Azhari: Explain mysterious fire in Avionic Shop of MAS

Fire in Avionic shop at 4 pm on 26-3-2014
Fire in Avionic shop at 4 pm on 26-3-2014

At about 4 pm today there was a fire in MAS Avionic Shop, level 2, Hangar 2 in Subang. The Avionic Shop has been existent in MAS for more than 30 years and this is the first time that a fire broke out so mysteriously.


The highly qualified En Azhari Mohd Dahlan is still CEO of MAS  AewrospaceEngineering
The highly qualified En Azhari Mohd Dahlan is still CEO of MAS Aerospace Engineering

Avionic Shop is under the Aerospace Engineering of MAS and its CEO is non other than the highly qualified En Azhari Dahlan, who was specially “head hunted” from AirAsia during the infamous MAS – AirAsia shares suap swap.  En Azhari Dahlan appeared briefly during the first day of the press conference on the missing MH 370.  He didn’t utter a word and was just making up the number for the press conference. Thereafter, he went missing mysteriously from further press conferences on MH 370.


Avionic Shop is a workshop that repairs all avionic components / electronic box that was installed on the aircraft including MH 370.


This mysterious fire was equally unprecedented.  It happened during this challenging time for MAS when the missing MH370 story has not been fully settled.

Fire in avionic shop
Fire in avionic shop

Some three days ago MH 066 A330 aircraft originated from Kuala Lumpur to Incheon, South Korea, was diverted to Hong Kong due to the failure of one of its electric generators which supply normal electrical power in the aircraft. It has been reported to be “technical problems”.  Instead of the highly qualified En Azhari Dahlan coming out to explain the “technical problems’ of the generator, the CEO of MAS had to come up with the explanations. Luckily all 271 passengers were all safe.

The highly qualified En Azhari Dhalan, the CEO of Aerospace Engineering of MAS, must now break his silence to explain what have caused the fire and more importantly what documents or properties have been destroyed by this mysterious fire and was this a sabotage.


38 thoughts on “Azhari: Explain mysterious fire in Avionic Shop of MAS

  1. Wan

    What is this Botak doing in MAS? He is the only left over from AirAsia after the share suap. Rozman Omar already disappeared and rejoined AirAsia. Al Ishal ishak another botak left MAS to join AirAsia. This MRO Botak is incompetent to say the least. There are more highly qualified persons in MRO. Why is Aj keeping him? is it to help the pariah?

    The Botak must now explain the cause of the fire. It is his duty to explain. No cover up please.

  2. Ismail

    Azhari is just incompetent period. So is AJ. That’s why MAS is having problems after problems. This is the opportune time to show these two idiots the door.




    AJ should instead have taken Dr Puad advice to resign in Sep 2013 but he was just plain stubborn, greedy and dumb.

    “KUALA LUMPUR: AirAsia Bhd should have been slapped with a higher fine for the “monopolistic” share swap deal with Malaysia Airlines (MAS), said Umno supreme council member Datuk Dr Mohd Puad Zarkashi.

    Puad also said MAS managing director and group chief executive officer Ahmad Jauhari Yahya must accept full responsibility by resigning. He urged Ahmad Jauhari to pay the RM10 million fine imposed on the national carrier by the Malaysia Competition Commission (MyCC) from his pocket.

    Puad said AirAsia, which was fined the same amount, should be made to pay more as it was the bigger beneficiary of the deal, which was ruled as unlawful by MyCC for being monopolistic”

    For public info, Dr. Puad was the one who presented the final resolution to terminate MAS Air Asia Share Swap deal during UMNO MT monthly meeting in May 2012.


  4. IT.Scheiss


    With the disappearance of MH370 and its irregular course to the southern Indian Ocean, the electric generator failure on MH 66 and now this fire, I suspect there is more than “mismanagement” and “management incompetence” involved here but something more sinister at work here – i.e. willful sabotage with political motives.

  5. Les

    It is a sabotage with political motives. Remember an Oppo politician said that they will take 5 months to topple Najib. He promised it. So, wait for more sabotage acts by these unscrupulous people.

