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Are the MCA leaders aware of the “Api Dalam Sekam” in The Star?

Star front page headlines on 26-2-2014
Star front page headline on 26-2-2014. Was it to ridicule the MCA leaders as “Yes men”?

What is the Group Chief Editor of The Star, Ms June Wong, up to? For two days this week, the paper has came out with more than strange headlines.

On 26-2-2014 (Monday), its front page headline read Yes, Ministers”, which came a day after the MCA delegates have voted for the resolution to allow the party’s acceptance of Cabinet and government posts.  Was it a subtle form of ridiculing the party by a newspaper owned by the party?


As “Yes, Minister” was a popular British comedy/sitcom, was the intention to make a joke out of MCA’s return to the Cabinet. Or was it to reinforce the Opposition’s frequent accusation that the MCA leaders were only  “Yes Men” in the government?

Star Front page headlines "Water Solution"?  Water solution when Selangor residents are facing water crisis?
Star Front page headline “Water Solution”? Water solution when Selangor residents are facing water crisis?
Water rationing is a "Sweet Respite" to the Chief Editor of the Star
Water rationing is a “Sweet Respite” to Ms June Wong, the Chief Editor of the Star

On 25-2-2014 (Tuesday), The Star carried another ridiculous headline. When people are suffering from the water crisis in Selangor, the front page headline was: “Water Solution”.  On page 4 of the same day, another headline: “Sweet respite for Selangor residents” (Folk can expect water supply every two days).  To be able to get water every two hours will not be a respite but agony for the Selangor residents.

On 20-2-2014, its headline “Negeri bracing for water crisis”.  Why was it a “water crisis in Negeri” and “water solution” in Selangor when both are facing water rationing?

If these were the headlines that the chief editor of the Star and another one or two editors are capable of, are they worth the lucrative salaries and perks, including luxury cars, from the MCA-owned paper?

Were the above headlines designed to make the people, angrier, was it?

For background story please read Headlines “fouled up” in the Star.

Yours truly wonders if the MCA leaders are aware of the “api dalam sekam” in The Star.

37 thoughts on “Are the MCA leaders aware of the “Api Dalam Sekam” in The Star?

  1. i believe they are fully aware. seems like they were having hidden hands shake since ge2008 with the rocketers to play double agent role to bring down the bn government altogether. and when it finally happen, they will be spared from being wiped out and play a scripted opposition voice role in the political arena.

  2. The Star memang pro-pembangkang. Jadi, anggaplah MCA itu sama sahaja dengan DAP. Ah Jib Gor buat-buat tak tahu sahaja ataupun memang tak kisah pun.

  3. Yes June Wong is a staunch opposition supporter. During announcement of GE 13/2013 she was raving about opposition win initially but expressing sadness later because the win was insufficient to take over Putrajaya. She is the main “api” and there are another one or two in editorial who have similar leaning. Have you heard of Raj?

    Most surprising that the MCA is the owner of the Star and yet the leaders seem to be ignorance about the going on in the Star. Please examine the package given to June Wong and the other editors. Do they deserve such good pay packets?

  4. Anything about AirAsia and the pariah are news but AirAsia losses of RM212 million only qualify to be news online but not in print. BK Sidhu the Editor of Star Business is another one for the MCA leaders to watch. To Sidhu even if the pariah farted it will be news. Another mercenary.

    1. No surprises when Tony Fernandez is a non-executive director of Star Publications.


      This should be a clear lesson to press freedom advocates that press freedom ends when you want to write anything negative about the owners, funders or senuior management of your publication, whatever business entities they have interests in or against political positions which they support, or critical of key advertisers, though there are exceptions of course, such as the MCA owners allowing opposition-friendly articles.

  5. Wee ,
    You are not an MCA member.why bother.

    As far as I am concern,MCA alraedy finish as political party or chinese political force.The role to protect Chinese interest was taken over by DAP.

    MCA won seven parliment seats because of Malay and India vote who support BN,

  6. Actually we cannot blame her because she did whatever she like in Star. Since the MCA leaders were more interested in fighting for positions in MCA and has no time to monitor the Star then they deserve it.

    When one read the Star, one cannot help but to see the way stories were slanted towards opposition. She and a few of her gang had done a good job screwing MCA. Padan muka!

  7. The headline should be: YES, MS EDITOR IN CHIEF! She thought that she is the owner of the Star. She should be proud to be the shortest chief editor in the journalist world.

