Is “SAFETY” the real reason for AirAsia not moving to KLIA2?


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The recent outburst by AirAsia citing “safety” issues as it main reason for not moving to KLIA2.  Is this the real reason? 


First and foremost, it was AirAsia that demanded for KLIA2 to be built after it has failed to get the Tun Abdullah’s Administration to grant approval for KLIA East Airport in Labu.  Even Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar, the MD of Khazanah, did not agree with KLIA East. You will recall that the KLIA East episode blew up during the tail end of Tun Abdullah’s Administration.  Please read HERE, HERE, HERE.


By the way, it was as early as in April 2012 that there were already talks of AirAsia not moving to the new KLIA2, HERE.


Therefore, AirAsia’s refusal to move to KLIA2 was not something new. It was just like a threat made by a spoilt brat.  AirAsia’s innate behaviour shows that it must be given whatever it has demanded. It gave the impression that the whole nation owes it a living.


A few years ago AirAsia had threatened to move its headquarters to Jakarta for reason best known to itself. Presumably it thought that Indonesian authorities will bow down to their whims and fancies. Recently your truly has been reliably informed that AirAsia has closed down its office in Jakarta and all its personnel have now returned to Malaysia quietly.   It must a very embarrassing event  for AirAsia otherwise it will be issuing statements or tweets and published by the Star Newspapers.


Fortunately or unfortunately, when it failed to pay the Airport Tax that it has collected from its passengers, Indonesian Aviation Authority with one go grounded 3 AirAsia aircraft without hesitation. It immediately paid up the outstanding Airport Tax. Please read HERE.


Of course, one cannot blame AirAsia for taking things for granted because it owed only a small amount of Airport Tax in Jakarta if compared to the amount of more than RM130 million it owed MAHB spanning over more than five years.


When these Airport Tax debts became an issue in Parliament, AirAsia had to settle the airport tax debt and it was granted a discount of not less than 25% by the Tun Abdullah’s Administration. Under such circumstances, the Government should have imposed interest and other penalty charges.   Unfortunately, AirAsia was not accorded with special treatment in Jakarta like what it had received in Malaysia. It had to pay the Airport Tax debts in full in Jakarta.  It would have the Airport Tax debts paid in full with interest and penalty charges if MAHB were to ground all AirAsia aircraft like what had happened in Jakarta. We have to appreciate that MAHB is just a small pawn in this whole affairs. It has to constantly bow down to the little Napoleons in Khazanah who were in the state of willful blindness.


AirAsia cited “safety” issue at KLIA2. Is this the real reason?


AirAsia says no to increase airport charges
AirAsia says no to increase airport tax


You will recall during the constructions of KLIA2 Tan Sri Tony Fernandes/AirAsia were already protesting against the airport charges.


You will also recall that when there was delay in the completion of KLIA2 who was the sole complainant. It was Tan Sri Tony Fernandes/AirAsia. Was the real reason given for his complaints? No.


On 1-4-2014 the Deputy Minister of Transport had announced that KLIA2 will be operational on 9-5-2014 and LCCT will be closed. Despite notice of the closure of LCCT has been sent to AirAsia, it was in the state of  defiance by making it public that it will not move until the “safety” issues have been resolved, HERE.


MAHB and Ministry of Transport were made out to look like useless authorities with no sense of responsibility and that they will just open KLIA2 to the public without getting all the appropriate approvals from all the controlling authorities. This is the mentality of those managing AirAsia.


Its statement was so arrogant . It came out with the excuse of KLIA2 was not safe for passengers. If safety is AirAsia paramount objective then it would not have objected to the use of aerobridge that will cost only 20 Sen per passenger. It will be safer for the passengers and aircraft for passengers to use the aerobridge rather than walking on the tarmac. But it strongly objected to the building of aerobridges in KLIA2.


When it flies to Chiangmai, Bangkok, Singapore and other airports, it obediently used the aerobbridges and paid for the usage. But it treated MAHB with contempt.  This is the mentality of AirAsia. May be AirAsia has taken thing for granted when dealing with MAHB.  In the past AirAsia has been bullying MAHB with immunity especially during the time when the “Fourth Floor Boys” were extremely powerful. That was when AirAsia was able to collect Airport Taxes from passengers and kept it as its running capital and MAHB was so powerless to take any actions against AirAsia to recover the Airport Tax debts. At its height, AirAsia was owing more than RM130 million in Airport Taxes.


on 2-4-2014 Star front page second lead story by BK Sifhu
on 2-4-2014 Star front page second lead story by that highly acclaimed editor of Star Business. She is  none other than Ms BK Sidhu.