  6. GE Man

    There is few version on this avionic shop fires from top management headed by incompetent Bo (otak) Azhari ;

    – it started from a garbage bin in the shop , a cleaner removing it had triggered a chemical reaction which started the fire . Un used Chemical was thrown in the garbage bin by the shop technician .

    – some body had thrown in a cigarette butt into the garbage bin causing fires .

    – An unserviceable oxygen generator was thrown away in the garbage bin and it triggered a fire when the contract cleaner handling it .

    The above does not make sense at all and it is believe Bo(otak ) is trying to hide a much bigger problem in engineering …

    He will start blaming the poor contract cleaner / workshop technician ….I am sure this poor technician will be sack soon and this tak malu bo ( otak ) head will remain in MAS.

    MAS had a very strict SOP on disposing chemical / hazardous goods thru Quality Alam Sdn Bhd and we don’t just dump it inside a garbage bin ….

    What garbage story are you trying to tell bo (otak) head ??

    And we had had a very strict no smoking policy at work place .

    FAA , EASA , DCAM , DOSH and police shud come and investigate this latest incident .

    With gods grace , it happen during the day and if it had happen at night and no body’s around to put off the fires when the workshop is closed , the whole hangar complex and its aircraft inside the hangar would have been destroyed.

    And with gods grace too , MH 066 manage to land in Hong Kong with both electric generator failed ( LH and RH – only 2 main generator on A330 ) and fortunately the back up generator from APU ( Aux Power Unit )is still functioning , other wise it is a very high probability that it may ditch in the North China Sea , another tragedy ….

    MH 066 MAS A330 was release with Number 1 ( LH ) failed generator from KLIA , ( all other airline would normally don’t release it for service if it is from base , they will normally replace it with a new spare ) but since bo(otak) Azhari trying to run MAS like a low caste airline , spare is not in stock ….

    Bo (otak ) shud be held accountable for this …but…knowing him , he will blame his staff…

    1. Franky

      Botak head what have you got to say to what have been stated GE Man. Nothing I suppose because you are not fit for the job. Hence the problems with MH 066. At thsi moment we cannot accuse the Botak responsible. When the Black Box is found then we will know better. However, I will not put pass the Botak because he was heading the engineering department of AirAsia, which is nothing much to shout about. That’s why AirAsia had to send its aircraft to SIA for service. Now to MAS for service.

      1. Azman

        Klentong apa? That the Botak is highly qualified engineer in MAS. My foot highly qualified. He didn’t have the necessary qualification at the time when he was appointed CEO of MRO. No wonder MAS has been having technical problems with its aircraft. What does the Botak know? He was heading an outfit in AirAsia, which has to send its own aircraft to SIA and now MAS for maintenance. He was appointed CEO because of the share suap by Tony, Rashdan, AJ and Tan Sri Md Nor Yusuf. The Botak is just thick skin to hang on in MAS unlike his friend Rozman Omar who quickly disappear soon after the share suap was reversed.

        Having this useless botak as CEO of MRO is disastrous.

  7. IT.Scheiss

    “So, wait for more sabotage acts by these unscrupulous people.”

    Wait and watch. If there are more incidents like this, it will only intensify suspicions of sabotage and I hope the majority of Malaysians will realise for themselves the unscrupulousness of what’s going on.

  8. IT.Scheiss

    And may I add.

    Too much investigative and media attention is being focused on the captain and first officer but very little on the bagagge handlers, ground service crew and maintenance staff back in the hangars.

    Whilst air crew, including the flight crew and in-flight service crew undergo the same stringent searches, body and baggage scans as the passengers, what kind of security screening do baggage handlers, ground and maintenance crew undergo?

    Moreover, sabotage can be done by not tightening screws to the specific torque, loosely tightening the joints in fuel and hydraulic lines, not closing a valve properly, etc. – i.e. deliberate acts of omission which would result in failure when the plane was at cruising altitude.

    1. Matdiah Bin Mohammad

      With regard to MH370, I will not venture into speculation of sabotage as no sane staff would wish to hurt any pax or crew who could well be from among their own friends and kins. As for the aspersions casted on the 2 pilots by certain parties, it is gross and most unfair.

      Yes, investigate if you wish, but unless you have clear evidence, please dont even imply publically of such unholy intent. Let wait for the black boxes bro!