  8. June Wong was making fun of MCA leaders. What wrong with that. They are a bunch of jokers.

    For start they should check her background before appointing her as chief editor. You have Vincent Lee heading Star. what do you expect? He has no newspaper background. He is just from the advertising industry. He know about Bentley and Lexus cars. That’s about it. When you pick monkey then you will get more monkeys along the way. No wonder MCA is in such a state.

  9. The Board of Directors should examine all the editions under her. I am sure that they will discover more of her nonsense. .

  10. Journalists in the Star knew that she is a staunch supporter of the opposition especially the DAP. She should be working for the Rocket newspapers but she will not get the perks and luxury car that she is driving.

    MCA leaders wake up. If you can’t even after after such small thing in your set up then forget about running the country.

  11. Yes, Minister was the correct description of the MCA leaders when they were ministers and now who aspire to be ministers. They are a bunch of jokers. Panda muka to them. June Wong was right to use teh headline “Yes, Minister”.

  12. The MCA should be actors in the “Yes, Minister” comedy. Liong Tiong Lai, Wee Ka Siong are just comedians. Even the MCA owned Star chief editor thought they are comedians. Hence the headline: Yes Minister. Why are you all getting so angry with her. June Wong was telling the truth i.e. MCA leaders are mere comedians, don’t take them seriously. They only want to be ministers for their own interest.

    1. If that is the case then she should work for DAP’s rocket or Suara Keadilan. She is just a useless editor. I do agree with other readers that she will be the shortest Chief Editor in the world.

  13. If Leow and Wee smart and believe in Fung sui,they should sell wisma MCA and move to different location.The Toh Kong next to wisma MCA is so strong.Remeber the building was built in the early 80 by Tan Koon Swan,the MCA President.
    Since then the MCA never stop queralling over the selection of President.

    1. The aspiration of these two MCA leaders (Leow & Wee) has been ministerial posts. It all about “Yes, Ministers”. When MCA is still struggling to survive, the MCA leaders were more interested in fighting to be president and deputy president. The first thing they did when won the leadership posts, they immediately put into motion resolution to accept ministerial posts. Do you think that they are a bunch of comedians?

  14. The MCA can eye for 3 minister posts but the Chinese community has no eye for them. I support June Wong for doing what she did. June whack the MCA leaders more otherwise they think that we are stupid. They are just YES Men/Ministers.

  15. No one question June Wong on her right to do for her idols Anwar Ibrahim and Lim Guan Eng. But she should be working with Suara KeAdilan or Rocket. DAP and KeAdilan can give her the Mercedez or Bentley for all we care.

    By the way, that Dorairaj, the licker, should at least be given a Toyota Camry for doing dirty jobs for June Wong.

  16. June Wong has help to make MCA more irrelevant. Pakatan should thank her and make her and her kuncu2 in the Star as honorary members.

  17. Tale of the Bet and the Candle:
    Suffering the Water Shortage and the Duplicitous Headlines

    If you can stand all night in the village square without warming yourself by any external means, each of us will treat you to a sumptuous meal. But if you fail to do so, you will treat us all to dinner.” “All right it’s a bet,” Nasrudin replied to his acquaintances. That very night, Mullah Nasrudin stood in the village square till morning despite the bitter cold. And in the morning, he ran triumphantly to his friends and told them that they should be ready to fulfill their promise.
    But one of them gave this reply: “At about midnight, just before I went to sleep, I saw a candle burning in a window about three hundred yards from where you were standing. That certainly means that you warmed yourself by it.” And they laughed their heads off. Nasrudin’s protestations were to no avail, for it was decided that he had lost the bet.

    Hence, Mullah Nasrudin invited them all to a dinner that night at his home. A long time passed, yet dinner was still not served. They got up and looked around and what they saw, they could not believe. The Mullah was standing by a huge cauldron, suspended from the ceiling. There was a lighted candle under the cauldron. “Be patient my friends,” said Nasrudin, “Dinner will be served soon. It is cooking you see.” “Are you out of your mind, O Nasrudin!?” they shouted. “How could you with such a tiny flame heat up such a large pot? Mullah Nasruddin answered casually: “If the flame of a candle behind a window three hundred yards away can warm a person, surely the same flame will boil this pot which is only three inches away.” And none of his acquaintances could see the joke of it all.

    To the insincere, a crisis can be made to seem a solution, except when it comes to filling their own tummies. Are they worth the lucrative salaries and perks, including the luxury cars, from the MCA-owned paper?