Front page Star Business by Ms BK Sidhu
Front page Star Business by Ms BK Sidhu.


Star Business  page 2 lead story by Ms BK Sidhu
Star Business page 2 lead story by Ms BK Sidhu.


The highly acclaimed journalist, Ms B K Sidhu, the New Editor of StarBiz
The highly acclaimed journalist, Ms BK Sidhu, the Editor of StarBiz


On 2-4-2014 Ms Aireen Omar of AirAsia said that it will stay put in LCCT unless the  “safety” issues are settled. Star came out with 3 articles in one day, one in its front page second lead story, the other two in StarBiz front page and page 2 highlighting the reasons why AirAsia refused to move to KLIA2. This was expected of the Star. Even a tweet from AirAsia’s director will be published as a news item in the Star.  Of course, AirAsia stories are usually highlighted as important news in the Star by its  highly acclaimed Star Business Editor, Ms BK Sidhu, the known “spoke person” for AirAsia” who will not hesitate to publish misleading story quoting unknown source to help AirAsia X to gain support for its IPO, HERE & HERE.


Is safety a real priority to AirAsia?  Despite its influence, DCA only gave a temporary AOC to AirAsia due to safety issues, HERE.


On 5-4-2014 PM YAB Datuk Seri Najib announced that AirAsia must move to KLIA2 on 9-5-2014.  The PM also ticked off AirAsia for being arrogant, HERE.


AirAsia was in the state of elegant silence for 10 days. Out of a sudden, it changed its tune yesterday and agreed to move to KLIA2 on 9-5-2014 despite its earlier stand on the so-called “safety” issues. But AirAsia/AirAsia X no longer stressed on the so-called “Safety” issues in its latest joint statement of yesterday. It was stressing on wanting to negotiate on the new airport charges to be based on its “business model”. Please read HERE.


Datuk Kamarudin Meranun proudly showing his MAS credential.
Datuk Kamarudin Meranun proudly showing his then MAS credential during the MAs-AirAsia share swap
YB Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz, the chairman of AirAsia X Sdn Bhd. By the way, has AirAsia X refunded all the airport taxes collected from the un-traveled  passengers?
YB Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz, the chairman of AirAsia X Sdn Bhd. By the way, has AirAsia X handed over the Airport Taxes collected from un-travelled passengers to MAHB?

The joint press statement by AirAsia director Datuk Kamarudin Meranun and AirAsia X Chairman Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz have finally let the cat out of the bag. They were talking about the negotiations on the airport charges to be levied against AirAsia/AirAsia X. Below is the last paragraph of its joint statement.


Yours truly has highlighted the relevant parts for you so that you can clearly see whether the so-called “safety” issues as expressed earlier by Ms Aireen Omar of AirAsia was just a smoke screen or a genuine concern of AirAsia. Please see below the last paragraph of the joint statement:


“However, should the negotiations not be completed or concluded expeditiously, we hope the Government will be able to provide necessary mediation, in order to enable MAHB (Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd) to get its dues as the airport operator; and at the same time, enabling the AirAsia Group to efficiently operate based on our proven low-cost carrier business model through reasonable charges and levies,” they said in the statement.


It must be noted that as early as in June 2012, AirAisa/AirAsia X were already demanding concrete commitments from MAHB to a fixed airport charges for AirAsia/AirAsia X.   Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz had already said: “Timeliness and a concrete black and white commitment on fixed airport charges in the new low-cost carrier terminal is needed to cool down the ongoing tension between AirAsia Chief Tan Sri Tony Fernandes and Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd (MAHB).  Please read “MAHB should ignore low cost mentality”.


The Government must not be seen to be tolerating undue pressures from companies like AirAsia/AirAsia X and give them preferential or fixed airport charges for the use of KLIA2.


On 11-10-2012 the Ministry of Transport told Parliament that KLIA2 was not built specially for one particular airline, HERE.


