Now Everyone Want Suspension of Azhari After Air Turn Back of Firefly

Azhari Dahlan extreme left during the first press conference on missing MH 370
Extreme left: Tuan Azhari Dahlan during the first press conference on missing MH 370.  After this press conference, he is not seen again in subsequent pc.   He was accompanying En Ahmad Jauhari aka AJ CEO of MAS (3rd left) and Director of Commercial of MAS  Dr Hugh Dunleavy, who was previously made redundant by West Jet, a low cost airline (4th from left in picture).


This early morning Firefly flight FY 1002 (codeshare with MAS flight MH 9948) bound for Kota Bharu from Penang had to do an air turn back due to faulty landing gear.  Thank God, FY 1002 landed in Penang safely.


Firefly Jet which was abandoned after the Mas-AirAsia share swap, which have caused MAS a fortune in re-spaying and lying idle in KLIA.
A few of Firefly jets that were abandoned after the MAS-AirAsia share swap, which have cost MAS a fortune in re-spaying and lying idle for weeks in KLIA.


Firefly ATR
One of the Firefly ATR which did an air turn back this morning.


This is another air turn back involving Firefly / MAS in the course of a few days. On 21-4-2014 there was an air turn back by MH192 because of tire burst during take-off that caused the landing gear not able to be retracted, HERE.


The Media Statement issued by MAS at 12:30 pm on 24-4-2014 on air turn back of FY1002 is reproduced below.


Yours truly has been informed that MAS MRO carried out heavy maintenance visit for Firefly aircraft.  Firefly aircraft spare parers support, supply and handling are also under MRO. Light maintenance is carried by  Firefly engineering team.


It is now public knowledge that the CEO of MAS MRO is Tuan Azhari Dahlan, the ONLY highly qualified engineer.  After the infamous MAS-AirAsia share swap, Tuan Azhari Dahlan was head hunted from AirAsia’s insignificant engineering department to head MAS MRO.


For Tuan Azhari Dahlan’s qualification and background please read HERE.


The Media Statement issued by MAS at 12:30 pm on 24-4-2014 on air turn back of FY 1002 is reproduced below.


Date: 24 April 2014 01:05:07 pm GMT+8
Subject: Media Statement: FY1002 / MH9948 Incident


Released at 12:30pm/24 April 2014


FY1002 / MH9948 Incident


Subang, 24 April 2014: Firefly Airlines would like to confirm that Flight FY1002, a codeshare with Malaysia Airlines Flight MH9948, that departed Penang International Airport (PEN) at 6:55am bound for Kota Bharu earlier today had to turn back, and landed safely in Penang at 7.30am this morning.


Th ATB was due to the aircraft’s landing gear which was unable to retract after being airborne. As safety is of the utmost priority for Firefly Airlines, the aircraft was required to turn back to Penang.


It was a normal uneventful landing. Airport Fire Rescue Services was not required to be deployed.


All 64 passengers and 4 crew members on board have disembarked from the aircraft.


FY1002 / MH9948 was retimed and departed from Penang at 8:50am. It arrived safely in Kota Bharu at 9.50am this morning.




After the air turn back of MH 192, the Acting Minister of Transport, YB Datuk Seri Hishamuddin Hussein, has called for a report on the incident from MAS and ordered for an investigation by Special Branch of the Police, HERE.


In view of the so-called “technical problems” that have caused MH066 to be diverted to Hong Kong due to failure of the electrical system in the aircraft, air turn back for MH192 and now FY1002 / MH 9948, there must be an in-depth investigations into the competency of Tuan Azhari Dahlan as CEO of MRO, all his decisions and the strange circumstances under which he was appointed after the infamous MAS-AirAsia share swap.


After the missing MH 370, air turn back of MH 192 and this morning air turn back of FY 1002 / MH 9948, MAS and the nation can ill afford another air turn back due to “technical problems” and/or mechanical failure of any kind.


Therefore, an immediate suspension of Tuan Azhari Dahlan as the CEO of MAS MRO is mandatory in order to facilitate an effective in-depth investigation into the serious “technical problems” and air turn backs involving MAS/Firefly aircraft that have been happening in a matter of days and/or a few weeks.

25 thoughts on “Now Everyone Want Suspension of Azhari After Air Turn Back of Firefly

  1. Rudy

    After the air turn back of Firefly this morning, Azhari should not be suspended but SACK period. There were too many problems involving mechanical failure within a week or so. No airline can afford such occurrences. More so for MAS. AJ WTF you are waiting for. Give Azhari the boot or AJ himself should be booted out for non-action.