      As for the search, I doubt that it is that far south, considering that it was not fuelled that much, was not heading south when last tracked military radar and flying at 12000 ft. Boy, at that altitude, your fuel burn or consumption could have doubled!

      As for doppler effect used in determining the airplane to that far south, a proper triangulation, as normally used in an ELT signal origin determination, is normally derived from 2 satelite and not 1 as in this case. Moreover, how do you know if it was flying straight and level?

      1. IT.Scheiss

        “With regard to MH370, I will not venture into speculation of sabotage as no sane staff would wish to hurt any pax or crew who could well be from among their own friends and kins.”

        If that be so, pray! – please explain this incident in 2003.

        From page 3 The Star ,

        Some very disturbing news! It seems some wires of a MAS A330 aircraft, Flight MH127which was scheduled to leave for Perth on Thurs 2/10/03 with about 300 people on board,had been tampered with.Further checks found that at least 7 bundles of wires, under an instrument panel located under the Captain’s seat had been cut.

        Police & other agencies are investigating to verify if it was sabotage.

        Of course yes, let’s wait for the black boxes but until then, greater vigilance – i.e. prevention, is better than cure.

        As for the rest, what’s to say that the plane did not climb back to a higher altitude and as for flight time, well surely the very fact that MH370 continued to handshake with pings from Inmarsat ground station that number of hours shows that it was flying for that long.

      2. IT.Scheiss

        Further from my earlier post, here’s another post on the same site quoting a report in The Star from around 10 years ago.

        Three MAS employees nabbed for sabotage

        SHAH ALAM – Police have arrested three Malaysia Airlines (MAS) employees suspected of being involved in an attempt to sabotage an A330 Airbus aircraft on Oct 2.

        Senior Assistant Commissioner Abu Bakar Mustafa said the three, aged between 28 and 44, were maintenance workers in the engineering department.

        Two were arrested on Oct 22 and were remanded until last Friday, he told Utusan Malaysia newspaper on Wednesday.

        ‘The third suspect was picked up last night. Police have obtained a remand order until Nov 6,’ he said.

        Police are continuing their investigations and may pick up more suspects, he added.

        The aircraft in the Oct 2 incident was scheduled to fly from the Kuala Lumpur International Airport to Perth.

        But pre-flight checks revealed that some of the plane’s wires had been tampered with.

        The flight system also showed a serious malfunction of the cockpit’s flight instruments.

        Three hundred passengers were transferred to another aircraft for their flight. — from The Star/Asia News Network

  9. Anonymous

    Whatever investigations into the MH 370 disaster must include the Botak and his cronies in the MRO. The investigations will be incomplete without going into what have the MRO done on the aircraft so far. We already saw what had happened to MH 066 which had to be diverted to Hong Kong due to technical bullshit. This botak is just incompetent to be the head of MRO. He is most suitable to be in the low caste airline outfit, where there are little aviation engineering works involve.

  10. Mr Wee,

    I am new here but occasionally twitt you.Now Im your twitter follower ( a few minutes ago).

    I know that you’ve been very vocal regarding the faith of our national airline.
    In fact you take the centre fold in trying to save MAS. I hope you’re sincere
    in this fight. Sincerity is a rare gem nowadays.

    After reading your commentators to this blog I am rather shocked to learn that there’s much sinister going on right behind our own backyard.

    I’ve heard words that this MH370 tragedy has some links to the ground staff. Dont know if they were true, but after reading these comments here maybe they are justifiable.

    Must’ve escaped my mind that Dr Puad was involved in terminating the infamous MAS-Air Asia swap deal.Unfortunately he’s out of circulations now.
    I found it shocking that Dr Puad lost in the GE13. Now I can put two and two together.

    Certain bloggers have been bashing NUFAM’s request for AJ to resign.
    Could NUFAM be right? I heard that majority cabin crew dont see eye to with AJ. Maybe that’s the reason some joined NUFAM.

    I would expect some Heads would roll. I personally would feel responsible if something like this happened during my watch. But the trend nowadays nobody wants to be accountable not even after lives were lost.

    If such hanky panky is going round in the national airline itself no wonder it is experiencing great turbulence.

