The "Shiok Sendiri" warning by MAS top management
The “Shiok Sendiri” warning by MAS top management, the Deputy CEO.

When MAS Group CEO, En Ahmad Jauhari Yahya (AJ), is busy with the problems of the missing MH 370,  En Aminuddin Zakaria, the deputy to that highly qualified CEO of MRO Tuan Azhari Dahlan was busy threatening staffs at the MAS MRO with the HOPE that MRO’s staffs will immediately stop crticising that most qualified CEO of MRO, Tuan Azhari Dahlan, in the cyberspace.  

Such silly threat is just self serving or “Shiok Sendiri Threat” at best and at worst to coverup the incompetent or unfitness of the officers within MAS.

Tuan Azhari Dahlan, the highly qualified engineer in MAS, was head hunted from AirAsia during the infamous MAS-AirAsia share swap
Tuan Azhari Dahlan, the highly qualified engineer in MAS, was head hunted from AirAsia during the infamous MAS-AirAsia share swap

By the way that Tuan Azhari Dahlan was specially “head hunted” from AirAsia during the height of MAS-AirAsia share swap. Rumour has it that this Tuan Azhari Dahlan is the most qualified aviation engineer in Malaysia and most sought after but he chose to only head the insignificant the low cost AirAsia’s Engineering Department before joining MAS.

The above “Shiok Sendiri Threat” by En Aminuddin Zakaria came out five days after the fire in the MAS Avionic shop was exposed in yours truly’s blog HERE and the comments in the said posting must have caused great embarrassment to that highly qualified Tuan Azhari Dahlan, the last remnant from the low cost AirAsia.

It was most strange that such warning did not come from the parent company, MAS. One would have thought such THREAT should have came from MAS Communication Department or Human Resources or the Group CEO’s office.

En Aminuddin Zakaria should have sent its “SHIOK SENDIRI THREAT” system wide in MAS so that each and every staff in MAS will be threatened and immediately stopped posting their views or comments about the top management of MAS in cyberspace.

Luckily En Aminuddin Zakaria was not instructed to send the “SHIOK SENDIRI THREAT” system wide otherwise he will be the latest recruit into the “Shiok Sendiri Club” in MAS.

It must be noted that the above “Shiok Sendiri Threat” came from none other than the Deputy CEO of MAS Engineering/MRO, which is headed by that highly qualified MRO’s CEO Tuan Azhari Dahlan.

Most probably En Aminuddin Zakaria was acting under instructions and he had no choice but to issue such a“Shiok Sendiri Threat”. Yours truly was informed that such threat was very unAminuddin-liked.

It would appear that En Aminuddin Zakaria knew that the MAS staffs are much more intelligence than that highly qualified Tuan Azhari Dahlan, the left over remnant from AirAsia, when making their critical comments in the cyberspace about the top management of MAS. He must have knew or ought to have known  that MAS staffs know how to protect their identities.

It must be noted that their concerted critical comments in the cyberspace have caused the resignations of En Mohamed Rashdan Yusof (Rashdan), the then Deputy Group CEO of MAS, and En Rozman Omar, the then Group Chief Financial Officer of MAS, who was from AirAsia.

Up to this date, not a single MAS staff was sacked because making critical comment against the top management of MAS.

On 12-6-2012 Rashdan resigned from MAS, HERE.

Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar and his most trusted man from BinaFikir Sdn Bhd and Khazanah, Rashdan
Left:  En Mohamed Rashdan Yusof aka Danny. For the benefits of new readers, Rashdan, is one of the founders of Binafikir (the brainchild of the famous “WAU”Widespead Asset Un-bundling) in 2003 that cost MAS RM6.25 billion for the one sided catering agreement for 25 years .
En Rozman Omar, now CFO of MAS
En Rozman Omar, ex-CFO of MAS, who is believed to have now returned to the low cost AirAsia.
En Al-Ishal Ishak, SVP marketing & promotion
En Al-Ishal Ishak, the former SVP Marketing & Promotion of MAS appointed during the infamous share swap. He resigned last year and joined the low cost AirAsia. Rummour has it that he was responsible for the re-branding exercise of MAS that chagned the corporate colour of MAS from red and blue to PALE BLUE, the livery on MAS A380.

It is believed that En Rozman Omar has since returned to AirAsia. En Al-Ishal shak, who was appointed during the said infamous share swap had also resigned and joined the low cost AirAsia, in HERE.

En Al-Ishal Ishak the new Re-branding Manager of AirAsia. He was responsible for changing the corporate colour of MAS from red and blue to pale blue.
En Al-Ishal Ishak the new Re-branding Manager of AirAsia. He was responsible for changing the corporate colour of MAS from red and blue to pale blue.

En Al-Ishal Ishak must be credited for the re-branding MAS that cost MAS many million of Ringgit. His talent can be seen from the pale blue livery on MAS A380, HERE.

We should give credit to those appointees that came into MAS during the infamous share swap for having whatever honour that was left to resign when pressures were mounted.  However, some of the appointments were tainted with glaring CONFLICTS OF INTEREST from day one, HERE.

En Aminuddin Zakaria, deputyCEO of MRO, who was headhunted by one of the two directors from AirAsia during the share swap
En Aminuddin Zakaria, deputy CEO of MRO, who was headhunted by one of the two directors from AirAsia during the share swap.

With the above “Shiok Sendiri Threat”, the staffs in the MRO must be very scared to death and no one in MRO will now dare to criticise that highly qualified Tuan Azhari Dahlan. Tuan Azhari Dahlan should take comfort, misplaced or otherwise, that this “Shiok Sendiri Threat” will be the last leak from MRO because of the effective “Shiok Sendiri Threat”.

