Day 4 of the missing MAS MH 370

The IGP Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar

Our no-nonsense Inspector-General of Police (IGP) Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar today refuted claims by the Director General of Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) Datuk Azharuddin Abdul Rahman that several passengers who had checked in did not board the fateful Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370.

“Take it from me. There was no such thing,” said Tan Sri Khalid when asked by a reporter about DCA’s statement. For the full report read HERE.

The above are the pictures of the two passengers who have used stolen passports to travel on board of MH 370.

Left: MAS CEO En Ahmad Jauhari Yahya and DG of DCA Datuk Azharuddin Abdul Rahman
Left: MAS CEO En Ahmad Jauhari Yahya (AJ) and DG of DCA Datuk Azharuddin Abdul Rahman

Yesterday (10-3-2014) the  Director General of Department of Civil Aviation (DCA), Datuk Azaharuddin Bin Abdul Rahman, had said earlier that there were five passengers who did not board their flights after checking in and their bags were removed from the plane as per international standards.  For full report read HERE.

Datuk Azharuddin Abdul Rahman is the key spokeman for Ministry of Transport on the missing MH 370. He spoke with such confidence. He may have convinced the  the whole world with what he has said.

Yours truly would believe our IGP Tan Sri Khalid anytime.

It is hoped that our authorities especially the DCA should counter check its facts before giving press conference as the press conference on matters relating to MH 370 will attract the attention of local and international press. We must act professionally and avoid the unnecessary embarrassment at all cost.

With the deployment of 40 ships, 40 planes and over 100 personnel from Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, New Zealand, Australia, Philippines, China, Vietnam and USA and yet there is still no clue of the missing MH 370.

Let us all pray for the passengers, crews and their loved ones during this difficult period.

30 thoughts on “Day 4 of the missing MAS MH 370


    DCA Chief Datuk Azharuddin is just as incompetent as AJ. The DCA seemed to have given wrong fact and AJ not sure whether MH 370 missing at 1;30 AM OR 2:40 AM. These two should be sacked for causing embarrassment to Malaysia. PM must step in and get rid of these two jokers from handling serious matter like this which affect the image of our national airline and Malaysia.

  2. GE Man

    As always it must be that clueless AJ that give wrong info with regards to the no show passengers to DGCA Azharudin …

  3. Kepala MAS/DCA/KHAZANAH…….halau masuk penjara kajang sama sama ngan pemimpin bertaraf dunia.

    macam orang malaysia dan orang luar dah kata dalam news…MAS diterajui oleh orang yang salah.

  4. Salam Tuan,

    With regards to IGP statement:-
    Setiap kemalangan dlm industri penerbangan didlm negara ini akan dikendalikan oleh DCA. Ini adalah termaktub dlm undang2 penerbangan negara.

    Dalam isu ini IGP sepatutnya memaklumkan kepada Pengarah DCA atau meminta Pengarah DCA sendiri membuat pembetulan

    Sekiranya kenyataan pembetulan dibuat oleh Pengarah DCA sendiri, DCA dan Kerajaan Malaysia dilihat lebih telus dalam mengendalikan penyiasat kehilangan pesawat MH370.

    Hari ini dunia melihat seolah2 tiada persefahaman dlm agensi yang terlibat.


  5. old referee

    YB .. it was reported by the airforce chief of an aircraft flying from the east to the west of the peninsular …how can they allow a plane fly over our airspace “unidentified” whilst the airforce just watch. .. should there be a SOP to intercept the said unidentified aircraft.. come on !!

    1. fezailah

      because we are not at war with anyone not like north korea with her long range missile so whatever that caburi airspace, seaspace, landspace; who cares ?

  6. john smith

    You can make whatever comment you want about how ineffective AJ is. HOWEVER, this disaster of international proportions, demands and requires the CEO of the airline, to front up to the media. Not the IGP or DCA or whoever else …. this is an airline matter and the CEO MUST step up to the plate. This is the problem that our govt has. They never look at the qualities that the CEO of our national airline requires. This tragedy can happen to any airline and sadly, it has happened to us. BUT, when appointing a CEO, they need to think about whether the designate is a leader who can lead the company and country through such a crisis. It is not just about putting in a crony because it suits someone to do so. The airline industry is a global industry and as we can bear witness to now, the world’s focus and spotlight is on our country and we look like a bunch of idiots, with the people who are fronting up the world’s media on a daily basis. AJ is nowhere to be seen and when he does get in front of the cameras, someone else speaks and he stands there like a statue. This does not instill any confidence in him, the airline or our country. Once we are over this, I implore the govt to think long and hard about what type of person it next appoints to head up our national carrier, which will survive this and will be stronger for it – but only if lessons are learnt ….

    1. Petronius

      That’s not entirely fair.

      You must ask if AJ was given the chance to be the spokesman front and center, or whether there are others who are more intent on hogging the media spotlight.

      Just look at the difference of opinion between Iata and Interpol over whether it is the responsibility of airlines or national governments to check the Interpol database of lost and stolen passports.

