Now Everyone Want Azhari To Clarify Why Changed To Carbon Brakes

Tuan Azhari Dahlan, the only highly qualified engineer in MAS, was head hunted from AirAsia during the infamous MAS-AirAsia share swap
Tuan Azhari Dahlan, the only highly qualified engineer in Malaysia, was head hunted from AirAsia during the infamous MAS-AirAsia share swap.  When he was in MAS for a short period, he was just a junior engineer.


YB Datuk Seri Hishamuddin Hussein, the Acting Minister of Transport, has directed the Police Special Branch to probe into the aborted MH192 from KLIA to Bangalore on 21-4-204 due to tyre burst during take off.  He has also given MAS two days to present a preliminary report to be submitted to the cabinet for consideration, HERE.


Extreme left: Captain Nor Adam. Extreme right: Co-pilot Mr Prakash Kumar. This is the picture of the crews with our Acting Minsiter of Transport YB Datuk Seri Hishamuddin Hussein.
Extreme left: Captain Nor Adam. Extreme right: Co-pilot Mr Prakash Kumar. This is the picture of the crews with our Acting Minister of Transport, YB Datuk Seri Hishamuddin Hussein.


MAS Captain Nor Adam Azmi and his co-pilot Prakash Kumars professionalism in landing MH192 safely must be commended.  Of course, the crews also play a big role in the safe landing of MH 192.  PM Najib was also happy with the professionalism of the crews of MH192 in HERE.


The passengers of MH 192 have applauded the professionalism of the MAS crews.  This was what they have said  The passengers praised the seven crew members’ professionalism, which they said had helped them to keep calm as the aircraft aborted several emergency landing attempts, HERE.


Coming back to Tuan Azhari, your truly would like to highlight the interesting comment by GE Man in the posting “Azhari should be suspended pending investigation into MH 192 air turn back”Tuan Azhari Dahlan, the only highly qualified engineer in Malaysia and was head hunted from AirAsia’s insignificant engineering department, to head MAS Engineering (MRO).  When Tuan Azhari Dahlan was appointed CEO of MRO, he did not have the required qualification of Nominated Post Holder issued by DCA.


Police lorry was parked in the compound of MRO yesterday.
Police lorry was parked in front of KLIA MAS Wheels & Brakes Shop yesterday.


The Special Branch should also probe into the ways in which Tuan Azhari Dahlan was appointed during the infamous MAS-AirAsia share swap and all his decisions made in MRO after his appointment as CEO.  The said decisions should include all contracts made with vendors including the change of steel brakes on the Boeing B737-800 aircraft.


Yours truly has been informed that previously the hangar floor of MRO was filled with third party jobs due to the well established high engineering standard of MRO. The third party customers of the MRO were Continental Air Line, World Air, Air France, KLM and Saudi Air to name a few.


After the infamous MAS – AirAsia share swap and the appointment of  this highly qualified Tuan Azhari Dahlan the multi million Ringgit MRO hangar and its support workshop have been reduced to collecting dust.


Of course, AirAsia has started to send its aircraft to MRO for service and maintenance even though in July 2012 AirAsia has been reported to have stopped sending its aircraft to MAS/MRO for service/maintenance after the aborted MAS-AirAsia share swap, HERE.


It must be noted that before the MAS – AirAsia share swap AirAsia sent its aircraft to SIA for maintenance and it was based on market rate and cash payment.  The special branch should also look into the contract between MRO and AirAsia, rate charged for all maintenance works and terms of payment.


During the short tenure of Tuan Azhari Dahlan as CEO of MRO, there were just too many “technical problems” ever experienced by MAS.


Please see below the comments from GE MAN:

My opinion is the tire burst on Boeing 737-800 flight MH192 on 21 April 2014 could have been man-made due to inadequate experience and not an accident as some would like us to believe, most likely for the following reasons:

MAS management – AJ and Bo(otak) unilaterally changed the original aircraft wheel brake specs (steel brakes) to CARBON Brakes and above that MAS got to pay an additional/extra millions of ringgit every month on flight hourly fees to the vendor.

MAS Boeing B737-800 are the only one of two in this region known to have fitted their aircraft with CARBON Brakes, no other airline in this region is known to have installed CARBON Brakes on B738.

The highly qualified CEO of MAS Engineering did the brake specification changes compromising the safety of MAS Boeing B737-800 by disregarding the damage it will have on the tires.

It is a well known fact in the aviation industry that Carbon Brakes on Boeing B737-800 generate very high heat during braking that leads to unpredictable damage to the tires.

There have been many incidents in MAS of tire damage separation and bursting after fitting the Carbon Brakes on B738 but his “selected engineering team” has always been instructed not to highlight such incidents.