Yours truly has been reliably informed that En Aminuddin Zakaria is a competent, reasonable and responsible aviation engineer in MRO. If we were to compare En Aminuddin Zakari and that highly qualified Tuan Azhari Dahlan, there is no doubt that En Aminuddin Zakaria is miles ahead.  It took him a month to consider his appointment.

It was most unfortunate that En Aminuddin Zakaria had to issue such “Shiok Sendiri Threat”. Luckily, he did not lodge a police report like what happened before, HERE.

It is hoped that in future En Aminuddin Zakaria and top ranking officers in MAS will allow reasons to major his will when faced with another “Shiok Sendiri Instructions”.

To all MAS staffs, please stand up against silly instructions from the incompetent officers.


26 thoughts on “MAS MRO’s “SHIOK SENDIRI THREAT”

  1. X-MAS

    Solely on the basis of his atrocious English, he should be fired, let alone be made a Deputy CEO.

    The circular (instead of Memorandum) is so badly written such that no one will take it seriously.

    I would never let any of my managers ever send out something that so embarrassing.

  2. Bario gangsta

    These two jokers should have left earlier but now they have to pay a hefty price for getting a fat gaji buta. Fools never learn!

  3. Ali

    I don’t see the logic of sending this type of message. The management should work together with staff in this difficult period – not threatening them. is this the quality of Dy CEO?

  4. ReadMeat

    I believe the memo you posted above is fake. MAS surely have someone with good English to vet through draft internal memos before they are disseminated. Try harder ya.

  5. MRO Staff

    As we know Botak has no management skill and clueless. He got to where he is by virtue of the pariah, clueless AJ and Danny the Nanny during the share suap. MAS has more than enough experience and qualified engineers than the useless botak. Incompetent is too mild a word to describe the shameless botak.

  6. Razak

    The botak and his deputy are just “Shiok Sendiri”. If they are competent they will not be picked during the share swap. Just look at what Al Ishal Ishak did when he was in MAS. For no apparent reason he changed the corporate colour of MAS from red and blue to pale blue. May be the objective was stop MAS from using red colour as its corporate colour because the low caste airline using red. But MAS has been using red since in the 1970s before the low caste airline was thought of. It was all a scheme to change the identity of MAS for reason best known to the pariah.

    the short comings of the incompetent Botak must be exposed all the times. We shall see whether he will do the Rashdan and rejoin AirAsia. Botak life is not going to be easy for you.

  7. Anonymous dari MRO

    Si Botak ni kulit tebal seperti gajah! Kerja tak pandai. Amil gaji sangat pandai. Tak malukah botak? Menulis komen di cyber space nanti kena buang kerja. Saya amat amat takut. CEO bodoh. Deputynya pak turut. 5 kali dua, dua kali lima. Kedua-dua tak guna.

  8. Franky

    Azhari is just shameless. If I were Azhari i will pack up and go quietly like Rashdan, Al Ishal and Rozman. Azhari is thick skin. He want to be thrown out of MAS in disgrace. He must now know that MAS staffs have YB’s blog to air their grievances and disapproval. I am certain that there will more shits to hit the fan for this shameless fella. The trouble with MAS is it is having half past six Azhari as CEO. On top of that we have the half past six Hollywood & Bollywood. Both of these factors equal disaster.

  9. Franky

    By the way the deputy CEO Aminuddin cannot even write in decent English. Yet he wanted to show his superiority like Azhari. Azhari is incompetent but Aminuddin is slightly better than Azhari. If given the two, Aminuddin will be a better manager. I just wonder for how long more this shameless Azhari wants to stay on as CEO on gaji buta basis.

  10. HJamid from MAS

    The memo is the most stupid memo I have ever seen. The CEO and his deputy should be sacked or better still throw into the drain. They are not worth the fat salaries that MAS paid them. Their standard can be seen from the memo. Poor MRO of MAS! It has a CEO and deputy CEO of such standard plus the clueless CEO, its doom day for MAS.

    Stop threatening us. You bloody botak is so useless and hope to threaten us so that we will not expose you. You must be dreaming. We will carry on to strip you naked in the cyberspace. You better follow the footstep of Rasdan, Shane Nollan and Rozman. MAS does not need people from the low caste airline.

  11. Andy

    By supporting MAS does not mean that we must tolerate incompetent managers in MAS. YB is right to state his stand. How stupid can one be to say that being supportive of MAS, we must all shut up and close our eyes let those idiots like the Botak, Hollywood & Bollywood to do what they light.

    Before the Hollywood & Bollywood and Botak joined MAS, the loss was not so much. With these professional idiots from the low caste airline in Malaysia and Canada, the loss has gone up to the tune of RM1.25 billion. Of course, the clueless AJ said that he will turn MAS account into the black by the end of 2014. Aj there is no need to dream of your achievement. Ev en without the problem caused by MH370, no way you could achieve your wet dream of making profit for MAS at the end of 2014.

    MAS is run by a bunch of incompetent jokers.

  12. Parameswara

    Check out this one too.
    Never in office for actual tasks.Vary rarely in the office too.
    But quick to go on trips like this for more cash.
    Even in this video – smiling away.
    What signal is that for the families of the MH370 passengers?

    1. Nizam

      To Aminuddin and Azhari the memo is in their English language. Please don’t blame them. Azhari has been known to be incompetent. Aminuddin good in taking instructions blindly. Therefore, they complement each other. No wonder MAS is in such a state.

  13. Yushaimi

    What had happened to the “Shiok Sendiri” botak? Most probably gone back to see his pariah’s boss in AirAsia. Good for you botak. AirAsia is where you belong. But don’t expect the fat salary and perks like in MAS. You will be paid low cost salary and no perks because of no union. You have to start with Proton Saga and no driver ok.

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