Further, KLIA2 is built using public fund. AirAsia/AirAsia X has no right to demand for preferential or fixed airport charges. The cost of KLIA2 had to be recovered by MAHB through collection of airport charges.


If the Government is mindful of bowing to the pressure of AirAsia/AirAsia X, in all fairness the same percentage of preferential or fixed airport charges must be applied to all carriers using KLIA and KLIA2.


In the interim, the Government should instruct MAHB to take actions against AirAsia/AirAsia X to pay up the Airport Tax debt of about RM7 million (as in June 2012 – it should be higher by now) that were paid by passengers who did not travel. The said RM7 million has been confirmed in Parliament by the Ministry of Transport, HERE.


AirAsia/AirAsia X only have the right to forfeit the fares paid by un-travelled passengers but not the Airport Tax. The Airport Tax should handed over to MAHB or Bank Negara as unclaimed money.


Last but not least, Malaysia does not owe AirAsia/AirAsia X a living. Both of them must be reminded that the Government is to govern the country and not dance to the tunes of AirAsia/AirAsia X.


Please read an interesting article comparing air fare from KL to Jakarta charged by AirAsia, Malindo, KLM & MAS  by entitled: Now Everything We Slaughter”.



38 thoughts on “Is “SAFETY” the real reason for AirAsia not moving to KLIA2?

  1. Observer

    This is how that Pariah operates all these years. He thought that the SIL & Bodowi still running the country. I am curious to know why the SIL/Bodowi are so helpful to the Pariah. Who is the real man behind AirAsia?

  2. Leng

    BK Sidhu is just a mercenary. Didn’t know that he has been appointed spoke person for AIrAsia. Sidhu, do you have pride as a journalist? Most probably not that’s why you are sucking up to AirAsia and TF to such an extend.

    I hope that the government will not waste time with AirAsia’s demands. It has already been given more than what it deserve from the govt when the Slumberjack was sleeping/running country. There must be no special fixed airport charges for AirAsia. Why should other airlines pay more to subsidise AirAsia so that it can make more profits. MAHB and the government should tell AirAsia and pariah to FO.

    1. IT.Scheiss

      With Tony Fernandez on the board of Star Publications since May 2012, does BK Sidhu or anyone else at The Star have a choice?

      One of the biggest controllers of media freedom is not the government but the owners of a media organisation and also its advertisers.

      Journalistic integrity and media freedom ends when it comes up against its owners’ and major advertisers’ interests, and that applies to ALL media, whether mainstream or “independent”, and also to blogs which have become reliant on income from advertisements.

      As they say, money talks, BS walks, and that applies to journalistic integrity as well, anywhere in the world.

  3. eduardloong

    To be fair to AirAsia, they have returned the airport tax for overseas travel back to me whenever I failed to make the trip. Each time I had to fill up a special e-form online to submit my request for refund of airport tax. They took about 30 working days to return my money by crediting my credit card that was used to make the booking initially. This is a slow & cumbersome process. Other low cost airlines are more efficient on this aspect.

  4. Anonymous

    the low-cost airline run by the low-class pariah…ngam ngam wor!. this ungrateful brat is behaving like a maharajah. i never heard the rascal uttered a single word of malay at his press conferences. there are unquestionably ‘big big people’ protecting him all this while, for what? ‘bottom line’ leh, what else!. kita sama2 tunggu dan lihat ‘who will win’ in this battle or rather war. whichever way, it will definitely be at the expense of the rakyat. what’s new?

    1. Petronius

      Wah, lau – you run an international business and you must speak in Malay at your press conferences?

      Next time, conduct your investment analysts’ meetings in Malay, lah.

      Maybe that will assuage the language Nazis out there!


        A pariah having changed his name will not make him an English man. A pariah will always be a pariah. If he can even utter a word of Bahasa why waste his time doing his business here. The pariah should try his luck in UK or USA. Maybe he luck will be better and there is no need for the low caste airline to pay airport tax and will be allowed to treat it as profits. With the pariah’s way of doing business, he will not last 5 seconds in UK or USA. Ha! Ha! Ha!.