      Just whose responsibility is it anyway for the security of our national borders?

  7. Danny

    It has been reported today that AJ has confirmed that all who checked in boarded MH370. AJ also said that “I would like to put on record that the four absentees were replaced with those on standby, and as such, the issue of offloading luggage from the plane does not arise.”

    The question is: How did that so-called DCA chief Datuk Azharuddin Abdul Rahman got the information from when he said that the luggage of the no show passengers have been off loaded and they are clean.

    All these contradictions are no good for Malaysia during this difficult time. Unfortunately these idiots were enjoying the international limelight without realising that they are useless bumps. And he was screwing up Malaysia by his very poor command of English language and wrong facts.

    This useless DCA chief has been impressing the world that I am in charge of the whole SAR operations. I here and I there. But he didn’t know that he looks like a fool to the world. Now he has been proven top be a fool.

    If such situation happened in Japan or Europe, the Minister of Transport or at least the stupid DCA chief would have resigned by now. In Malaysia the Minister and DCA chief are still enjoying their limelight. What is happening to the public accountability in this country?

    The Government should at least sack the DCA chief for the screw up by giving wrong information to the world.

    1. Linda

      Below is the proof to my statement ” This country is being run by idiots who in turn chose other idiots to run all these gomen agencies.” and we are also the bigger idiots who allow all this happen right under our nose.

      ‘”Speaking to other Malaysian political observers, the veteran reporter noted that national leaders appeared lacking in initiative and a sense of accountability as a result of society’s tolerance and deference to figures of authority.”

    1. Petronius

      Well, Tony Fernandes has been denigrated as a “pariah” way before MH370 went missing.

      And he has been the target of other pejorative and racist remarks too. Including in this blog.

      So, it’s not “fun and games” from his viewpoint.

      If I am not mistaken, those who are lambasting MAS now for slipshod procedures and security breaches were formerly all over Air Asia’s case.

      And if Tony Fernandes is accused of being “insensitive”, what about those who call him a “pariah”?

      Unless you are saying one is acceptable and the other is not?

      1. Syed

        A pariah is always a pariah regardless of time. he pariah has once said that if the fare is low enough Malaysians will risk their lives. This is the mentality of the pariah.
        When the pariah was very powerful during the Sleeping Era, the pariah got everything including the RAS subsidy of Rm250 million for 2 years and only able to perform for less than 1 year. the paraih and gang were allowed to keep the RAS subsidy in full. later the pariah scream to say that they did not get any help. Feel sorry for the pariah’s cybertrooper who is trying to defend the indefensible pariah.

  8. be kind

    Actually this is NOT the time to be so vehement and hit out.Be kind. This is a sad matter and to utilise this for personal satisfaction is not good.
    Evil words depict evil heart and evil person.TO BE EVIL AT THIS TIME IS NOT IT.

    1. Ismail

      This is not the time for the two jokers (Azharudin and Ahmad Jauhari) making a fool of themselves at the expense of our country image. They need not exhibit their incapabilities to the world and at the same time causing embarrassment to Malaysia.

      it is during crisis that it will show a person capabilities and leadership. Both of these two jokers have nothing to show except their incompetent in getting their facts right from the word go.

      We need good CEO and DG. We do not need half-six leaders. Both of these jokers must be removed as soon as possible before they embarrass Malaysia further.

      1. Ang

        just because the 2 jokers are stupid we should also be stupid like them. We should point out their stupidities because they are a disgrace to us. By doing so the Government will take notice of it. By keeping quiet will be seen by these 2 idiots that they are assets to the nation. At least now we are not burdened by having to listen to them in press conferences. They can be at the press conference as long as they keep their mouths shut. I support the sacking of the two idiots.

  9. Ismail and Ang please volunteer yourself to be either DG or MD so that people can see your talent. Please reveal your name and IC No. in this forum by tommorow (15th March 2014) latest by 12:00pm. If not, the real ‘jokers’ actually both of you. LOL (Cakap saja pandai)…pirahhhh

      1. ismail ang…who want to pay your salary, even peanuts also people won’t pay you because they know that when somebody call other people ‘jokers’ actually he’s worse than that ‘jokers’. Kutuk orang pandai lah…diri sendiri kasi betul dulu la bro…

    1. ismail ang

      He he how do you know we are jokers. The whole world know the above 2 jokers are jokers except another joker like you… he he he.

      1. Hahaha>>the same joker everybody know this ismail ang is only ‘tin kosong’. Just know how to call people joker..the real joker is actually him. The two people that whole world know at least they are DG and MD status. Ismail ang apa ada? Ada tau kutuk orang saja..hohoho.

  10. HKPrakash

    Whether Malaysia or India or Timbuktu or ABC…XYZ country, if people are appointed based on RESERVATION policy and NOT ON MERIT: this kind of stupidity (search failure, stolen passport holder allowed to board etc,) will happen again and again

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