    May God help MAS.
    Thank you.

    1. IT.Scheiss

      OK! To cut to the chase, considering that the unfortunate MH370 incident began about nine hours after a certain court verdict the evening before, followed soon after by the generator failure on MH066 and now this fire, this raised questions in my mind as to whether there could be certain individuals amongst MAS staff or its contractors, albeit a small minority, who could be driven by their outrage to exact individual acts of revenge upon the Malaysian government through sabotage of MAS equipment.

      It’s not as if suspected acts of sabotage have not happened before, as is apparent by the arrest of those 3 MAS employees for alleged sabotage of and MAS Airbus in 2003.

      Whilst I cannot find any record online of them being found guilty or not but whatever, the cabling on that aircraft was cut intentionally or accidentally, which either way is cause for concern.

      Anyway, what I’m calling for is greater vigilance and tighter security in areas other than security screening of passengers and crew, especially after these three incidents in close succession.

      If such incidents, fatal or otherwise continue close to each other, I’m afraid it will further damage MAS’ credibility.

      I too want to see MAS solve its problems and become profitable again, even if it has to dump some top management and ideally, it should revert to a state owned airline again, before it was privatised in 1993.

      I also don’t want to see MAS employees lose their jobs due to neo-liberal management policies, which place profits above workers’ and passengers’ interests.

      That’s why I too opposed the MAS – Air Asia share swap and welcome its ending.

      In this regard, I commend Sdr. Wee for the good work he’s done in defending MAS against the neo-liberals and dissafected Malaysians who would like to see it closed down.

      You find lots of that kind amongst writers and commentators on so called “independent”, pro-opposition news portals.

    2. Omar


      Ya like the leg-on RAS subsidy of RM250 million given by the Sleepy Head to FAKS in 2008 for two years but lasted less than one year only. FAKS (a pariah’s outfit) was allowed to keep it as capital. After screwing up RAS, it changed its name to AirAsia X and was given the AOC on a silver platter. What say you about this subsidy and given a free hand to owe airport tax for a good 8 to 9 years. When was compelled to pay, Sleepy Head gave a 30% discount. Let hear what the Pariah’s cybertrooper got to say about the treatment of Sleepy Head on the pariah’s outfits.

  11. Anonymous

    1. Nobody wanted flight 370 to go missing. No sane person would want that.
    2. No fire before for 30 years? Well, sir, that does not mean your house whether it is 1 year old or 30 years old does not present any fire risk. If u are not careful to say turn off your iron sitting flat down on the ironing board, the chance of your house going down by fire is heightened. There was a fire risk in the workshop and it happened. Period.
    3. The Hong Kong diversion was a safety precaution. These kind of incidences occurs all over the world on a daily basis across all continents affecting even the best and tightest airline. You remember what happened to a Qantas 747 that loss cabin pressure about 3 years back? I don’t recall any character killing there.
    In another manner, have you come across a car which ran well in the morning, but 2 hours later you simply can’t start the car? It’s the same principle basically, just that the aviation industry have tight operating procedures that if something like the Generator fails in flight, the crew will decide to either safely proceed with the flight, or divert to get it fixed first. Either way, safety concerns come first. Period.
    4. And because the incident happened in the midst of the MH370 crisis, seeing the leader of the company to say something is a lot better, don’t you think? If the MH CEO didn’t appear to explain about the Hong Kong diversion and say Azhari did, I can bet my last nasi lemak that someone out there will ask, “why is the CEO hiding?”, no? Come on – be honest. You know this is true.
    5. The MRO served many other airlines, at least give that some respect.
    6. I’m no MH citizen, mind you, so I’m not defending anyone. But for heavens sake, get facts right before posting. It’s dishonourable you know.
    7. In dishonouring the national airline, what are you trying to achieve? Making it go bankrupt by losing even more business? Close it if you must for corrupt practices, yes. I fully agree. It is my tax ringgits that is keeping it afloat too you know, and sakit hati I am, believe me.
    But remember that at the same time, this once mighty company employs thousands who in turn feed many more thousands and afford them to school. I am sure you know at least some one who is employed by MAS, be it a family member, a neighbour, your friend’s son, a friend’s friend… Oh u get my point. Cause I do, I know many MAS employees who are my classmates just starting family life, family members who have college going kids, another friend who have an ill parent to care for. Are you going to be responsible for them?
    Don’t kill the innocent kancil – go for the two gajah who is ruining the landscape.
    8. About MH370, if you have been helping out by say volunteering, then I respect you habis habis. But if you are like so many around the world who are keyboard warriors who shout behind the screen criticising everything without doing something concrete and positive that can bring about a little joy to this human suffering, then I have very little respect for you.
    Only my humble thoughts.

