Headline “fouled up” in The Star

Ms June Wong, the impartial editor-in-chief of The Star Newspapers. She is in white blouse.
Ms June Wong (in white blouse), the “impartial” editor-in-chief of The Star Newspapers. Seated next to her is the husband.

The front page main news of the Star today: “Malaysian parents run foul of Swedish Law”. If we were to look at the highlighted news and stories under the stewardship of the Editor-In-Chief  of the Star, Ms June Wong, such a headline reflects her train of thoughts or taste buds. Remember the hue and cry that were highlighted by The Star when the pron bloggers Alvin and Vivian were denied bail. 

Whilst it may be the case that the Swedish law does not allow bail for offences involving cases of child abused, with the trend of wonton highlighting on matters involving so-called violations of human rights in the Star, one would have thought that the more appropriate headline for this story should be: “Detention Without Trial in Sweden”.

With such a headline the Star will at least appear to be impartial.  It will also kill the “rumours” once and for all that the Star’s top management is under the control of an opposition sympathiser and supporter of the forces that are forever finding fault with the administration while hypocritically ignoring the faults of opposition leaders. This is how she maintains her “neutrality” as the Editor-in-chief of The Star.

Of course, as far as the top management of the Star is concerned such proposed headline would only be suited for Malaysia but not the so-called developed nations like Sweden.

Sdr Azizul Raheem Awalludin, a Tourism Malaysia director in Stockholm, and his wife Shalwati Nurshal, have been detained without a full trial since December 18, 2013 and both of them have been further remanded for another 2 weeks from January 16, 2014.

It must be noted that both Malaysians have already been detained for exactly one month based on an alleged offence of child abused.  Strictly speaking they have already being found guilty of the alleged offence and as of today they have already served 1 month and 2 days imprisonment.

If the remand order continues until the end of the two weeks then that would  effectively mean that they have been sentenced to imprisonment for one and the half months without trial.  In actual fact, the two Malaysians have been “DETAINED WITHOUT TRIAL”.

Yours truly believes that any law which provides powers to detain any human being without trial must be strongly condemned and opposed by democratic loving human beings especially those “Champions of Human Rights” in Malaysia.

Yours truly would like to believe that all the “Champions of Human Rights” in Malaysia would not tolerate any law that allows detention without a full trial in court.

We have witnessed in Malaysia that there are many so-called “Champions of Human Rights”, some of whom have admitted to have received foreign financial supports would have screamed “Human Rights Has Been Abused in Sweden” and demanded for the abolition of such draconian law.  These so-called “champions of Human Rights” would not think twice to call for demonstrations and protest to show how supposedly committed they were to the cause when it comes to Malaysian government.

Yours truly hopes that the so-called “Champions of Human Rights” will call for a demonstration and/or protest in front of the Swedish Embassy” early next week to protest against Sweden for the violation of the universal value of human right to have a fair trial before being detained in a prison.

I expect these so-called “Champions of Human Rights” to scream to the top of their voices that “A person is presumed innocent until proven guilty” and demand an immediate release of the two detained Malaysians.

The Ministry of Foreign Affair must now act.

It is most regrettable that the official of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs did not keep Malaysians informed of such violation of human right in Sweden.

Further, in the light of the religious sensitivities, the Foreign Ministry must make a formal request that Swedish authorities to immediately move the children of Sdr Azizul Raheem in the care of foster parents, who are of Muslim faith.

It is believed that the draconian Swedish law was enacted to protect young children from being abused by their parents or to put it another way, the welfare of the children is of utmost importance.

If this is the case then, the exposing the children to non-halal food and sharing of crockery and utensils will also be seen as a form of child abused by Muslims throughout the world.

Yours truly believes that our Minister of Foreign Affairs, YB Datuk Anifah Aman, was not kept fully informed of the situation prior to the matter being highlighted in Bernama yesterday.

Now that the matter has been exposed in the press, our Foreign Minister will, no doubt, take the necessary actions to protect Malaysians under such circumstances.

17 thoughts on “Headline “fouled up” in The Star

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  2. Junkyard journalist

    She is no different to BK Sidhu the editor of Business Star. She is just another junkyard reporter. She is a known supporter of the opposition.