    1. Lala Kloft

      Both aj n zahari n zahari asst must be sacked! One for losing money since he came in. Two for poor aircraft reliability. If mas n firefly aircraft all got technical problems after undergoing mas mro, how come air asia aircraft got no problem after undergoing mas mro? Fishy isnt it?

  2. Zul

    How many more air turn backs before AJ take drastic actions against this useless Botak? Does AJ need to see another air tragedy before taking actions against the Botak? Why is AJ so protective of this useless Botak? In the light of these problems the best thing for MAS is to remove Aj and Botak together.

  3. Lee Setapak

    Does the government need another air turn back and/loss of lives before taking actions against these two clueless in MAS?

  4. x-mas

    Pity mas got lousy mgmt….not just mro but same goes to mas comm dept…this is the first time i heard FY as firefly airlines…..when mas rename FY to firefly airlines??

  5. MekanikMotor

    Not just Botak should be sacked. Jauhari should also be sacked.

    More importantly, all Khazanah representatives in the Management (like the current CFO – who was the failed CEO of Desaru Devt Resort) and the Board members (eg. that talkative short fella who speaks with Kelantanese accent)must also be sacked. Amokh and Rashdan started this crap and it is just so annoying that the Government still do not want to remove Azman Mokhtar and his entire senior management team in Khazanah.

    1. Lala Kloft

      The list must also include the ex mas mangement who are now mas board of directors. Having airline experience also isnt helping mas. One was a banker, so must be good in finance and making money. The other was a hr manager, so must be good in staff relations. But As it is, mas is losing money and the staff morale is also lost. Time to get rid of these unproductive board members and get someone who can mean business.

      1. Farid MAS

        That’s why we call them TopLess Management of MAS! They are all good at screwing up MAS. Look at Md Nor Yusuf: He was the one who signed the 25 years lope sided catering contract to Badawi’s brother company, Brahim. It is worth RM6.25 billion. It cost MAS yearly about RM300 million and the food was horrible.

  6. MAS staff

    It is most appropriate that the MAS CFO appointed by Khazanah little napoleons should also be sacked. The little napoleons in Khazanah were responsible for the share suap and allowing the pariah and Rashdan to appoint PlaneConsult which is connected to AirAsia, AJ, Shane Nolan, Rozman Omar, Al Ishal Ishak, Fat Biscuit lady Zaharah and Botak Azhari.

    Shane Nollan, Rashdan, Rozman Omar and Al Ishal Ishak have disappeared with the tail between their legs. Damaged has been done but still manageable. Now left with Botak. AJ is clueless.

    With all the so-called technical problems / mechanical problems faced by MAS, Botak must be thrown out of MAS. He is not fit to run a car workshop let alone MRO. The government must take drastic actions against the Botak and the topless management of MAS.

    By the way who is the failed CEO of Desaru Devt Resort?

  7. Kamaruddin

    This shameless botak head must be physically removed from MAS. Someone has said here that he is not wanted back in AirAsia and his place has been filled by more qualified person. I am not surprised by this. Who want a useless and shameless fella in a company. MAS is not a dumping ground for the pariah. Botak, I promise you that we are not going to make life any easier for you and your protector.

  8. Stanley

    Botak is one of the remnants of the infamous share SUAP who is trying very hard to hold on to his lucrative job – gaji buta. I can’t agree more that he is shameless. He is so incompetent and yet he refused to leave. At least, Rashdan aka Danny the nanny, Rozman Omar, Shane Nollan and another botak Al Ishal Ishak have all left MAS through the back door. At least they chose to leave. Unlike this tak malu Botak, still think that he has a role to play in MRO after all the screw ups i.e. MH370, MH066, MH192 and now FY1002.

  9. Observer in MRO

    With all the adverse publicities, Botak must have used all the foul languages that he has acquired and practiced in MRO on his own family by now. I am glad that his love for using four letter words have been exposed by a reader here. It is an open secret that Botak uses four letter words as punctuation and full stop for his daily conversation and at meetings that he chaired.

    Botak, you mother f.cker. How about that?

    Person with such degrading character is allowed to hold the post of CEO if MRO. It is as though there is no other better qualified and character than the Botak in the whole of Malaysia to hold the post of CEO of MAS.