      2. Zul

        The Pariah’s cybertrooper is keeping quiet on this posting. Why? The truth hurts. Now Everyone Know About the Pariah’s Corporate Nonsense. Now Pariah Cannot Bullshit Anymore. Now No One Will Believe The Pariah. Now The Pariah Had to Walk Around With His Tail Between His Legs. Ka! Ka! Ka!

    2. Lala Kloft

      Some of the ministers appointed in the 2013 cabinet also cant speak BM and get away with it, so what a silly businessman?

  5. Low Caste Tony

    Not only low cost but also low caste then only one could make such accusations as a smoke screen. Of course, safety is not the real issue here. It was made used of by that bloody pariah to pressure the government and MAHB to meet the pariah’s demand. The government should waste no time with such low caste bast.rd. This particular low caste / pariah will dramatize anything to suit his objectives. The pariah even dramatize the missing MH370 when the whole nation is in grieve for the families of the passengers and crews.

    PM Najib should instruct MOT not to waste time with the pariah. If you choose to do his business in India or Philippine please go. The pariah cannot last because he lives on spinning and lying. There is no room for him except in this country. That is why the pariah had to close its Jakarta office quietly and return to Malaysia.

    Since proper notice has been issued to the low caste, on 9-4-2014 comes just close down LCCT. Lets see what can the pariah do.

    A low caste will always be a low caste even though the name has been changed.

    BK Sidhu is just another pariah’s journalist with no “maruah”. She has no credibility. She is good in the eyes of the useless MCA leaders.

  6. ANonymous

    Tony just wanted to have full control of KLIA2 so that he could do what he likes. Hence all the disruption created during the crisis involving MH370. I am sure that if MAHB gave him a free hand to operate KLIA2. He will start a massage parlour wihtout any hesitation. May be a brothel. Why waste time on a spa and muzeum. These kind of outlets will not make big money. Massage parlour and brothel will. I just cannot believe how low caste can one be. No wonder the readers are calling him a pariah. Most suited.

  7. Now Everyone Can Laugh At The Pariah

    The pariah has been messing around with the system for too long. He was instrumental in complaining the delay in the completion of KLIA2. When KLIA2 is about to be ready in operation. He started his knew dirty trick by using safety and security issues. The pariah was trying to show that he was concerned with passengers safety. Remember what he has said before: If the air tickets are low enough, Malaysians are prepared to risk their lives. This is how htis pariah viewed Malaysians.

    Now MAHB called his bluff and rush KLIA2. It is ready for full operation on 9 May. But the pariah’s HQ is not ready. He is caught in his own game now. PM has said that you move on 9 May. Every Everyone Can Laugh!

  8. Halim

    Spin, spin and spin! Now being caught with his pants down. I hope that Nazir Razak stay clear from him. This pariah will make use of anyone including his mother to make profit. I hope that the little Napoleons in Khazanah will also stay clear from him. The Govt must not negotiate with dishonest people because dishonest people will never tell the truth.

    That shameless BK Sidhu carry Tony’s balls all the times until she is shown the door of the Star. I couldn’t believe the stupid Aireen Omar story can go to the Star front page. That goes to show the standard of the chief editor June Wong and this shameless Sidhu.

  9. Din

    Kerajaan jangan tunduk kepala kepada si pariah.Kerajaan jangan berunding dengan si pariah mengenai caj-caj airport. Kasi dia mampus.

  10. GE Man

    TF got a “slap ” from PM and is ready to move to KLIA2 with his tail between his legs.

    AJ and Bo are macai of TF after giving wrong info to Dato Hisham during the first week of disappearance of MH370 by media statement about “ ALRIGHT GOODNIGHT”

    Dato Hisham was made to look like a fool to the world media and decided he has had enough of these two macai. The Bo(otak) only appeared in one press conference and he was never to be seen again. Even if he is around he is of no help as he is clueless. He is just an appointee under the share suap.

    I believe that two of them is in their final days in MAS.

    Bo (otak ) is now putting the final touch to buy the left over Airbus A330 that pariah had ordered in 2011 ( after the planned Indian venture stalled and question by Indian parliament ) . This 2011 order/booking has a 2011 production serial number but MAS is buying at 2014 price.

    MAS would have this 2011 aircraft (A330) with obsolete parts and components and will need millions for mandatory upgrade to keep the aircraft flying.