    1. Linglinoon@gmail.com

      This pro opposition supporter at the top of Star is no junkyard journalist. Just someone who finds fault with everything that the government does or says. Which is okay actually. Lots of people fed up with Najib and Rosmah. But to be blind deaf and dumb about Pakatan leaders and their faults. That’s when the trouble starts.

  3. The Insider

    What was she doing sitting with Irene Fernandes from Tanganita! She is like enjoying all the perks from MCA and sleeping with the opposition. No wonder MCA is in such a shit! It will be interesting to see how this story of June Wong unfolded in the Star set up. Vincent Lee, the director of the tar and appointee of CSL must be shitting bricks now!

  4. IT.Scheiss

    Good one Wee.

    Remember the case of Saudi Arabian journalist Hamza Kashgari who fled Saudi Arabia over the threat of his arrest and possible death sentence over tweets which allegedly insulted the Prophet Mohammad?

    One of those “human rights” NGOs, Lawyers for Liberty took much issue with the Malaysian government over his quick deportation to Saudi Arabia and to a possible death sentence.


    I searched on “Hamza Kashgari” on their website above and see no further mention of him since May 2012.

    Now I would have thought that Lawyers for Liberty would have been over the moon over this good news:-

    “After nearly two years in prison, Saudi Arabia on Tuesday October 29, 2013 freed the young Saudi writer whose tweets on Mohammad sparked a conservative furor and an international manhunt. Kashgari used Twitter to inform his supporters of his release. Kashgari’s lawyer, Abdul Rahman Allahim, confirmed the release in another tweet. He returned home where he was reunited with his mother.”


    However, nothing so far about it on their website.

    I guess now that he’s of no further use to their agenda to bash the Malaysian government, they’ve conveniently forgotten about Hamza.

    So much for “democracy” and “human rights” NGOs.

  5. Small Man inthe Star

    Now that June Wong’s mask has been torn. What Datuk Liow Tiong Lai is going to do with this fraud. Vincent Lee would no doubt will lean over backward to keep her. She should be the editor-in-chief of the Rocket or Suara Keadilan. Thank you for exposing this fraud.

  6. Foo

    June Wong is the Chinese version of BK Sidhu period.

    Where are the Suaram, Sister in islam and the Bersih on this issue? I would have thought that they will come out strongly to condemn detention of Malaysian citizen without trial in Sweden. Of course, they are not interested when come to what the white men are doing. They only know how to kow tow to them. They are only interested in condemning Malaysian government to satisfy their political masters.

  7. Subra

    Detention without trial is unacceptable to the developed nation. Why Suaram, Bersih, DAP and PKR are calling for a demo at the date of Swedish Embassy? Dare not do it to upset one of the political masters?

  8. Anonymous

    Why all the human right heroes are very quiet over this issue i.e. the detention without trial in Sweden? These heroes are just fraud. They are only attacking our government but chose to be blind when the foreign governments were doing the same thing. These heroes are actually mercenaries!

    June Wong, how is your tenure as Editor-in-Chief? Tak lama lagi masuk longkang sahaja!

  9. Danny

    YB, after you have published this posting, the Star’s editorial has improved slightly. At least we see the slant towards the Pakatan Rakyat is not so obvious a before. Please expose her more.

    1. Small Man In the Star

      Yes there is an improvement in the stories in the Star. It is a bit more balance otherwise it was just publishing adverse news on BN. In any event, this junkyard editor in chief should be removed so that she can work for the DAP or Keadilan. The MCA leaders are too preoccupied with their in-fighting that they have no time to monitor what is happening in the Star or what this opposition supporter editor in chief and her immediate boss Vincent Lee are doing in the Star. .

  10. Mohammad Yusop Yahya

    Agree with you WCK. Not only that..Sweden has abused the human rights of Muslims around the world to practice its religion as stated in the Quran.

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  12. Small man in Star

    June Wong already bogus to Siberia. Next in line is the junkyard journalist BK Sidhu. We need journalist not mercenary who write rubbish with no sense of truth. When the Spin Dr spins, the junkyard journalist will repeat it like a parrot.

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