Airbus A320 is fitted with Carbon Brakes at the factory as design standard and has built-in cooling fans to reduce the heat on the wheels so the tires are not damaged or bursting.

The CEO of MAS engineering decided to install Carbon Brakes WITHOUT the COOLING FAN on Boeing B738 as he must have thought that he is the most highly qualified engineer in Malaysia.

Now the highly qualified engineer was about to sacrifice 166 passengers of MH192 on 21 April 2014 for his highly qualified disregard to human safety and should undoubtedly be taken to task?

The Minister must check the authenticity of this statement as the custodian of the Malaysia aviation sector and bring to task the perpetrators without fail on this occasion as his solemn duty to all national and international travelers on MAS before it is too late.


Now Everyone Want Tuan Azhari Dahlan To Clarify Why Changed The Steel Brakes To Carbon Brakes for B737-800.

22 thoughts on “Now Everyone Want Azhari To Clarify Why Changed To Carbon Brakes

  1. Observer in MAS

    I am not surprised that MRO is collecting dust as it is headed by an incompetence Azhari. The fact shows that his main experience is from AirAsia whose engineering department is a negligible outfit. That’s why AirAsia had to outsource its aircraft maintenance to SIA and now MAS MRO headed by a former AirAsia Azhari Dahlan.

    There is no respect for Azhari from the staff in MRO. many of the MRO staff are more senior, qualified and qualified than Azhari. It is impossible for him to head a department under such circumstances.

    GE Man’s comments must be investigated. One must not try to modified a standard specifications of aircraft as they were already been properly researched and tested. How could Aj and he top management of MAS allowed Azhari, who has little or no experience in running such a big set up like MRO, to decide on such matters which involved safety.

    The problems with MAS is the important department like MRO is headed an incompetence Azhari with little experience. On top of that Ahmad Jauhari who has no aviation experience to head MAS. No wonder MAS is in such a sorry state. The government should use this opportunity to get rid of the incompetence and let the real professionals with proven track records to run MAS and all its departments. We can no longer run MAS with cronies as its heads of department.

    If we need to get mat Salleh/Hollywood, let get those who have experience and expertise in full service airline and not low cost. MAS was already badly damaged during the share swap where AirAsia directors and Rashdan were running amok in MAS.

    Azhari must leave MAS and return to AirAsia like Rozman Omar and Al-ishal ishak. The biscuit lady Zaharah is a non-starter in HR. She must also go. There are too many incompetence heads of department in MAS. MAS is just top too heavy.

    I hope that the Government will not rely on Khazanah to revamp MAS because its top management has no credibility left as far as MAS is concerned. We all know who is Azman Mokhtar and Rashdan, two of the main architects in the MAS-AirAsia share swap deal that was planned in secrecy.

    Therefore, Datuk Hishamuddin is the right person to clean up MAS. Get rid of extra baggage like Azhari and Zaharah.

    Please also look into the Golden Lounge operations and the recent changes of baggage handling in KLIA. Private vendor has been appointed to do baggage handling and running the Golden Lounge. Strangely enough the staff from private vendor are wearing MAS uniform in the Golden Lounge. Is this proper? These matters are under Salleh Tak Berani. Is he competence to handle airport operation ?

    Several renovation works have been done to the check in counters and the Golden Lounge at the airport within a short span of time. Were the renovation works necessary? Renovation works cost a lot of money to MAS!

    In the interim just get rid of the obvious incompetence heads of department like Azhari, Zaharah and those Hollywood and Bollywood with low cost airline experience.

    Thank you

  2. Farid

    A braking system has been designed by Boeing and this Botak with only low caste airline experience decided to modify it. Botak should be sacked for doing this. Datuk Hishamuddin should demand ask MAS whether the modifications of the braking system has been included in the report. If not then it is a clear case of selective reporting. Even if this was mentioned the Botak should be sacked. That is the only word he understand in life. Botak must be made to walk out from MRO in disgrace otherwise he won’t learn.

    Azman Mokhtar should also learn from appointing cronies of his friends into positions of importance in an organization is doing injustice to the organization and at the same time doing injustice to the crony. Why? The crony will be thrown out of the organization because of his incapability/incompetency.

    Botak, your skin must be thicker than the elephant skin! You can try to hold on to your job for the pariah but we will not cooperate with you because you are useless and burden to MRO. We will carry on exposing you in YB’s blog.

  3. Anonymous in MAS

    Botak’s days in MAS is numbered. Now that his incompetence has been exposed many times over, no shareholders will tolerate it. I don’t know why AJ is so fond of this Botak. May be they got parachuted into MAS via the Share Suap. How I wish that Botak was thrown into the police lorry and sent him back to AirAsia so that he could be with his ultimate boss, Tony.