    As a gold lining to the coffin and to hide the parts obsolescent; Bo(otak ) is giving the component and spare support contract ( PBTH ) to the aircraft supplier so that no one knows about the obsolete parts issue and the millions to be spent over the lifetime of these 30 aircraft they buy for MAS before being booted out.

    Look like Dato Hisham has taken charge of MAS and its well being since this MH 370 crisis, Dato Hisham or MAS directors must scrutinize purchases and contracts on old production aircraft having obsolete parts and components that Bo (otak) has made.

    Would Dato Hisham also allow Bo (otak) to cover-up the obsolete parts cost by giving the A330 component support contract ( PBTH ) to a party picked by Bo ( otak ) ??

    AJ and Bo( otak ) will hang-on to MAS by all means till the Farnborough Air Show 2014 to put the final tombak in MAS heart.

  11. Con Man

    Tony and gang were caught in the act. There is no credibility left. The Government should not entertain Tony and his outfits. MOT and DCA must be strict with AirAsia as it has been proven that they are incapable of telling the truth. .

  12. kenny

    How are you shameless pariah? why are so quiet now? Where are your tweets? Why have you stopped spinning about KLIA2? The pariah is not fit to be in the corporate world. Even his cybertrooper wouldn’t dare to defend him. YB has put him in the proper place – in the toilet bowl.

  13. IT.Scheiss

    Thanks, YB.

    You’ve provided the best answer as to Tony Fernandez & Air Asia’s claims about “safety concerns” with regards KLIA2.

    He cliams that the passenger service change (PSC) levied by MAHB airports is detrimental to AirAsia’s business but does not make a fuss over higher PSC levied by other airports in the region.

    Tony Fernandez takes issue with the doubling of the cost of building KLIA2 as if the cost doubled for the original size of KLIA2 when it’s size had been increase by as much as 71% in certain aspects as MatRodi had pointed out.

    Tony Fernandez objects to the use of aerobriges at KLIA2 but AirAsia complies with the use of aerobriges at airports in other countries in the region.

    AirAsia claims that KLIA2 is “unsafe” allegedly due to undulations in the parking apron and taxi ways and whilst such undulations should not be taken lightly by the authorities, unless there are undulations in the runway, such minor undulations in the parkling apron and taxi ways would be very unlikely to damage the undercarriage of AirAsia’s planes.

    Any aircraft must be sturdy enough to withstand the heavy bump when it contacts the runway whilst landing, or is Tony tacitly admitting that only AirAsia planes are so fragile that they cannot withstand minor undulations when taxiing at low speed on the apron and taxi ways.

    “Security concerns”? What’s the difference between security at LCCT and KLIA2?

    No. All that did not make sense to me.

    It was obvious to me that “safety concerns” is like one of those reasons some actual economic migrants give when making false claims for asylum in certain countries, especially western countries.

    There was this case of a Malaysian illegal immigrant in the U.S. who worked as a prostitute and contracted HIV, then she had to expose herself when she sought treatment and pleaded not to be deported back to Malaysia, claiming that Malaysia did not have the medical facilities and capabilities to adequately treat her condition.

  14. Kamarul

    That bloody con man should be shot period. The government should not waste more time with him and his other directors. They are all a bunch liars. We cannot allow such company to dictate terms to the government when the country is facing a crisis (MH370). What safety you are talking about? The hot issue is about safety so the con man was capitalizing on safety. Now he was nakedly exposed by YB. The government had to tell him to FO. Enough is enough. Malaysia does not need a corporate liar/con man. Ask him to do his business in Indonesia and he already and the experience.

  15. Mercenary journalist

    BK Sidhu or Star’s front page headline: “AirAsia won’t budge”. Now that AirAsia has budged and agreed to move. Mercenary Sidhu should have another headline “AirAsia’s walks with its tail between its legs to KLIA2”. But then if such headline is used that BK Sidhu mercenary status will be finished. I have not seen a more unprofessional journalist than this mercenary.

  16. Sugumar

    BK Sidhu is journalist with no pride. Being a “barua” is of utmost importance to this shameless Sidhu. She never learn and thought that Malaysians are as stupid as her editor in chief June Wong.

