindo, Cebu, Tiger Air, Firefly before going to the low caste airline.

    For wheel chair service it is free on Malindo and other airline but it cost MR65 per flight if you go with the low caste AA.

  21. Anonymous

    I am waiting for the day that you need to pay;
    – to pay to use the toilet,
    – for the toilet paper,
    – pay for the oxygen masks in the case of emergency,
    – pay for the personal air conditioning blower (tune hotel like),
    – for garbage disposal after your on-board meals….
    etc etc etc

  22. Anonymous

    the pariah tr & that prostitute journalist bks deserve each other! deceiving & spinning people! aireen can join them too for a 3way. yeah, it is very gross 😝

  23. Azahar

    Like I mentioned last time I was curious when Bernard Francis was the SGM Revenue and Network Management in Malaysia Airlines and now is appointed for a post in Air Asia X As reported in the Star to day.Mr YB Wee please investigate what Bernard had done in MAS.

  24. Now Everyone Knows the Truth

    How come pariah’s tune hotel was given priority to built and operate his low caste hotel at klia2. Hope MAHB wasn’t cheated by the pariah again!!!

  25. KiteflY

    Tune hotel at KLIA2 was built together with the terminal but still have so many reasons not to move to KLIA2.Trying to get sympathy from government.

  26. Teoh

    Even if the pariah farted, that will be news to that pariah journalist BK Sidhu.She is just shameless.

    It will be interesting to see whether the low caste airline will move to KLI2 tomorrow. I want what the govt is going to do if the low caste airline refuse to move.

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