    1. AIYAAHH

      Dear cananga and anon 1.23am, thank you for partaking and sharing your ideas and concerns. The fact is, it is not Mr. Wee who raised all these issues but the concerned MAS staff. Another fact is, it is not Mr. Wee who should fix all these issues but the relevant authorities. Most important fact is, many issues and solutions have been raised via proper channels, many many times and always been swept under the carpet. So now, where are the problems? The answer is under the carpet and more to come!

    2. Sham


      Why so upset and so defensive of that Botak? It is a fact that at the time of the botak’s appointment, he was not a qualified person under the DCA regulation because he was not a Nominated Post Holder. He is definitely not the highly qualified engineer in MAS. He is a waste product under the highly questionable share SUAP. He is a macai of the pariah. Why is AJ keeping and protecting him. We don’t even know whether all maintenance charges incurred by AirAsia have been fully paid and was it at market rate or special rate. That Botak is just incompetent period.

      We all have friends or relatives in MAS. We want MAS to be the best airlines. We don’t want to see MAS being headed by unqualified person and/or clueless idiots. Just look at the first few days on the PC when YB Datuk Hishamuddin was not in the picture, you have to agree that it was handled by clueless idiots – Aj and Azharuddin. They were enjoying the limelight of the international press and at the same time making conflicting statements, which have embarrassed Malaysia big time.

      When Aj was asked: Are you going to resign? He said it is a personal question. What rubbish? He is Group CEO of MAS and drawing fat salary of more than RM200k a month plus fat perks and resignation is a personal question. What an embarrassment! If it is a personal question then AJ should stay in London with his family. Don’t waste MAS money by drawing fat salaries. AJ is another incompetent.

      No wonder he need more incompetents like the Botak and the 8 Hollywood and Bollywood.

      Just look at he PC in China. Initially Hugh Dunleavy was there. When the pressures mounted, he disappeared from the radar like MH370 leaving junior staffs to face the relatives of the passengers. These are the clear examples of the incompetents that are heading MAS.

      MAS can only fly high with good professionals who know their job well and have the necessary experiences.

      In short, AJ must take the responsibility to disappear from MAS whether publicly resign or disappear mysteriously. He must go. If would do MAS a big favor if he were to take along with him the useless Hollywood & Bollywood, and of coursethat Botak Azhari.

    3. Lim Lynn

      You got to understand these Red Bean Army might be causing a bit wrong concept since they never believe authorities who are inquisitive investigating crime scene.

  12. anonymous

    I feel sorry for botak, the only debris left from the con share SUAP hatched out by the pariah and Khazanah little napoleon. When you are incompetent or clueless you have to accept it if you want to hang on the job for the good salary and perks. I am sure that the Botak’s pay and perk is just as good as the brainless AJ. of course in proportion.

    Actually this botak was working in the engineering department of MAS as a small macai – fit to hold screwdriver or spanners only. There was no room for him and he left to join AirAsia and was made head of engineering with little engineering work for him to do. All maintenance and servicing of aircraft was outsource to SIA and now to MAS.

    May be the Botak is an expert in outsourcing hence he got the CEO job from the pariah and gang during the share suap. We know he was put in MRO for specific purpose.

    We hope that he MAS Finance Officer will do a check on whether all the maintenance and servicing work done by MAS for AirAsia have been fully settled. I am not at all surprise if there are outstanding bills from AIrAsia in MRO. MAS please check on the botak before it is too late.

  13. Kamal

    If the botak is allowed to warm his chair longer, there will be more problems for MAS. more technical problems will be faced by MAS. This botak is not only incompetent but not fit to hold. Please go back to the low caste carrier that is where you belong. Piss off.