  18. Saudara Wee,

    Having worked at The Star for over a decade, I know that it does not vet job applicants for their political views (at least not when I joined), so journalists there have political views spanning the political spectrum, and those who are pro-opposition will try to convey their opinions in their articles in overt or subtle ways. I believe this happens in all other newspapers too.

    Also, The Star has been faced with falling circulation, so it makes business sense for them to publish articles which lean in favour of the opposition, so as to try and keep circulation up in competition with the likes of Malaysiakini, Malaysian Insider, Free Malaysia Today, etc.

    They after all, target an English literate, generally urban readership who are generally pro-opposition.

    This could well explain why top Star management and its owners have been lenient on the opinions expressed by their writers and editors.

    1. This is not about political view of writers. It is all about the political stand of a chief editor and at the same time she allow her political affect her role as chief editor. If one were to look at the stories highlighted in the Star after June Wong took over, you will find that only negative views against the government were highlighted. Adverse or negative news about PR especially DAP were either spiked or played down by her.

      Her political affiliation is an open secret in the Star. She openly condemned BN and made fun of BN leaders during meetings. She thought that he is untouchable by virtue of the fact that she is close to Vincent Lee, the director in charge of the Star. Unfortunately, Vincent Lee is Chua Soi Lek’s appointee. He will soon suffer the same fate as Choi Soi Lek, then that eager beaver June Wong will be left alone to stand one her own.

      When she is shown the door, she will not get any sympathy except from a few of her cronies the like of Dorairaj (popularly known as Raj) or those who have been promoted after she was appointed chief editor.

      She is only fit to head the Rocket Newspapers or Suara Keadilan. Lets see whether she will get her fat salary, perks and the luxury car in the Rocket/Keadilan.

  19. I don’t think that Star is at par with Malaysiakini, which is funded by foreign fund. Star should not compare itself with the like of Malaysiakini which is a 500% opposition supporter with foreign agenda.

    On the business side of the Star. Now I could see why Star only publish rosy pictures of AirAsia and Tony Fernandes. It even has an AirAsia spokeman by the name of BK Sidhu as the Editor of its Business Star.

    BK Sidhu will go to the extend of misleading the investing public to buy up AirAsia X IPO by painting a perfect picture of AirAsia X: ” AirAisa X IPO will be over subscribed by 3 to 4 times. http://weechookeong.com/2013/06/18/b-k-sidhus-source-said-airasia-x-ipo-over-sub-subscription-rate-is-3-to-4-times/

    Upon listing Maybank Investment had to pumped million of Ringgit to maintain stability of the shares. Now the price is about 80 Sen, a far cry from its IPO price of RM1.25.

    Coming back to the headlines by June Wong the Chief Editor for the Opposition. Look at the Yes, Minister headline. It was a clear case to ridicule MCA leaders as comedians that should not be taken seriously by the people.

    Look at the Water Solution headline. When we are having water crisis in Selangor. She said it was Water Solution. Just think of the headline: Sweet Respite for water supply every 2 hours!

    Chief Editor of newspapers should at least appear to be independent.

  20. June Wong is pro opposition. B K Sidhu the Business Star Editor is pro AirAsia/Tony Fernandes. That is the problem in the Star.

  21. After the mask was torn out from June Wong, the headlines and the play on stories in the Star have been improved slightly. It was without the obvious slants like before. At least we got to read adverse news of PKR and what happened in Selangor.

    i cannot understand why she was appointed as though there were no other qualified person in the Star.

  22. I have stopped reading the Star for exactly because of the two glaringly obvious reasons. It’s opposition-leaning tendencies AND the Air Asia/Tony Fernandez debacle. I find the bias reporting, specially on Air Asia quick sickening. This newspaper loses all credibility when it has a self-serving businessman like Tony in it’s directorship.

    1. The Editors of the Star especially the Business Star will treat whatever Tony said or tweets as news. Even an announcement about its bullshit promotions were news. No wonder a pariah is appointed the director of the Star.
      From this, it is not surprising to me for the Star/MCA to pick June Wong as its Chief Editor to screw them instead. The MCA leaders deserve what June Wong have done to them.

  23. After the nomination date of Kajang seat, we will witness many “Yes, Minister” / “Yes Men” prowling in Kajang. They will be bullshitting their way around in Kajang. The most appropriate description of MCA leaders is “Yes, Minister. They only want to be ministers.

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