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Qantas to slash 2,000 jobs next week?

QANTAS will slash at least 2000 jobs, dump some international routes and sell off planes as it races to secure its future through a government debt guarantee. The national carrier is stripping $2 billion from its budget in the next three years as it comes under extreme pressure from rivals, including Virgin. It has previously announced it would shed 1000 jobs from its 35,000 workforce in the next year, but that figure is now set to more than double as the airline scrambles to prove to the Government it can tighten its belt. For full Herald Sun Business report on 22-2-2014, please read in HERE.

Qantas has issue a statement stating that the above report as “unsubstantiated and unsourced rumours” about the number of job losses, in HERE.

On 5-12-2013, Qantas has issued a statement that it will make cost savings of AUD$2 billion over three years, including the loss of 1,000 employees, a CEO and board pay cut, a pay freeze, restriction of bonuses and the optimization of the fleet.  For full report, please read in HERE.

11 thoughts on “Qantas to slash 2,000 jobs next week?

  1. Qantas went on cost cutting and its CEO and the top management took a pay cut. Will AJ and his 8 Hollywood and Bollywood take a pay cut for a start in view of the financial state of MAS? The answer is of course a NO I think. So stop preaching about cost cutting. It must start from the top.

  2. Cost cutting only apply to the low ranking staff in MAS. For top management, fat salary and big perks are necessary to maintain them especially the top two and the Hollywood and Bollywood. Sack the them then MAS will be on the road to recovery.

  3. You all must be joking when you suggested that AJ and his Hollywood and Bollywood will offer a salary cut in view of the massive losses. They never had it so good before and they will not give up. Trust me. They will hang on as long as possible until they be given the boot like Danny the Nanny.

  4. Will MAS unions agree to job cuts?

    Statistics show that revenue per employee is lower in MAS than it is in SIA and Cathay Pacific.

    In Australia, the government has said that it will not bail out Qantas.

    Can the same be said about the Malaysian government and MAS?

    1. You have forgotten to mention that in Cathay Pacific, SIA and other airline, the top management need not employ 8 Hollywood and Bollywood to help them and at the same time appoint international consultant firms like Seabury to think for them. Right?

      You also forgot to mention that Cathay Pacific or SIA need not suffer under the share SUAP and had to put up with the like of the pariah on its Board or had to pay RM9 million a year to sponsor a down and out QPR.

      And they didn’t have to burden themselves to carry 50,000 AirAsia X passengers at fares below market rate with free food and beverage and extra luggage allowance.

      And they need not have to terminate profitable route like Dubai during the SHARE SUAP then to reinstate a year later under the advice of Seabury Consulting.

      And they need not have to blindly hand over additional Sydney route to AirAsia X which AJ did.

      And they did not have to downsize its sister airline like Firefly during the share SUAP then to expand it now.

      I am sure that Cathay Pacific and SIA will never allowed the above to happen to them. Right?

      Just a reminder to you.

      1. What have you been smoking, brudder?
        Do you think that if AirAsia is removed from the picture, MAS is going to be spared from facing competitors?
        How about the losses, bailouts and restructurings at MAS before AirAsia even came into existence?
        Surely you remember when MAS was privatized to Tajudin Ramli? Where were you then with your trenchant comments, eh?
        Do you think that MAS is in any viable shape to be able to compete, not only against Cathay Pacific, SIA and Garuda, but also against Emirates, Etihad and Qatar Airways?
        Do you think that Malindo, Lion Air, Jetstar and Tiger Airways are going, by some magic wand, disappear from operating flights to Malaysia?
        Dream on.
        And when ASEAN Open Skies kicks in in 2015, go dream some more!

      2. I am surprised why the Petronius/pariah’s supporter is not responding to MAS Supporter on the points stated in the comments (mainly on the share “SAUP”) instead talking about AirAsia being the competitor to MAS.

        With the recent comments criticizing MAS poor performance, it shows one thing that the pariah was an ungrateful person. AJ has help him so much by carrying the 55,000 AirAsia X passengers to London, Paris, Mumbai, Australia at fare below market and handed over the additional Sydney route of MAS to AirAsia X.

        That is the behavior of the pariah. The pariah will let go his cybertrooper to attack MAS all the time. What an ungrateful … AJ should now know who is his friend after all.

  5. MAS supporter. A good present fro the pariah’s supporter who tried to run down MAS. Cathay Pacific and SIA did not have to put up with the bullshits from the pariah and of course, no share SUAP to start with. Let see what the supporter of the pariah had to say to this. Ka Ka Ka!

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