  14. Shameless Azhari

    The shameless Share Suap’s Botak. Are you hanging on to your post despite the generator failure and the missing 370 to look after the pariah’s interest in MRO? Prior to the share suap, the pariah never sent its aircraft to MAS. AirAsia sent its aircraft to SIA for service but had to pay cash. No credit mind you. SIA is so scare of AirAsia to grant credit.

    After the share suap was called off, the pariah announced that it will not send its aircraft to MAS for servicing. But the pariah had to swallow his words and sent its aircraft to MAS. The MRO Botak must have signed a fantastic deal with the pariah. Of course, don’t expect the clueless AJ will check on the deal because the pariah is a good friend of his. Don’t expect Khazanah to check because Amokh and Rashdan are there and they were instrumental in getting the share suap signed.

    MACC should look into this deal with AirAsia. Finance department of MAS should also look into whether any special preferences have been given to the low caste airline by the shameless Botak.

    1. Omar

      A good one for the shameless Botak. Can’t blame him, he had to do his duties. All the Airasia shits have disappear from MAS except this shameless Botak. Lets see how long he can withstand the pressure. By the look of things, after the MH370 episode is settled his protector AJ will disappear from the MAS radar. Then the shameless Botak will run to his real boss for help. I am sure the pariah will give him 2 fingers at that time. Lets see.

  15. Chiang


    Why is AIRASIA not able to owe airport tax after the Slumberjack was thrown out of office? Why is AIrAsia not getting what it has demanded like no aerobridges and etc? a cybertrooper of a pariah is what it is all about. Good for you Omar.

  16. Ahmad

    The Botak head is just too thick skin. He knows that he has little cooperation from the MRO staffs. He knows the MRO staffs have no respect for him because his qualification is questionable and lack of experience if he is compared with the existing MRO staffs. He is just the pariah’s macai. Another gaji buta like the Hollywood and Bollywood. After the search of MH 370 is settled, the clueless AJ would have to get out of MAS. Even if he doesn’t by September when his contract expired, he had to pack his back and disappear to London. Then the Botak will be left with no pariah’s protector left in MAS to protect him. Then we will see him running back to AirAsia. This botak is suffering from the “Tak Malu” syndrome. We must keep on exposing his shortcomings until he learn how to feel malu.

  17. Tak Malu Botak

    Botak what have you got to say about your qualification? Why are you keeping silence? How many inches skin do you have?

    You are just a waste in MAS.

  18. Anonymous

    Botak what had happened to you? You have been very quiet after MH370 went missing. On the first day of the press conference you looked so great to be on the same platform with AJ facing the international press. Since then you must be busy cursing yourself for joining the pc. I hope that you will make sure that your boss (i mean the pariah) pay cash for all the maintenance of AA’s aircraft. Whilst we know that you are not fit for the CEO post of MRO, we hope that you behave yourself. MAS aircraft having one too many technical problems ever since you have been installed by the pariah and AJ.

  19. Zamri

    Botak head is still pretending to be quiet. We know he is under pressure due to his incompetency and no respect from his subordinate. He should have expected such treatments because of his incompetency. Botak head it is about time for you to go back to where you belong i.e. the low caste airline.

  20. Lim Lynn

    Hope they will explain the problem cause the fire at Avionic Shop if not idiots will give illogical idea about it connected with MH370

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  22. I wonder if people are aware that the loss of VHF voice radio, transponder and ACARS on MH370 are all capable of being explained by malfunction to the Rockwell Collins CMU-900 processor (PN 822-1239-151) beneath the cockpit?

    In fact it is strongly suspected from automatic ACARS signals prior to take-off that the heat sensitive AFC oscillator was overheating.

    Before take-off ACARS signals suggested MH370 was moving at a velocity of 80-90 knots yet it was stationary at the gate. Only this kind of overheating problem could explain the ACARS signals.

    Such overheating after take off could have caused it to appear pilots had switched off these systems when in fact overheating shut them down. The same overheating could also have led to a fire in the cockpit and may corroborate the sighting by oil rig worker Mike McKay.

    For this scenario to make sense the pilots must have turned the aircraft back from Vietnam before fire broke out.

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