  17. Now Everyone Know The Pariah

    Ai pariah, why are you in silence over this matter? Where is your tweet to defend yourself? Even your cybertroopers are not able to help you. You should sack BK Sidhu for not defending you. At last you have been checkmate by your own selfishness and stupidity. Now Everyone Knows About Your Bullshit!

  18. Bloody Con Man

    This is the right time for the government to teach the pariah a good lesson that he will never forget. From now on No concession, No owing of Airport Tax and etc. Don’t be fooled by the liar.

  19. Pingback: Tony Fernandes : Apa Lagi Yang Kau Mau | The Universe of My Mind

  20. Pak Tam

    Good expose, friends. The truth finally prevails.
    We have been warned since 2008 of these LCC SUICIDE PSYCHOS who have very low regard for life. PROOF below:

    ”I know Malaysians very well,” said Fernandes, a native of Malaysia. “If you put a fare low enough, they’ll risk their lives,” he said, as the crowd laughed.

    Kelleher, who was also accepting a lifetime achievement award at the conference, said the airline industry is historically risky and prone to losses. Asked whether he was planning to start another airline, Kelleher joked: “If the thought entered my mind, I’d buy a pistol.”


  21. The Undesirable Element

    The pariah conman: What have you got to say now? KLIA2 have been certified fit with CCC and ICAO. Liar, Liar and Liar. The government must take actions against the liars like the pariah and Aireen Omar. They are disruptive and they will do anything to screw the country. Even during the height of the missing MH370 the country is not spared. The Star BK Sidhu and June Wong are the accomplices.

  22. Chong

    When Aireen Omar alleged KLIA2 is not safe for operation, Star carried it as a front page story and front page story in its Business Star. It was wide coverage by the Star. When KLIA2 was certified safe, it was given a single column story. It didn’t even get a page lead status. This is the proof of the allegiance of its chief editor June Wong and Business editor BK Sidhu. They are not independents editors. MCA leaders better wake up.

  23. Halim

    The Government must no longer trust what AirAsia says. Its directors and officers are incapable of telling the truth. They are only good in telling untruthful things to further its interest. Now is the time to teach the pariah and AirAsia what they will get by telling lies, twisting and turning. Ptui! to the Pariah.

    Datuk Hishamuddin must allow MAHB to act independently from those little napoleons in Khazanah. We know that Azman Mokhtar is a good friend of the pariah. Azman Mokhtar was also one of the key men in the MAS – AirAsia share SUAP.

  24. Observer from Sabah

    There is an obvious disappearance of the pariah’s cybertrooper in this posting. Of course, the pariah and its cybertrooper are unable to answer whatever have been published by YB with the supporting facts. The low caste airline must also be ordered to move from the old airport in Sabah to the new one. It is now time to treat liar with contempt. MAB must not be seen to tolerate its nonsense anymore. The low caste airline is just another airline. If this is allowed to go on, then MAB must also tolerate other airline whims and fancies.

  25. frequentflyer

    apparently now that they’ve decided to move to KLIA2… i noticed the price increase in the baggage fees and seating fees… used to be RM35 per seat with Airasia X.. now its RM39 and before it was RM65 for 20kg now its RM69…

  26. Observer

    The hidden charges imposed by KLIA2 is its business model. AA will use fare cost from RM10 onward to attract customers. When the customers go to the website there is no seat at RM10 most of the time if not all the time. It is a con job. The customers should serve MAS, Malindo, Cebu, Tiger Air, Firefly before going to the low caste airline.

    For wheel chair service it is free on Malindo and other airline but it cost MR65 per flight if you go with the low caste AA.

  27. Anonymous

    Just hope more and more Malaysians now realize how the pariah & kuncu2 have been deceiving everyone all these while. But for some I guess it’s lost cost la, like those at aa & aax.

  28. BK Sudu

    Tony: We dont want to use KLIA2
    Tony: We dont want to use aerobridges
    Tony: Bla bla bla…..Dont want this, dont want that….
    Tony: We would not move to KLIA2

    Rakyat: We want KLIA2 with all the safety aspects (aerobridge etc.)
    Rakyat: Yes, finally. KLIA2 is open.
    Rakyat: Air Asia is sucks. bla bla bla…..Now we can chose Malindo. We want Firefly jet back.

    Tony: Baiklah! I follow you.

    Morale: Rakyat a.k.a the pessenngers is power.

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