    Ptui! To you Botak. F..k you! How do you feel now on at the receiving end. So please think how your subordinates think when you used the four letters word against them. You fu.king basta.rd, Botak.

    1. Foul Mouth Botak

      Ka! Ka! Ka! Padan muka kepada Botak!

      You deserve worst than what you have been getting in YB’s blog. If I can have my way I will go further than what have been used against you. You are not fit to be an office boy in MRO. Only AJ and the pariah think that you are fit.

  10. Botak the mother f..cker

    I can also vouch that this botak son of a bitch uses four letters all the times in the office. Of course, the fatty Zaharah of HR will not take actions because both are the products of the share suap and gaji buta. His mouth stinks like shit. AJ, aren’t you ashamed to have a CEO of MRO with a mouth full of fucks? your mother, Botak! This is my time to give you what you have given me.

  11. Abdul

    The f.cking Azhari should go back to the low caste environment in AirAsia. Bloody Botak, you will never have peace and cooperation from us.

  12. Rama of MAS

    The mother f.cker mother is just shameless. There were too many technical problems under him. It has been forgot the about the crashed in Kudat last year and the technical problems with MAS flight to Chennai. Now MH 066, MH 192 and FY 1002.

    AJ do you want to see more lives being lost before you get rid of Botak. You knew that he was not competent to hold the post of CEO. Why do you need to keep an incompetent as CEO of MRO? Do you have to please the pariah to please the pariah at the expense of MAS? Ptui! to both.

  13. Long Kang Botak

    Lost of lives in the ferry disaster in Korea the PM resigned to take responsibility. MH370 went missing, AJ said resignation is a personal matter. If it is a personal matter AJ should stay in London with his family.

    With all the “technical problems” one after another, Botak should be shown to the long kang but not. He has been seen as a pet to AJ.

  14. SOS

    Staff not happy of the current management!

    Why? T&C for staff not settled especially for years. As result a number of 88 crew, 120 technicians, 33 new engineers resigned and joined AA. MAS Unions & Associations given full support to AJ but his team of management reported to government it is the union’s and association’s fault of the loss making airlines.

    During the previous management, staff can hold onto something because there was blue print BTP1 & BTP2 but the current management have no long term planned – no blue print and they make decision based on what was presented on their plate.

    After 41 years, where is our talent management gone? Instead, we see there are more imported expatriates (players). Azhari’s qualification is far average and very general i.e. License Aircraft Engineers and FOCA license. His education is lower than MAS current staff who are more qualified to fill the post. With Azhari’s low and near zero knowledge and qualification – there’s why there have been major incidents.

    Head of HR is former British American tobacco who did a blunder and was VSS-ed by British American Tobacco. With such broken records for AJ’s team, Mr T brought in rotten apples into MAS to complete his sabotage against MAS so he can buy MAS at RM1 after MAS declared bankruptcy under AJ, Zahrah Zaid and Azhari Dahlan.

    When the trio joined MAS, they planned to destroy the unions and associations but found out it was not that an easy task. So Zahrah Zaid under AJ’s instruction received from Mr T to find faults in all Unions & Associations representatives.

    Airbus team arrived in KL these days to negotiate with AJ team to buy 60 numbers of aircraft. We believe the purchases will be retrieved from Tune Air or Tony F because he has place a larger order most recently.

    With the current situation of flight MH370 and the loss making airline, the management led by AJ, continues to create problems from inside.

    The MAS staff pray everyday to get sympathy from the public and the government to investigate this matter and if possible to change the current management and to bring back the glory for MAS. Please ensure enough numbers of internal staff to run the company efficiently.

    Only prime minister can help us with this issue and do not let us wait too long.

    This source is from the independent observer.

    1. Ask Amokh Khaznah

      “As result a number of 88 crew, 120 technicians, 33 new engineers resigned and joined AA.” These are damning figures for MAS. AJ must explain the exodus of MAS staff. AJ can no longer choose to silence. The Govt must instruct Amokh of Khaznah to look into the allegation. The problem is Amokh was responsible for the appointment of AJ, Azhari, Rashdan, Rozman Omar, Zaharah Zaaid and TS Md Nor. It is all pointing to the infamous share suap, which was a non starter in the first place.

  15. Useless Botak

    The bloody Botak is damn thick skin period. At the rate of 33 engineers leaving, the useless Botak wil end up with 2 staff in MRO that is himself and his ball licker Aminuddin.

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