  4. Enrich Platinum Member

    I feel it is unfair of us to put in our opinion over the usage of carbon brakes on the B737-800 aircraft. Firstly, if the usage of such components brings about a slightest doubts over its safety how on earth would be approved in the first place? Let’s not mislead the public to think that the decision made was a bad one. On the contrary, the usage of carbon brakes does have its advantages. Boeing themselves has many good things to say about it. Refer to this site:
    Let’s not stoop that low and resort to throwing allegations that can boomerang back and showing the public that we are not all that correct either. It was also mentioned that Third party maintenance may have declined a little but do you have any solid evidence that the hangars are underutilized and man-hours are inefficiently utilized?
    All said and done however, perhaps it is really the time for us to focus on the fact that too many incidences have been happening lately in just a couple of months. It is also true that the morale of the personnel is also at an all-time low. It is also true that somehow any screw up within the secured facility is somehow being broadcasted to the public like almost instantaneously. With pictures some more….
    To make matters worse, the media is reporting on Sabotage Investigations which only goes to show that the current management has failed to put the department together. In other words…. We have now become suspicious over the very people we have trusted to keep the aircraft safe in the air!
    It is no longer the question of the capability of the Accountable Manager. It is now a matter of National Pride and Security. With all the tell-tale signs of many more things to come are we happy to sit still and wait after one another incidences to happen with many more lives put at risk?
    Maybe it’s time to ‘mandi bunga’ – give it a total overhaul! Bring in a new team with credible experience and reputation. I am sorry Azhari. I know that AirAsia don’t want you back either as they have a much better guy sitting in your seat today. As a matter of fact he has been given even a bigger portfolio…. I just hope you kept your license up to date. The world is still short of aircraft engineers. No offence lah, it’s not like you did a bad job, but your return to MAS with a vengeance over some of the people who made your life tough in your younger days is a very unprofessional approach. This is MAS. They have culture and etiquettes. Foul languages and verbal intimidation may work in a low cost environment but not here lah! Perhaps it’s time you learn that the world is round. What goes around comes around!

  5. Mat

    How shocking to know that the low caste AirAsia doesn’t want the Botak back! That goes to show how useless and dispensable he is. Only AJ thinks highly of him. YB also think highly of him as the only qualified engineer in Malaysia. In this case, he had to go back to plead with his boss Tony to take him back. After all he is so highly qualified using Four Letters Word. Without four letters word Botak will not be able to speak.

    In any event, there is no place for Botak in MRO. If he cannot go back to AirAsia then he should jump into the big monsoon drain.

  6. GE Man

    After the carbon brakes saga , while our beloved MAS is bleeding and loosing billions , it is believed AJ and Bo (otak) is now planning to make a huge Airbus A330 NG purchase during their final days in MAS.

    It seems that Bo (otak ) is putting the final touch to buy the left over Airbus A330 that pariah had ordered in 2011 ( after the planned Indian venture stalled and question by Indian parliament). This 2011 order/booking has a 2011 production serial number but MAS is buying at 2014 price.

    MAS would have this 2011 aircraft (A330) with obsolete parts and components and will need millions for mandatory upgrade/modification to keep the aircraft flying.

    As a gold lining to the coffin and to hide the parts obsolescent; Bo(otak ) is giving the component and spare support contract ( PBTH ) to the aircraft supplier so that no one knows about the obsolete parts issue and the millions to be spent over the lifetime of these 16 aircraft they buy for MAS before being booted out.

    Dato Hisham or MAS directors must scrutinize purchases and contracts on old production aircraft having obsolete parts and components that Bo (otak) has made.

    Would Dato Hisham and the cabinet also allow Bo (otak) to cover-up the obsolete parts cost by giving the A330 component support contract ( PBTH ) to a party picked by Bo ( otak ) ??

    AJ and Bo ( otak ) will hang-on to MAS by all means till the Farnborough Air Show July 2014 to put the final poison arrow in MAS heart by signing this multi billion dollar aircraft purchase and award its A330 Component Support to Fxxxxx…… We hope that this will not happen!

  7. Staff in MRO

    Azhari mouth stink like the drain in the market. He uses foul languages on his subordinates. He thought that he is God’s gift to MRO. He has forgotten that if he is not q barua to the pariah, he wouldn’t have got any where new the gate of MRO. Staff in the MRO know too well about Azhari. FO to you Botak Head.

    Please ask your Deputy Aminuddin to check and punish us for exposing you. We promise you more to come. Rest assured that more to come for you.

  8. GE Man

    Further to the comment by enrich platinum member and its link to Boeing write up on carbon brakes ;

    The lower weight of carbon brakes results in slightly lower fuel consumption, which can reduce CO2 emissions.

    It is important to note that this article does not address total cost of ownership topics such as usage and overhaul costs. Operators should weigh the decisions on brake type based on several considerations, including specific model usage, route utilization, and cost structure.

    These cost considerations often resulted in the use of steel brakes on smaller, short-haul commercial airplanes and carbon brakes on larger, long-haul commercial airplanes.

    1. Jalaludin

      When you have to make modification to the brake system it cost a lot of money. Firstly, what happened to the steel brakes and spare parts. Secondly the cost of buying new carbon brake systems and the spare parts. Botak only has a low caste brain. He does not think of all these costs. He may have other agendas. We must constantly keeping an eye on this useless Botak.

      If the pariah does not want him back, he should get help from AJ who is a good friend of the pariah. Remember AJ gave the additional Sydney route to AirAsia X. A day longer the low caste Botak stays in MAS, it means one more day of disaster for MAS. We hope that Datuk Hishamuddin will now know about this Botak and what the AirAsia remnant is doing to MAS. Ptui to the Botak and his deputy Aminuddin. Both are the left over of the share suap.

  9. Ahmok

    For all the brouhaha and condemnations from (must be!) some very qualified personnel (of airlines) profession, DID or DID NOT the Acting Transport Minister or even the PM himself taking notes of the accusations and some given technical details for further actions?

  10. Anonymous

    Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar must take responsibility for the appointment of the useless Azhari Dahlan as CEO of MRO. Enough has been said. The government must act and remove this useless fella. He is causing more problems for MAS and the nation.

  11. Joshua

    If AJ still can’t figure out this Botak Head must be rid off from MAS then he himself should be thrown out before it is too late. I cannot believe that AJ could be so clueless.

  12. Nazri

    AJ & Botak Head must be thrown out from asap. There is no two ways about it if MAS is serious about recovery. We cannot have clueless as CEO and MRO. Datuk Hisham must know this. Now is the time to get rid of all the deadwood like that fat woman Zaharah Zaaid, Salleh Tak Berani and a several more.

  13. Salleh

    Govt must take bold action to revamp MAS….whatever it takes. Put emotion aside, make decision by fact and figures. Take Garuda for examples.From 2000-2009 its reputation plumetting due to few aircraft accidents and EU banned its aircaft fyling in euro air space. But later on the aircraft recover back and won few airline prestigious award. So MAS also need to take the same path……revamp….sack incompetence people from MAS…hire only qualified people in the airline industry.

    1. Lala Kloft

      Maybe since his 2 term contract is expiring and cant be renewed, emir satar the ceo of garuda can be taken in to replace aj. The problems garuda face is the same as mas. Both are glcs, both face political interference, both nearly went bankrupt. So with his experience to turn around garuda with all this baggage, i m sure he can turn around mas. As it is, having airline experienced managers in the board of directors isnt doing mas any good anyway. If kazanah take private also, no point because the problem will continue because the wrong people are running and ruining the show. Get rid of them now before another tragedy happens. This means from the board to management.

  14. Sack deadwood in MAS

    It has been too long that the deadwood in MAS have been enjoying their salaries and perks for doing nothing and appointed consultant to do their work. If one were to look through the financial records of MAS, there were too many consultant appointed under Md Nor and AJ.

    It is now timely to sack incompetent like Azhari Dahlan, AJ, Zaharah Zaid (fat biscuit lady), Salleh Tak Berani and the 8 Hollywood & Bollywood heded by Dr Hugh Dunleavy.

    If no drastic actions are immediately taken, the future of MAS is gloomy. The government must take stern actions now. The two BinaFikir boys in Khazanah namely Azman Mokhtar and Rashdan must be kept out of any actions to be taken in MAS. Both of these two Bina Tak Guna Otak guys are as guilty of those they allowed to be appointed during the share SAUP i.e. Azhari Dahlan, Aj and Zaharah Zaid. We must thank God that Rashdan, Rozman Omar and Al-ishal ishak have disappeared fairly early from MAS. During a short sting in MAS, Al -Ishal had already got MAS into payment of many million Ringgit for the appointment of Landor Associate to re-brand MAS with the new blue livery that is now used on A380 aircraft.

    Don’t wait. Sack teh deadwood now so that the others unkown deadwood will be awaken.

  15. We are placing blame on everybody. This will not do. The main person is the CEO. What is the job of the CEO you may ask/ Well, his job is to find the people to do the job to implement the vision and mission of MAS. If has not been able to do that then he and he alone should take the blame.

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